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Chapter 1212 - Great Medicine

The golden ancient tree swayed back and forth. Starlight flickered about in the air, countless stars also moving along with the golden leaves.

The silver warship set sail, disappearing from this place, following the path that was deduced towards the distant corresponding location, the other pure land symmetrical to this place.

“We are almost there!”

This region was extremely peaceful, mountain ranges rising and falling, five elements foundational energy strong. Large amounts of it surged from below the earth, the dense spiritual essence like immortal mist.

The elders carefully examined this place, carefully ascertaining the area of the so-called precise location. They didn’t dare advance further, because the rumors were all extremely frightening.


Suddenly, when they advanced more than a hundred li, a whimpering sound could be heard from the mountainous region ahead, as if someone was crying.

As they got closer, everyone looked at each other in dismay. That was just a mountain valley, yet when wind blew past, there was this type of sorrowful sobbing sound.

“This is the place!” Second Elder’s expression was serious. When everyone heard him, they all became nervous. At this moment, the warship stopped, floating in midair.

According to the legends, this place was definitely going to be extremely dangerous. If there really was a Five Elements Reversal Formation, then it was definitely a place of great danger, all those who entered would die.

The canyons were great. When one looked down from midair, the surging mists looked like they lead to the netherworld.

From time to time, there were great winds that blew the mists aside, one could see that the mountain valley was full of bones, some snow-white like jade, some golden and translucent, some purple and sparkling… they came from different species, the colors of the bones different.

It was unknown just how many years had passed. Those divine bones had all been eroded by the wind.

“Five Elements Reversal Formation!” An elder said decisively. It was because this place matched up with the legends. He saw the remains of supreme beings, moreover not just one or two.

Even people of this level were killed?

Even though they didn’t enter, they already saw so many corpses from the distance, all of them belonging to exceptional experts, not a single one of them ordinary.

“There were some who weren’t killed, but rather look like they died in meditation!” Second Elder had a shocked expression on his face, a bit confused.

“Yi, it really is like this. All of you, look, there are some who are sitting in the ravine, their postures still unchanged even after their flesh rotted away, only a skeleton remaining, as if they were trying to comprehend something.” Third Elder noded, expressing his agreement.

“It is a bit different from what we imagined.” Another elder said.

Wind was still blowing, wuwu sounds produced again. Together with the skeletal remains all over the ground, these ancient remains looked increasingly mysterious, making everyone feel a type of unclear feeling.


Second Elder gave this order. The silver warship moved, withdrawing far from this place until there was a safe enough distance between them.

Then, Fifth Elder produced a war puppet carved from a piece of lightning stricken wood. It was less than three inches tall, entirely pitch-black like black jade, lightning radiance flickering about from time to time.

He flung it out, and then the war puppet grew larger and larger as it faced the wind, turning into the height of a person, becoming tall and sturdy like a powerful warrior in dark golden armor.

This war puppet was a rare fine good, its strength extremely great, exceeding the heavenly deity level. Right now, with the five elders operating it, it was as agile as a cat, quickly leaping into the mountain valley.

“You really are willing to have this war puppet you refined for several years be destroyed here?” Fourth Elder said.

“We have to pay some kind of price, and only then can we understand what is going on in this ravine.” Fifth Elder looked extremely helpless. There was no way they could directly force their way in, they had to scout around first.

The war puppet entered the valley, lightning radiance flickering about it, forming a barrier of light around its body, protecting it. It was sharp as if it possessed life.

Everyone was nervous, those with Heavenly Eyes all opened them, watching closely, waiting for a result.

Of course, because they were too far away, even using the Heavenly Eyes was strenuous, not many people able to see clearly. It was because those elders were extremely careful, staying extremely far away.

“Yi, it entered the mountain valley depths. It hasn’t displayed any reactions, nothing unexpected happening to it.” Fifth Elder was shocked. It was completely different from what they had anticipated.

“Isn’t the Five Elements Reversal Formation extremely dangerous, destroying the foundation of five elements? All things originate from the five elements, so if one steps in, unexpected things will happen, so how can it be like this type of situation?” Fourth Elder felt puzzled.

Fifth Elder closed his eyes. A strand of primordial spirit imprint merged together with that war puppet, able to clearly sense everything in the valley. Right now, he was precisely observing its surroundings.

An hour later, everyone became a bit restless, feeling quite uneasy, to the extent where some became impatient. Only then did Fifth Elder open his eyes.

“It is quite strange. The innermost depths of the ravine are extremely peaceful, no abnormalities. It can be entered!”

These news definitely had great effects, even leaving Second Elder shocked.

“I saw a few stone engravings with some things recorded on it. I feel like it is worth consulting.” Fifth Elder added.

“What was engraved?” The others asked.

“Mysterious words.” Fifth Elder’s expression was strange. He then added, “Using the world as a furnace, the years as a flame…”

On that stone engraving, it actually mentioned pill refinement, but the pill furnace and flame used really were a bit frightening. According to what was recorded, this was a place of pill refinement.

“Of course, there are some places that have already turned into ruins, the inscriptions incomplete, difficult to say clearly.” Fifth Elder said.

“Let’s go, the two of us should take a look.” Second Elder produced a spiritual body, and then it quickly left, entering that ravine, joining the war puppet.

After a while, Second Elder’s spiritual body and the war puppet returned, his expression strange.

“How was it?” The other elders asked.

“We can enter this place, quite different from what we expected. At the very least, in this present era, it is already safe in the mountain valley.” Second Elder said.

The others all became pleasantly surprised, all of them wishing to search through this place. Even Shi Hao and the younger generation couldn’t sit still.

The silver warship moved through the air, returning to the mountain valley. Meanwhile, this time, they directly entered, landing in the valley depths.

It was spacious, ancient, carrying an aura of great changes. This place carried a type of indescribable and unclear feeling.

There were many bones on the ground that had already been eroded, giant rocks and other things completely deformed from the wind, rain, and former flames of war. The warship landed here, everyone walking out one after another.

“There are quite a few engravings here, all of them discussing the land of Five Elements Reversal. We carefully searched around just now, and after serious research, believe that there are no dangers here anymore.” Second Elder said.

“Why is this?” The others naturally didn’t understand.

“The Five Elements Reversal Formation has stopped operating. As long as it isn’t touched, nothing unexpected will happen.” Second Elder explained.

“What exactly happened, what did you two discover?” Even the other elders were baffled.

“This ravine is where the yin yang eye is located. If it was in the past, there was no way we could enter so easily, needing to use great magical force to resist its power. At that time, there was danger of dying at any time.” Second Elder explained a step further.

There was a stone engraving that recorded quite clearly that one day, one would be able to smoothly enter the ravine, meaning that the dangers here had already been eliminated.

This was a sealed land. According to what was recorded, there was originally an exceptional vicious individual that was imprisoned here. If this creature ever escaped, the results would be unimaginable.

There were many recordings that made it clear that this was a pill refinement place. The people of the past had drew a great vicious existence into this place, using Five Elements Continent as a furnace, time as the flame to refine it into medicine.

“Just what kind of pill medicine is it, to have such a grand plan, needing endless time as flames to refine?”

“According to what was recorded, it is time for that pill medicine to emerge from the furnace.” Second Elder said

When the value of this medicine was mentioned, even he felt a bit stirred up, overwhelmed by emotions, because that pill medicine was an immortal object, able to resurrect immortal kings!

“What? This is the pill medicine refined endlessly for immortals, needing to wait an entire great era?” Everyone became dumbstruck. No wonder there was a Five Elements Reversal Formation arranged to protect it.

“Five Magics Sealing Heavenly Seed, what was sealed was a great medicine?” Even the elders revealed surprised looks.

“The so-called five magics should point to the Five Elements Reversal Formation, while the heavenly seed is the medicine that can resurrect immortal kings.” Fifth Elder nodded and said.

“Something isn’t quite right, I still feel as if things are strange.” Third Elder didn’t seem too convinced.

“There are many stone engravings, one recording that there really is a perfect seed, left behind to match the sealed great vicious being. It should still be there even now.” Second Elder said.

It was because there were just too many engravings, they could only believe what was recorded more often. Towards these ambiguous recordings, they weren’t that sure.

That was why even though Second Elder and Fifth Elder explored this place, they still weren’t sure if there was a perfect heavenly seed.

Suddenly, a warship arrived from the distance, stirring up mists, slowly descending.

“Damn it, why did they also come?!” Third Elder said with a sigh, discovering Immortal Academy’s warship.

“Everyone, we meet again. This time, we won’t yield out of courtesy. This place has immortal opportunities, so we have to leave it for ourselves.” An old monster appeared.

Everyone from Heavenly Deity Institution felt helpless. This place definitely couldn’t remain calm. In the end, there might be an intense battle and struggle.

“Do you all know what kind of place this is?” Second Elder asked.

“Naturally, a bit clearer than you all. Back then, there were but people who returned alive from this place from Immortal Academy.” An old monster said.

Only, after that person returned alive, he died after being unable to explain much. That was why not even Immortal Academy’s people were sure about this place’s precise location, continuously searching for it this time.

“Even though it looks calm without dangers, no one can say for sure what will happen when the medicine furnace is opened. How about we join hands to open the world furnace?” An old monster said.

“Fine!” Second Elder happily agreed.

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