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Chapter 1206 - Ancient Monument

Metallic luster flickered about. This place was extremely secluded, pieces of metal everywhere with no sign of human habitation. Shi Hao and Qing Yi were the only ones who came here.


Suddenly, sword cries sounded. Only when they stepped into this region did it produce abnormalities.

Five Elements Continent naturally had many metal areas, especially this place where even the ground was metal, no earth to be seen, no water visible, a cold and gloomy place.

Up ahead, there was sword energy that rushed into the sky, who knew how many zhang tall, making one’s skin even feel pain, as if there were divine swords hacking over.

“Wu, don’t tell me there are supreme treasures here? Who knows, there might even be an immortal sword here.” Shi Hao said.

Several days had already passed. Based on what they knew, there were a dozen or so people who found dao seeds, all of them related to the five elements, obtaining great opportunities in this continent.

Unfortunately, until now, Shi Hao and Qing Yi didn’t obtain anything, only today did they discover this wondrous place.

After continuing for several dozen li, a great lake emerged before their view. Sword energy was currently surging from within the lake, brilliant and sharp, attacking at their souls.

Moreover, they felt a type of blazing heat. The air above the lake was distorted, because the temperature below was too great, causing the void to even become blurry.

“This lake… is metal liquid!” Qing Yi cried out in shock, feeling extremely stunned.

Just how great was the temperature here? The liquid in the great lake was sparkling, metallic luster swirling about, waves of rich metal energy surging, carrying blazing heat and killing intent.

Moreover, there were large amounts of divine multicolored light inside, quite a few divine materials melted inside. This lake was not simple at all.

A metal lake!

“The opportunity has arrived! If there isn’t an immortal sword inside, then there is likely a metal attribute seed!”Shi Hao said.

Even though the single attribute seed of the five elements was extremely precious, it wasn’t all that enticing for him. He wanted to find the most powerful seed.

However, if he obtained this seed, he could exchange it for precious techniques, divine medicines, and other things with others. Once this type of thing was brought to the outside world, it would definitely be priceless.

“Any one seed can be considered great dao fruits, corresponding to different natural laws. This one is extremely precious, definitely extraordinary after being nurtured by this metal lake.” Qing Yi said.

“If you like it, then I can seize it for you.” Shi Hao said.


Shi Hao took action. The Kun Peng precious technique appeared, his left hand becoming pitch black like ink, full of great yin force. Then, an enormous black fish appeared, entering the metal lake with a dong sound, producing great waves.

Chi la!

When the golden liquid scattered over the lakeside, waves of white smoke were released, chi chi sounds produced.

The black Kun fish moved its head and tail, its body massive, releasing great yin energy, simply about to freeze the entire lake. This was a type of serious provocation.


The great lake surged, many ripples immediately appearing. There was even a mysterious creature that struggled out.

“Yi, not simple at all. This seed has a creature protecting it. It’s definitely extraordinary.”

That was a golden creature, its body condensed from liquid. It quickly turned into a humanoid creature, blazing light released from its body.


Shi Hao didn’t say another word, releasing a streak of sword energy with a raise of his hand. At his current cultivation realm, he was unmatched among heavenly deities, any strike the most terrifying ferocious methods.

That metal person thus collapsed, because its head was removed, moreover blasted apart. It was just a streak of sword energy, but an extremely terrifying metal divine existence was killed.


In the lake, metallic luster flickered about. Then, more than ten metal creatures appeared, among them a Suan Ni, Vermilion Bird, Three-Eyed Lion, all different types.


Shi Hao raised his head, electrical radiance shooting up, linking up the heavens as they fired from his five fingers, hacking about. They were just too powerful, dazzling electrical sparks flickering everywhere, thunder and lightning then erupting.

This, without a doubt, produced catastrophic results. Even though those ten creatures were extremely powerful, comparable to heavenly deities, they still couldn’t withstand this power at all.


In that instant, they all exploded, unable to persist for a long time, being completely wiped out.

In that instant, the great lake’s peace was restored, only heat pervading the air.


In the lake, the large black-colored fish moved its tail, immediately raising astonishing waves. Scorching heat roiled, the metal lake in turmoil from its disturbance, in the end completely boiling over.

This was produced by the Kun Peng imprint Shi Hao produced. The great fish produced from great yin force was moving through the lake, stirring up giant waves as it searched for a metal attribute seed.


A streak of rainbow light shot through the air. A small cauldron rose up into the sky, about to escape.

The large black fish brandished its tail, and with a shua sound, turned into a divine bird that was several dozen li in length. It rushed out from the water surface, covering the sky and earth as it spread its wings, strong winds sweeping about.


That little cauldron was struggling intensely, smashing against the bird beak, wishing to escape.

However, the Peng bird was too terrifying. The bird beak shone, holding it in place. It immediately dove down, continuously shrinking, landing in the young man’s palm.

The Peng bird disappeared, only leaving behind a small golden cauldron.

When Shi Hao undid the cauldron’s lid, this cauldron turned into metal liquid, thus disappearing. A rhombus crystal appeared in his palm. It was produced from metal, almost transparent.

“Metal dao seed, moreover one of the highest grade!” Qing Yi said with a sigh.

This metal dao seed was extremely rare, within it natural divine patterns. There were all types of symbols covering it densely. If one merged with it, one could grasp metal attribute power.

It could be said that if this seed continued evolving, it would become the best quality metal seed, already about to reach an extreme.

“If you like it, then it’s yours!” Shi Hao directly tossed it over to Qing Yi.

Right at this time, a green moon appeared above her head. It scattered down gentle moonlight, and then with a shua sound, it restricted this seed. Metal spiritual essence pervaded the air, completely absorbed by the green moon.

Then, with a kacha sound, this exceptional rare seed shattered, turning into ruined metal, landing on the ground.

“It was destroyed just like that?” Shi Hao was stupefied. If this seed was brought to the outside world, it could definitely be exchanged for a world shocking precious technique, yet it was crushed in the blink of an eye just like that.

“I can feel an exuberant wave of life force store within the green moon!” Qing Yi said. This type of feeling was extremely good, as if she ate a ginseng fruit, all of the pores on her body relaxing and expanding.

The green moon became hazy, slowing disappearing.

“That green moon is your immortal seed, able to devour all types of immortal seeds, definitely not inferior to the World Tree sapling, Five Elements Seed and others!” Shi Hao immediately realized, feeling extremely shocked.

He really was a bit apprehensive. Could it be that Qing Yi really was the reincarnation of Fairy Qing Yue from the last great era? When he thought of this, his head began to pound with thump thump sounds.

“What are you looking at? You better not think any strange thoughts. There’s no way I will leave any type of bloodline with you!” Qing Yi’s face became slightly red as she spoke like this.

“Have to, need to leave behind the strongest bloodline!” Shi Hao subconsciously said.

Suddenly, a bugle horn sounded, oppressive and stifling. That was a secret treasure Heavenly Deity Institution brought. When it was blown, the sound could simply move the nine heavens, extremely long-lasting and far-reaching.

“Something happened. We should hurry back.” Shi Hao said. The elders were gathering the academy’s students.

When everyone heard this, they all headed towards a certain destination.

When Shi Hao and Qing Yi hurried over, there were already many people who had arrived. The elders were all here as well, their expressions grave, currently staring at an ancient monument.

There was an enormous monument here that rested on the earth, towering into the clouds. It far surpassed the divine mountains of the ancient times, vigorous and majestic.

The most important thing was that it had five-colored divine light swirling about it, metal wood water fire earth, these five types of foundational energy pervading the air, surrounding it.

This was a piece of Five Elements Stone, within it five types of spiritual essence foundation, a rare divine material. It had been refined into a monument.

The elders summoned everyone just to tell them one thing, that there were quite a few ancient monuments like this on the continent, and they all recorded the same thing.

“Five Magics Seal Heavenly Seed.”

Just these few words alone left everyone shocked.

“Someone used five magics to seal a heavenly seed. Since the ancient times, many people have come here to search for it, but they all returned without obtaining anything. However, there were some who deduced a few areas it could be at.”

This words stirred up great waves within everyone’s hearts. Five magics, heavenly seed, these two terms really left them shocked.

“The so-called five magics should refer to five elements, while heavenly seed should be the unmatched, most powerful seed, or else it wouldn’t make sense, nor would they dare call it something like this.”

Then, the elders began to draw in the void, producing a map of Five Elements Continent. Then, they pointed at a few areas on it. The true heavenly seed might be in one of these areas.

“Is everyone present? We will search them area by area, departing right now!” Fourth Elder said.

Now that they made a new discovery, everyone set great resolutions, truly wishing to obtain that heavenly seed.

In their eyes, the heavenly seed was likely that Five Elements Seed. Of course, there was another even more astonishing possibility, which was that the five elements referred to the five magics, while the heavenly seed was actually something else!

Everyone ascended the warship. Then, a few elders produced a bone material alter, causing it to shine, moreover setting coordinates on its surface.


Crazy winds swept about, smoke rising up, fragments of time flying about. Time and space here became chaotic.

With a shua sound, the silver warship disappeared from this place, moving through this world, traveling through the void, heading towards its destination.

After who knew how much time had passed, the silver warship trembled, appearing in a mountain range. Five elements energy surged, rising like smoke signals.

“Yi, this place was strange after all!” Everyone got off the warship, discovering volcanoes all around them. The suring smoke-like five elements energy was all released from the volcanoes’ openings.

In reality, the volcano at the very center could be considered the king of the mountains, emperor of peaks. It was too grand and majestic, and what it released was not only a type of vital energy, there was also water fire wood, many types of energy auras.

“This… don’t tell me this is where that perfect Five Elements Seed is located?” Everyone revealed a look of shock. Things were going just too smoothly.

“You all should just go and search for your own opportunities.” Second Elder said. He and the other elders were also searching.

Everyone was moved. Shi Hao grabbed Qing Yi, displayed the Kun Peng Method, transforming into an enormous Peng bird, and then with a spread of his wings, quickly shot towards the central mountain, being the first to ascend it.

However, right at this time, he felt an indescribable pressure from outer space, making his soul tremble.

Then, a terrifying aura covered heaven and earth. Shi Hao raised his head, seeing an ancient ship wrapped in immortal energy. It carried cold intent as it crushed downwards, directly charging at the center of the volcano.


Shi Hao’s wings unfolded, bringing Qing Yi with him as he quickly evaded. He definitely didn’t want to be crushed by this mysterious warship right above the volcanic crater.

“That is… an ancient ship, why does it carry immortal energy?!” Many people were shocked.

The elders raised their heads. Whey they saw the ancient ship, all of their expressions changed.

The warship descended, divine might boundless, leaving everyone terrified.

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