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Chapter 1205 - No Dignity

One of the most powerful seeds since ancient times, this line alone made the blood of all the youngsters boil, feeling greatly stirred up!

Who didn’t wish to reach the peak of martial dao?

Since they already stepped on this path, choosing to cultivate ancient methods, then they definitely had to choose a seed most suitable for themselves. Only then could they display all of their potential.

From the ancient times until now, the most powerful immortal seeds could only be chosen from World Tree sapling, Nascent Cosmos Seed, and a select few.

Right now, there was another that appeared before them, so how could everyone not be stirred up? Regardless of whether they were male or female, they all clenched their fists tightly, eyes burning with desire. Even Wang Xi who was usually quiet was no exception.

“There were many profound mysteries that were previously derived from the Five Elements Seed, but no one obtained it before. It was rumored that there was one here, so it will depend on your methods!” Second Elder encouraged everyone.

“Let’s go!”

In that instant, everyone’s blood was boiling, full of conviction, all of them wishing to use this chance to reach heaven in a single bound, find this legendary seed.

This continent was boundless without limit, no end to be seen. Otherwise, how could it hold a Half World Tree?

There were many stellar remains on the ground, unknown how they fell here. There were even more deep holes, all of them produced by foreign stars that smashed into this place.

Waves of mists rose from all directions. These were five elements energy, terrifyingly thick. Cultivating here had too many benefits.

If it wasn’t for the sake of searching for immortal seeds, Shi Hao wouldn’t mind just directly burying himself in the great earth’s depths and absorbing the five elements essence as he pleased to cultivate his own dao method.

Everyone scattered. They were like specks of dust, pitifully insignificant on this continent.

“This place is just too large, even greater than a stellar domain! If we search like this, when will we ever reach the end? No wonder no one was able to find that perfect seed.” Someone sighed, feeling rather dispirited.

This place was ridiculously large, already several days passing. Forget about reaching the depths of this continent, they didn’t even explore a corner of this place.

Their range of activity was quite great, but compared to this entire ancient land, it was just an unremarkable little corner. They could deeply feel their own insignificance. Compared to the boundless celestial body, compared to this continent, everyone felt like ants.


A streak of azure multicolored light surged from the distance, soaring into the nine firmaments, extremely dazzling and gentle. This was a type of holy aura; there was clearly a world shocking seed that appeared.

Shi Hao was moved, hurrying over. He saw Princess Yao Yue there, bathed in a blue-colored radiance, the light mist wrapping around her like water.

She opened up a large mountain rich with spiritual essence, producing a blue crystal from within. It was quite the fascinating seed, like the heart of an ocean, gorgeous and translucent.

“Water dao seed!” Someone cried out in alarm.

It was clear that there was more than just one or two people who hurried over after seeing the irregular scene. Quite a few cultivators arrived, all of them seeing this sight.

Seeds belonging to the five elements were all extremely rare!

Sigh! Someone released a sigh. When they saw that it was Princess Yao Yue who obtained it, even their thoughts of competing over it disappeared, because there was no way they were her opponent.

“Qing Yi, let’s move together!” Shi Hao called out. Even though the two were never that far from each other, they didn’t move together just now.

Qing Yi felt a bit of hesitation. Even though the two had previously walked together, and they held a gathering with Heavenly Deity Institution’s old friends, there weren’t that many chances where it was just the two of them.

It was because Qing Yi was always avoiding him. Even though their friendship was deep, there were just too many embarrassing moments. The things that happened in the past were still difficult for her to ‘let go’ of.

Perhaps it was because it was difficult to say what kind of relationship the two of them had that she always avoided him, not wishing to get in a deeper entanglement. Otherwise, it would most likely lead to even more embarrassment.

“This place is a bit strange, I feel like strange things might happen, that there will be dangers. We should travel together.” Shi Hao walked over, not letting her object, grabbing Qing Yi’s hand and leaving.

In the distance, a few people revealed strange looks. These two were not ordinary people, one was Huang, someone who overwhelmed Heavenly Deity Institution’s younger generation, the other had Fairy Qing Yue’s flame seed, making even long life families feel greed, to the extent where they wanted to rope her in.

“Brother Shi, you really are quite carefree.” Princess Yao Yue already put away the seed, her face carrying a smile as she said, “I just obtained such a great item, you aren’t even going to congratulate me?”

Ever since she saw Shi Hao and Wang Xi had a falling out, she was always reaching out to Shi Hao, hoping to rope Shi Hao into her family’s side.

“Naturally need to congratulate you. You obtained such a great gain, even I feel a bit jealous, need to hurry and find opportunities.” Shi Hao said with a smile, pulling Qing Yi with him, quickly breaking through space and leaving.

A faint profound smile appeared on the corners of Princess Yao Yue’s lips, saying to herself, “You won’t be able to escape.”

Qing Yi was extremely gentle. She struggled free from Shi Hao’s hand and said, “There is five elements spiritual essence everywhere, only the divine and sacred can emerge, no vicious and sinister things.”

Shi Hao shook his head and said, “This is something you don’t understand, the vicious things divine earth produces are the most frightening. When things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction, this is something you should understand.”

The two of them continued forward in search of a five elements seed, seeing many wondrous lands along the way. There were even more ancient mines and other things, all left behind by those who came before them.

It was because there were not only rare dao seeds here, there were all types of divine materials as well, to the extent where there was even Five Elements Immortal Gold. Those treasures were things that would move even immortals, materials that can be refined into immortal weapons.

Suddenly, Shi Hao turned around to take a look, saying softly, “Still saying there’s no danger, look, isn’t it about to appear already? If I’m not at your side, there will definitely be problems.”

“She came.” Qing Yi sensed something, knowing that Yue Chan appeared. Then, she added, “Isn’t it because she came for you? She is worried.”

When she spoke up to this point, Qing Yi’s composed and holy delicate face flushed a bit red, recalling some matters.

Yue Chan did come because of him, she really didn’t want to see Shi Hao and Qing Yi walking together, because in her opinion, Qing Yi was her other half. She couldn’t tolerate the enemy corrupting her any further.

If not for Qing Yi having the Green Lunar Flame protecting her, Yue Chan really wanted to cut down this second body. It was because the things that happened back then made her feel as if she was tainted, unendurable.

She was someone who pursued perfection. Everything that happened before really was a bit intolerable. For her, that was her darkest day.

“What are you doing?” Qing Yi got angry, because she felt a hand placed on her shoulder, as if he was going to embrace her?

“Don’t panic.” Shi Hao said with a smile, quickly adding, “Naturally to chase away the one tailing us. If not because there were elders watching, I really want to immediately capture her.”

“Don’t act recklessly!” Qing Yi’s beautiful eyes opened and closed, revealing brilliant multicolored light.

It was because Shi Hao’s hand gently pinched her shoulder, not all that honest at all.

“Haha, don’t think too much, everything is to chase away that woman behind us.” Shi Hao said with a laugh.

In the distance, Yue Chan’s body shivered. She felt a wave of embarrassment, because it was as if it was happening to her. Her shoulder was pinched by someone, continuously touched and pinched.

The main and second body were originally one. Under such close distance, they were able to feel what the other felt, almost the same person without much difference.

For Yue Chan who was obsessed with cleanliness, as well as someone who pursued perfection, having her shoulder pinched by someone she hated was simply unimaginable, an extremely severe offense.

“Qing Yi, can you have a bit more dignity?!” Yue Chan couldn’t tolerate this, directly shouting from behind.

“What does it have to do with you? Aren’t you nosing around too much?” Shi Hao rushed to respond first, moreover immediately taking Qing Yi into his arm, his other hand raising her chin.

At this time, Yue Chan felt all of her fine hairs stand on end, goosebumps covering her body. Her waist becoming rigid, feeling as if there was an arm wrapped tightly around her, her chin feeling as if there was a caterpillar crawling around there.


Yue Chan felt extremely uncomfortable, quickly backing up, moreover releasing a retching sound. This was an instinctive reaction. Her body was being violated, unforgivable, the disgust she felt inside reaching an extreme.

When Shi Hao saw this, he was first stupefied, and then he got angry, saying, “What are you trying to imply? I only held Qing Yi by her waist, but you are going to vomit?!”

He was always narcissistic. When he saw a exceptional beauty react like this, his face immediately darkened. He grabbed Qing Yi in revenge, pinching her waist, and then caressed her pure and charming face.

“You scoundrel!” Qing Yi also became angry and humiliated.

As for Yue Chan in the distance, her beautiful and perfect face almost distorted, she jerked her hips about, as if she was trying to struggle free from something, and then she couldn’t help but retch.

Then, she screamed out, “Qing Yi, you are too lacking in self dignity!”

“What lacking in self dignity? Are you talking about yourself? Following behind us, basically a peeping tom, is this something Heaven Mending Sect’s fairy should be doing?” Shi Hao mocked.

Yue Chan was so angry she wanted to trample him to death, crush him like a bug. There had never been anyone who mocked her like this before.

Shi Hao spoke again, saying, “Last time, when me and the great elder were discussing things, he said that we might all die in battle, so before then, he wanted us to find dao companions, each one of us leaving behind the most powerful bloodline descendants. In my opinion, we don’t have much time left, so if you continue following me, I really want to know after you feel as if it happened to yourself, if you will also give birth to a bloodline.”

Qing Yi was ashamed and angry, pinching Shi Hao with all her strength, slapping at his palm, not allowing him to speak this nonsense.

As for Yue Chan, she was so angry she almost vomited blood, turning around to leave. It was because she discovered that by staying here, she would only be mocked and humiliated, unable to stop or change anything.

“Wu, what I said was true!” Shi Hao explained to Qing Yi. “When I came back from Immortal Battlefield, the great elder had summoned me alone, and he really did mention this!”

In the distance, Yue Chan staggered about, almost falling. She really was frightened badly. If that day truly came and Shi Hao became dao companions with Qing Yi, she will definitely feel as if it happened to her. That… really was unimaginable, an absolutely disastrous result!

“Alright, that annoying woman finally left, we should head on our way. I want to obtain the most powerful seed!” Shi Hao said.

“What annoying woman? She is just another side of me, originally one person.” Qing Yi didn’t like hearing these words.

“Used the wrong words, I will help you subdue her, let you guys fully merge with your will as the main one.” Shi Hao said with a smile.

“You can’t speak nonsense in the future. I fear that she might be affected too much, and react drastically.” Qing Yi said.

“I wasn’t randomly speaking though, the great elder really did privately tell me these things. He is deeply worried, not feeling good about the future, wishing to leave behind a group of the most powerful bloodline beforehand and send them far away.” Shi Hao said. 

Realm Tomb, outside Five Elements Continent was a spacious and empty void. There were vast ancient worlds, countless great stars.

A warship that was incomparably anged silently moved towards the continent below, about to arrive.

On the warship was heavy immortal mist, making it look hazy and mysterious, also extremely shocking. There was actually immortal energy covering it!

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