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Chapter 1204 - Half World Tree

The golden giant tree supported heaven and earth, covered in endless golden leaves, every leaf able to support the sun, moon, and stars. This was a type of magnificent scene!

Everyone became stupefied. This was a World Tree no matter how they looked at it!

“I’m not seeing things am I? An ancient tree that splits the skies and divides the earth, branches and leaves full of endless stars, this shouldn’t be that type of paramount mother tree right?”

Everyone gulped down their saliva, eyes burning with greed, voices even trembling a bit. Many people felt a great desire towards this tree.

This kind of tree had undergone millions and millions of years of evolution. If they truly grasped it, they wouldn’t be scared even if this entire world was destroyed in the future.

This was an object of creation, opening a world, transforming a true unmatched universe!

There were people who rushed out of the warship, because they felt like there was a great opportunity. Doing this might be extremely dangerous, but if they really did succeed, who knows, they might become one of those with the greatest natural luck from past to present.

Several daoists’ figures left the warship, rushing into the great void crack, leaping towards that giant golden tree, wishing to ascend that treetop.

The elders didn’t stop them. They were also extremely shocked, trying to figure out if this was a World Tree. It was because if it was, this would affect too much!

Hazy chaotic energy and golden multicolored light continuously scattered down. Those individuals were completely trapped, unable to advance forward, and then their bodies shook violently, breaking apart inch by inch.


Blood erupted, scarlet mist scattered about, forming a red expanse. Those individuals all disappeared, body and spirits extinguished.

Everyone’s backs began to shiver coldly, couldn’t help but take steps backwards. This ancient tree wasn’t good to approach, actually this sinister, able to imperceptibly kill!

“It is just like the legends, it is evolving, having the chance to become a World Tree!” Second Elder’s expression became serious, this sentence alone pointing out many issues. This tree couldn’t be considered a true mature body, still on the path of evolution.

“What does it have to do to be considered successful?” Shi Hao asked. He wasn’t too unfamiliar with this type of tree, he had previously even fought on one before.

In the past, he and the little pagoda stirred up great trouble on Undying Mountain to rescue the undying existence, and then afterwards, entered a strange space, previously seeing a Golden Ancient Sun Tree, precisely this one.

Later on, this tree rose into the air together with a World Stone, entering the high realms, rumored to be heading for ‘Star Grave’. However, there was no trace of it to be found in the three thousand provinces.

“When it truly becomes a World Tree, it wouldn’t be like this. It could split heaven and earth, and there will be creatures residing on it, for example, True Dragons, Kun Peng, and others!” Fourth Elder said.

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but become stupefied. That kind of ancient tree really was something only the True Dragon and others had the qualifications to reside in.

“Before it succeeds, the highest level creatures will descend, at that time, helping it resist all types of disasters together.” An elder added.

The so-called disaster was not just a heavenly tribulation, there were other creatures who would come to attack, trying to fight over the World Tree. When that time came, the creatures who resided on it would help it fend off these creatures.

Shi Hao never expected to encounter the ancient golden tree here. Could it be that the so-called Star Grave and Realm Tomb were interconnected, and that was why it came here?

“All ancient trees who wish to become World Trees must come to Realm Grave and acquire imprints from the sea of shattered ancient worlds, from this speeding up their evolution.” Second Elder said.

“Yi, there is a creature, a woman over there!” Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm, seeing a miraculous scene on the treetop with his heavenly eyes.

On that pitch-black and heavy World Stone, there was a Chaotic Ancient Palace, even more so a woman covered in golden multicolored light.

On the treetop, there was a flower that flickered with divine multicolored light, produced by the golden ancient tree. Now, it had long blossomed, a woman seated inside, incredibly pure and holy, her body bathed in golden light.

She had a head of long golden hair that was like flames, incredibly dazzling. Her skin was spotlessly white and sparkling like fine jade. Right now, her eyes were closed, her eyelashes extremely long, slightly curled upwards.

She wore a muslin skirt, her body extremely slender and straight, curves perfect, appearance beautiful, not a single flaw to be found, as if she was the heavens’ greatest masterpiece.

This was, without a doubt, an exceptional beauty. There were golden wings behind her back. She sat on a flower in the Half World Tree, possessing an extraordinary and unsurpassable beauty, untainted and pure.

This naturally produced a commotion. There was actually a creature living on the Half World Tree!

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. He had seen this woman before! In the past when the golden flower on the Ancient Sun Tree bloomed, he seen this woman come into existence with his own eyes.

She was actually still there, not leaving this entire time!

With a shua sound, that woman opened her eyes, pure and perfect, deep like the cosmos, her temperament began to quickly change. She looked at everyone, and then looked at Shi Hao, revealing a smile, extremely calm, but enough to topple cities, making everyone feel a wave of panic.

On the warship, aside from the few elders, they were all youngsters, young and vigorous. In that instant, many people’s hearts were beating heavily, greatly affected.

“She is smiling towards me!” Someone said quietly, becoming extremely excited.

“No, she is smiling towards me!” Someone disputed.

The elders were all discontent, releasing a cold snort, and only then did everyone close their mouths. There were people who had good eyes, feeling like that woman was smiling towards Shi Hao, making them feel a great sense of shock.

“Is there a chance to capture this tree?” An elder asked. Even those as powerful as them didn’t have much confidence against this ancient tree.

“Extremely difficult. Also, once we interfere, its evolution speed will slow. The main thing is that I fear we will not be able to capture it!” Second Elder said.

“When a tree evolved to this extent, it long comprehended the world’s various restrictions. If they really did fight, even if the most powerful experts of this world came, they would still suffer a loss.

“Such a large tree, how can it be used as a seed?” Princess Yao Yue nodded. Who could merge with it? This wasn’t a World Tree sapling, it was too large.

An elder nodded, saying, “Unless it undergoes rebirth, turning into a sapling, it will be useless for you all.”

Right at this time, that great void crack became blurry. The Half World Tree was moving. It was about to depart into the distance, moving through various damaged ancient worlds.

Second Elder made a prompt choice, making an extremely important but extremely risky decision. “Follow it!”

“It’s too dangerous!” There were elders who opposed this.

“There are dangers in following it, but there is also great natural luck. It is evolving, needing to head to all different places of natural luck. If we follow behind it, we might be able to obtain many of the highest level dao seeds!”

The giant golden tree moved, passing by continents one after another. Along the way, everyone saw many strange scenes, large amounts of mysterious tombs, skeletons of deities that were even larger than stars, a scarlet sea of flowers that was devoid of life but bright red…

Suddenly, that ancient tree stopped, descending in an incredibly vast place, a single glance unable to see the other end of this place.

This was a continent, as if it was formed from condensed cosmos, vast and boundless, five types of spiritual essence converging here, forming surging five-colored divine light.

“Five Elements Earth!” An elder cried out.

The limits of this continent couldn’t be seen, formed from five interweaving colors, representing the five elements.

There were some areas that roiled with earthen yellow gasses, surging like waves. Other places were dark blue like the sea, the beauty making one feel intoxicated. There were other places that flourished with greenery, exuberant and lush with life, incredibly fresh and clean…

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, not a single one was missing. This place produced source energy, representing different types of fundamental source. They merged together, circulated about, vast and boundless.

The Half World Tree took root in this great earth, gathering as much of the five types of energy as it could. Different colors flashed about, from gentle to violent, back to calm and peaceful, continuously changing.

“There are extremely precious five elements seeds here, separately metal, wood, water, fire, earth, and the amount is definitely not few. If there is an opportunity, then there is a chance of obtaining them!” Third Elder said excitedly.

The silver warship descended, unexpectedly losing balance here, smashing into this five elements continent. Five different types of divine light surged, this place becoming dazzling.

“Be careful, this ancient land is full of mysteries, normal people unable to find it at all, let alone entering. There are quite a few strange things about this place, so you all cannot act carelessly!” An elder reminded.

All of the students got off the ship, preparing to head out.

Suddenly, the earth below Xuan Kun sunk in. He fell into a red ancient cave, raging flames overflowing into the heavens here, immortal energy dense, immediately flaring out.

“Heavens, a flame seed!” Someone cried out in alarm.

The moment Xuan Kun fell, a seed in the ancient cave was disturbed, wishing to rise up. As a result, Xuan Kun activated three strands of immortal energy, immediately binding it in place.

No one expected that someone would find a rare fire dao seed so quickly after just arriving.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised, quickly scattering into different directions in search of their own opportunities.

Second Elder was moved, saying to himself, “Perhaps there really will be great natural luck. Rumor has it that there is a Five Elements Immortal Seed in this ancient land, a flawless seed comparable to a Nascent Cosmos Seed!”

“Everyone, listen well, one of the most powerful seeds from ancient times is here. You all need to seize the opportunity!” Third Elder shouted.

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