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Chapter 1199 - Damaged Cosmos Seed

Secluded and quiet ancient land, ruined great world, withered pure lands, this was a mysterious and sinister strange place.

The silver warship moved through the endless cosmos, as if they traveled through decades or over a century, the warship’s body full of time traces, mottled rust stains, experiencing the baptism of time.

Everyone discovered this abnormality, all of them becoming shocked. What happened along the way?

Not too long ago, many of them felt absent-minded, their minds weary, becoming drowsy, as if they had experienced a great sleep. Then, they made their way out from a place of nothingness.

The silver warship shone. There were powerful symbols on its surface, extremely concentrated, shaped like a screen of light. Even though this was the case, the warship was still corroded.

One could imagine that if not for them traveling on this warship, with powerful symbols protecting them, just what kind of frightening things everyone would experience.

This place was extremely desolate, everything ruined as far as the eyes could see. Enormous stars rested one after another, but they were all damaged, many of them only having half left, but they were still moving about.

The warship moved forward. In the duskiness, one could see ruined ancient continents one after another. They laid there, many great stars slowly moving around above.

The dusky space gave everyone great pressure, making this place seem extremely strange, unknown what kind of things happened. This place was deathly still.

“This is the Realm Tomb?” Everyone on the warship revealed strange looks. It was too quiet, many ancient earth resting about, all of them gathered together.

“This is merely the Realm Tomb’s borders, can’t be considered the true World Grave.” An elder said. After arriving here, their expressions all became serious, not daring to show the slightest trace of carelessness.

Suddenly, a strange sound transmitted out, as if sand was moving about. Even though it was light, it was extremely clear, sounding from the limits of the distant world.

Several elders raised their heads, their faces couldn’t help but reveal shocked expressions. The students with Heavenly Eyes also looked out, gazing into the dusky space’s depths.

“There is sand moving about in the void!”

Everyone was shocked. That was an expanse of sand, pure white and sparkling. They didn’t land on the continents, untainted by the world of mortals, flowing through the sky just like that.

If one only gave it a hurried glance without looking at it carefully, one would think that it was a river, incredibly beautiful and shocking.

There wasn’t a lot of sand, only ten zhang in area. It formed a translucent and lustrous expanse, surging over just like that, making anyone who saw it feel that it was beautiful, producing a good feeling.

Only, in that instant, the expression of Second Elder who led the way immediately changed, as if he was looking at something extremely frightening. He shouted, “Hurry and leave!”

What was that? Many people wanted to ask what it was, to make even Second Elder lose his bearing.

The other elders revealed a strange look. They didn’t truly see through what that was, but they didn’t stop, quickly taking action, stirring the warship away from this place.

The students on the warship were confused, their faces full of bewilderment and surprise, turning around to look in that direction.

Soon after, they were all petrified, all of them becoming shocked. Those grains of sand scattered, covering heaven and earth.

Every single grain of sand was brilliant. When they scattered, the surrounding stars trembled, difficult to imagine just how heavy they were!

It was just a grain of sand, but they were even heavier than great stars! After they scattered, gentle light was released, blasting all of the damaged stars aside.

Then, they began to transform, every single one of them becoming a world, continuously changing. Sometimes, they were full of exuberant life force, sometimes lifeless, to the extent where many creatures even appeared.

Eventually, the sand went crazy, the snow-white grains shooting over from the skies, becoming completely different from the previous peaceful and auspicious scene.


In that expanse of the void, many great stars were currently moving about, as long as they were struck by a grain of sand, they would explode on the spot. The scene was just too grand and shocking.

Bright and dazzling light surged again and again, this light produced by stars exploding one after another.

“Heavens, what is this white sand? Why is it so terrifying?” On the warship, many students cried out in alarm. Just now, if they were a step late, wouldn’t they have all died?

Within the ten zhang expanse of white sand, heaven knew how many grains of sand there was inside. If they smashed into the warship, it truly was a result too horrible to imagine.

The warship quickly moved into the distance. Everyone could only get a hurried glance. They could vaguely see the pure white sand gather together, and then flow like a stream into the distance.

“Elders, what was that?” A student consulted Second Elder.

Meanwhile, at this time, the expressions of the other elders became unpleasant, as if they realized what that was.

“Damaged cosmos seed!” Second Elder replied, telling them the answer.

“It was that type of thing after all! It is even more frightening than the rumors. I never expected it to be like that!” The elder on the side said. Even those as powerful as themselves who had extensive knowledge had never seen this thing before.

“Cosmos Seed?” Quite a few people were shocked, revealing hopeful and expectant looks. They came to Realm Tomb precisely to search for immortal seeds, and Cosmos Seed was one of the most precious seeds.

“Don’t get your hopes up, this kind of seed can’t be used, long damaged. The long life power stored within leaked outwards, condensing much of the terrifying power in this heaven and earth, no one able to hold it.” Second Elder warned.

This kind of seed couldn’t transform, only carrying mottled and complex power, accompanied by destruction, lacking the possibility of growing a step further.

“Under certain conditions, it can also turn into an expanse of heaven and earth, the so-called pure white sand becoming stars, producing a boundless heavenly space.” An elder said.

However, Second Elder then added, saying, “It is extremely unstable, difficult to say when the world it produces will collapse. When that time comes, everything would fade from existence.”

Everyone gave up. Even if there were immortal daoists to help them, no one dared to take this kind of thing inside to nurture. If they did, who knew, the day might come when they might explode as well.

“Wu, this expanse of sand is extremely special, pure white in color, and its power is extremely great. It should have carried out a demon sealing!” Second Elder said.

Demon sealing? Everyone was confused. What was this?

“There were people who previously used great magical force to make it yield, treating it like a weapon, sealing an immeasurable expert, refining that individual in the sand. As the years passed, the flesh and blood of the figure sealed within grinded against the sand, turning all of it into this color. It is just like an old clam carrying pearls, the flesh and blood grinded together, forming divine pearls.”

When Second Elder’s words fell, the other elders’ eyes all became brilliant, all of them revealing different looks, expressions of shock appearing.

“Actually this kind of thing. Doesn’t this mean that it is already a supreme treasure?”

“Once this type of thing is gathered and refined, it can become unmatched precious artifacts!”

When the students on the warship heard this, they were even more shocked.

“Shouldn’t get your hopes up. Even though it is precious, it is extremely dangerous, might murder their owner at anytime, extremely unstable, hard to say when it might explode to continuously absorb flesh and blood power.” Second Elder said.

In short, this thing looked pure and holy, but it long carried a type of demonic nature, not something that could be touched.

The warship advanced, more and more great stars appearing in the surroundings. There were ancient continents that appeared one after another as well just like leaves in a forest, ever-present, layer after layer coming into view.

They quickly advanced, heading towards the Realm Tomb area ahead.

Only when blurry mist appeared, a small amount of primal chaos mist emerge, did the elders on the warship tell everyone that they now truly entered Realm Tomb.

“Only now could they have considered to be in Realm Tomb? Everyone was shocked. None of what they saw up to here could be considered part of it? It really was hard to imagine what there was inside the true Realm Tomb.

Primal chaos appeared, as if an expanse of immortal mist scattered. The warship rushed past, entering the boundless ‘ancient tomb’.

“Heavens, what exactly is all of this?” Someone cried out in alarm as soon as they entered.

They saw a withered up ancient tree that was who knew how large. Even when they gazed forward with heavenly eyes, they could still only see a blurry outline.

There were countless great stars on its branches, as if they were fruits. However, they were all withered up, lacking life force, only carrying deathly stillness.

Apart from this, on this great tree’s branches were countless black holes, as if it suffered from a disease, forming wormholes that didn’t close.

An ancient tree produced this many ‘star fruits’?

“Don’t tell me this is a World Tree?” Someone cried out in alarm, eyes revealing shock. If it was this type of tree, then even after it died, it would still be priceless. Its branches, trunk, roots, and other things were all great treasures for refining weapons.

“No, if it was a World Tree, it would have long been brought away by the unmatched experts who visited this place. How could they leave such a thing before?” An elder said.

Meanwhile, this ancient tree was just a corner of what they could see. The scene in the distance was even more vast and majestic.

“It’s not a World Tree? Then what is it?” Someone asked.

At this time, someone suddenly cried out, face becoming pale. He pointed forward, saying with a shaking voice, “Over there…”

There was a green and lush plant that looked like a tree, but there were many grass-like leaves. Its leaves were nibbling away at the stars, continuously devouring them.

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