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Chapter 1198 - Realm Tomb Destination

The two powerful individuals fought intensely, sand and rocks flying everywhere, mountains swaying about, many giant boulders flying about chaotically.

One had to bear in mind that the region Heavenly Deity Institution was located at was previously a battlefield with unmatched experts that fought here, immortal swords weaving about, cutting down the stars in the sky. There were countless meteorites on the ground, piling up into a sea.

In this place, the ancient mountain range was terrifyingly tall, giant boulders everywhere!

Only, later on, there was someone who refined it with great magical force, refining all of the stars. The mountain rocks became small, making the landform look normal.

However, there were many stone mountains and ancient lands that were still special, exceptionally bold and powerful looking. A few mountains were terrifyingly heavy, because they were produced from meteorites. Even after being refined, looking normal, they were still many times heavier than ordinary boulders.

Right now, sand and rocks flew about, the earth shaking and mountains swaying, it was naturally astonishing, because from a certain perspective, meteorites were dancing about, moving through the air.

When normal people fought, they wouldn’t reach this type of state at all, it was too astonishing!

This region was especially unique, the giant rocks having a metallic luster, clearly produced by great stars that were hacked down back then!

In the past, sword immortals roared into the heavens, sword cutting down the skies, stars falling like potstickers, it really shocked the heavens above and earth below, the entire world trembling.


Dugu Yun’s entire body surged valiantly with golden blood energy, roiling outwards, golden light shining resplendently, as if an ancient War Immortal walked over from Immortal Ancient Great Era, powerful and unmatched.

One could vaguely see that giant rocks and the other things floating around him turned into great stars, releasing stellar light one after another. They were forced forward by him, suppressing towards Shi Hao.

Everyone was stupefied. This type of boldness and irregular scene really was endlessly terrifying. His two hands moved the sun, moon, and stars with every action, just how shocking of a scene was this?!


However, Huang didn’t take a step back, his aura deep and immeasurable like a sea. He faced it head-on, his divine might unstoppable, clashing with Dugu Yun.

His fist formed imprints, possessing an unmatched domineeringness!


Huang was brandishing his fist, bringing about sky-covering symbols, as if millions and millions of streaks of lightning were interweaving, surrounding the skies, covering all directions, endlessly frightening. In his surroundings, the great stars that flew over all exploded, the meteors splitting apart!

Following a dang sound, the largest green-gold boulder was smashed apart by his fist, a fragment as large as a house directly smashing down on a place not too far away.

Sacred Academy’s envoy was still unconscious. While still fainted, this giant boulder smashed into his body, his body involuntarily twitching.

It was because it looked like a piece of green-gold rock, but it was comparable to a meteor that crashed down from outer space, blasting him until his flesh was badly mangled, muscles and bones broken.

“Ah…” in he end, he woke up from the pain, this scene making his eye sockets feel like splitting. He was trembling inwardly, this result truly unendurable.

When had he ever suffered like this? The humiliation today, suffering this type of disaster made him so angry he found it difficult to snap back. 

“You still aren’t hurrying and bringing me out of here?!” He roared towards Yuan Hong.

Yuan Hong suppressed a wave of anger, quickly rushing over. His status was not ordinary either, but that was relative to who it was compared to. When faced with Sacred Academy’s disciple, even if he felt anger, being berated like this, he still couldn’t act out.

It was because this time, he came precisely to borrow Sacred Academy’s might, and that was why he followed this envoy here.


Not far out, a faint golden boulder smashed over, something Dugu Yun smashed over, smashing towards this direction again.

Yuan Hong flung his sleeve, directly blasting it apart. He actually really wanted to kill those two youngsters who didn’t put him and the sacred envoy in their eyes, but he didn’t dare, because this was Heavenly Deity Institution, a place with elders overseeing it.

Yuan Hong had sect master level strength, but he actually had his hands tied here, making him feel vexed.


On the other side, Shi Hao and Dugu Yun's battle reached its climax, leaving the crowd absolutely shocked. They never expected these two would be this frightening, far exceeding their imagination.

“Is that the power the golden unmatched blood brings? It is too strong!” Someone said with a sigh.

Golden blood energy surged, the aura frightening, everyone feeling so much pressure to the point where they found it difficult to breath. The surrounding meteorite rocks were crushed to pieces, everyone trembling inwardly.

Meanwhile, the other youth didn’t seem to be affected at all, still moving boldly, fighting intensely against the one with golden blood, incredibly powerful, continuously attacking, gradually advancing.

“Huang is too formidable! When faced with the inheritor of unmatched blood, he can actually remain this calm!”

At this time, Dugu Yun moved aside, not taking action anymore. He pulled open a distance and said, “You are quite strong, and also rather special.”

Are you admitting defeat?” Shi Hao’s skin was extremely thick. He didn’t even suppress the other party, yet he already believed himself to be the victor.

Dugu Yun didn’t get mad, saying, “You have the qualifications to fight against the foreign Emperor Clan’s members.”

“Not just a single fight, I’ll defeat them all!” Shi Hao laughed loudly.

At this time, elders appeared one after another from the bronze building on the mountaintop. They didn’t wish for the two to continue fighting either.

“Yuan Hong, you have already been driven out. Why do you still dare enter the academy?” Fifth Elder shouted.

Yuan Hong’s face immediately became pale. He opened his mouth, feeling terrified inside. No one understood better than him how frightening these old fellas were.

“Elders, please do not get angry, he came to show me the way. I am sacred envoy’s emissary.” That youth said. Right now, he was in an extremely terrible state, half his body smashed apart by a meteorite.

“You, come up the mountain and then tell us.” Fifth Elder pointed out. A streak of light shot out, sweeping around him.

Then, Fifth Elder waved his sleeves, swinging it out with a hong sound. It was as if the skies collapsed, crushing down, immediately blasting Yuan Hong until his bones snapped and muscles tore, blood flowing from all seven apertures. His body then flew outwards.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. Yuan Hong was but a powerful expert! However, before the elders, he was actually this weak.

“Throw him out of the academy. If he dares enter again, he will be executed without exception!” Fifth Elder said.

Shi Hao walked up, kicking Yuan Hong as he moved, on his face a smile.

Yuan Hong’s face immediately became green. It was actually this brat who received the orders to throw him out again. His mind was trembling, but he was absolutely helpless. It was because he was almost ruined by Fifth Elder, powerless to resist.

Soon afterwards, a miserable scream sounded from Heavenly Deity Institution’s entrance. Everyone looked at each other in dismay, many of them running out to see what was going on.

From the distance, they saw Shi Hao took action, almost skinning the heavily injured Yuan Hong alive. He broke all of his bones, and then looted all of the magical artifacts, pill medicines, and all types of treasures on him clean.

Yuan Hong only had a breath of life left, laying in place for three days, and only then did he leave.

If not for the academy’s elders giving the order not to, Shi Hao would have directly cut him down here to end the trouble here.

The sacred envoy left behind a letter, and then left in a sorry state, this journey really losing him too much face.

Several days later, Dugu Yun went on his way, personally escorted by two elders to Origin Ancient Mine, producing quite the commotion. Everyone were speculating what he was going to do.

Half a month later, news came back that something unusual happened in Origin Ancient Mine.

“Heavens, the descendant of the protectors entered that ancient mine, staying there several days at a time, and in the end, was swept out by black blood!”

This triggered an uproar, everyone in Heavenly Deity Institution shocked.

After Dugu Yun entered Origin Ancient Mine for several days, black-colored blood appeared from the mine, unexpectedly like an underground spring, gushing out from the ancient mine’s entrance, shocking the world.

Dugu Yun was unharmed, coming out with the black blood, his face pale, not saying a word. No one knew what he saw, what he was thinking.

After he came out, the ancient mine became calm again, the black-colored blood withdrawing. However, the fishy smell only disappeared after several days.

Just what kind of mysteries did the ancient mine carry? Why did black-colored blood appear? Does Dugu Yun know some kind of great secret? Everyone was making their guesses. They couldn’t help but think of Three-Headed King’s words.

It was because the Three-Headed King had previously mentioned Origin Ancient Mine. In the last great era, there was black blood that was also dug out from the ancient mine, and now, it was proven true.


A flame rhinoceros bugle horn sounded, the heavy and oppressive noise coming from another world, carrying an ancient feeling. A silver-colored warship that was tens of thousands of zhang long rushed through the heavenly dome, flying towards the altar suspended above Heavenly Deity Institution.

“Destination -- Realm Tomb!” Second Elder personally led the way, guiding this group of genius to search for immortal seeds, to achieve their own great dao.

Now only were Shi Hao, Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, Ten Crown King, Yao Yue, and others all here, even Dugu Yun was here, going to enter Realm Tomb with them.

“Hey, what did you see inside Origin Ancient Mine? Why was there black blood that poured out?” On the warship, Shi Hao asked Dugu Yun, and only someone like him would act so carefree, chat so casually with someone he had fought with.

Dugu Yun’s face was handsome, his hair glossy and sleek. His mouth was closed, not saying anything.

The altar shone, the silver-colored warship immediately becoming indistinct in the void. Then, they disappeared from this place, heading towards the so-called ‘World Grave’.

“Hello? Why are you like a closed gourd? What did you see exactly? Let’s talk about it.” On the warship, Shi Hao continued to stubbornly ask.

Even though the others didn’t say anything, they all had their ears open, secretly paying attention to these two.

Dugu Yun finally spoke, saying, “If you have that much free time, then you should preserve your strength to deal with Realm Tomb’s dangers. Who knows, you might have your wishes fulfilled, fight against a member of some ancient Emperor Clan.”

“What? The foreign creatures can appear there?” Shi Hao was quite shocked.

“As long as you dare enter, then who knows, you might encounter an Emperor Clan member who was trapped there from the last great era!” Dugu Yun replied.

At this moment, forget about Heavenly Deity Institution’s students, even the elders were shocked.

“You’re sure about this?” Shi Hao asked.

“Back then, my ancestors personally led those people to the Realm Tomb, so I am naturally sure. Moreover, I believe that the great army is still alive, to the extent where they might have even left behind descendants.” Dugu Yun said.

He was extremely unconvinced, feeling anger inside. His ancestors had paid too much, viewed as protectors, yet were plotted against by those on their side in this world.

“What? There was this type of event? We have to take our time to think things over, definitely have to advance cautiously!” Even the elders were greatly shocked. This wasn’t the first time they came, yet they never heard about this before.

Everyone knew that this trip will likely have a few strange things happen.

Realm Tomb, that was the grave of the world. There were ruined ancient cosmos one after another, in complete chaos. No one knew just how many secrets this place carried.

Back then, there were previously people who found a World Tree here, moreover able to bring it out.

There were others who discovered a cosmos seed, able to plant it within their bodies, their accomplishments unmatched, great dao perfect.

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