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Chapter 1190 - Vicious Beating

The way things developed exceeded everyone’s expectations. The Yuan Family came with an arrogant attitude, demanding to see Shi Hao, incredibly overbearing, yet the result now… was that he got beaten on the spot.

Just how much time had passed? The changes were just too fast, leaving one speechless, a bit stupefied.

“What kind of place do you take Heavenly Deity Institution for? A place where one can bully the weak as the strong? Making all that noise, if you all aren’t taught a proper lesson, are you all going to flatten this place, taking this as a place belonging to Yuan Family?” Shi Hao’s lips curled.


Shi Hao’s foot kicked out. Yuan Hong released a miserable scream, his body flying out diagonally, smashing into a several hundred thousand jin giant boulder, and then fell down, blood continuously flowing out from the corners of his mouth.

The change in situation really was too fast. The originally domineering and arrogant Yuan Hong was beaten to this state, unable to resist at all, his bones broken and muscles snapped.

“Hey, can you stop pretending to be dead? Aren’t you here to represent Yuan Qing? Can it be that Yuan Qing really is just this disappointing?” Shi Hao walked up, and then gave him two more kicks, beating Yuan Hong until his eyes rolled back, almost fainting.

“Having no sense of propriety like this, taking action against me, you won’t be able to live for long!” Yuan Hong said hatefully. He was truly angered badly. His status was extremely high, originating from the Yuan Clan, yet in the end, he was beaten so viciously.

For a great expert like him, this really left him too sullen. He was so angry his entire body was shaking, almost fainting.

“Still having such a hard mouth? Your Yuan Family has done all those hateful things again and again, yet you still have the nerve to act arrogant here, I’m going to beat you into a pig head!” Shi Hao said.

He walked up, lifted Yuan Hong by the collar, and then raised his palm, starting to slap his face. The pilipala sounds were loud and clear, as if bamboo clapper boards were being used.

Yuan Hong was spouting smoke from all seven orifices, to the extent where even his brain was about to release smoke. He had never suffered this type of humiliation before! Being beaten by a younger generation like this, it was beyond intolerable.

He struggled intensely, his eyes releasing flames, truly wishing to immediately kill Shi Hao. This was polar opposite from his usual immortal dao appearance.


Shi Hao definitely wouldn’t act too politely, his palm delivering another vicious round of slapping without saying a word, beating him until his head was spinning, unable to tell east from west, his eyes seeing stars, ears ringing.

“Little bastard, you dare to humiliate me like this, you can forget about entering Sacred Academy in this life, and you can give up on going to Immortal Academy either! You won’t ever have the chance to cultivate exceptional methods, just stop here!” Yuan Hong was furious, threatening loudly.

“Who do you think you are, what qualifications do you have to speak in those two academies’ place? Since you insist on being so hard mouthed, then enjoy some more slaps!” Shi Hao said, pi pa sounds following without hesitation.

“Brat, you can show off and boast all you want here, but when you enter the two academies, you’ll wish you were dead rather than alive! All of the experts there will suppress you together, you can’t beg for life or death!” Yuan Hong roared, his eyes filled with bloody wisps.

He was truly going crazy from anger, feeling no more reservations, both his arms and legs moving, regardless of whether he had strength at all, only wishing to kill Shi Hao, completely losing all reason.

Shi Hao didn’t waste any words with him, just continuing to hit him. This time, Yuan Hong’s face fully distorted, the teeth in his mouth falling out one after another, soon after completely fallen out.

A glorious sect master level figure was humiliated like this, it really made him feel worse than being killed. His eyes were bright red, his hair standing on end, entire body taut, completely mad.

However, there was nothing he could do. Right now, Shi Hao also had sect master level strength, and together with the three strands of immortal energy winding about his body, suppressing him was extremely easy, pressing him down and beating him up.

Everyone was stupefied. What were these two doing? One was an important individual from the Yuan Clan who had sect master level strength, the other someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, a supreme being among his peers, both of their statuses astonishing, but right now, it was as if they were in a marketplace streets, fighting roughly.

Of course, this was definitely done intentionally by that youth, the purpose precisely to mock Yuan Hong, lifting him up by his collar and beating him up.

This left one between laughter and tears. The two extraordinary individuals were actually tangled about each other like this, one beating the other’s mouth viciously, fists smashing down fiercely, making one feel a bit dizzy from watching. 

Soon afterwards, Yuan Hong’s face swelled greatly, as if it immediately became much bigger, even his eyes hidden under his swollen face.

As a sect master, his body was like diamond that had been refined a hundred times over, if one didn’t call it sturdy and unbreaking, then it was definitely not far off. However in the end, if was as if hoodlums were fighting in the markets, his wounds shockingly similar.

“Humiliating! Truly extraordinary shame!” Yuan Hong didn’t have teeth in his mouth, so his voice was a bit off as he shouted there.

“Are you really Yuan Qing’s son? But your performance really is too lacking, not having any strength, truly losing face for your father!” Shi Hao shook his head, commenting. He already let go of his hand, throwing Yuan Hong to the ground, looking down on him from above.

Everyone was stunned. Just now, they had almost forgotten Yuan Hong’s identity. That was but Yuan Qing Supreme Being’s own son, his direct line of descent, yet he was beaten up like this.

“Everything has already been said. Your Yuan Family isn’t enough, believing yourselves to be infallible, clearly just a half supreme being, yet you insist on pretending to be a supreme being family. Now, you’ve all been exposed right? Truly deserving to be beaten!” Shi Hao ridiculed.

Yuan Hong was now exhaling more than he was breathing in, already unable to display any more anger. He laid there, his face fallen, swollen to a ridiculous state, mouth opened as he breathed heavily, truly like a beaten dog.

“What else do you still want to say. What did you come here for?” Shi Hao sat on a large rock, asking like this.

Everyone was speechless, this fella really wasn’t some good person. He was previously criticized harshly by Yuan Hong, this person arriving imposingly, but Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention, and now, he beat the other party into this kind of state, interrogating him instead.

Yuan Hong was so angry the roots of his teeth were going to break from his clenched teeth. Right now, he was laying on the ground, hard to even move. All of the bones in his body were broken, so how was he supposed to criticize and interrogate the other party?

Shi Hao’s eyes were deep. With a raise of his hand, a streak of sword radiance flickered about between his fingers. He really wanted to cut him down.

“Throw him out of Heavenly Deity Institution.” Fifth Elder suddenly said.

Shi Hao felt some hesitation, but in the end still didn’t deliver the killing blow. It was clear that the academy’s elder didn’t wish for him to be kiledl here, feeling that he was already taken care of enough.

No one expected things to get to this extent. In the end, Yuan Hong was dragged behind Shi Hao in an extremely shameful manner and thrown out from Heavenly Deity Institution.

After who knew how much time had passed, only then did Yuan Hong recover a bit of strength. He treated his injured body, teeth clenched, feeling incomparably resentful, angered to the point where his liver was in pain, but there was nothing he could do.

“Right, Sacred Academy’s emissary is about to arrive, I have to meet with him!” He stood up, and then gave Heavenly Deity Institution a hateful look before turning around and leaving.

In the academy, news spread, triggering a great discussion, producing an uproar.

Yuan Qing’s third son arrived in Heavenly Deity Institution, but was beaten down, and then thrown out of the academy, just how strange of a matter was this?

This was especially the case since the critical moment where cultivators of the two academies were going to choose heroes was about to arrive, yet Shi Hao actually directly humiliated Yuan Qing’s son in such an undisguised manner. This was a type of challenge; was he not scared that Yuan Qing would contact the people he was familiar with from the two academies, make things difficult for Shi Hao?

“He doesn’t really have a choice. There is enmity between him and Yuan Qing that can’t be dissolved, so instead of lowering his own stance, he might as well act powerfully, who knows, perhaps this might still allow him to draw the attention of a few old freaks from the two academies, from this neutralize Yuan Qing’s various small schemes.”

There were people discussing this, feeling shock towards Shi Hao’s way of doing things.

Soon afterwards, everyone who cultivated the present world methods and those who studied the ancient methods came out of seclusion, making all types of preparations, about to head to various ancient lands to cultivate.

This was especially the case for those who cultivated ancient methods, they wanted to find their own immortal seeds. This was extremely important for them, affecting all of their future accomplishments.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s scenery was extremely beautiful with many spiritual areas. Right now, Shi Hao and a group of people had gathered by a dark blue, gemstone-like small lakeside, facing the moonlight while drinking wine.

The Flood Dragons in the lake rose and fell, multicolored light shining brilliantly, providing the lakeside with a misty illumination.

There were even more so a few divine fish swimming inside the lake, flickering with bright and multicolored light.

“We are heading for Realm Tomb soon. I heard that this place is quite strange with many ruins of collapsed small worlds, traces of the cosmos being destroyed and absorbed into the realm tombs. Even though we can try to picture the peculiarities of that place based on the descriptions, it is still difficult to imagine what it is like exactly.” Shi Hao said.

“I have heard about the Realm Tomb before too.” The White Qilin young beast said. Realm Tomb had existed before Immortal Ancient, that place full of mysteries.

It was precisely because all types of unknowns that everyone felt a great desire for exploration.

That place was extremely dangerous. The outer region was still okay, but many frightening things had happened in the innermost depths, some exceptional experts disappearing forever after entering in the ancient times.

Apart from this, there were some who discovered immortal remains a bit further in. There were just too many powerful individuals who died there.

“This frightening, what is the point of even going?!” Someone muttered.

“Of course because there is good stuff there! I heard that there are creatures who discovered a perfect cosmos seed there, the most powerful immortal seed. Apart from this, it was rumored that there was even a World Tree that was brought out,” said the little Qilin.

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