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Chapter 1189 - Brash and Unbridled

That person smashed into the mountain, blood coming out from his mouth and nose, unable to crawl up for a long time, his injuries rather serious.

The people nearby shivered inwardly, all of them aware that Huang was a cultivation genius, his natural talents exceptional. Not many people in Heavenly Deity Institution could compare to him.

However, they didn’t expect his temper to be this great, not placing Yuan Qing’s emissary in his eyes at all, not going out to welcome him.

“Your actions… will make Yuan Qing Supreme Being angry, he will kill you! Even if you are at the top of the younger generation, you still can’t stop even a finger from Yuan Qing!”

The one laying at the foot of the mountain trembled, pointing at Shi Hao with his finger. He was truly angry and resentful, originally thinking that he would be shown respect, yet was kicked like this, many of his bones broken.

His teeth were clenched, expression ashen. 

“Are you trying to sweet talk Yuan Qing and enter Sacred Academy through this?” Shi Hao looked at him coldly, and then gave him another slap from the distance. With a peng sound, that person flew out gain.

As a result, there was no more activity from him, that person fainting, unable to budge an inch.

The surrounding people originally came in to join in the action, believing that Yuan Qing’s emissary would suppress Shi Hao, none of them expecting this scene.

This youth was truly quite arrogant, not even meeting that so-called emissary and giving the messenger a vicious beating.

When Shi Hao’s eyes swept over, many people shivered inwardly, a few of them who harbored bad intentions even more so trembling, their bodies feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“Huang, Shi Hao, you really are quite daring!” From the distance, a voice sounded, rumbling like thunder, the sound waves engulfing the skies like a tide, leaving everyone shaken up.

Everyone shivered inwardly, immediately knowing who that was. That emissary came!

Shi Hao naturally knew that this was Yuan Qing’s son. After seeing how he acted just now, he became furious.

Only, Shi Hao felt a similar wave of anger within. What was this place? It was Heavenly Deity Institution, yet Yuan Qing’s son dared to act so unbridled, forcing his way over.

“Who is being so noisy, daring to howl like this in the academy? Are you tired of living?!” Shi Hao directly berated.

“Huang, are you talking to me? You really are too arrogant, are you trying to end your own prospects?!” That person shouted from the distance, carrying a wave of awe, as if he was berating a lacking disciple, fierce and domineering.

“Who are you? Heavenly Deity Institution won’t tolerate your shameless and atrocious behavior!” Shi Hao shouted, putting on a look as if he was looking down on this world, his attitude extremely tall as he faced the one who had arrived.

“Impudent! You dare speak like this to me?!” That person appeared. He was dressed in gray robes, his build thin, figure tall. This was an elder, currently walking over with large steps.

At first, he had a bit of aloof temperament, but upon closer inspection, when his eyes opened and closed, radiance shot out in all directions, clearly not a simple individual.

“Who are you calling impudent? Do you really think you are the lord of this place? Too insolent!” At this time, Shi Hao opposed him with equal harshness, not showing any sign of weakness.

He felt a wave of anger. Yuan Qing’s emissary went too far, actually coming to Heavenly Deity Institution to berate him. If it was a different place, he would likely just directly kill him.

It truly was intolerable. He naturally acted fiercely in response. If the other party dared to behave atrociously here, then he truly wasn’t giving Heavenly Deity Institution’s powerful figures any face.

“Truly bold!” The gray clad individual walked over, already not far. His gaze was cold, shattering the immortal dao aura, his eyes looking quite cold.

“Ignorant old thing, you are the one who is daring, what are you shouting all arrogantly here for? Are you unwilling or unsatisfied, wishing to challenge the dignity of the elders here?” Shi Hao criticized.

Everyone became a bit stupefied. This fella truly was ridiculously bold, actually this fierce when dealing with a sect master level individual, loudly condemning him.

“You little evil thing, lacking the slightest bit of respect, actually daring to act so rudely after seeing an older generation come. I might just have to teach you a lesson!” Yuan Hong berated, his face falling.

While speaking, his sleeves moved out, forming a gray expanse. This entire heaven and earth were shrouded, this was a great divine ability -- World Sleeve.

The great sleeve swept out, sucking everything in heaven and earth inside, even more so aiming to refine Shi Hao, having him suffer.


Shi Hao moved his Kun Peng wings, instantly leaving his original location, appearing in the depths of the mountain range, his speed fast to the extreme.

“Younger generation, you showed me disrespect, yet you still wish to leave?!” Yuan Hong laughed coldly.

“Who exactly is it who is acting unbridled? There are elders here, how can they tolerate you acting viciously? You still aren’t getting lost?!” Shi Hao berated. It was because he already arrived on a mountain peak.

There was an elder seated on a praying mat here, his appearance ordinary, extremely calm, but right now, he suddenly opened his eyes, looking at Yuan Hong and berating, “Impudent!”


The so-called world in sleeve, under this shout, instantly scattered. Yuan Hong’s body staggered, the spacious sleeve shattering.

“Old thing, keep acting fierce, why are you stopping now?” Shi Hao said coldly, provoking him head on.

“Senior, it is not that I’ve acted with impudence, but it is because this little evil is too disrespectful, continuously provoking me, so I had no choice but to take action.” Yuan Hong defended himself.

“When have I ever treated you rudely? It was you who continuously forced me! Where do you think this place is, Yuan Qing’s backyard? Daring to come here to interrogate me!” Shi Hao said.

On the mountain peak, Fifth Elder who was seated on the praying mat didn’t speak, looking extremely calm, his expression not changing in the slightest.

“I only wish to ask how my nephew Yuan Feng died in Immortal Battlefield, but you avoided me, so I have reason to believe that you harmed him!” Yuan Hong said.

“Bring out your proof!” Shi Hao shot him a look of disdain, and then coldly said, “Your senior Yuan Qing who doesn’t want any face previously schemed against me, wishing to suppress me for ten years, cutting off my dao path, these are things the entire world knows about, yet you have the face to come here to interrogate me, wanting a so-called explanation, truly laughable! If I were you, I would make myself scarce right now!”

“You really are unbridled, not knowing the difference between life and death!” The gray-robed Yuan Hong loudly berated, and then added, “You don’t want to enter Sacred Academy, Immortal Academy anymore?”

“Are you threatening me? Yuan Family truly is bold, even able to speak for Sacred Academy and Immortal Academy.” Shi Hao mocked.

“I only have one question. Did you kill Yuan Feng?” The gray-robed individual asked coldly.

“None of your fucking business!” Shi Hao only had this line, angering Yuan Feng until his hair and beard all stood on end.

“Why do you have to act like this?!” The gray-robed individual shouted angrily.

Everyone knew what was going on, but Shi Hao just felt it beneath him to reply, instead, questioning with a loud voice, “Yuan Qing bullied others intolerably, already at his age, yet wants to harm a younger generation youth, I still wanted to ask your Yuan Family about this. Why did Yuan Qing vainly try to suppress me for ten years, later on even try to kill me? Shouldn’t your Yuan Family give me an explanation?!”

The gray-robed Yuan Hong’s face fell. This truly was a disgraceful and disrespectful youth, not having the slightest bit of respect, simply about to anger him to death.

Yuan Hong looked towards the elder seated on the mountain, and then said, “I must ask senior to permit me to interrogate him. My Yuan Family’s disciple died extremely unjustly, so I have to investigate it to its end.”

“What do you wish to do?” Heavenly Deity Institution’s elder opened his eyes, asking.

“I wish to search his sea of consciousness, or ask elder to take action so the truth can come to light.” Yuan Hong said.

“Elder, please make your decision. Yuan Family’s ignorant old thing Yuan Qing has previously harmed me, stopping a disciple from entering the academy. Please capture and arrest him!” Shi Hao also spoke up.

Everyone was stunned. This fella really dared to say anything, directly asking to deal with Yuan Qing!

“You… truly are daring, are you tired of living?!” Yuan Hong scolded furiously, secretly raising his right palm.

“Senior, please take action, the Yuan Family is arrogant and oppressive, not only wishing to prevent me from joining the academy, even sending a trifling emissary over to try and use violence against me. I ask senior to help me, let the two of us fight in the same cultivation realm.” Shi Hao said.

“Fine!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fifth Elder nodded, actually easily agreeing.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao’s body felt comfortably warm, as if a wave of warm feeling was infused into his body. Then, his entire body’s magical force surged, his cultivation reaching a shocking level.

Shi Hao was shocked, finding this result hard to believe. In that instant, he obtained sect master level cultivation, everything granted by Fifth Elder.

Even though it was temporary, Shi Hao immediately obtained a brand new experience, ears sharp eyes keen, his body light and powerful, cultivation profound, divine senses immeasurable.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao took action, throwing himself at that gray-robed male.

“You dare take action against me?!” Yuan Hong said coldly, taking action to face him.

“You think you are anything special? Sooner or later, I will remove Yuan Qing’s head!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Courting death!” The gray-robed individual roared out, his palm and fingers like rainbows, shooting out ten streaks of divine light. They carried a hazy mist, quickly shooting over.


Shi Hao released the single heavenly passage, impervious to all methods. The ten streaks of light merged into the heavenly massage, refined into innate spiritual essence.

This was the magical force and cultivation of sect master level magical force? Shi Hao’s confidence immediately surged, feeling like this was inconceivable, directly dissolving all of the other party’s attacks.


In the next instant, Shi Hao displayed the Kun Peng Fist, three strands of immortal energy revolving around his arm, indistinct and horrifying. A fist smashed over murderously.

Following this collision, Yuan Hong released a muffled groan. Even though his magical force was great, cultivation more profound than Shi Hao’s, he was about to be defeated on the spot.

Yuan Hong felt as if he was struck by lightning, coughing out several mouthfuls of blood.

“Old thing, you aren’t enough! The Yuan Family’s people are trash after all!” Shi Hao released a second fist. It still carried immortal energy, incomparably divine.


This time, Yuan Hong coughed out a large mouthful of blood with a wa sound, his entire body flew outwards, smashing into a stone mountain, his complexion incredibly pale.

He was an expert with sect master level strength, yet he wasn’t a match for a youth with magical force infused into him. This was just too much of a disgrace!

“Truly disappointing, just this bit of skill, yet you dare behave so atrociously in Heavenly Deity Institution, boasting shamelessly? Who are you trying to discipline in Yuan Qing’s place? Even the current you can be an emissary? Seems like Yuan Qing isn’t all that either. If I was in the same cultivation realm as him, I’ll beat him into dead dog!” Shi Hao ridiculed.

Yuan Hong felt like his lungs were going to explode. This youth actually dared to look down on him like this, even more so humiliating his father Yuan Qing.


Shi Hao’s third fist smashed over. Yuan Hong did his best to evade, but he was still hit. All of the bones in his body released explosive noises, releasing pilipala sounds, many of them immediately shattering.

“Senior, are you just going to watch this little evil act viciously?” Yuan Hong shouted.

Many people were nearby. When they saw this scene, they were stupefied. Yuan Hong was basically asking for help! This was completely different from his previous domineering entrance, the events quite different from what everyone expected.

“Even if Yuan Qing came, he wouldn’t put on as much airs as you, yet someone like you dares to act so unbridled here?!” These were Fifth Elder’s words, his eyes coldly sweeping towards Yuan Hong.

Everyone was stupefied. This was a clear act of bias, sheltering Shi Hao, not giving the Yuan Family the slightest bit of face!

“What senior is trying to say is that if even some random snake or cow can even behave atrociously, then this place would be a joke. Just wait for the day when I beat the shit out of Yuan Qing!” Shi Hao said while laughing loudly.

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