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Chapter 1183 - Shame

“How could it be like this?” Jin Yi became a bit absentminded, her complexion pale and lacking color. She knew all of the young supreme beings with three strands of immortal energy in the institution, so there was definitely not a person like this.

She never expected the enemy she faced would be a young supreme being who had three strands of immortal energy! This didn’t make sense at all! There were only those few people, and she knew all of them, so where did this person come from?

It was because there was definitely no such person like this among those at the peak, and that was why she was fearless. She had two strands of immortal energy, and together with secret treasures, apart from Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, these people, who could face her?

What happened? The surrounding people were shocked. How did the situation suddenly change, Jin Yi actually had her neck grabbed by the other party, raised high into the air?

The silver-robed woman was normally a powerful figure, extremely arrogant, someone many people weren’t willing to provoke, yet now, she was carried by someone like this, truly unimaginable.

Without a doubt, this was a great humiliation for the silver-robed woman. To have her neck grabbed like this in front of so many people’s faces, it really made her feel worse than dead.

“How did Jin Yi lose?” Even now, no one understood what happened.

Just now, Jin Yi activated two strands of immortal energy, suddenly displaying vicious methods. Even though everyone felt contempt for her going back on her word, they always believed that this youth was going to suffer.

However, in a daze, that youth grabbed Jin Yi, the changes too fast, to the extent where they didn’t see the immortal energy in his palm, and then everything ended.

“What great speed, has this youth taken the crucial step at the peak of the present world methods? Even after Jin Yi activated two strands of immortal energy, he still evaded them, and then retaliated, capturing her!”

“Heavens, I didn’t see him use immortal energy, he is definitely an expert at the peak of the present world methods!”

Many people cried out excitedly, their eyes widened as they watched this scene. There were even more cultivators who felt their blood boil, because they saw hope.

They didn’t see him activate immortal energy, but he was able to capture Jin Yi, this was the most direct and clear battle result, proving that present world methods could triumph over Immortal Ancient methods.

A commotion erupted, this place becoming noisy.

It was because these people were all cultivating present world methods, always wishing to establish their own conviction. The scene they now saw made all of them excited and moved.

Even though they knew that there were exceptional individuals like this in Sacred Academy, perhaps able to kill the young supreme beings in their generation, they hadn’t seen them for themselves after all. Now that they personally witnessed this scene, many of them felt like the path ahead became much brighter.

“Cough cough cough…” Jin Yi coughed. Having her neck indifferently gripped by that young man made her feel extremely uncomfortable. She began to cough, her face flushing deep red from resentment.

What expert at the peak of the present world methods? She wanted to loudly curse out that she clearly saw three strands of immortal energy, feeling great hatred inside.

However, as soon as she opened her mouth, she could only fill her mouth with cold air, continuously coughing, even tears about to pour out.


While carrying her by the neck, Shi Hao directly smashed her into the ground, as if he was throwing livestock down for slaughter, making Jin Yi frown in pain, at the same time feel incredibly angry. When had she ever been treated like this before?

“Just this bit of skill, yet you dare humiliate others. You look down on the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, but you yourself don’t have that much skill either! Nothing more than this.” Shi Hao lowered his head, looking down on her.

Jin Yi’s silver robes were wrinkled, many areas even more so damaged. She raised her head, her eyes surging with anger, her gaze incomparably resentful. Being humiliated in front of everyone like this was difficult for her to endure.

“What, after being beaten honorably by someone, do you still feel wronged? That day, didn’t you go back on your word, using despicable methods to deal with Feng Wu, back then stepping on her, when you were speaking such harsh words, humiliating her, what were you thinking then? What kind of reflections are you making now?”

Shi Hao naturally wouldn’t leave the other person with any face, dealing with her in front of everyone. In addition, with a peng sound, he kicked out, making intimate contact with her body.

Jin Yi released a muffled groan, her eyes becoming even more malicious. As she tumbled out, she felt as if her body snapped, that kick making half her body numb.

At the same time, she trembled, clenching her fists, because Shi Hao unexpectedly didn’t seal her divine force.

This made her both happy and resentful. Was he being careless? That definitely wasn’t it! This was indifference, not fearing that she would retaliate, and that was why he didn’t bother restricting her. When had someone ever shown her this level of contempt?

What kind of person was Jin Yi? She came from an ancient family, stunning enough herself. Even though it was quite regretful that she didn’t cultivate the third strand of immortal energy, she was still an outstanding expert among her peers.

Even if one searched through the entire Nine Heavens Ten Earths, there were only a few young supreme beings able to suppress her, yet now, she was shown such disdain by someone, not even worrying about her retaliation.

Jin Yi’s face fell. She recovered her composure, staring deathly at Shi Hao, saying, “You came from the lower realm, nothing more than someone from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces! You better have thought things through, becoming completely hostile with me does not bring you any benefits!”

Even though she didn’t fully say it, it was clear that she came from the Gold Family, one of the Nine Heavens’ ancient families, their strength unimaginably great.

If Shi Hao insisted on making things difficult for her, then he would have to suffer her revenge, very likely incurring the anger of an ancient family from the Nine Heavens!

This was a completely undisguised threat!

“You overrate yourself too much, and also underestimate me.” When Shi Hao spoke up to here, he raised his foot, trampling down like kicking a dead dog, sending Jin Yi flying with a peng sound.

“Ah, you dare treat me like this!” Jin Yi cried out in alarm, her expression fierce.

“Who do you think you are? The Jin Clan is so large, would they offend Heavenly Deity Institution for your insignificant and immature self? I am now a disciple of Heavenly Deity Institution!” Shi Hao said.

There were some things he didn't say. He cultivated three strands of immortal energy, and he also walked quite far along the extreme path of present world methods, could be said to be at an unprecedented level.

Those with these types of accomplishments, how could Heavenly Deity Institution be willing to abandon them? They will definitely nurture him like a seed. Even if he wasn’t the only seed, he was still one of the most important individuals.

“You… don’t come over!” Jin Yi’s voice was shaking, starting to feel like giving in.

However, Shi Hao didn’t pay her any attention, raising his foot again. With a peng sound, she was sent flying again, her body smashing into a giant boulder.

Jin Yi was now in a sorry state. With a shrill voice, she said, “You savage person from that lower realm’s barren land, you will understand in the end that you are nothing in the Nine Heavens above! You will be dealt with by my clan until you wish you were dead rather than alive!”

She could tell that this person wasn’t going to stop, so she instead shouted loudly, hoping to summon some elders from the academy to stop this terrifying young man.


Shi Hao raised his hand. Even with quite some distance between them, an enormous palm appeared, slapping her flying. He said with a cold tone, “You can’t even defeat someone from a barren land, so what arrogance is there to show? Nothing more than this, pitifully weak!”

“You are the pitiful one, you are the lamentable one!” Jin Yi was furious.

Shi Hao walked over, pressing closer, saying, “I’m taking revenge for Feng Wu, collecting a bit of interest.”


Suddenly, Jin Yi raised her hand, a hazy streak of light flying out, carrying immortal mists, carrying the most resplendent brilliance of time, immediately firing them at Shi Hao.

During this process, a cold smile appeared at the corners of Jin Yi’s lips. She previously screamed, pretending to be going mad, but that was all to hide her preparations for this moment.

“Careful!” Feng Wu cried out nervously. No one knew better than her how frightening this brilliant light was.

It was because that was an arrow formed from Seven-Colored Immortal Gold, within it the most powerful symbols. Once one was struck by it, both body and soul would be destroyed, impossible to resist!

This was the Seven-Colored Immortal Gold Arrow Jin Yi coveted after!

This arrow made her feel greed, seizing it recklessly in spite of everything, now long refined it, becoming her secret treasure. This was an exceptional killing weapon!

This arrow grew with the owner, able to continuously change. When the time came, becoming an immortal weapon wasn’t even an issue, because its material was too heaven-defying, naturally having heaven and earth patterns engraved, able to become a supreme treasure.

The Immortal Gold arrow penetrated through that figure before it, rushing past. Many cries of alarm sounded. Did that arrow kill that young man?

Jin Yi revealed an expression of pleasant surprise. She couldn’t help but feel an urge to laugh loudly, the resentment in her eyes disappearing, replaced with excitement. She stood up from the ground.

“Aren’t you feeling happy a bit too early?” A cold voice sounded.

Jin Yi was horrified. The figure that was penetrated disappeared, just an afterimage. Meanwhile, at her side, a tall and slender figure stood there, a pair of lightning wings behind him, cold and calm.

The other party’s speed was too fast, exceeding her imagination, deceiving her eyes. That sure kill arrow only struck empty air!


That youth grabbed her with a single motion, and then with a pa sound, smacked her face. Then, with a dong sound, a foot smashed into her body, sending her flying.

This time, Jin Yi couldn’t stand up again, because many of her bones were broken, the intense pain difficult to endure.

“I really don’t know where your arrogance comes from.” Shi Hao said calmly.

Jin Yi struggled, humiliated to the extreme. Meanwhile, right now, she just happened to be laying in front of Feng Wu, collapsed at her feet. There was nothing worse than this, leaving her feeling great shame.

“Jin Yi, why is there a need to go this far? I know you are shameless, not wanting any face, but you don’t have to crawl over like this and beg me right?” Feng Wu said, a smile resting on her face, feeling extremely happy.


When she heard this mockery, Jin Yi directly spurted out a mouthful of blood, her face turning pale, struggling about in anger, wishing to stand up, but she then fell again with a pu tong sound.

Being ridiculed by Feng Wu like this made Jin Yi’s face bright red like blood. She was indignant and unconvinced, because she had previously stepped on this woman, mocking her as much as she pleased.

Now, the other party was standing before her, looking down on her like this, the situation completely reversed. She immediately felt as if her blood was rushing to her head, her eyes turning red as she screamed out with a high pitched voice, “Me? Begging you for forgiveness? Stop dreaming! A wild woman like you who was lucky enough to crawl up from the lower realms, what qualifications do you have to put on airs before me? Did you forget how I dealt with you that day?!”


Shi Hao walked over, directly stepping down, making many bones in her body break. He said, “Feng Wu, what are you waiting for? Just take action as much as you want, actually, that’s wrong, it’s use your feet.” 


Immediately afterwards, while carrying a sweet smile on her face, Feng Wu raised her foot, and then brought it down. Jin Yi immediately released a miserable scream, her expression immediately changing. At this moment, the bloody color in her eyes completely disappeared, now fully awake, but her body already suffered the results.

1. The meaning of Jin, Jin Yi’s surname

2. The literal translation of ‘take action here’ is move hand

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