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Chapter 1179 - Present World Method Expert

Ever since they divided the two systems, forming different cultivation paths, Heavenly Deity Institution’s atmosphere became a bit different, unknowingly developing a type of competitive nature.

It was because once they relaxed, it meant that they might be overtaken by others!


Within piles of rubble, a young man had his upper body exposed, his skin a bronze color. As he breathed in and out, many giant rocks in his surroundings rose and fell, also pulsing along, in the end some of them even exploding in midair!

This type of scene was extremely frightening. A single person’s breathing was powerful to this extent, making giant rocks rise and fall, really quite a rare sight in itself.

Without a doubt, when one stepped on this path, pursuing the limits of the present world techniques, it was as if a lighthouse emerged in everyone’s minds, making them chase for the light ahead.

The elders in the academy directly told them about Sacred Academy, an academy whose disciples are walking at the forefront of this path, proving that there was a glorious and brilliant path ahead!

Meanwhile, these people from Heavenly Deity Institution were all exceptional individuals in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, after choosing this path, now that they had old freaks to guide them, they would definitely advance by leaps and bounds.

They were the most powerful experts since their youth, quick in everything they studied. Once they were taught something, the would immediately grasp it.

Now, there was a brilliant and unmatched path that was proven to exist, with the knowledge of old freaks to guide them, so how could they fall behind? All of them wanted to soar into the sky.

No one who could enter Heavenly Deity Institution was ordinary, all of them carrying great ambitions. Now that there was a chance presented before them, many people believed that when they rose up, they wouldn’t be weaker than those with three strands of immortal energy!


At this moment, as the male sitting within the rocks breathed in and out, all of the giant rocks around him floated upwards, moving with his breathing, but they no longer exploded.

The scene became even more astonishing, because there were some boulders that became red, ultimately melting into magma, bright red like blood as they flowed from the sky down to the earth.

This wasn’t brought about by divine force, but was rather just a release of blood energy, yet it was already so powerful. One could see how great the strength of his blood was.

“Made some progress!” He suddenly opened his eyes, two streaks of cold lightning shooting out, blood energy roiling, spilling out from his body, surrounding him like a great furnace. Spiritual essence surged, flames raging about.

This was the embodiment of the greatest yang force, obtaining great accomplishments with his body!

Without a doubt, after choosing to take this path, obtaining some of the predecessor’s ancient methods, rare books, and other things, many people really did display brilliance that they originally didn’t possess.

Wang Yang was one of these people, in these past few months, his strength advanced greatly, his physical body becoming stronger and stronger. While breathing, yang energy surging!

“Brother Wang Yang truly is a genius, during these short few months, he underwent a complete transformation, already completely different from his past self!” A blue clad male walked over, carrying a gentle smile on his face, praising like this.

He was speaking the truth. Compared to before, Wang Yang truly did soar up, now a completely different person.

“Lan Meng, you are here to watch me advance realms right? Who doesn’t know that you obtained completely new breakthroughs in the Heavenly Passage and Spiritual Transformation Realm, from nurturing creatures to nurturing deities, producing a divine core?” Wang Yang said.

His gaze was like lightning as he stood among the rocks, his bronze-colored upper body exposed.

“My foundation isn’t as deep as yours, cultivating from the flesh, attaching importance to the foundation, tempering one’s fundamentals.” Lan Meng said with a smile. He looked at the magma on the ground, feeling quite startled and saying, “Who knows, after a bit more time, you might be able to break through. When the time comes, you’ll be able to compare to Cao Yusheng.”

“Really have to admit that some people have great luck. He came from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, not a part of the Nine Heavens, yet obtained great natural luck, engraving one of the three great killing formations into his body. This isn’t an accomplishment an ordinary person can have.” Wang Yang said, light flashing past his eyes, carrying a bit of a wild and untamed feeling.

“Nothing more than someone from the lower realm, fortunate enough to obtain an unmatched killing formation to engrave into his body. If we continue cultivating, he won’t be worth anything!” Lan Meng said, his voice carrying a bit of coldness.

“Luck is also a type of strength. Even though he is someone from the lower realm, not belonging to the Nine Heavens, in the end, he still obtained natural luck and reached where he is today, not someone that can be looked down on.” Wang Yang said.

Lan Meng said, “Wu, when is brother Wang Yang going to show off your skills and suppress him? The competition recently has been fierce, the battles unending. It is rumored that even though some of those from the lower realm have been subdued, there are still some who are fighting back.”

“How many lower realms?” Wang Yang asked.

In the eyes of those from the Nine Heavens, the Ten Earths were lower realms, being quite different from the creatures of the Nine Heavens above. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be the distinction of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

“About three or four ancient lands in total, raising quite the disturbance. However, they are still no match for the Nine Heavens’ cultivators. I heard that the Three Thousand Dao Provinces were specially ‘taken care’ of.” Lan Meng said with a smile.

When Wang Yang heard this, he also smiled, his appearance profound, black hair falling down. His exposed chest was extremely bright, releasing radiance. “Apart from a single Cao Yusheng who is naturally being treated with great importance. Has he emerged from seclusion?”

“Good thing that Huang disappeared, or else he would definitely be a troublesome person to deal with.” Lan Meng said.

“What can a dead person count as?” Wang Yang said.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s people had long heard about Huang, after all, he cultivated three strands of immortal energy and was even specially mentioned by the elders. He had previously returned ten heavenly passages to one, something that had never been done before. However, apart from those who cultivate the ancient methods, those who were cultivating present world methods still didn’t know that Shi Hao returned, officially revealing his true body, that he was still alive!

The general opinions of this region was clear and easy to see. Different ancient realms were clashing, standing against each other. The Three Thousand Dao Province produced two extraordinary people, walking at the very front of the present world methods, which is why they were targeted by the others.

This was a type of competition, as well as a type of venting of their emotions!

In another mountain region, great peaks towered about, a silver waterfall cascaded down. A gray-robed individual stood at the foot of the mountain, allowing the several thousand zhang tall silver waterfall to land on his body, not moving an inch during this process.

The waterfall separated from his body. In his surroundings, patterns appeared one after another, these patterns were strange symbols from the Engravement Realm. They now truly appeared, gradually affecting space.

Then, in his surroundings, fragments of time emerged, affecting even time itself.

He didn’t deliberately display anything, these heaven and earth irregular scenes naturally produced when he operated the spiritual essence within him, produced on their own from the patterns engraved in his body.


Suddenly, the several thousand zhang waterfall turned in reverse, rushing into the sky, and then there was a portion that disappeared, as if it poured into a different world.

Apart from this, there was another portion of the waterfall that was wrapped around by time fragments, as if it had severed different parts of space.

Engravings that affected time and space, this individual was astonishing!

“Brother Yuan Teng, your methods are truly admirable. I believe you are going to display astonishing changes in the Engravement Realm! Daring to merge two strands of immortal energy into the body, and then purposely scattering them, this really is a bold decision!” Someone not too far out praised, a silver-robed woman walking over.

Yuan Teng wore gray robes, someone who had cultivated two strands of immortal energy. Recently, because he was going to focus on the present world method’s path, he actually purposely scattered his immortal energy, using it to nurture his flesh and primordial spirit, not giving himself any way out, advancing forward boldly.

“Jin Yi, what have you come here for?” Yuan Teng asked.

“Heh heh, things have been a bit chaotic recently, don’t you want to take a look? The competition is quite fierce you know?” The woman named Jin Yi said.

Jin Yi’s palm shone, releasing seven-colored brilliance. That was an arrow that flickered with rainbow light, clearly an exceptional  treasure. Hazy immortal light flowed about it.

“An exceptional secret treasure formed from Seven-Colored Immortal Gold like this obviously is worth me taking action over! I never expected a wild girl from the lower realms to have this type of divine object on her!” Jin Yi said with a smile.

If Shi Hao was here, he would definitely be shocked. Back then, when he was in the lower realms’ Fire Province prairie, the academy Feng Wu and Qing Yi were at had previously wanted to find Seven-Colored Immortal Gold to create a magical artifact precisely for Feng Wu. It was precisely this item.

“The lower realm does have some formidable individuals. If you recklessly take action like this, be careful not to incur the retaliation of strong individuals.” Yuan Teng said.

The corners of Jin Yi’s lips curled upwards, carrying an unconcerned expression. She laughed-, saying, “What formidable characters can there be? The so-called Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal are extraordinary indeed, but they don’t really belong to the lower realm, creatures of our Nine Heavens. There is a Huang, who is quite close to Feng Wu, Cao Yusheng and the others, but he already died in Origin Ancient Mine, is a dead person going to take action? Survival of the fittest is the main theme here, so the losers naturally have to offer up their secret treasures and other things. I merely injured her, even left her with her life, already treating her quite well.”

This place actually permitted challenges, allowing competition, but they couldn’t kill each other. Jin Yi didn’t have permission to take any lives.

“Be careful, there are still some formidable figures from the lower realm. If they are truly provoked, there might not be a good ending.” Yuan Teng said.

“Didn’t I come to seek you out? We should go out and take a look together, and then take action when we should.” Jin Yi said with a smile.

At this moment, two people walked over from outside of this place, a delicate and handsome youth and an exceptionally beautiful white clad woman, both of them carrying a type of immortal dao aura. They were precisely Shi Hao and Qing Yi.

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