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Chapter 1178 - Emerging From Seclusion

The term ‘little girl’ made the exceptional beauty Yue Chan’s body become sluggish, the smile on her face immediately becoming rigid. When she saw Shi Hao, her aloof and pure temperament became unsteady!

She really wanted to raise a sky overturning imprint and smack Shi Hao’s face, the urge too great.

Only, she knew that unless she merged with Qing Yi, she definitely wouldn’t be Shi Hao’s match. If she truly took action, she would only be suppressed and invite humiliation onto herself.

“Turns out it is Stone Clan dao brother, it’s a been a long time. Turns out you are perfectly fine, truly providential good luck.” Yue Chan said. Her skin was spotlessly white like jade. Even though she cursed inwardly, she still carried a smile on her face.

If it was in a different place, the two of them would definitely not interact with each other, likely directly fighting!

Yue Chan was thankful that this was Heavenly Deity Institution, not allowing them to clash with each other, or else the consequences would be difficult to predict. This ‘scoundrel’ was now even stronger.

“Fairy Yue Chan, why are you acting like this? Did you miss me?” Shi Hao laughed. They were sworn enemies, he had even been attacked when he was cultivating in seclusion, so there was naturally no good intentions to speak of.

He always wanted to help Qing Yi get rid of Yue Chan, and then allow the two of them to merge into one, completing Qing Yi. Only, after learning more about the situation, it really was hard to say who was completing who, the result likely harming Qing Yi.

After all, Yue Chan was the main body. If they truly merged, the one that would come out on top, who would dominate who, was really hard to say!

The expressions of those nearby all became a bit strange, feeling like this young supreme being was completely different from what they had imagined, actually disrespecting the exceptional beauty in their eyes.

“Huang isn’t as dignified as I thought he was…” Someone muttered, feeling like these words weren’t too offensive.

In reality, what many people wanted to say instead was, was this guy a leecher? It didn’t seem to match the domineering style of oppressing all directions, facing all enemies alone.

“Brother Shi, you really do like to make jokes, ought to change your character here a bit.” Yue Chan said with a faint smile.

“Indeed.” Shi Hao nodded, and then his expression became deadly earnest, becoming extremely serious. “I was about to consult you for advice. It’s been a while, so when there is time, we should exchange some pointers.”

Yue Chan’s expression changed. The academy encouraged challenges, so now that she was targeted by this fella, if she really did exchange pointers with him, that would definitely be a complete disaster, definitely not ending well for her.

“I do not have any free time!” Yue Chan directly rejected.

Qing Yi smiled, her smile extremely brilliant and moving, pearly white teeth biting down on her red lips, her right hand’s fingers twirling her hair as she watched Yue Chan.

It was because their minds were interlinked, and with such close distance between them, they could clearly sense exactly what the other party was thinking. Qing Yi knew exactly how she was feeling, so when she saw her feel so sunken, her smile was naturally bright and beautiful.

If not for Qing Yi using a secret technique to change her appearance, no longer having her original appearance, two faces that were equally exceptionally beautiful appearing, everyone here would definitely be shocked.

“Heh heh…” Princess Yao Yue laughed sweetly, and also extremely charmingly. She walked up and said, “Brother Shi, you truly don’t understand how to have tender feelings for the fairer sex. Acting like this towards an exceptional beauty like her, I can’t help but feel a bit of pity for her. How can you immediately challenge her after meeting?”

“We are old friends, always clashing when we were in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. The reason why I can have such great accomplishments today is all because she fought great battles with me.” Shi Hao said.

“Is this true.” A young man with a pure mind revealed a shocked expression, and then looked towards Yue Chan, saying, “I must ask fairy to magnanimously give advice, to exchange pointers with us too when you have time.”

These words immediately drew laughs of ridicule. A few people shook their heads, sighing inwardly at how naive this person was.

“Is someone bullying the weak as the strong here?” At this time, Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and the others came, greeting Yue Chan.

Yue Chan revealed a faint smile, walking over to Wang Xi, unexpectedly friendly with her, standing together and conversing cheerfully.

“Green hair, that fight in the stone furnace didn’t leave me satisfied enough. Why don’t we arrange a time and place to duke it out?” Shi Hao looked at Lu Tuo.

“Sure, I had the very same intention!” Lu Tuo was extremely powerful, not feeling forced at all.

In the surroundings, this place became quite. There were quite a few people who walked with Lu Tuo, right now feeling extremely nervous.

“Good, then we’ll fight when the opportunity presents itself!” Shi Hao said.

“Wu, the Chaos Calming Method really is quite mysterious. Is Fairy Wang willing to exchange with me? I am willing to exchange heavenly art great methods with you.” Shi Hao then looked towards Wang Xi.

He constantly thought about the Chaos Calming Art. This wasn’t to purposely stir on the other party, but rather because he really was tempted. It was because he already consulted Fourth Elder for guidance, knowing that this technique was extraordinary.

Previously, in the mid stage of Immortal Ancient Great Era, the world experienced a great crisis. There were powerful foreign creatures who slaughtered their way over, producing great turmoil!

At the crucial moment, there was actually an exceptional expert that appeared, displaying unmatched sword secrets, killing those invaders and forcing them out of the Desolate Border.

This was precisely the history of the Chaos Calming Art!

Unfortunately, in the last phase of Immortal Ancient Great Era, this matchless figure who had displayed the Chaos Calming Art passed away from his serious injuries, unable to display his divine might again.

As for his descendents, even though they continued cultivating the Chaos Calming Art, the power shaking the world under the heavens, its decline was still unavoidable, because no one cultivated the Chaos Calming Art to that person’s level.

There were those who said that if the one who created the Chaos Calming Art didn’t die, taking action together with Without End Immortal King and Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King, the results wouldn’t be so miserable.

Of course, there were some who said that the reason why the Chaos Calming Art could protect the Desolate Border in the past was because the ultimate foreign beings hadn’t arrived yet.

Regardless, the Chaos Calming Art was still stunning, worthy of being a technique that surpassed the ancients and dazzled the contemporaries. After all, it’s an unmatched great method that had repealed and seized victory from a battle between realms.

Wang Xi released a cold snort, not paying him any attention. There was no way she was going to leak the Chaos Calming Art out, because this was related to too much!

Those who were cultivating in seclusion were pretty much all present now. After absorbing the ancient pills, all of them made progress in their cultivation, becoming more suited to cultivating the ancient method. These people were all radiating health and vigor, all of them making considerable progress.

However, not many were willing to fight against Shi Hao, all of them remaining cautious, Wang Xi included among these people.

“Should there be a chance, we should exchange pointers a bit.” An individual walked over from the distance, his movements powerful like those of a dragon or tiger, as if an emperor appeared in this world. It was precisely Ten Crown King, his body surrounded by chaotic mist.

He had the True Dragon precious technique, cultivating it to the extreme, the most terrifying technique. In the past, he was Shi Hao’s greatest opponent in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces.

“Why not, I am ready at any time!” Shi Hao replied.

Everyone revealed strange expressions. Under Huang’s current powerful state, there were still people who directly challenged him. He really wasn’t someone an ordinary person could match!

“All of you should seize the moment and comprehend these characters. Once they are grasped, I can bring you all into the Realm Tomb, where you can search for your own immortal seeds!” Fourth Elder appeared.

This could be considered a type of urging, as well as a type of warning. Otherwise, Shi Hao and Ten Crown King were about to carry out their exchange right here.

“What is your name?” Even now, Shi Hao didn’t know Ten Crown King’s real name, only knowing that even though he knew he resided in one of the three thousand province’s Emperor Clans, he seemed to have a different background, previously following a master into the lower realm.

It was just like Exiled Immortal, he was suspected to be someone from the nine heavens above, just that two old freaks brought them down into the three thousand provinces many years ago.

Now, even though it hadn’t been publicly declared, it wasn’t really much of a secret anymore.

Towards these things, Shi Hao already had some understanding.

“Tian Zi” Ten Crown King replied.

Many people gasped. This name… someone actually dared to give this type of name!

Only a few people here, like Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun, Princess Yao Yue and others knew his name, some of them hearing it from their families, their clan’s elders previously had some relationship with those old freaks, others who heard it after personally asking in the academy.

As for most people, they didn’t know at all, because they didn’t dare approach Ten Crown King. That was why after they learned his true name, they were all a bit shocked.

“Quite the bold name.” Shi Hao smiled.

They only briefly interacted with each other, not fighting against each other.

It was because Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fourth Elder was personally watching, not allowing them to fight among themselves right now, wishing them to preserve their energy for when they faced Sacred Academy and Immortal Academy!

“Qing Yi, let’s go cultivate the million characters.” Shi Hao called out to Qing Yi, speaking with a smile.

Another half month passed in a flash. Everyone obtained tremendous benefits, compared to before, the speed at which they comprehended the characters became much faster.

By cultivating together with Qing Yi, Shi Hao’s own cultivation speed increased again. It was because his skin was extremely thick, grabbing one of Qing Yi’s hands, exchanging divine will and emotions, comprehending the ancient characters together, making the efficiency increase greatly.

“Don’t tell me this Green Lunar Flame really has a true immortal inside…” Shi Hao privately asked Qing Yi.

Qing Yi shook her head. She wanted to shake off his hand, trying many times, truly not wishing to be watched by many people. Of course, the one who didn’t want to see this scene the most was still Yue Chan, her pure and dignified self couldn’t help but inwardly grind her teeth!

Three months later, Shi Hao and Qing Yi comprehended the million characters, the first ones allowed to leave these sealed ruins. They succeeded!

“Do not go too far, you two are not permitted to leave Heavenly Deity Institution. Soon afterwards, there will be an elder who will explain a portion of true scriptures related to Immortal Ancient” Fourth Elder said.

Shi Hao wasn’t all that enthusiastic, because he had an immortal dao scripture on him. Now that he finally learned these characters, he could study them on his own!

“Let’s pay Cao Yusheng, Lunar Jade Rabbit, Feng Wu, Chang Gongyan and the others a visit.” Qing Yi said.

From what they heard, their friends from the lower realm weren’t doing that well, because in Heavenly Deity Institution, the antagonism between those from different places was clear.

Cao Yusheng and this group of people chose to study present world methods, so they were in a different area.

“Sounds good, let’s go and take a look!” Shi Hao nodded. He also wanted to see the witch, his younger brother Qin Hao, and others, see how they were doing.

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