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Chapter 1177 - Clear Feeling

“This type of feeling really is great!” Shi Hao opened his eyes, strand after strand of golden light released, as if the dense fog in the darkness opened up, two streaks of the most dazzling lightning appearing in the night sky.

He didn’t move at all, still sitting there, feeling that type of carefreeness. This was a completely new experience. His flesh and divine senses condensed together, exceptionally sharp, intertwining with immortal energy. His entire body seemed to have become much more light and flexible.

He was like a rusted sharp weapon that was carefully polished, the contamination that had accumulated over the years eliminated, the rust completely removed. Dazzling brilliance was released, exquisite and agile.

This was Shi Hao’s direct observation. His entire body being had a clear feeling, his bones well proportioned and sparkling, as if he really had removed a layer of rust, becoming fresh and full of energy.

Sure enough, there was quite a bit of gray-colored impurity on the surface of his body, eliminated from his body when he rose to the heavenly deity level. One could vaguely make out a bit of bone fragments.

Shi Hao stood up, stretching out his body. He then tested his strength out, a streak of electricity emerging here, so fast its shadow couldn’t be seen as it merged with the void.

It wasn’t a misconception, his body felt incredibly agile, truly like a rust-covered ancient sword that had been polished again, revealing its original sharpness and brilliance.

At the same time, this was true for his divine sense as well, as if it had undergone a rebirth, becoming more and more sharp.

Shi Hao tested his strength, discovering that his attack power and speed both became a level stronger!

Was this the Heavenly Deity Realm?

Shi Hao slowly comprehended, adapting to his present state. He felt a wave of joy inside, a happiness one felt through improvement. He had become stronger.

Holy Sacrifice Realm was quite unstable, one’s strength fluctuating from strong to weak. When he was strong, he was comparable to a heavenly deity, when he was weak, he was below even a true deity.

In reality, many people would fail in this realm, ultimately becoming people who were inferior to even those at the Divine Flame Realm.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao cultivated three strands of immortal energy, only suffering the fluctuation of strength in the beginning, later on pretty much stabilizing, not suffering any troubles.

Moreover, this was precisely the reason why his strength gradually consolidated, everything eventually going smoothly, reaching the Heavenly Deity Realm.

“Even though my strength has improved, it isn’t as great as I had imagined.” Shi Hao frowned. In the past, each time he broke through, his strength would increase drastically. The increase in strength this time wasn’t that powerful.

Even though he knew that normally, Holy Sacrifice Realm and Heavenly Deity Realm’s strength wouldn’t be that different, because when he was in that cultivation stage, his strength fluctuated between high and low, already experiencing the power of the heavenly deity level, those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy were different, they definitely had to have some growth.

“It seems like it is because I didn’t face tribulation!” After thinking things over seriously, Shi Hao knew what was going on.

However, this wasn’t the time to cross tribulation, because ever since he entered Heavenly Deity Institution, ascending onto this path of cultivating the ancient methods, he already obtained quite a bit of information.

This cultivation realm was extremely important, he couldn’t show the slightest bit of negligence!

In reality, Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, and the others hadn’t crossed tribulation either. Even though they entered the Heavenly Deity Realm, they were merely consolidating their foundation.

It was because after cultivating the ancient method, the most important thing was merging with the immortal seed. Anyone who took this path needed to find a ‘seed’ of their own, and then from this day forth, they would have to grow and evolve together, ultimately forming the dao and become the most powerful!

In the last great era, cultivating the ancient method always began with trying to merge with the seed, so there were naturally no issues.

However, they were essentially switching to a job they weren’t trained for, not finding their own immortal seeds before, missing the best chance before.

Even though life has its extreme situations, there was still a trace of opportunity that could remedy the situation, let alone the fact that on the road of cultivation, there were naturally ways to fix this.

Of course, this was on the premise that one had to exceed certain circumstances, or else everything was too late.

When one cultivated three strands of immortal energy, forming great dao flowers, before any more immortal energy entered the body and carried out a final transformation, there was a way to remedy the situation and merge with the immortal seed.

The cleansing of the body through lightning, sending electricity hacking down on the body, this was the most fundamental part of merging with the immortal seed.

Everyone was waiting for an opportunity, waiting for the academy’s elders to lead the way and bring them to that ‘Realm Tomb’ so that they can obtain an exceptional immortal seed and take that crucial step.

The current Shi Hao was finally part of this group, just waiting for the opportunity to arrive!

“Wu, strength still increased somewhat. If I am surrounded by enemies again, it’ll probably be much easier now.” Shi Hao said to himself, a powerful wave of confidence surging.

Of course, his greatest reward was that his body now felt incredibly clear and agile. While standing there, he almost felt like he was floating, his flesh and divine senses incredibly sharp, as if he could detect danger beforehand.

His figure was tall and slender with immortal energy swirling about, as if he was an aloof true immortal from the immortal domain, the heir of an immortal king that descended into the mortal world, transcending above, untainted by a speck of dust.

Right now, even if he stood together with Yao Yue, Wang Xi, these types of fairies, everyone would feel like he would be similarly extraordinary, far above the common populace.

A single thought from Shi Hao would make the three strands of immortal energy undergo all types of changes, having perfect command over them. Now, the immortal energy had already become a part of him.

The three great immortal dao flowers bloomed above his head, rising and falling together, dao to one, one to two, two to three, three to all things. This was a type of extreme embodiment that contained true meaning!

Only, the three great dao flowers were different. Shi Hao released a light sigh, feeling a bit of regret.

A creature was seated on the first great dao flower, immortal mists covering its body. It looked extremely indistinct, as if it was from the past, subduing endless years of changes, seated above an entire segment of ancient history!

Meanwhile, as for the other two great dao flowers, there were no figures on them. There were only strands of immortal energy rising from them and the natural laws of the heavens faintly discernible.

“There will be a chance to cultivate them in the end. When that time comes, there will definitely be a completely new experience, and I should be able to become even stronger!” Shi Hao said to himself. He didn’t know what level he would reach when the other two great flowers produced creatures as well.

When peace was restored to this place, all probing eyes withdrew, Heavenly Wyes disappearing.

Shi Hao had his hands behind his back. He arrived before a white jade mountain, starting to observe the million symbols on its surface again, carefully studying and comprehending it. He discovered with shock that his speed was now faster, the efficiency a bit higher than before.

If one wanted to study Immortal Ancient methods, complying with Immortal Ancient path was still best after all. Immortal energy merged, precious pills refining the body, strength advancing vigorously, all of these could affect one’s cultivation in the future. 

When he emerged from seclusion, there were already quite some people who returned to the white jade mountain. A few more people came, standing before the white jade mountain to study it.

At this stage, not many people dared to provoke Shi Hao. Even if they bore hostility, they could only endure it, because the current Huang wasn’t someone normal people could provoke.

In that stone furnace, he participated in the great battle, obtaining three snow-white and sparkling immortal pill fragments alone, even more so taking action to capture Wang Xi even after she used the Chaos Calming Art, leaving everyone shocked.

Right now, everyone who cultivated the ancient methods were in the sealed ruins, so those on this path all knew about this matter. They were incredibly alarmed, the respect they felt for him increased greatly.

“Brother Shi!” Princess Yao Yue called out to him with a giggle, her smile able to topple cities. Her dark black hair scattered down, eyes clear like autumn limpid waters, truly an outstanding beauty.

Now, perhaps only those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy dared to walk with him. Those who weren’t familiar with him didn’t dare rashly approach.

Princess Yao Yue enthusiastically invited him over, saying, “My promise is still in effect you know? If you ever bring that Wang Family girl over, we will definitely treat you with the highest level of courtesy. Of course, even if you don’t bring any gifts, we will still similarly welcome you, definitely wouldn’t do something so arrogant as pushing out a young supreme being from our gates.”

Everyone was stupefied, no one daring to add any comments. Treating Wang Xi as a gift was something perhaps only she would do, actually mocking the Wang Family like this.

“Sounds good!” Shi Hao laughed loudly, not being embarrassed at all.

Fortunately, Wang Xi had just left her seclusion cultivation, not hurrying over, or else she would feel downcast again.

“Shi Hao!” Qing Yi walked over, her quiet and elegant face carrying a gentle smile. She had just emerged from seclusion, immediately hurrying over.

Shi Hao smiled. Even though he had long entered Heavenly Deity Institution, only now could they be considered to have truly united, having a chance to chat.

He welcomed her, about to grab that slender jade hand without any trace of politeness. However, Qing Yi moved her body to the side, moving out of the way.

Yue Chan appeared in a different direction, her figure wonderful, white long dress dragging on the ground, her body swaying as she arrived, beautiful and otherworldly, as if an exiled fairy was walking in this world.

“Hey, little girl, it’s been a while.” Shi Hao also called out to her.

Many people were stunned, the expressions on their faces extremely brilliant. This fella was acquainted with that exceptional beauty? Wasn’t he acting too frivolously?

Everyone felt like it was strange. He was a young supreme being who could look down on all of his peers, so how could he speak like this?

Similarly, there was originally a faint smile on Yue Chan’s beautiful and perfect face, but now, it immediately fell.

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