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Chapter 1171 - Young Supreme Being

Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and Xuan Kun walked over together. Even Ten Crown King, Princess Yao Yue, and the others moved, pressing forward. They all had their suspicions, wishing to verify who exactly Shi Hao was.

How could those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy be nameless? They would definitely leave behind their unique reputation in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. They would find out with just a simple test.

Unless he came from Sacred Academy, Immortal Academy, those old freaks’ descendant, or their disciple, secluded from the rest of the world, only then could they maintain their secrecy, not being known to the public.

“Sure! Who wants to fight against me? Or are you all going to come up together?” Shi Hao looked at everyone, not minding this situation or showing any fear. Using his true self to fight against everyone as matters stood wasn’t a big deal.”

Mo Dao stood at his side, also facing these people, not backing up.

On the stone furnace, the atmosphere immediately became extremely tense. The young supreme beings were going to exchange blows, this was definitely an extremely serious matter!

The others all backed up, holding their breaths, not daring to join in. Even though there was no one guarding the furnace opening now, there was still no one who dared rush in.

They all knew that before these young supreme beings determined victory and defeat, no one could try to do anything. Otherwise, they would definitely suffer the joint attacks of experts who cultivated three strands of immortal energy.

Who could resist this type of power? They would be beaten up immediately!

“Heh, dao brother’s style really is something, still so cheerful when facing the joint attacks of supreme beings, truly admirable. I, Lu Tuo, wish to have a try.” Lu Tuo said.

Everyone was shocked. This was one of Heavenly Deity Institution’s most powerful experts. Was he going to make his move?

Lu Tuo wasn’t that tall and big. Where he stood, chaotic energy covered his entire body, green hair scattered down. His voice sounded like a golden bell, shaking up many people until they couldn’t stand stably, about to fall onto the ground.

Just these words alone were like lightning, making everyone’s blood and qi surge, impossible to contend against.

“Pass this trial first!” Mo Dao stood out, blocking in front of Shi Hao.

Everyone frowned. Regardless, these were all young supreme beings who cultivated three strands of immortal energy. Even though he was a servant, no one dared to look down on his strength.

In reality, as for how strong Mo Dao really was, no one had truly witnessed it. It was because when he faced Shi Hao, he didn’t display three strands of immortal energy.

“Brother, are you not willing to fight against me?” Lu Tuo looked towards Shi Hao, not replying to Mo Dao. He truly wished to fight against Shi Hao, personally experience his strength.

The corners of Shi Hao’s lips tilted up slightly, revealing a smile. He didn’t say anything. Mo Dao already walked forward, arriving at the center of this place. With a qiang sound, a golden war spear appeared in his left hand, in his right a Dragon Snake shaped blade.

Just how many weapons did he have that were great treasures?!

Everyone became silent. They all saw Mo Dao’s resolution. Three strands of immortal energy surged, three great dao flowers emerged above his head, his heavenly deity exceptional fighting strength fully displayed!

Even Shi Hao’s eyes were deep, within his eyes a mysterious brilliance. In his eyes, Mo Dao was difficult to deal with, at the peak of the heavenly deity level with three great dao flowers, possessing unmatched power.

He already knew that Mo Dao still had an older sister who was rumored to be even more frightening than Mo Dao, someone who even undying beings and foreign Emperor Clans felt admiration towards, truly hard to say how strong she was.

Lu Tuo nodded, and then said, “Fine, since it is like this, then I will first have a taste of the other world’s methods, see just what areas of differences there are. This can also be considered a type of preparation against the impending great chaos.”


The void erupted. The instant Lu Tuo nodded, he already moved, a large tree bathed in chaotic energy suspended above his head, the leaves and branches luxuriant. This was produced by immortal energy, and right now, it quickly rushed over murderously.

Before it, space itself was like a broken painting, directly torn open. He immediately clashed with Mo Dao, erupting with astonishing immortal light.

This was a confrontation at the peak, six waves of immortal energy colliding!

“Formidable, Lu Tuo is astonishing after all, immortal energy able to produce three great dao flowers, even condensing into a tree, truly astonishing!” Everyone sighed in admiration.

Even Yao Yue, Xuan Kun, and the others’ expressions changed.

The two fought intensely, like a struggle between True Dragons, a battle between Flame Phoenixes, exceptionally intense. In that instant, primal chaos erupted, filling the entrance of the stone furnace.

Their methods were shocking, making all of the cultivators shudder inwardly. It was as if two primordial supreme gods were fighting during the opening of the world, about to destroy earth, fire, wind, and water.

On the mountain, there wasn’t just one young supreme being. Right now, forget about Wang Xi, Xuan Kun, and the others, even Ten Crown King and Princess Yao Yue looked over, their eyes full of expressions of shock. A wave of intimidating pressure filled this place.

“I wish to exchange pointers with you.” Xuan Kun said.

Shi Hao looked at him, and then looked at the other side. He actually had exchanged blows with these individuals on the Immortal Battlefield before, just that he had a different face on back then.

“Dao brother, how about I give it a try?” Wang Xi said, her clothes fluttering about, white shoes white socks, incredibly pure and aloof. Her pitch black beautiful hair flew about in the wind, eyes carrying an enchanting radiance.

Everyone revealed a strange expression. They all knew what was going on.

After they came back from Immortal Battlefield, the Wang Family’s people were too arrogant, not acting all that friendly towards Shi Hao. All because they forcefully placed their clan’s diamond band on his head, a few people believed that he was already taken as a servant, in the end provoking his powerful backlash.

It could be said that in that confrontation, the Wang Family lost all face, even Wang Xi herself had some rumors about her going about.

Right now, she wanted to take action against this youth, drawing eyes. Everyone couldn’t help but think different thoughts.

“Who exactly are you?” Wang Xi’s red lips were bright, her large intelligent eyes blinked. She looked at the youth in front of her, expressing a bit of dissatisfaction.

“Didn’t you view me as a dao friend? Of course, your family’s people didn’t think that way.” Shi Hao responded.

“I am asking you where you came from. Who exactly are you?” Wang Xi moved her black hair from her sparkling white forehead, her eyes clear as she looked at him.

“Is this important?” Shi Hao asked.

“Of course. You’ve made my clansmen look quite bad.” Wang Xi said.

“Why aren’t you saying that they made me look bad first? Since you made this choice, then I don’t have anything else to say. Come and fight then, everything will be clear then.” Shi Hao calmly replied.

“Is that so? You are quite confident. I want to see just where you arrogance comes from!” Wang Xi said. She felt a different type of emotion inside, not quite the same as her usual quiet and indifferent nature.

“I believe I’ve never offended you. When you were seriously injured in Immortal Battlefield, I even protected you. Are we going to decide life and death here and now?” Shi Hao coldly said.

“You were harboring secret motives, hiding by my side, and later on humiliated my name.” Wang Xi coldly said, pressing forward, her expression a bit complex.

When Shi Hao heard this, he immediately laughed, “Isn’t it nothing more than cultivating together? What is the big deal? You already cleared things up, what is there to still be worried over?”

“You… come over and fight!” Wang Xi was humiliated and angry. She stepped out. Silver lotuses descended from the skies one after another, sweet fragrance wafting out as she rushed murderously at Shi Hao.

She knew that the clan had arranged an engagement for her, and soon after, she would be married to that exceptional heavenly talent in Sacred Academy. She didn’t want there to be any dark rumors at this time.

“Be careful not to be captured by me, or else it’ll be much more troublesome.” Shi Hao said.


Wang Xi raised her hands, flower petals filling the skies, each one sparkling and swirling with chaotic energy, more powerful than precious artifacts as they sliced towards Shi Hao. Every single lotus flower was like a sharp blade, blasting the skies full of holes.

Shi Hao reached out a finger, and then green blades flew out. Those were willow leaves, green and lush, as if they were carved from jade. They pierced through the void, facing those flower petals.

“Fresh flowers need green leaves to accompany them.” Shi Hao roared with laughter, teasing her.

The green leaves and silver flowers smashed into each other, producing a great quaking here. The entire furnace was shaking about, blasting this place until the furnace released waves of auspicious energy and immortal energy.


A black-colored immortal sword appeared in Wang Xi’s hands, sparkling and translucent. It was originally a pitch-black sword, yet soon after, it released bright and multicolored radiance, becoming extremely gorgeous.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. This was definitely a formidable secret treasure. Just the appearance alone made everyone’s bodies and minds tremble.

There was always a rumor that the Wang Family had always been collecting Immortal Gold, wishing to create an unmatched magical artifact. As a long life family, after endless time passed, they already gathered enough with even a bit of surplus. These items were granted to the clan’s most important people.

It was easy to see that Wang Xi was one of those people. This sword of hers contained some Immortal Gold, or else how could it be so magical?

“Darkness Immortal Gold!” The corners of Shi Hao’s lips tilted upwards, immediately seeing that it was unordinary.

Only, he didn’t mind too much. If he had to, he would directly produce the Everlasting Immortal Sword to destroy the other party’s sword, absorb its essence.


Shi Hao took the initiative. When he raised his hand, a large earthen hand appeared in the void. This was  the embodiment of a divine ability, the condensation of a magical projection.

He didn’t feel any misgivings. The great hand covered the heavenly dome, grabbing towards Wang Xi, wishing to trap her wonderful body inside!

1. This can also mean an actor playing a supporting role

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