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Chapter 1169 - Legend of the Green Moon

Yuan Qing, a name that had always made Shi Hao feel extremely uncomfortable, actually came from the two academies.

Shi Hao finally understood why after Yuan Qing did that type of thing, he could still send his own descendant into Heavenly Deity Institution, moreover have him become an official disciple. Turns out it was actually because of this, his origins astonishing.

In the cultivation that followed, everyone couldn’t help but feel shocked. Qing Yi’s cultivation speed was just too fast, wherever the green moon passed, the great dao true meanings contained within those characters would be comprehended by her.

“Naturally suited to cultivate Immortal Ancient methods!” Fourth Elder released a sigh of astonishment. This type of accomplishment really drew attention, difficult to ignore even if they wanted to.

During this period of time, Yue Chan didn’t speak a word, following behind. Her entire body shone, white clothes spotless, becoming more and more pure and holy.

Shi Hao knew that she might have also obtained tremendous benefits, because she and Qing Yi were one body divided into two, able to sense everything about the other party, the same person.

This was especially the case when they were so close, the two not having many secrets to speak of, basically the same person. That was why the characters Qing Yi grasped, she also fully comprehended.

“Isn’t this someone from the lower realm? Actually this powerful!” Many people revealed looks of surprise, looking at Qing Yi with shock.

In the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, the Nine Heavens were high above, while the Three Thousand Dao Provinces were just part of the Ten Earths, which was why they were called the lower realm, indicating that the Nine Heavens were above them.

Of course, this was merely something those of the Nine Heavens liked to say, not the true saying.

After this day, the number of people who took notice of Qing Yi became more and more numerous, even some elders from the academy coming, silently watching, brows furrowed in contemplation.

A few people, through ancient records, as well as asking around in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, finally confirmed that the green flame was the flame seed Fairy Qing Yue from the last great era left behind after she died!

“Formidable, this woman’s accomplishments cannot be measured. Don’t look at her single strand of immortal energy, there is definitely other immortal energy in that green moon, enough as compensation!”

When these news began to spread around, more people began to become moved. First, it was a few females that approached Qing Yi, hoping to develop better relations with her.

Then, a few young men also began to move, all the outstanding talents of a clan. They approached her, displaying excessively graceful bearing, clearly carrying ulterior motives.

“This woman has to be roped into a family, in the future, it might be a tremendous opportunity!” This was something an ancient family’s clan elder personally passed down.

This was definitely not the only example. In the month to come, there were many families that took action.

This was no exception for those from long life families, for example, Wang Xi’s family, Princess Yao Yue’s family, the great power behind Lu Tuo, and others who seriously told their clans’ disciples that they had to rope in Qing Yi.

“Why? Could it be that she has even more potential than those with three strands of immortal energy?” Like repels like, a few young ladies were unconvinced, feeling extremely unsatisfied towards the others trying to rope in a lower realm woman like this.

As for the young men, they didn’t feel this way, because Qing Yi possessed a country-toppling appearance, a peerless beauty, her appearance enough to move hearts to begin with. There were people who lusted after her beauty for a while already.

“All of you, remember, any one of you who can rope her into our side, it is the same as obtaining an Immortal Ancient treasury, the value immeasurable!” A long life family elder secretly told the disciples, expression incomparably serious as he said, “That flame is the flame seed left behind by the Fairy Qing Yue, and it seems to clearly carry great secrets. That female immortal’s various ultimate secrets might even be stored within!”

“What? Must ask clan elder to explain!” When they heard this piece of news, many of them couldn’t help but gasp.

“There has always been a legend regarding Fairy Qing Yue…”

Fairy Qing Yue’s talent shocked all of Immortal Ancient. She had always been researching undying methods, carrying out many different types of tests, good friends with Six Dao Reincarnations  Immortal King and Without End Immortal King, previously receiving much enlightenment from them.

It was rumored that she wanted to cultivate a type of tribulation crossing method so that even if the great era was destroyed, heaven and earth collapsed, herself even no longer in this world, she can still come back one day and come out alive in this world.

This was something few knew about, even more so a type of legend!

In the past, no one treated this like anything important, but now that they saw this Green Lunar Flame that was different from the other flames, learning that she left behind a flame seed, they immediately found it hard to sit still.

Now that the green moon appeared, a few ancient families were naturally stirred.

“If anyone has the skill to recruit Qing Yi into the sect, then we can consider giving him the next clan elder position!” This was the decision a rather extreme family’s clan elder came to, doing this to encourage their disciples.

Even though the other families didn’t directly claim to give out a reward, they still hinted that as long as they could pull close the relationship between themselves and Qing Yi, their statuses in the clan would be greatly increased.

The reason why they did this, not daring to press too closely, was because they were worried. If the true Fairy Qing Yue returned to this world and saw that others set their plans on her, disrespecting her like this, then she would definitely take action and destroy a long life family.

Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise, also hearing some rumors. When he thought of the gratitudes and grudges between Qing Yi and Yue Chan, he became a bit nervous. Don’t tell me he might still provoke Fairy Qing Yue?

It had to be said that those ancient families were shockingly powerful. Soon after, they directly learned of Qing Yi and Yue Chan’s relationship, the two actually one person divided.

This left many of them shocked!

One had to understand that both of them cultivated a strand of immortal energy. If they merged together one day, then that wouldn’t be a single addition, instead becoming even stronger!

Together with the immortal energy in the Green Lunar Flame, her accomplishments would be immeasurable.

Forget about the legend of Fairy Qing Yue, just this exceptionally beautiful young lady alone already had immeasurable future accomplishments. She was definitely going to become an astonishing and terrifying individual.

On the white jade mountain, millions of characters shone throughout the night, glistening and bright. An entire month had passed already, everyone cultivating here, studying seriously.

That day, Fourth Elder used great magical force to move over a stone mountain. It dropped onto the ruins under rumbling sounds.

Everyone turned their heads around, all of them revealing strange expressions. It was because this mountain’s shape was extremely different, quite similar to a furnace, only, it was a bit damaged, some areas broken.


Under Fourth Elder’s activation, streak after streak of divine light entered the stone mountain, making it tremble slightly. There seemed to be a furnace flame that appeared below, burning the mountain.

Then, strand after strand of immortal energy appeared, seeping out from the cracks in the mountain body, moreover accompanied by sweet fragrance.

“Elder, what is this?”

“This is a pill refinement furnace that has been passed down since Immortal Ancient, something we excavated from an immortal cave. Even though it isn’t an unmatched precious artifact, it has indeed refined immortal pills, possessing astonishing medicinal characteristics.” Fourth Elder explained.

“Elder, why did you bring it over?” Someone asked.

Everyone’s minds moved. After all these years had passed, could there still be divine medicine inside of this stone furnace?”

“You all guessed correctly. The stone furnace has many ashes, within it indeed some immortal pills, precisely an extremely important Vessel Cleansing Pill extremely important to cultivating Immortal Ancient methods. When one uses it to sort out the flesh, it will become easier to cultivate Immortal Ancient methods.” Fourth Elder said.

This triggered a wave of discussions. Everyone revealed looks of excitement. After all, the world’s general environment had changed, the difficulty of cultivating Immortal Ancient methods too great. If they had this type of divine pills, then it would naturally lessen the hiderance.

“The pill medicines are limited, everything will be fought for through strength.” Fourth Elder added.

This sentence alone immediately triggered a tense atmosphere. Everyone separated from each other, treating each other with hostility.


Moreover, someone immediately rushed into the air, heading towards that stone mountain, wishing to obtain a pill from the furnace.

Fourth Elder nodded, expressing praise.


A single fist smashed out. Ten Crown King took action, displaying the Dragon Fist, domineering and unmatched. Even from quite far away, the True Dragons formed from the three strands of immortal energy winded about, flying outwards, directly smashing that person until he coughed out large amounts of blood, his body smashing into the stone mountain.

Ten Crown King then soared up, rushing towards the top of the stone furnace.


Shi Hao naturally also leapt out, arriving by the mountain entrance. This pill furnace was extremely massive, made entirely out of stone. At the furnace opening, white mists surged, a fragrance wafting out.

It was precisely here that several great experts competed, fighting a great battle. There was temporarily no one who could go inside, because anyone who dared to try seize them would become the target of everyone’s attacks.

Ten Crown King, Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, Exiled Immortal, Yao Yue, Xuan Kun, and the others were the first to confront each other. They then took action, fighting an intense battle!

Right now, no one could break the balance.

When Shi Hao arrived, the others revealed strange expressions. They looked at each other, as if they had already discussed with each other beforehand.

“Mo Dao, open up the way!”

Shi Hao said. Mo Dao had always followed him at his side. This was a supreme being with three strands of immortal energy who followed him.


Mo Dao took action, slaughtering his way into the pill furnace.

“Stop him!” The other great supreme experts naturally couldn’t just watch as they rushed in. They began to take action against Mo Dao.

Shi Hao had his arms behind his back. He came afterwards, not immediately taking action, because there were several great experts who were watching him carefully, stopping Mo Dao while staring at him.

“Fairy Qing Yi, this way please.” Lu Tuo spoke, because at this time, Qing Yi also came, standing at the opening of the pill furnace. Her white clothes fluttered about, as if she was going to ride the wind.

“Qing YI, we should enter together.” Shi Hao smiled, speaking out to her.

“Have heard that this brother’s magical force is exquisite, cultivation profound, but never had the chance to exchange pointers. Why don’t we compare a bit here?” Someone on the other side spoke.

It was clear that there were people who wished to challenge Shi Hao.

Ever since he came back, his display had always been quite mysterious. Everyone knew that he was formidable, his dao methods exceptional, but there were too many mysteries. They didn’t know the extent of his strength.

It was because everything that was related to his strength were just guesses thus far.

For example, there were those who said that he killed Three-Headed King, and others who said he killed the Void Beast, but they didn’t obtain proof for either one of these events.

There were some who couldn’t hold back any longer, wishing to size him up in Heavenly Deity Institution.

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