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Chapter 1164 - Moment of Decision

The faces of those who were willing to make the bet all went red one after another, their fingers clenched to the point where they were turning purple. This result left them too ashamed to even show their faces, humiliating and difficult to endure.

The most hateful thing was that this young man was still treating them coldly, not having any intentions of leaving them with face, his gaze stabbing through their hearts and lungs like a blade.

How could it have ended up like this?

In reality, the others were even more shocked. A young supreme being rose up just like this, exceeding everyone’s expectations. No one expected there would be this type of result.

“Everyone makes mistakes, it is better to forgive when possible.” Heavenly deity institution’s elder advised Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn’t say anything, staring at Wang Family’s people just like that, making their faces become ugly to the extreme, more and more ashamed and resentful. They didn’t walk away, but they couldn’t just stand here either.

In the end, after they transmitted sound to Wang Xi, they finally braced themselves to leave. None of them were willing to acknowledge their defeat in the gamble, not offering Shi Hao their humble apologies, acknowledge him as their master.

“Haha…” Shi Hao didn’t stop them, only laughing loudly, his voice resounding through this pure land.

He didn’t stop them, nor did he chase after them, not saying anything, just laughing like this. However, it landed on their bodies like blades.

Everyone’s expressions were strange, quietly watching this scene. Then, quite a few people began to laugh along.

Wang Family’s people’s bodies became rigid, simply unable to walk anymore. This type of laughter was a type of disdain towards them, even more so a type of contempt and insult. Under everyone’s eyes, they didn’t pay up their ‘stake’, running away with their tails between their legs, so they were naturally going to become the targets of ridicule.

This was not only a type of humiliation for themselves, even the Wang Family itself will become humiliated, simply terrible to the extreme!

No battle was carried out, yet Wang Family’s people felt even more worn out than after fighting a terrifying great battle. Under the humiliation and the sounds of laughter, their heads were completely lowered as they left into the distance.

Wang Xi sighed, turning around to leave, sending away the clan’s elders. At the same time, she turned around to give Shi Hao a hurried glance, the expression she carried extremely complicated.

When everyone saw this scene, they all felt quite strange. The relationship between the two was originally peaceful, definitely a splendid combination, but now, things were stirred up to this degree.

“Let’s go, we should leave.”

The others also moved one after another, staying here any longer was meaningless. Mo Dao also began to start chasing people away. Under Shi Hao’s prompting, he displayed three strands of immortal energy, intimidating the crowd!

“Who is he? Why do I feel like he is that fella, the same shameless, despicable scoundrel!” On the other side, the little rabbit muttered. In the end, she was pulled away by Qing Yi and Cao Yusheng, not allowing her to stay here.

It was because right now, Shi Hao himself didn’t even expose himself, so it was best for those he was close to to not say too much, respect his decision.

The events that took place in Wang Xi’s cave immediately spread through the entire heavenly deity institution, leaving many people incredibly shocked, not daring to believe that there would be this type of result.

“Hey, did you all hear? The Wang Family really suffered quite the humiliation this time. They wanted to take on a youth with three strands of immortal energy as their servant, but ended up kicking a metal board instead.”

Heavenly deity institution really was too large, a disciple like Wang Xi able to have a vast pure land to herself, a place where mountain peaks rose and fell, divine waterfalls and stellar streams flowed about, so one can well imagine how large the entire academy was.

This was also precisely the case why many people were too far away, not aware of what happened. When they heard the discussions of people around them, it was as if they saw a living ghost.

“What a pity it is for Fairy Wang Xi, she was originally quite close to that youth, having a powerful helping hand, but now, they are going to separate just like that.

“Is Fairy Wang Xi someone you can feel pity for? Her family is far above the others, wouldn’t care about these things. There is enough reason to refuse that youth, because I heard that she is going to be married to an exceptional figure.”

“Is this true or false? It is one thing if the Wang Family didn’t know before, but now they know that youngster’s worth, would they still dare treat him as nothing?”

“Which exceptional figure? In this world, immortal energy isn’t the sole standard for measuring strength, there are others, and there are another group of people as well!”


When news traveled out, it naturally produced a huge controversy!

For Shi Hao, whether or not he exposed his real identity didn’t matter anymore, because he had already discussed things with the great elder, all of his problems already settled. He didn’t fear the elder who was close to Yuan Qing taking action.

Shi Hao and Mo Dao left this cave, definitely unable to stay here any longer.

Soon after, people from the academy came to grant him another piece of pure land. This place was extremely vast with majestic divine mountains that rose one after another. Purple energy rose in this place, clouds and mists rising.

“I heard that Wang Xi’s fiance is an exceptional figure, perhaps he might come looking for trouble.” Mo Dao said.

Shi Hao was stunned. When did this fella get so gossipy? It didn’t seem to match his style.

“Something I heard on the way here.” Mo Dao replied.

“Come on, tell me a bit about the other side, as well as what the world behind Undying Mountain really is like.” Shi Hao said. He didn’t care too much about his own problems, but was quite concerned with how things were on the other side.

Unfortunately, Mo Dao remained tight-lipped, not willing to say anything, because not even the elders of the academy were able to force him to speak.

Shi Hao sensed that it was still not the time, it was too difficult to get him to talk. He could only do things step by step, tell him to enter the historical archives to read those records and understand the ‘truth’.

This wasn’t something that could be done in one step, needing to be influenced secretly.

Shi Hao’s cave was extremely large, the ancient cave surging with purple multicolored light, auspicious and brilliant, the spiritual essence thick to the point where it wouldn’t dissolve, seemingly merging together with chaotic energy, quite the ideal holy land for cultivation.

Him and Mo Dao didn’t come here for a long time, not having time to meet with old friends yet, yet they already heard a massive bell sound.


This was a great dao bell, absolutely deafening, directly sounding in everyone’s hearts, drawn-out and continuous.

Everyone from heavenly deity institution raised their heads, looking into the clouds. There was a great primal chaos bell rumbling about, calling all of the powerful individuals.

In that instant, the calling of heroes sounded!

“Go, we should take a look as well!” Shi Hao took large steps. Mo Dao followed behind him, the two arriving in the depths of heavenly deity institution.

Immortal mists curled about a stone forest, white-colored energy moving about the mountain rock. This place looked extremely mysterious, carrying immortal dao energy.

There were some giant rocks that were like giant tigers, some like standing blades, some like green bulls… the stone forest stretched beyond the limit of what the eye could see, mists spreading outwards, forming a hazy white expanse.

There were a few stone cliffs in front of the stone forest, the aura majestic, these cliffs tall and steep as they towered here.

There were some elders here, their expressions all serious. Now that so many powerful individuals appeared, seated here, there was definitely something major about to happen.

One had to bear in mind that any one of these were supreme beings, the most powerful group of people in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, rarely seen throughout endless years, all of them people who were withdrawn from worldly affairs.

Without a doubt, even the clan elders of long life families had to treat them with respect, not daring to act carelessly.

“The general situation is already set in stone, irreversible, towards these matters, I do not wish to say too much.” An elder said.

Everyone held their breaths, none of them saying too much, quietly listening. They all knew that a great disaster was going to rise, blood fated to flow through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, the time of war not far off.

“There are a few immortal dao scriptures in the academy, it is time to pass them down!” Another elder said.


This place immediately erupted with noise, a hubbub of voices sounding. 

In reality, they hadn’t been in the academy for that long. Even though they knew that there were all types of unmatched ancient books and records in the academy, they all thought that it would be a year or two, or even longer before they would have access to them, not expecting it to be this fast!

Everyone sensed the worry the elders felt, couldn’t wait any longer. This proved the the blood-soaked era wasn’t too far off, not much time left.

“In the last great era, our cultivation system was greatly difficult. If one wishes to study these things, then one naturally needs to grasp their language and characters. Otherwise, those incantations, dao methods, and other things couldn’t be displayed at all.” 

The appearances of the elders on the stone cliff were imposing, every one of them incredibly solemn and dignified.

“Unfortunately, the world has changed, learning ancient methods in the present world exceptionally difficult, even a bit impossible. However, if one researches them, there will still be tremendous benefits. By learning through comparison, verifying things with the methods of the present world, it can assist in your dao achievements.”

The elders spoke seriously, returning peace to this place. Many people listened carefully.

“One’s energy is limited, impossible to learn all methods. Now is the time of choice. Those who are willing to learn the Immortal Ancient methods can remain, those who do not can leave.”

“Ancient methods, present methods, it is difficult to say which is stronger and which is weaker. Do not feel like the ancient methods that could make one immortal are definitely unmatched. In reality, the main reason why there aren’t many immortals in the present world is because the world’s environment changed.”

“I can even tell you all now that even if you choose the present world methods, if you continue down the path, there will still be tremendous gains. It is because there are a group of exceptional heroes at the very forefront who aren’t any weaker than people who cultivated immortal energy.”

“Correct, cultivating immortal energy in the present world is continuing the ancient method, not the present world methods’ true meaning!”

On the stone cliff, the group of experts spoke one after the next, their words extremely shocking. What they were speaking about was the choice of the great dao path, leaving everyone’s minds greatly shaken.

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