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Chapter 1163 - Everything Comes to Light

When the great elder spoke, regardless of whether it was the Wang Family or other top level families, they all had to reconsider, because this person was too strong. Even if their old clan leaders came out, they might still not be a match.

Right now, everyone revealed strange looks when they looked at Shi Hao. Don’t tell me this youth is the old fella’s illegitimate child? He was clearly partial to this youth, carefully protecting him.

Everyone was confused, wondering about what exactly was going on.

Could it be that this youth really did kill the Three-Headed King, and it wasn’t Mo Dao who did it? At the same time, the Void Beast didn’t disappear after its rebirth, but was instead killed by him?

Even though there was this saying before, there were only some people who believed it, most people still carrying doubt, especially those who didn’t enter Immortal Battlefield, feeling that this was unreliable information. However now, everyone’s chests felt a bit tight, their eyes opening with shock.

Even Wang Xi began to look shocked, and only then did she feel humiliated and angry.

Everyone felt that things were a bit strange.

Wang Family’s elder coughed, and then after a bit of hesitation, decisively rejected, saying, “Senior, this type of matter is not a trifling matter. There is no chance between Wang Xi and him!”

The others of Wang Family also nodded, extremely decisive, their attitudes clear. It was because in their hearts, that exceptional figure was far stronger than Shi Hao, even more suitable.

“Young Miss Wang Xi, what do you think?” This time, the great elder didn’t speak, but was rather the other elder from heavenly deity institution here who spoke.

“Our relationship is only dao friends, nothing else.” Wang Xi replied calmly.

“Wu, since it is like this, then this matter has been exposed. Everyone can just drop the matter.” The great elder spoke again, and then there was no more sound.

What was the meaning of this? Everyone felt a bit stupefied.

The great elder was acting as a matchmaker for Shi Hao, and then the Wang Family bluntly refused?

Soon after, everyone understood. The great elder was providing protection for that youth. Just now, he didn’t speak to act as a matchmaker, but rather to press closely, and then help that youth out of the situation.

There were quite a few people who thought that the elder really did have intentions to act as an intermediary between partners, only, the true reasoning was a bit hard to understand and decipher.

“Alright, we will just drop this matter from today forth.” An elder from Wang Family spoke, bringing this matter to a conclusion.

However, the middle-aged man with the most explosive temper was still unwilling, feeling that this was just a youth, yet he dared provoke the Wang Family, unable to accept this disrespect.

“Nothing more than a servant, showing off to much!” He said coldly.

Wang Family’s elder glared at him, not allowing him to say any more, because the great elder was still someone they had to give face to.

“Servant my ass!” Shi Hao directly became hostile, not scared to make things even worse.” As for Wang Xi, what kind of relationship do the two of us have exactly? When had I ever followed her? Merely entering the academy with the status of a dao friend!”

Everyone became shocked. This youth really was unyielding, not willing to be wronged in the slightest, directly sticking up for himself. Many people couldn’t help but look towards Wang Xi.

These two individuals’ relationship was incredibly complicated. Just now, they were almost called husband and wife. Even though Wang Xi rejected the great elder’s proposal, it still spoke of the youth’s importance.

Shi Hao added, “Also, this shoddy diamond band your Wang Family put on me, just some random restriction you put on another, do you think that person has to become your slave? Just how bossy and domineering is this? Should I draw a circle on the ground here around all of you, and then treat everyone from the Wang Family as my servants? Did your brains get trampled on by archaic barbaric bulls?!”

Everyone was completely stupefied. This fella really dared to say anything, not giving the other side the slightest bit of face.

Shi Hao laughed coldly. The reason he took things this far was precisely because Wang Family was too overbearing, believing that it was just because he had Mo Dao under him, and that they viewed him as Wang Family’s servant, that Mo Dao was also the Wang Family’s servant. It was the younger generation who spoke like this first, and then even the older generation threatened him.

It was precisely because of this that Shi Hao launched this type of counterattack, producing these rumors between him and Wang Xi.

Now, he obviously had to fire back fiercely. Either way, he already decided to join heavenly deity institution, reaching a set amount of compromises with the great elder in private. There was no need to smash the other party’s teeth and make them swallow it, but he still had to give the Wang Family’s face a few slaps without any hesitation!

The people didn’t share the same opinion, because the Wang Family was just too powerful, a huge power. Towering here like an archaic demonic peak, oppressive to the point of making everyone feel suffocated!

Just a youth, yet he spoke like this without any fear, leaving everyone shocked.

“Also, hurry and remove this damn diamond band, or else I’ll immediately return a pile of scrap metal to you!” Shi Hao said.

“Haha…” Wang Family’s people laughed out of anger, some of them couldn’t help but roar with laughter. “You are quite something. Why don’t you just try and break it then.”

“There has never been a slave who could break the diamond band. If you can do it, you can be considered an exceptional figure, and we’ll say we underestimated you.” Even Wang Family’s elder spoke coldly like this, also becoming furious.

“Just a pile of scrap metal!” Shi Hao said.

However, he couldn’t help but admit inside that this diamond band was quite heaven-defying. Even someone as powerful as him, comparable to a body cultivator, as well as someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, couldn’t remove it after such a long time.

He could break the diamond band, but he couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t destroy the primordial spirit in his head when it exploded!

“Brat, you boast shamelessly, so why don’t you just try to break it before my eyes?!” Wang Family’s people laughed coldly, temporarily forgetting everything else, now staring at Shi Hao.

“You think things will be like this just because you say so? Every condition having to be advantageous to you all.” Shi Hao said coldly, “If I break it apart right now, will you all treat me as your master?”

On the other side, the group of people glared angrily.

“You don’t dare? Isn’t your Wang Family arrogant and conceited, always forcing others, like to do this type of thing the most?” Shi Hao showed disdain.

“Fine, we’ll gamble with you!” A few people stood out on the spot, shouting loudly.

There were even some who were extremely arrogant, revealing looks of ridicule and saying, “If you can’t remove it, then you should just obediently become a lower person!”

“Who even are you, do you really think you are anyone? I want to see how you will break the diamond band!” There were others who spoke, also becoming completely hostile, temporarily forgetting the fear the great elder gave them.

“I’ll return this pile of scrap metal to you all!” Shi Hao shouted loudly. His hands directly reached out, grabbing towards the diamond band on his head.

At this moment, light shone resplendently, magical force surging. He used all types of precious techniques, condensing it together, protecting his head. Moreover, his hands became sparkling like jade, erupting with a terrifying aura.


The diamond band was also bursting, bone texts interweaving, as if it was being burned, about to destroy his head.


Endless lightning appeared, terrifying divine force frantically rushing into the skies, dazzling radiance drowning out this place, nothing visible any longer.

“This brat really dares do such a thing?”

The crowd’s eyes and lips were jumping, not daring to believe what was happening.

“Overestimating your abilities, who could do such a thing since the ancient times, able to remove the diamond band?” Wang Family’s people showed disdain, mocking here.

Ga beng!

Suddenly, a cracking sound could be heard, as if an immortal vase was shattering. Stellar streams poured down, the aura of this place immediately becoming different.

Moreover, at this moment, much of the radiance became dim, fading.

Everyone was shocked. Only a shining youth remained, standing there like an unmatched war god, bare-handedly tearing off the diamond band, making its radiance disappear.

The void began to collapse!

However, his head was unharmed.

Did he succeed? He bare-handedly removed the diamond band!

Shi Hao remained calm, with a dang sound, he flung out the diamond band, throwing it on the ground in front of the Wang Family.

Everyone became completely petrified from shock.

Shi Hao remained calm, not using up too much divine force. He had the strength to remove this band to begin with, just that he didn’t have the confidence to protect his primordial spirit. However, after discussing in private with the great elder, he received a few pieces of enlightenment, then later on figured out a method.

In reality, in the depths of the academy, in a place of seclusion, after the great elder heard of this, he felt a wave of shock. This youth was unordinary after all! He merely gave a few pieces of guidance, yet the other party comprehended through it.

One had to know that this type of method, even if the original was explained, it was still difficult for others to succeed!

“He removed the diamond band, this has never happened since the ancient times, right?!”

“Too inconceivable! That diamond band not only has endless symbols engraved, there is even some Immortal Gold in its materials, yet it was torn off, this fella is too frightening!”

“Is this youth a true immortal reincarnated?”

Everyone became stunned, all of them stupefied. They then began to discuss noisily again.

Wang Family was similarly shocked. They looked at the diamond band that was torn off, all of them in disbelief. What kind of demonic youth was this, how did he possess such domineering strength?

These people’s faces became green and white. When they thought of the gamble they made with Shi Hao, they even had thoughts of suicide.

Wang Xi was also shocked, this type of power leaving her extremely shocked inside. Not even she could do such a thing! This dao friend of hers really was hard to see through!

In the distance, Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun, and others’ expressions all changed, feeling a great pressure.

Princess Yao Yue’s bright red little mouth widened, feeling extremely shocked. She stood against the Wang Family, understanding the diamond band well. Everything she saw shattered a legend.

“You slaves, still aren’t coming over to pay your respects?” Shi Hao said.

Those people immediately coughed out blood at the same time, some of them fainting, some staggering backwards, supported by others.

“Truly worthy of being people from long life families, even able to display shameful methods like fainting.” Shi Hao mocked.


This place immediately erupted with noise, everyone finding it hard to calm down. Everything happened too suddenly, just too shocking.

“Smashing a legend! There is someone who could break through the diamond band sealed on their body, too powerful!”

“It has always been said that once this type of precious band is added to the body, even if one suddenly broke through a great cultivation realm or two, it would still be hard to remove. Just how did he do such a thing?”

This place was full of commotion and clamoring.

“I finally understand, the Three-Headed King was killed by him, the Void Beast also really his prey!”

“Wang Family is too laughable, vainly trying to turn an unmatched young supreme being into their servant, just thinking too highly of themselves!”

“Yi, now that I think about it, marrying Wang Xi to this youth can be considered a wonderful thing. It seems like Wang Family has jumped too soon!”

Many things became extremely clear. This youth displayed a bit of his strength, causing light to erupt in the eyes of experts from many great powers.

Princess Yao Yue, Lu Tuo, and the others’ families truly wished to immediately recruit this youth, wishing to bring him into their own camp no matter how great the price they had to pay.

Only, the great elder of the academy took action first, preventing them from acting recklessly.

“Sigh, no wonder he dared to take on the foreign young supreme being Mo Dao as a servant, not a fluke at all, truly having this type of unmatched strength!” Now, everyone fully understood.

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