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Chapter 1159 - Disturbance and Chaos

“Heavens, we finally returned!”

“Thank the heavens! We returned to the world of mortals! Being able to return alive from that Immortal Battlefield really wasn’t easy.”

When the warship landed in heavenly deity institution, a few people released a breath of relief, especially a few powerful servants who were patting their own chests. Under that kind of environment, the followers really were just cannon fodder.

“Alright, you all can go and rest.” An elder said.

After returning, the elders on the warship immediately disappeared, because this time, there were some some things brought back from Immortal Battlefield that weren’t ordinary, needing to be immediately delivered and researched.

There were four jade books obtained in total, splendid spoils.

The elders in the academy huddled their way over, all of them extremely excited, all of them examining these immortal dao scriptures.

Together with the collection the academy had to begin with, this place could be said to be more and more abundant, truly moving. The elders in the academy were all researching and comprehending; these were priceless scriptures.

Only, these things seemed impossible to effectively cultivate in the present great era. There was a great problem that left them stumped.

Not everyone went to Immortal Battlefield. When they heard the news, they were all stupefied.

It was clear that the academy couldn’t remain calm. All types of news began to spread one after another, triggering a huge commotion.

“Immortal dao scriptures! Actually brought back more than one! Now, we all have a chance to study them!”

“Who is that fella? Came from the other side of the world and taken in as a servant, you all aren’t joking, right? A foreign creature was actually captured alive!”

News began to spread like crazy, triggering fervent discussions.

“What kind of creature is that Three-Headed King? You all actually killed one, is there no corpse brought back for us to see?”

“Wu, miraculous journey, there was someone who obtained Dragon Grass from a True Dragon’s nest, the strength of their flesh increasing greatly after eating it, becoming a body cultivator?!”

The academy couldn’t remain calm. Forget about the people who didn’t go to Immortal Battlefield, even the cultivators who returned were stupefied. After hearing about all types of secrets, they became full of envy and jealousy.

“Yi, that fella who was suspected to have killed the Three-Headed King was brought away by the elder, going to be interrogated! Just what kind of crazy thing did he do?”

Shi Hao was brought away, entering an elder’s place of seclusion, only coming out again after a long time. The others didn’t know what they discussed.

From when he came here to when he was brought out again, all types of rumors had already spread everywhere.

When Shi Hao returned, he didn’t say much, instead remaining extremely calm, sitting in his own place of residence, comprehending the dao and cultivating on a grand peak.

This was a divine mountain in Wang Xi’s pure land, boundless and majestic, curling with mists, releasing multicolored light, reaching into the clouds.

The more calm Shi Hao appeared, the more curious others became, all of them wishing to know what was going on.

As a result, that very day, outside Wang Xi’s cave, there were cultivators roaming about between the great cliffs, coming to pay a visit, wishing to understand what was going on.

Everyone was extremely curious about just who he really was. He took Mo Dao who had three strands of immortal energy as a servant, and was suspected to have killed the Void Beast, even more so a body cultivator who attained the very extreme...

Then, the disturbance became more and more intense. There were people saying that the elders had released information that the Three-Headed King was killed by him! There were others who said that even though he didn’t cultivate three strands of immortal energy, just as a body cultivator alone, his natural talents were extraordinary, comparable to Princess Yao Yue and the others.

There were others who said that the reason he became Wang Xi’s dao friend was because he was chasing after her, which was why he always stayed around her cave.

Too many things happened in Immortal Battlefield, and quite a bit of the news was related to him.

At the same time, some other pieces of shocking information also spread.

“Feng Clan’s young supreme being fell in Immortal Battlefield?!”

“Is this true? That is but Feng Xingtian who cultivated three strands of immortal energy! Did such a glorious youth really fall just like that?!”

When Shi Hao heard this, he merely released a cold laugh.

In reality, if the disturbance continued, things would become extremely troublesome. There were a few other things as well, for example, the fact that the descendant of that Yuan Qing he hated so bitterly was also killed.

Many people recognized that Shi Hao was extraordinary. Many of them were trying to find out more about him.

Of course, during this process, there were others who said that there was no way Shi Hao was the one who killed the Three-Headed King, that it was all done by Mo Dao.

Meanwhile, the reason why Shi Hao could subdue Mo Dao, was also clarified. It was because the two had an agreement before they fought each other, that they would both use two strands of immortal energy. However, Shi Hao was a body cultivator, thus winning.

Heavenly deity institution was full of activity, clamoring with noise, difficult for everyone in the academy to calm down.

The most shocking thing was that Wang Xi’s competitor Princess Yao Yue had previously sent people over to invite him, clearly trying to rope him in. However, they were refused by Shi Hao.

Soon afterwards, the other great geniuses also came to offer signs of peace.

It was rumored that it was all the families behind them that were taking action, wishing to win Shi Hao over to their side.

All of this was because of an important reason. While everyone was wondering whether Shi Hao was strong himself, some parties already targeted his servant -- Mo Dao.

It was because in their eyes, the value of this servant was priceless, far more ‘precious’ than the master!

After Immortal Ancient Great Era passed, this was the first interaction the people of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths had with the creatures of the other side, and now, an individual was brought back alive.

This was the case at least on the surface!

The effects of this were profound and far reaching. Many powers wanted to obtain Mo Dao and find out the mysteries of the other side from his mouth. This was a living precious book!

The information that were obtained from his mouth could be turned into great value, power, and other things.

It was clear that heavenly deity institution took action first, because Mo Dao was precisely in the academy. How could those old freaks let this chance go?

One had to bear in mind that an elder had sought out Shi Hao while smiling, and then directly brought Mo Dao away.

Shi Hao had previously protested, but reached a compromise in the end, telling them that heavenly deity institution was in charge of properly protecting Mo Dao, that they couldn’t allow other powers to fight over him.

That elder nodded and agreed in quite the sincere manner.

What was regretful was that Mo Dao remained silent, not saying anything, not replying to any questions related to the foreign side.

The great figures in the academy naturally wouldn’t let things go just like this. They directly used force to search his primordial spirit, wishing to use violent methods to obtain everything they wanted.

However, when they did this, a great disaster almost happened. Mo Dao almost died as a result!

It was because there had long been an imprint planted in his primordial spirit. If it was forcefully searched, it would explode on its own, killing Mo Dao and all of the creatures around him.

“What? The traces left behind by an undying being?!” The elders in the academy were shocked.

Mo Dao’s head shone. It was incredibly frightening, simply about to wipe out everything in this world.

At the crucial moment, they activated the Ten Realms Diagram and Nine Phoenix Cauldron, quickly suppressing everything. Otherwise, there would definitely be people who would die.

Despite this being the case, Mo Dao’s body and dao almost died, only preserved after several elders took action to protect him, even more so delivering him into the Phoenix Blood Pool to help him treat his injuries.

That day, Shi Hao shouted and screamed, stirring up a huge racket, seizing Mo Dao back, clearly telling everyone that if anyone tried to scheme against Mo Dao again, he wouldn’t treat them politely.

He did this to show his sincerity, but also to explain his bottom line. He couldn’t oppose the elders in the academy, but he wouldn’t allow Mo Dao to be humiliated either, so this was the least he could do.

The elders in the academy naturally wouldn’t take action anymore, because not even forceful methods would allow them to learn anything about the world on the other side.

The elders in the academy secretly told Shi Hao again, asking him to take action. Influencing secretly was fine, truly suppressing him was fine too, but he had to obtain valuable information from Mo Dao.

The great figures of heavenly deity institution couldn’t take action, but the powers of the outside world still longed for Mo Dao, their eyes full of desire.

During this period of time, more and more individuals came to discuss things with Shi Hao.

It had to be said that dealing with all of this was quite tiring, but he did obtain quite a few benefits. Quite a few people brought over gifts, so Shi Hao and Mo Dao were about to selectively choose between them.

“Hey, did you all hear? That body refiner might leave the academy. There is a long life family who invited him, willing to give him tremendous benefits.”

“This person really is mysterious, subduring a servant, triggering such a great disturbance. Moreover, was it really him who killed the Three-Headed King and Void Beast?”

Only a few days had passed, yet all types of rumors had appeared.

In reality, in the recent period of time, there really were long life families who sent people out to get in contact with Shi Hao, not only because they saw him as a genius, but even more so wishing to obtain Mo Dao.

“Heh, everyone should just forget about trying to scheme. This person is my clan’s pearl Wang Xi’s follower, so his servant naturally belongs to my clan!”

Wang Family’s people came, extremely direct as they dealt with the long life families who had other motives.

Of course, they didn’t dare say these things in front of Shi Hao’s face.

In reality, the Wang Family’s people were all extremely polite in front of him, doing everything they could to try to rope him in.

However, Shi Hao’s Heavenly Eyes were extremely sharp, able to capture the strange looks in some of their eyes. That was clearly a type of aloofness and arrogance, believing that with the diamond band on his head, he was already within their grasp.

These people hid it well, normal people wouldn’t feel that type of discrimination, but Shi Hao’s Heavenly Eyes flickered, divine senses sharp, seeing everything quite clearly. They couldn’t hide it from him.

Apart from this, what made Shi Hao uncomfortable was that he saw people he had met before, the ones from the Wang Family who had previously forced him into Origin Ancient Mine.

It was clear that they could recognize him through that diamond band, knowing who he was!

“It’s him! He actually came out alive after entering Origin Ancient Mine, then running here!” Those people gasped, completely stupefied.

There were two individuals whose eyes immediately became bright red. Those who came back alive from Origin Ancient Mine, generally speaking, all obtained great treasures. Moreover, during those days, there were scripture sounds that rang out from the ancient mine from time to time, as if someone was comprehending the dao.

They had reason to suspect that Shi Hao obtained a true scripture from Origin Ancient Mine.

That was why when they looked at Shi Hao, their eyes now carried great desire. Not only did they want the things that were brought out from Origin Ancient Mine, they also thought about the secrets they could obtain from Mo Dao.

In that instant, Shi Hao was fully targeted. The Wang Family viewed him as their exclusive property.

When outsiders came looking for him, the Wang Family did everything they could to stop them.

“Overestimating your capabilities, even you all want him to join your family? Do you not see the diamond band on his head? No matter how powerful he is, even if he subdued a foreign creature with three strands of immortal energy, he can still only be our family’s servant, unable to resist!”

“Heh, he is quite extraordinary, but he is still only my clan young miss Wang Xi’s follower. With the diamond band on him, he will forever be a follower!”

There were other youngsters from the Wang Family in the academy who were far from as calm as the elders. They spoke like this when arguing against their peers from other families.

How could these words be hidden? They immediately reached Shi Hao’s ears.

Meanwhile, he had long seen the arrogance and disdain in the other party’s eyes, thus making him extremely angry.

“You all really think of me as the Wang Family’s servant? Isn’t it just a dumb diamond band? I’ll just break it later!” Shi Hao said coldly.

It was because this time, he personally heard the Wang Family’s response, the other party mentioning this matter in a brash and impudent manner again.

“Haha, dao brother, you are already someone from Wang Family, you can just forget about thinking about other stuff.” That person wasn’t embarrassed at all as he spoke.

Shi Hao surged with anger, saying, “For the sake of washing away this humiliation, it seems like I really have to take some action!”

Soon after, news traveled out. This person who had been at the center of attention locked himself up in the same cave as the Wang Family’s young miss Wang Xi.

“Heavens, there are rumors that that person is furious. To expunge the humiliation, he captured Wang Xi, going to carry out ritual kneeling together with her!”

“Ah, didn’t Wang Family’s people say that the diamond band was personally placed on him by Wang Xi? How could this type of thing happen?”

“It is precisely because of this that this fella is going this far to wash away the humiliation!”

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