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Chapter 1158 - Conflict Begins

“You…” Even though that person’s body was smashed into two pieces, he was still alive. Right now, his face was white, carrying both shock and fear, torso trembling in fear.

He really wanted to shout out loudly, wishing to curse out, yet didn’t dare, scared that this devil king like person would truly kill him. However, he still felt unwillingness inside.

He knew that this person was extremely strong, there were rumors that he might even really be strong enough to kill Three-Headed King. Even though the chances of it weren’t high, more likely that Mo Dao was the one who did it, it was still enough to prove that this person was unordinary.

However, there was one thing that he was sure of, and that was that this person carried the diamond band on his head, so he was destined to be used by the Wang Family in this life, simply impossible for him to resist. It was because if he tried to act out, his primordial spirit would be directly killed!

The diamond band wasn’t something anyone could wear, only heroic talents and powerful heroes deserved the usage of such a thing by the Wang Family. Once it was worn, unless it was someone from the Wang Family, there was no way to remove it.

That was why this person felt secure in the knowledge of his backing, venting in anger there.

“You are someone from the Wang Family?” Shi Hao asked, walking over step by step, his eyes ice-cold. This person actually dared to look down on him, viewing him as a servant, he had to be punished.

“You… better not act randomly!” The individual laying on the ground was trying to show strength while feeling weak inside, now really scared. This fella really did take action decisively, that killing intent made his entire body shudder.

“What act randomly? What qualifications do you have to threaten me?!” Shi Hao walked up, a foot trampling down on his chest. With a slight exertion of force, creaking sounds could be heard from his chest bone, as if it might break apart at any time.

Blood continuously flowed out from his mouth, his face now pale to the extreme. He shouted loudly, “We can talk about things if you want to talk!”

“Speak!” Shi Hao said, only having this word. Everyone knew that he was forcing the other party, asking if he was from the Wang Family, not scared of ruining all relations at all.

Everyone sighed. This fella wasn’t a student from heavenly deity institution, only a follower, so how could he be this powerful? It really was a bit strange.

Now, everyone here already saw that the Wang Family person had acted too ostentatiously, likely kicking an iron board!

“I don’t think he is someone from Wang Family, just having a bit of relationship with them…” Finally, someone spoke, quietly advising, truly scared that Shi Hao would go crazy.

“Turns out to just be some trash fish!” Shi Hao said coldly. With a peng sound, his feet kicked out. The upper half of this person’s body exploded in the air.

“Ah…” A miserable scream sounded. He didn’t die, only a head left, screaming as it flew out.

When one’s strength reached the heavenly deity realm, one could reconstruct the flesh. Even though he was seriously injured, the damage to his vitality exceptionally serious, he could still live.

Everyone knew that normall,y no one would kill out in the open like this, because there were elders from the academy who were secretly observing this place.

“Hehe…” Princess Yao Yue appeared, clapping her hands, having an amused expression on her face as she said, “Quite bold, this is how you should do things. The Wang Family’s people are going too far, why doesn’t dao brother just come over to this side? We’ll find a way to get rid of the diamond band.”

Her family didn’t get along with the Wang Family, always competing against each other.

Right at this moment, multicolored light flashed on the altar. Wang Xi appeared, returning. When she saw the scene on this side, she couldn’t help but frown.

It was because she knew that the one who only had a head left was a genius from a family who had close relations with the Wang family, yet he was almost killed.

She was an intelligent person, not immediately opening her mouth to say anything, only walking over and observing the situation. Many people were also looking at her expression.

More and more people appeared. The aggressors screamed miserably, almost all of their items looted by Mo Dao.

“Dao brother, what is it? What happened, why is there a need to act this harshly?” Finally, Wang Xi spoke, asking Shi Hao.

After all, that person had a great relationship with the Wang Family.

“Dao brother, why is there a need to do this? With your natural talents, that side isn’t that fitting. I, Yao Yue, formally invite you to come over.” Princess Yao Yue spoke, carrying a smiling expression, wishing to see the world in chaos.

“Nothing much,” Shi Hao carried a carefree expression, making many people shocked. He actually calmed down, not saying too much.

This time, their group of people all had tremendous returns, every one of them could be said to have returned from a rewarding journey after experiencing miraculous journeys.

However, while Mo Dao searched through the spoils of war, Shi Hao shook his head and sighed, because there were some who underwent bodily changes, some whose skills increased, their opportunities astonishing.

Unfortunately, these were all one time use natural luck, for example, people who ate immortal medicine residue, there was no way they would spit it out again. Those who had soaked in the bit of blood left by immortal beasts, even through their flesh became stronger, there was no way the true blood could be extracted again.

Mo Dao felt jealous, feeling like he was going to go crazy. Even though those things were just residue and thin bits of ancient blood, their origins were still astonishing, yet neither him nor Shi Hao could obtain any of it.

Shi Hao listened from the side, watching as he took action, carry out the so-called ‘interaction’. The corners of his mouth twitched, feeling incomparable regret.

“What? You encountered an imperishable immortal pill?!” When he obtained this piece of news, Mo Dao grabbed that person by the collar, raising his entire body up.

The people here immediately erupted into an uproar, all of them surging with hot blood, truly wishing to slaughter their way over. The imperishable immortal pill was a great immortal dao medicine! Once one ate it, they really would obtain undying dao.

Whose eyes weren’t turning red, who wasn’t jealous?

The breathing of some people became hurried. They stared at that person, all of them about to throw themselves over. If that person ate the imperishable immortal pill, they didn’t mind refining him into medicine again.

“I merely saw it, got a glance. It had life, moving through the air, carrying a sweet fragrance. It was just like the one in the ancient texts, able to fly in the sky and move through the earth.” That person explained with a bitter laugh.

He discovered a pill furnaced, discovering some ashes inside, and then ate it like medicine. The effects were extremely astonishing, making his flesh release a sweet scent, completing a transformation.

What was the most unfortunate was that there was an imperishable immortal pill inside the ashes, but when he took action, that pill furnace flourished with multicolored light, the pill medicine thus escaping through the sky.

“I regret it so, so much! Really should have covered the top with the lid, if I did that, I would have obtained it!” Just the thought alone made him want to stamp his feet in anger.

He wanted to bring the pill furnace back, but couldn’t do so.

“Sigh!” Forget about Mo Dao and Shi Hao, even the others could only sigh and shake their heads, feeling helpless.

Mo Dao continued to ‘interact’ here, regardless, they were all beaten down to the ground. He questioned them one after another, making his face becoming more and more red, the result of both excitement and feeling regret.

Of course, there were returns as well.

“Jade scripture!”

When a purple scripture appeared, Shi Hao was moved, immediately rushing over.

The jade book shone, purple mists pervading the air, clouds rising. It was extremely pure and holy, scripture sounds vaguely sounding from within it.

How could Shi Hao not be shocked? It was because when he was fighting a great battle against the geniuses of the three thousand provinces, entering the Immortal Ancient remains through the passage opened by the immortal dao flower petals, the final great luck were jade books.

Of course, there were quite a few jade scriptures there, at least several dozen in number, every single one of them buried in an ancient coffin.

But in the end, not many of them were successfully brought out, few people able to succeed!

Not even Shi Hao obtained the recognition of the ancient books before, had to forcefully seize one, and only then did he obtain one.

At this moment, he actually encountered a similar jade scripture.

Meanwhile, this wasn’t all. After Mo Dao obtained it and finished searching through them, he discovered another jade scripture, immediately obtaining two of them.

This made Shi Hao suck in a cold breath of air. There were only some people here, if all of the returners were searched, there might be a few more.

“Immortal Dao scripture? Two of them appearing at once, haha… truly good news!”

A loud laughter sounded. Several elders appeared together, unable to sit still anymore, appearing from the darkness.

Right now, Shi Hao and Mo Dao both held one copy, their faces falling as they looked at these individuals. How could they be willing to hand over the things they had just obtained?

The scripture in Shi Hao’s hands was purple and sparkling. It didn’t continuously try to fly into the sky and disappear like the time in the three thousand provinces. Right now, the jade glow was calm and gentle, not flying away.

“You all don’t recognize the words on it, unable to open them yet. Let us store it for you first, when we return to the academy, we will grant you great rewards.” An elder spoke in an amiable manner.

Shi Hao’s expression changed, grabbing the jade book tightly. No amount of great rewards are worth these jade books!

“Relax, there is no need to feel so worried. As elders, how can we fight with you all over things? We just wish to research it a bit first, translate the words. These two will be given to you two to read in the future.” An elder explained with a smile.

This place immediately erupted with commotion, everyone’s eyes burning with greed.

Immortal dao scriptures, who didn’t want something like this?

“Has everyone returned?” An elder asked.

Right now, everyone was already a bit impatient, wishing to go back to the academy to carefully study the immortal dao books.

Shi Hao and Mo Dao felt helpless, only able to hand the jade books over.

Right now, Shi Hao’s mind moved. He still had a jade book he acquired from the three thousand provinces. This time, he had to completely learn the language from the heavenly deity institution!

When he thought of this, his heart beat crazily. By grasping immortal dao scriptures, he might be able to open up a great natural luck.

“Elders fighting with students over opportunities!” Not far out, a little rabbit spoke. She dared to say anything, not fearing anything.

“Don’t speak randomly, merely temporarily borrowing it for research.” Someone said.

After a long time had passed, the altar became calm again, all of the light receding, indicating that there were no creatures that would return. Those who didn’t die were all present.


An elder displayed a secret method. A great golden path that stretched out for who knew how many tens of thousands of li, crossing the stellar river, arrived at the edge of this continent. 

Everyone was wrapped up within, rushing through the great golden path, flying into the distance.

Then, they arrived before an ancient warship. Those who were alive all got onto the ship, starting to head back.

Stars flickered about. Stellar streams elapsed one after another. The enormous warship moved through the cosmos, carrying the group of people into the distance.

Before they left, a dark figure appeared on the enormous continent floating in the cosmos, extremely indistinct, saying to itself, “The immortal dao jade books of various powers have all appeared one after another. A great era will begin, will it come to a dismal end, or will there still be a day of great brilliance…”

Time flowed on.

The starry sky was left far behind. The warship appeared in the ancient land, returning to Immeasurable Heaven.

Then, it began to move through the air again, rushing along, finally returning to heavenly deity institution!

Thus, this journey concluded. The people of heavenly deity institution returned.

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