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Chapter 1152 - Past and Future

Shi Hao lowered his head, giving the stone table and wine jar a look. It was simple and ordinary looking, but the jar opening released chaotic energy, as well as wisps of immortal mist.

There would be something tremendous that would happen if he lifted it up?

Shi Hao raised his head, looking towards that woman , wishing to capture some clues from her eyes. However, she was extremely quiet and calm, not revealing any emotions, no difference to be found at all.

“You should have obtained quite a few things just now. How do you feel?” The woman spoke. She wasn’t a stunning beauty, but there was a peaceful type of beauty that transcended this world to her.

“Great worlds, gods and devils in the heavens, endless profound mysteries, everything vast like the sea.” Shi Hao said. The moment he closed his eyes, he could still recall the taste of the immortal wine.

In that instant, it was as if he experienced the little cauldron, dao pagoda, war spear, and others leap into his mouth again, turning into symbols and displaying the profound mysteries of ancient scriptures.

He indeed experienced many things, this experience priceless. In that instant, he felt the illusion of sprouting wings and ascending, to the extent where he almost felt like he was transcending.

Only, when he thought about it again, his expression slowly changed, gradually becoming serious, and then turning pale white.

“Why is everything fading?!” Shi Hao’s body trembled, trying his best to recall those experiences, but many things became blurry, unable to remember them.

“I already said that the things you obtained won’t benefit you. Even if you accepted all of the inheritances, it would only be recreating ‘us’. Only if you all walk on different paths, break through everything that already exists one day, would the ‘Immortal Ancient methods’ you drank have any meaning. Only then would you be able to compare and verify the two.” The woman replied.

“How could a single cup be enough to verify? A jar is nothing more than a dozen or so cups, and it’s all man-made anyway, too far from the true glorious Immortal Ancient Great Era.” Shi Hao said, reaching out towards the wine jar.

“You are too self-confident!” The woman revealed a rare serious expression, her pure white arms raised up, stopping his hand.

“Am I not allowed to?” Shi Hao asked, his gaze clear.

“You can, but I have to explain everything first so you won’t feel regret.” The woman warned. If Shi Hao didn’t meet the qualifications and tried to touch the wine jar, he would definitely turn into ashes.

“I am willing to give it a try!” Shi Hao was quite confident. If he couldn’t even satisfy these conditions, then how was he supposed to survive in the coming heaven and earth chaos?

“Hear me out. If you meet the qualifications, it will only be even more frightening, difficult to emerge from this alive. It will trigger a heaven shocking tremendous change!” The woman was incredibly serious, completely different from her previous calmness.

Shi Hao was stupefied. Regardless of whether he met the qualifications, it was still an almost guaranteed death situation? Then what was the point of him even bothering?

“In the latter situation, there is a path of life, but it is only a possibility that we inferred, not something we are sure of existing or not. If it does, then it would just be too wonderful!” This woman said.

“En?” Shi Hao looked into her intelligent eyes that were clear like water. His appearance was reflected in them.

“If I manage to live, are there great benefits?” Shi Hao asked.

“For you, only by making it through this trial will there be a chance of escaping this great era’s disaster.” The young lady replied calmly, recovering her quiet and reserved nature.

“Great era disaster?” Shi Hao frowned, his heart greatly shaken. Was this era still going to wither away in the end?

“Have you thought things through?” The woman asked.

He remained silent for a long time, not making a sound or replying. Shi Hao was completely quiet, but in the end, he still nodded, saying, “I’ve made up my mind!”

The girl withdrew her pure white jade-like slender hand. She sat across from him, quietly watching him, no longer saying anything.


Between heaven and earth, it was as if a time immortal seed was struck, releasing a long and drawn-out ringing noise that seemed to resound through all of time, ringing through the heavens and ten thousand realms.

This was the feeling Shi Hao felt from touching the wine cup. That voice was so loud even the deaf could hear, ringing within the soul, sounding in the primordial spirit.

His body trembled greatly, feeling as if his hand was cracking apart, about to scatter into ashes. At this moment, his mind felt a blankness; could it be that he couldn’t even pass this trial?

That woman’s expression also changed, feeling extremely nervous. Was another one going to fall here?


The wine jar shook, and then the chaotic energy and immortal mist surged. Shi Hao’s hand finally stabilized, no longer continuing to crack apart. He released a soft grunt, using the Willow Deity’s technique to restore his injured body.

Then, he fiercely grabbed the wine jar. It began to shake violently, releasing honglonglong sounds, making these metal ruins shake in response, the stars in the heavens seemingly all trembling and shaking in disorder.

Shi Hao grabbed the wine jar. The void was blasted through on the spot, as if he had provoked some type of taboo!

This was too different from when the woman touched the wine jar, the disturbance too great.

Thunder crashed down endlessly, all of it carrying chaotic light!

However, now wasn’t the time for him to think too much. After raising the wine jar, he immediately began to gulp down the alcohol, wishing to drink it all.

The ruptured void gradually became calm again, the thunder gradually disappearing. It was quite strange.

The woman was stupefied. How could it be like this? It was completely different from what she had originally thought. Where was the great changes? Nothing happened at all.

It was too calm! This didn’t really make sense!

“Nothing happened?” Shi Hao gave that woman a look while drinking the wine.

Then, he couldn’t be bothered with so much anymore, because the various weapons and creature figures, all types of scriptures continuously appeared. It was like a world, a great era, the scenes unfolding on a grand scale.

Heh heh...

A laughter abruptly sounded, a bit cold, a bit soul trembling. It was too sudden. It had just become quiet and peaceful again, why was there this type of laughter sound that sounded again, moreover impossible to tell where it came from.

Not even the woman who was seated next to the stone table could find any traces, not detecting anyone.

“It’s coming!” Even someone with as mysterious of a background as her couldn’t help but tremble. The space between her brows split apart, a beautiful vertical eye appearing, carefully examining the void, and then gazing towards the cosmos’ sea of stars.

In that instant, a streak of divine light rushed out from the space between her brows, able to peer through the nine heavens, probe the nine layers of hell. It was dazzling and brilliant, piercing through the starry sky!

Despite this being the case, she still couldn’t find anything!

“Heh heh…” The laughter was still there, still carrying a wave of coldness. It spoke, saying, “Finally found you.”

These words made Shi Hao shiver inwardly. Who was this? Why was it looking for him? Where was it? Why couldn’t he sense it? He always had confidence in his own spiritual senses, yet now, he was completely helpless, unable to detect anything.

“Your true body is in the endless past, still not truly appearing, yet can already release a divine awareness?” The woman spoke slowly. She stared forward, as if she could peer through the raging river of history.

Shi Hao immediately raised his head, feeling a bad premonition.

The void was rupturing, the light of time scattering. Light rained down, endless primal chaos breaking apart. An indistinct figure stood at the limits of heaven and earth.

In front of him, the sun, moon, and stars moved about, bringing with it sky-covering primal chaos. It stepped over the river of time, arriving from the distance, terrifying beyond belief!

The woman was in despair. Even someone as powerful as her sat there without moving, not showing any sign of retaliating. Her face was full of bitterness and unwillingness.

The woman released a light sigh, saying, “Is there a need for you all to go so far? A small fella like this can even make you all take action, even with so many years in between, you all still don’t hesitate to suffer tremendous karma, bearing the risk of even falling yourself just to eliminate a sapling?”

That figure was still indistinct, extremely indistinct, but one could see that he was big and tall, as if an unmatched imperial monarch was moving about!

Every movement he made was majestic. He walked on the river of time, his hands moving the stars in the heavens, moving through ten thousand regions!

Even though this person still hadn’t arrived, that type of aura was too terrifying. The mountains and seas dried up, the sun falling with his movements. The aura he released could destroy everything.

Shi Hao was shaken up, feeling as if he fell into the underworld, his body and mind about to collapse.

What kind of person was this, actually coming from the endless past to kill him!

“For you all, time is like a great river that surges forward, something you don’t dare go against out of fear of being affected by karma and die because of it, but for me, it is merely a ring, and not a long river. There is still a great price that has to be paid, but it is not impossible to go against.”

This person’s voice sounded, not showing anger, but rather quite indifferent. However, there was a type of tremendous dignity that shook the past, present, and future!

“Are you all scared, not all that powerful as we imagined, actually not stinting to do something like this, all to kill a sapling.” The woman said.

“Not fear, but rather doing something along the way. Since I am in the endless past and felt some type of response, why shouldn’t I just get rid of it along the way?” That male replied.

When Shi Hao received the true confirmation, he really was stupefied. This person was in the endless past, yet already sensed something, detecting his existence?

What kind of heaven-defying skill was this?

This type of person was powerful to a ridiculous degree, simply too ridiculous!

“You make it sound good, but isn’t this the conclusion all of you came to together? How could it just be you alone?!” The woman said with a cold laugh.

“Just something done in passing, already killed more than one. There were fireworks that erupted in history. Even though they were beautiful, it is still temporary.” That male replied.

Shi Hao’s body went ice-cold. This was a cruel and terrifying conclusion. He didn’t even have the chance to resist, just a thought from the other party able to kill him.

The most important thing was that they existed in the endless past, not in this era!

This made him feel a sense of despair, just too helpless.

“Your actions are disturbing too much, forcefully turning things around, do you not fear the greatest killing disaster?” The woman said coldly.

“Is there? It’s not like this is the first time.” The male said.

“You came from the past to forcefully kill him, what if someone came from the future? As long as there is anyone related to him, there will definitely be heaven-shocking karma. Are you not scared?” The woman said.

“That is indeed a possibility. However, will those who are related to him be that strong? If there is, then I’ll just get rid of them in passing as well.” The male said.

“Haha! You are too confident, how could anyone you all crossed over the river of history to target be simple… there has to be a path of life!” The woman said.

“Is that so? Let me see if there is such an existence.” That male was about to take action. Once he took action by crossing time, heaven and earth would collapse, triggering world shocking changes.


Suddenly, at the limits of the horizon, there was a violent sound, a figure appearing, crushing the past, present, and future, breaking the long river of time, appearing just like that!

“What? There really is someone?!”

That was a woman, extremely indistinct, carrying a rain of light and chaotic energy, her figure long and slender, clothes fluttering about, her face covered by a face mask, currently looking down on the starry sky!

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