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Chapter 1116 - Ambush

Who exactly were they rushing at?

Shi Hao stood in the distance, the divine light in his eyes reserved, not exposing his own terrifying power, calmly watching.

This was all too fast, two great experts attacking over!

Princess Yao Yue's style was unmatched, clothes fluttering about as she descended from the sky, as if the lunar goddess descended into the world of mortals. Her white hand moved up, and then pure white divine light surged, so blinding others couldn't open their eyes.

Xuan Kun released a roar, head of long hair flying about. His hands formed imprints, descending with the power of Mount Tai, striking this place until the sky collapsed.


This place exploded, surging power poured down, attacking at someone who was currently fighting.

"Wang Xi is in danger!" Shi Hao said to himself. He believed that these two were rushing at Wang Xi, after all, Princess Yao Yue stood against Wang Xi. The two of them came from different long life families, competing against each other the entire time.

However, the results were different from what he had anticipated.

Moreover, Wang Xi also moved, displaying a type of ancient heavenly art she grasped to attack Lu Tuo, valiant and powerful, aura dominating.

This was a shocking change. Three great experts attacked, using their most powerful methods to attack Lu Tuo at the same time, putting him in a dangerous situation.

Shi Hao's expression changed. He never would have expected that Princess Yao Yue and Wang Xi would put away their own differences, no longer standing against each other and joining up with the other party.

It was clear that this wasn't something that happened abruptly, but rather something planned by Princess Yao Yue, Xuan Kun, and Wang Xi a long time ago, an agreement made beforehand.

This was a fatal blow!

This really made him sigh inwardly, even opponents and rivals able to walk together to deal with Lu Tuo, this already proved how unordinary they were. This wasn't something normal people could do.


Thunder continuously erupted in the void, and there was even more True Dragon and Heavenly Phoenixes flying about, as well as Qilin roaring. Precious techniques were being displayed, heavenly arts emerging.

This type of scene was too astonishing! The heavens began to split apart, the entire world trembling.

This was a battle between young supreme beings. That place was surrounded by chaotic energy, all types of precious techniques dancing about, heavenly arts displaying their unmatched power, absolutely terrifying.

That place was hazy and indistinct. Only when immortal energy burned and released dazzling radiance could others see anything!

Immortal light rushed into the heavens, splitting heaven and earth!


Under this ambush, Lu Tuo spat out a large mouthful of blood, finally injured, soon after receiving serious damage. He flew out from the fight, falling in the distance.

"Great one!"

His followers cried out, wishing to provide assistance.

In the distance, there were many people who saw this, all of them speechless, because they had been watching this great battle this entire time.

They didn't expect this kind of result.

"Young miss Wang Xi, Princess Yao Yue, and Yuan Kun actually had plans beforehand. They are going to eliminate Lu Tuo!"

Everyone sighed. The young and powerful Lu Tuo was so dazzling and stunning, was he going to die? This battled proved his strength, or else the others wouldn't have had to show such restraining fear, deciding to take him out first.


The other three chased after him, taking action at the same time, using unmatched ancient heavenly arts to suppress this powerful male who was trying to run.

Lu Tuo roared, his voice like thunder, blasting away many of the surrounding red-furred beast. His figure turned into a streak of flowing light, rushing towards the horizon, wishing to leave this battlefield.

In the distance, there were quite a few spectators who were blasted by that roar until their bodies staggered back and forth, some of them vomiting blood.

Lu Tuo was as fast as lightning, leaving behind a string of afterimages, about to disappear.

Only, Wang Xi, Xuan Kun, and Princess Yao Yue, not a single one of them were weak, all young supreme beings who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, the most powerful creatures of this generation. They followed behind, difficult to throw off. Moreover, they activated unmatched great methods again, starting to attack.

Ancient heavenly arts were displayed, heaven and earth splitting apart!

Even though Lu Tuo was running, he also attacked in defense, or else he would suffer too greatly. He didn't pull open enough distance, still being surrounded by the others.


This was a great collision. Symbols raged, bone texts erupting, incomparably brilliant.

Lu Tuo roared angrily, his injuries becoming even more serious. Blood continuously flowed out from the corners of his mouth, landing on the ground.

This was not only something he had never foresaw, it was something no one else anticipated either. The three great youths actually attacked him together, teaming up, this result extremely shocking.


Blood was spat out again. Lu Tuo immediately had nine lives taken from him, expression now greatly dispirited. This fight for his life was just too horrifying, but in the end, he still retained his life.

Many of the bones in his body were fractured, his vitality greatly injured, unable to powerfully compete.

The only fortunate thing was that he successfully fled in the end. His blood essence was ignited, activating his own heavenly art, vanishing from this place, disappearing.

These people's followers naturally couldn't keep up. Apart from Shi Hao, they were all left behind.

Those who could see this scene were all people passing through this place, as well as the people who were in this area to begin with. Otherwise, they wouldn't have caught sight of those powerful experts' figures either.

Shi Hao followed along, quietly watching from the distance, not taking action. At the final critical moment, he felt an urge to chase after the heavily injured Lu Tuo, but he held himself back in the end.

"Kacha!" A terrifying streak of lightning erupted in the void, then dragon cries and tiger roars sounded. There were even more types of immortal figures and immortal light that emerged.

This really was bad. There was someone who was waiting precisely for this opportunity!

Princess Yao Yue was exceptionally stunning, moving together with Xuan Kun, suddenly attacking Wang Xi, breaking out into a great battle.

Things happened suddenly, more plotting now carried out.

It was because Princess Yao Yue and Wang Xi were rivals in the end, always competing. They always opposed each other with equal harshness, even though they had just briefly worked together.


Noises sounded incessantly. Wang Xi fought back, fighting a great battle against them.

During this process, they originally didn't want to be watched by everyone, but now that it was so noisy, it was most likely too difficult to cover up. They didn't want to have to compete with her over this place's opportunities too.


A streak of divine light shone, flying through the sky, blasting through all types of precious technique symbols.

Another battle between giants erupted!

The three individuals' heavenly arts appeared again.


Blood flowed out from the corners of Wang Xi's mouth. Fighting two great experts by herself definitely wouldn't end well for her. She had to escape.

Only, those two were too powerful. As she attacked, she also experienced Lu Tuo's previous disaster. She was ambushed, suffering serious injuries!


Wang Xi was worthy of being a long life family's heavenly lady of a generation. Under Princess Yao Yue's myriad of attacks, she could still run out, disappear from this place.

"Go!" When she approached Shi Hao, she released an expanse of mysterious light, wrapping around him and bringing him with her.

"Need help? I can take action in your place." Shi Hao said.

"You aren't their opponent, there's no need to take risks." Wang Xi said.

After running a set distance, she stopped, quickly sitting down and taking a divine pill, entering meditation on the spot to treat her injuries and recover her vitality.

Shi Hao didn't move, only standing there to offer protection.

Soon after, Wang Xi opened her eyes. After suffering attacks from individuals with three strands of immortal energy, there was no way her injuries would heal that quickly. However, she had no choice but to stand up. Otherwise, they might be caught up to.

They proceeded in a direction, unexpectedly going where Lu Tuo ran to.

Wang Xi didn't wipe off the blood on her body, so it was clear that she had just experienced a great battle, now hurriedly running.

"Lu Tuo!" Shi Hao narrowed his eyes. He saw a figure blocking the way. His green hair flew about, entire body terrifying like a mountain peak.

Wang Xi stopped, looking forward, not taking action.

A moment later, she said calmly, "We have to fight our way back, injure those two as well. Otherwise, with both of our vitality greatly injured, we'll be treated as wounded prey and easily end up on the defensive!"

Lu Tuo nodded after a moment of silence, returning with her.

It was hard to imagine that just now, Wang Xi had participated in the joint assault against Lu Tuo, yet after just a short period of time, they walked together again, unexpectedly teaming up together to face an enemy.

The main reason was because those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy were too frightening. Lu Tuo and Wang Xi were both injured, the damage to their vitality severe. If they were attacked by similarly powerful people during this process, they might be in great danger.

For the sake of survival, the two unexpectedly temporarily joined hands.

Soon afterwards, Wang Xi and Lu Tuo hid themselves, quietly waiting for an opportunity.

Finally, Princess Yao Yue and Xuan Kun appeared. After their decisive victory, if they found Lu Tuo and Wang Xi again, then that would be even more perfect.


A great quake happened, heaven and earth rumbling.

Wang Xi and Lu Tuo's ambush bore fruit. Xuan Kun suffered a mysterious palm and finger, his flesh badly mangled, collapsing on the spot, tossed about by the simultaneous attacks.

The changes happened too quickly! Xuan Kun staggered about, entire body covered in blood, mouth and blood bright red, blood flowing out continuously.

However, he was not an ordinary person, not dying, sticking it through.

"Dao brother, persevere through, the two of us do not need to fear them!" Princess Yao Yue said.

However, Xuan Kun gave her a deep look, and then decisively ran.

It was clear that Xuan Kun was already wounded, so he naturally didn't dare stand together with the peak state Princess Yao Yue. It was best if she also ended up like this.

It was because the struggle between them was too intense. If one of them was still perfectly fine, if they chased after an injured person, that would definitely not be good for the latter.

Princess Yao Yue turned around to run!

Who would have expected things to develop like this? It really was quite the surprise.


Following Wang Xi and Lu Tuo's crazy attacks, Princess Yao Yue fled while struggling to find a way to escape, but was still injured, blood flowing out from her mouth and nose.

Shi Hao was stupefied. The four individuals were all injured. The so-called previous alliance was just too weak! Moreover, with the four individuals all having different intentions, it ultimately produced this type of scene.

The battle thus stopped, no one fighting bloodily to the end.

Shi Hao said to himself, "Should I take action? When my dao flower blooms, will a hundred flowers wither?!"

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