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Chapter 1112 - Immortal Battlefield

The night was indistinct and dreary, this was an expanse of ruined land.

A cold moon suspended above, the earth bare, crushed stone everywhere. There were also bottomless cracks that seemed to lead into a black abyss.

They reached their destination this quickly? Everyone on the ship was shocked, feeling like they hadn’t flown for that long. Even though they had just flown through the void, crossing endless distance, it still shouldn’t have been that fast.

“This isn’t that ancient land, it’s just the entrance. We need to take off through an altar here.” An elder standing on the deck said.

The golden warship shone in the night, glistening yellow. Not only was it brilliant, there was a type of warmth that was full of cold moonlight.

In the depths of the ancient land were interweaving patterns, as if there were creatures absorbing sun and moon essence. These were formations, normal people would inevitably become restricted after arriving here, unable to advance further.

It was because these were damaged immortal dao traces. How many people in the present world could forcefully break through?

Fortunately, there were experts on the warship, elders from heavenly deity institution here who grasped ancient methods. They knew the arrangement and secrets of these damaged formations, and so under their personal guidance, the ship made it through this dangerous region, advancing forward.

An altar could finally be seen, ancient and bleak, as if it was a large inscribed stele that recorded details of the past, having a type of great historic feeling. There was even more so a type of grim feeling of ‘even though the things remained, people have changed’.

These were remains of earlier people. The people of the present world could only try to trace things backwards and pay homage. Regardless of whether the past was glorious or shameful, it was gone forever. 

“The entrance is right here!” An elder said.

The altar was extremely large like a mountain, piled together from all types of rare strange stones, mottled traces of great hardships engraved on its surface.

It was extremely large, but when compared to the massive island-like golden warship, it was still much smaller.

Only, when the warship descended, everything changed, as if stars moved and time changed, everything in the world seemingly transforming. The warship shrunk, becoming like a grain of sand, landing on the altar.

Everyone gasped!

What kind of people was this altar created for? Where did it ultimately lead to? When such a massive ship landed on it, it still seemed as insignificant as a speck of dust. It really was hard to imagine just how frightening it was when it was fully activated.

“One of the four great ancient altars, same as the altar from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces that disappeared in Immortal Ancient’s Black Abyss, similarly mysterious. Its greatest use can no longer be restored and activated, because everything is already damaged.” An elder said.

When Shi Hao heard this, he became inwardly alarmed. He thought back to the Immortal Ancient Remains he had entered through the Immortal Dao Flower Petals, how when he was testing things out and searching for natural luck, he had entered a black abyss. At that time, he saw a damaged altar, and even more so a three footed two eared round cauldron imprint with emperor blood on its surface, seemingly arriving from the future.

After who knew just how much divine force was used, the great elders quickly becoming exhausted, the altar finally shone, releasing a bit of light.

Of course, this was just some of the formation patterns, not the entire altar reviving.

However, this was already enough. The great elders operated it, also offering sacrifices there, releasing several types of divine blood on the altar, and then set the coordinates.


In that instant, the sky domain was pierced through. The golden warship moved through the sky, disappearing from this place.

Immediately afterwards, the people on the ship were all alarmed. This speed was just too fast, the void distorting, rays of light blurry, everything changing shape.

Then, the warship advanced, rushing into a special spatial tunnel, speeding ahead, exceeding extreme speed.

However, this tunnel was extremely frail, half transparent and a bit indistinct. In a daze, they saw light swirl about, time becoming chaotic, as if they were crossing the great river of time.

“Are we crossing over to the other side of the cosmos?”

This was an unimaginable long-distance journey. They felt like they crossed over several hundred to a thousand star systems, arriving at the other side of the universe.

Everyone’s expressions became pale. If they had to fly themselves, they still wouldn’t be able to reach this place even when their lives reached their limit.

This distance was too great, far to a ridiculous degree.

If something unexpected happened to this warship along the way, causing it to become stranded along the way, they might lose their way, forever unable to find a path of return.

“That altar’s ultimate use isn’t this path? How was it originally used?” This question appeared in some people’s minds.

They were only borrowing it a bit, yet it was already so ridiculous.

Time flowed past, star systems moving into the distance one after another, they were still moving forward. At this moment, many people’s expressions paled. This distance was a bit frightening.

Finally, they seemed to have heard the roars of gods and devils that rushed through the half transparent tunnel.

That was an island that floated in the cosmos. In this desolate and mysterious sea of stars, there was actually this type of island!

“This is Immortal Battlefield.” An elder said.

This island floated there. Compared to the stars that filled the sky, it seemed rather inharmonious.

In the gloominess, in the silence, it wasn’t a meteorite, wasn’t a starry stream, just an island, existing throughout time. 

They originally didn’t think it was that large, but it wasn’t like that at all. As they approached, the island gradually became larger, and it continuously released a repressing aura.

They only felt like that because they were too far away before. Now, as they flew with great speed, they began to feel how vast it was.

Perhaps it could be called a continent, because it was just too large.

After who knew how much time had passed, the golden warship approached the island, about to descend. But at this time, it slowed down, as if it was entering the most terrifying place.

Under peng peng sounds, the entire warship shone, starting to burn. A few parts began to melt, no longer existing.

This island had a repelling force!

During this process, everyone heard great mournful cries, demon gods roaring from the endless space-time, sounding from the distant past.


When they landed on the surface, the repelling force disappeared.

Because their speed was too fast, they didn’t see the island’s overall land form. Of course, the main reason was still because the island was too large.

This region didn’t have plants, the earth a reddish-brown. There were many stone granules, desolate and bleak forever its main theme.

“There are creatures here!” Someone cried out in alarm.

They originally thought that this place was lifeless, but now, they discovered strange creatures as soon as they arrived.

That one was like a mouse, its entire body covered in red fur, the size of a water buffalo. It rushed over with great speed, and then with a keng sound, it bit down on the golden warship.


A sharp and clear metal sound was released. That red fur vicious beast’s eyes revealed vicious light, sparks flying between its teeth.

Everyone became stunned. This monster was too strong, right?

One had to bear in mind that the golden warship wasn’t a normal object, but something refined by several elders jointly. When it bit down on it, it unexpectedly wasn’t blasted to death.

“Be careful, this place is quite strange, there are some places that suppress magical force!” An elder reminded.

“What kind of thing is this ugly red fur beast?” A disciple asked.

“You must not underestimate them!” The elder on the side lightly scolded.

He warned them seriously that as long as any living creatures appeared in this place, even if it was just an ant, they had to be extremely careful, cannot show any carelessness. Otherwise, they might die.


Before waiting for the elders to take action, that red furred monster turned into an expanse of scarlet multicolored light, thus disappearing, entering the earth.

“Yi?” Everyone became shocked.

“The creatures here are mostly condensed from immortal dao ominous energy. Once they are seriously injured, they might disappear forever.” An elder warned seriously.

Then, they got off the boat, standing on the ice-cold land.

The elders distributed bone symbols one after another, but it was only limited to official disciples, having them keep it with them, that they couldn’t lose it. These were life saving symbols.

Shi Hao was speechless. He… didn’t obtain one.

“Heh, nothing more than a servant!” Yuan Feng wasn’t far out, saying this with a low voice, rather ear stinging. His eyes even more so became a bit cold.

Wang Xi walked towards the distance, communicating with the elders to obtain a bone symbol. In the end, she didn’t succeed, told that the quantity was limited.

Yuan Feng walked to the side, saying to himself, “We must seek our own good fortune here. We better not meet, or else you’ll see what happens.”

Shi Hao knew that these words were directed at him. Yuan Feng was trying to keep a low profile, trying to infuriate and provoke him.

“All of you can go and look around. This ancient battlefield is full of danger and the unknown, but there are tremendous opportunities as well. Who knows, you might discover an immortal dao scripture, or even pick up an immortal weapon!”

An elder explained, and after telling them a few things, they were allowed to go on their way.

Wang Xi and Shi Hao’s group walked forward together. The others also moved, each going their respective way. There were some with great speed, rushing towards the depths of the reddish-brown great earth.


However, miserable cries sounded abruptly. Not far out, a genius’ follower had half his head bitten off by a red furred monster.

That scene was extremely miserable, even half of the primordial spirit bitten off!

He struggled, but it was futile. A moment later, his head and primordial spirit were completely eaten by the red furred monster.

Everyone became shocked. This was just the beginning, yet people were already dying at the edge of the island. Only heaven knew just how frightening and dangerous this place was.


An elder took action, blasting apart that red furred creature. Unfortunately, when it broke apart, it turned into scarlet multicolored light and mist, not having a flesh body.

“I will remind everyone once again that you all must be careful, especially when facing creatures with flesh and blood, have to be even more careful. If you end up in those creatures’ hands, you will wish you were dead rather than alive!”

This type of warning was extremely severe, making everyone’s expressions change.

Shi Hao remained calm. He was searching for a target. Apart from being on guard against those terrifying creatures, he also prepared to take action and kill his enemies.

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