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Chapter 1111 - Set Out

Yuan Feng wore silver armor, standing there, looking in this direction.

His spiritual awareness was sharp, sensing something. He watched Shi Hao intently, extremely imposing, gaze scorching, shining like suns.

Su Lan and Chen Nuo thought that Shi Hao would definitely go over and challenge this person, but he unexpectedly turned around and left, not taking action.

"This isn't like you!" Chen Nuo said, not understanding. He saw Shi Hao march over confidently, thinking that he was going to dish out great beatings.

"This fella has just entered the academy, doesn't even have a single portion of phoenix blood, wouldn't I just be wasting my time if I went to fight him?" Shi Hao curled his lips.

Su Lan and Chen Nuo were stunned, both of them staring at him blankly.

The moment Shi Hao turned around, cold light flashed past. In reality, things definitely weren't as he described, because this person didn't come to issue a challenge.

He came to kill!

He only had this word in his mind. He had to give Yuan Qing a 'pleasant surprise', collect a bit of interest.

It was precisely because he had to kill this person that he didn't take action now, not wishing to display too much enmity here. He was going to kill this person on the Immortal Battlefield.

There were no longer any restrictions once they went there, no longer needing to worry about the elders' interference and punishment.

"Halt!" A shout sounded from behind. Yuan Feng's expression was not kind as he spoke from behind, staring at Shi Hao's group of three.

"Do you need something?" Su Lan turned around.

"Are you all Fairy Wang Xi's followers?" Yuan Feng stared at them. Even though it hadn't been long since he entered the academy, he received quite a bit of information.

"So what if we are?" Su Lan said.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao turned around, carrying a smiling expression as he looked at him.

"Heh, aren't you the one who likes contests with others? Why are you turning around to leave after coming to my place?" Yuan Feng's eyes flickered with light as he spoke.

"Oh? You want to fight against me?" Shi Hao asked.

"We can exchange pointers. It will just be like your rules, the loser has to offer up phoenix blood." Yuan Feng said, the corners of his lips tilted upwards, revealing a brilliant smile.

Su Lan and Chen Nuo were both shocked. This person was extremely confident, coming straight for phoenix blood. He used the nice words 'exchanging pointers', but the goal was likely the same as Shi Hao's.

"Phoenix blood, I have four portions here, do you have enough?" Shi Hao calmly asked. He flashed the several crystals he took from Qi Lin's place, these crystals shining like blood diamonds, extremely eye-grabbing.

The light beams in Yuan Feng's eyes were intense, burning with greater and greater desire as he stared at the phoenix blood.

"If I lose, I naturally have phoenix blood to give out." Shi Hao said. The crystals in his hands released divine crimson multicolored light. He looked at the male on the other side and said, "If you want to fight against me, then please show your phoenix blood as well."

"I don't have any right now, but I will have them soon. We can fight first, and if I lose, I will naturally give it to you afterwards!" Yuan Feng said.

His eyes stared intensely at the four pieces of sealed phoenix blood crystals in Shi Hao's hands.

"If you don't have phoenix blood, then what will you use to gamble? Are you trying to steal from a wolf empty-handed?" Shi Hao immediately refused, not fighting against him.

In reality, he really wanted to take action, only, this was heavenly deity institution, defeating him like this might draw all types of alert, and he couldn't even kill the other party. He might as well just leave this for later.

Shi Hao continued again, about to leave this place.

"Slow down!" Yuan Feng followed behind. He heard Shi Hao's matters, knowing that he had quite a bit of phoenix blood, that a cultivator who hadn't cultivated immortal energy defeated a group of official disciples.

Yuan Feng had just entered the institution, needing phoenix blood and other things. After finding out that this person had quite a bit on him, he naturally wished to fight against him and win over the true blood.

Of course, he needed an excuse, or else recklessly stealing would trigger great problems.

"You are nothing more than Wang Xi's follower, not an official disciple, yet you wantonly show off, challenging official disciples. I cannot let this go, have to teach you a lesson!" Yuan Feng spoke, speaking self-righteously, his display extremely domineering.

"Hypocrite!" Su Lan curled her lips, even she could see that the other party just wanted an excuse.

"Why would you want to fight against me?" Shi Hao smiled, turning around to look at him.

"Official disciples cannot be humiliated because of you, I am going to prove for their sake that a follower cannot be allowed to run amuk in the academy, have to teach you a lesson!" Yuan Feng said, becoming more and more self-righteous.

Shi Hao felt a bit helpless. This fella really knew how to get caught up, probably fooling even himself now.

"Forget it, I'm not in the mood to fight against you." Shi Hao said, walking away again.

"Where do you think you are going?!" Yuan Feng released a shout, already rushing out to stop Shi Hao, eyes carrying bits of darkness, as if they were a lonely and boundless abyss.


The two exchanged blows, thunderous sounds rumbling. Shi Hao didn't use all of his strength, holding back quite a bit. Dazzling brilliance erupted between the two.


Yuan Feng released a scoff. Bone texts covered his body, using his two strands of immortal energy to suppress Shi Hao. He coldly said, "Nothing more than this, why did I even bother thinking that you were strong?"

However, in this intense battle, Shi Hao still withdrew, not being suppressed by him.

"This battle, if I win, are you going to fulfill the agreement, hand over the phoenix blood?" Yuan Feng said with a cold smile.

"Already said that you have to bring out the phoenix blood first. Otherwise, this battle doesn't count." Shi Hao shook his head.

"Still trying to deny it, one needs to know how to accept defeat when gambling!" Yuan Feng shouted. Ever since he saw Shi Hao produce the crystals, he already decided he had to have them.

However, as time went on, he still didn't succeed.


Another great clash erupted. The two flew outwards. Shi Hao brought Su Lan and Chen Nuo with him, turning around to leave.

"You aren't allowed to run, leave behind the true blood!" Yuan Feng became hostile. Now, there was no aloofness to speak of, everything was developing in an uncontrollable manner.

"Who do you think you are? Not even putting up a stake in the gamble yourself, yet you want to win while offering up nothing?" Su Lan couldn't take this anymore, speaking like this.

"Moreover, it's not like you even won." Chen Nuo also spoke up. Even though he disapproved of Shi Hao, in front of outsiders, he would still advance and retreat together.

Shi Hao didn't stop, supporting a streak of lightning and leaving, baiting Yuan Feng, making him regret he wasn't decisive enough just now. If he closed in quickly, he might have just succeeded.

"He ran. If he continued fighting, he would undoubtedly be defeated." Yuan Feng said to himself. He had powerful strength that he hadn't displayed yet, had sufficient confidence in himself.

Then, a few people heard the news, taking the initiative to lend Yuan Feng phoenix blood, hoping that he could take action and challenge Shi Hao.

Someone with two strands of immortal energy and at the peak, this was someone worth the attention of everyone. There were naturally those who wanted to rope Yuan Feng in.

Unfortunately, right when he was about to issue the challenge, news were released from the academy that they could enter Immortal Battlefield!

This was a major event. The entire academy was shaken up, the elders and disciples all paying close attention.

Of course, whether or not they were entering Immortal Battlefield, it was completely voluntary, not something that is forced.

That day, a loud clamoring could be heard in the academy. Many disciples were moving out.

"Is it finally about to start?" Shi Hao opened his eyes. He stood up in Wang Xi's cave, eyes releasing brilliant divine light.

Not far out, Wang Xi already got up, calm and unhurried. She wore a long dress that reached the ground, aloof and exceptional, her graceful figure sparkling.

She waited for a long time, wanting to set out a long time ago.

The same day, Lu Tuo released a great roar, expressing his will. He was definitely going to enter that ancient land.

As for Feng Xingtian, Princess Yao Yue, Xuan Kun and the others, they all headed towards that ancient land without exception, not a single one shrinking back.

"I heard that this time, if anyone puts on a brilliant display there, they might be granted an immortal jade book upon returning." Someone said softly, extremely excited.

"If one's display is brilliant in that battlefield, would they even need the academy's gift? Rumor has it that there are quite a few secret texts that have been lost in inheritance and ancient immortal weapons, all priceless things."

Before they even left, these people were already extremely excited, hoping that they could rise up and obtain great opportunities.

"Wuwu…" The battlefield's bugle horn sounded, as if urging everyone to set out.

That day, a large boat waited in the academy, waiting for them to get onboard. Then, it headed towards a distant ancient land.

The giant golden ship moved through the sky. It was too massive, comparable to an enormous island. There were many people on deck, looking at the mountains, rivers, and all things.

On the ship, Shi Hao discovered a few familiar people, for example, the witch, Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan, little rabbit, Qing Yi and others. They also chose to enter that ancient land.

However, he couldn't immediately call out to them. This time, if he entered the ancient land, he might unleash a great slaughter. He didn't want to involve those he was close to.

Stars flickered. The warship shone, as if it was going to speed ahead, entering a starry sea.

"What is that?"

"We are almost at the destination. Is that the place where immortals fought before?"

An enormous storm was about to arrive!

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