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Chapter 1109 - Unreasonable Person

The entire stone room was full of multicolored light. Shi Hao sat there, calm and quiet, engrossed in his cultivation.

Finally, he released a sigh. The second great dao flower was now quite complete, full of dao laws, as if this heaven and earth merged together, able to gather endless power.

Unfortunately, this flower didn't produce a creature.

The first flower had a creature sitting in it, hazy and indistinct, as if it was living in the past, not belonging to the present.

Back then, Shi Hao was wondering if there would be a special creature when the second great dao flower appeared, but he ended up a bit disappointed, not seeing one.

He stood up and released a light sigh. Could it be that his suspicions were mistaken?

"Something's not right, it should be that the opportunity hasn't arrived yet." Shi Hao said. He thought back to how when the first dao flower bloomed, there were no creatures that appeared either, only later on when it reopened in Origin Ancient Mine did it emerge.

"This time, there isn't much phoenix blood, so I didn't fully bathe in it, just borrowing some medicinal herbs to produce essence, the amount still not enough." He said softly.

Even though he had twenty portions of true blood, it still wasn't enough to match the requirement of bathing his entire body within.

Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, Xuan Kun and the others had previously directly entered the Phoenix Blood Pool, borrowing the rich phoenix blood essence to refine themselves, and only then did they undergo rebirth. They were able to use much more than him.

Fortunately, Shi Hao had carried out his own rebirth using long life elixir in Origin Ancient Mine, not having a gap pulled open between them.

However, the effects of the cultivation this time were still tremendous, cultivating a second great dao flower. Shi Hao felt like his own strength increased again!

Soon after, he smiled again. He was being a bit too greedy. There was no need to feel disappointed that he didn't produce another creature in the great dao flower at all.

In reality, even though there was a blurry humanoid creature sitting in the great dao flower, it didn't do anything in battle, unable to be controlled.

"You finished your seclusion?" Wang Xi appeared, standing outside the stone room.

Shi Hao had previously restrained his aura. He pushed open the doors and asked with a smile, "When are we departing?"

"Still need to wait." Wang Xi said.

Recently, heavenly deity institution was preparing for this event, because they were entering Immortal Battlefield after all. A single mistake might result in great losses, so they had to make ample preparations.

In the recent few days, the experts in the academy all came out from their seclusion, all of them receiving news about this.

All of the experts who felt their strength was exceptional were going to participate. Meanwhile, of the individuals who entered heavenly deity institution, which one of them weren't the most powerful in their region?

That was why many people went to sign up, most of them participating.

"Are they not scared they'll die inside?" Shi Hao muttered. If they were killed inside, wouldn't heavenly deity institution's losses be great?

"There should be appropriate measures in place." Wang Xi said. She also told Shi Hao to consolidate his cultivation and be ready to depart at any time.

"I just came out of seclusion, so there's no need to continue remaining inside. These next few days will be perfect for fighting a few more friendly matches." He said rather excitedly.

Friendly matches? Wang Xi looked at him expressionlessly.

Shi Hao's skin was extremely thick, remaining calm, putting on the experience of a great master as he departed in an unhurried manner.

Soon after, Su Lan and Chen Nuo began to complain, both feeling rather discontent. This fella was extremely unreasonable in their eyes, really not giving others a good feeling.

"Asking where the Divine Medicine Garden is, what are you trying to do?!" Su Lan asked him, her expression clearly on guard.

"There's no need to be so tense, I just wanted to stroll around and take a look, increase my experiences." Shi Hao put on a harmless look, speaking rather sincerely.

Chen Nuo stared at him, not willing to tell him. He just felt that this fella was bad news. He had just entered the institution, yet already extorted others out of their true phoenix blood. He was clearly about to stir up more trouble.

"The Divine Medicine Garden has powerful great formations protecting it. Even if you walk close to it, you cannot see the medicines inside." Chen Nuo said.

"Then… there's no way inside? What a pity." Shi Hao shook his head, sounding like he was quite unwilling to give up like this.

When Su Lan and Chen Nuo heard this, dark lines covered their foreheads. Did this fella really want to go inside and steal medicines? He really was someone worth worrying about after all, too good at stirring up trouble!

"Cough, was just joking. Don't tell me you two thought I was serious?" Shi Hao said.

Was this a joke? It wasn't funny at all! The two of them rolled their eyes at him, no longer willing to pay him any more attention.

"Actually, I want to learn about a few things from you all, wishing to engage in friendly interaction and exchange of pointers with others." Shi Hao asked extremely humbly.

The two of them were curious. This fella was changing for the better?

"Even if you want to interact with others, what does it have to do with us?" Su Lan asked.

"Of course it's to ask you two to show the way, give me a list of names, telling me who in the academy still has phoenix blood, who is willing to engage in friendly matches against me." Shi Hao humbly consulted.

Su Lan and Chen Nuo were both speechless, and then they were furious. They really thought he had a change of heart, yet now, he was taking the initiative to challenge others.

It was obvious that this fella had a taste of success, now wanting to extort even more people out of their phoenix blood, going up to their doors. He wanted to make these two his accomplice, wishing to understand the situation in more detail.

"Hey, why aren't you two saying anything, staying so quiet? Being so young yet without vigor is definitely not a good thing." Shi Hao said.

The two of them almost choked on his words. They originally wanted to ignore him, but now, they really were angered badly, strictly warning him not to provoke matters, to stop bringing Wang Xi problems.

"It's not like I'm her follower, invited as a dao friend, so I can do as I wish. Relax, I really do just want to exchange pointers in a friendly manner." Shi Hao said with thick skin.

"If you really do have pure intentions, then don't mention phoenix blood with others!" The two of them directly scolded.

"Without some profit, how can one fully enjoy themselves? Life is the pursuit of bright bubbles, only with goals can there be motivation and progress!"

Shi Hao spoke cockily, turning things around and lecturing these two on reason instead.

"Really can't stand you. Either way, we refuse and won't help you, just go find other people!"

"That won't do…" Shi Hao shook his head. "How about this, we can put aside the friendly matches for now. What was the name of that girl who was scheming against me called again, Qilin, or was it Qi Lin?"

The woman Shi Hao mentioned was precisely the one who called out, shouting that he crawled onto Wang Xi's bed, ultimately stirring up such a great commotion.

"What are you looking for her for? She is Princess Yao Yue's bosom friend, a very good friend. You shouldn't act randomly." Su Lan said, on alert.

"Don't worry about it, in fact I can actually be considered Princess Yao Yue's bosom friend, so giving her female bosom friend a beating isn't that big of a deal." Shi Hao boasted shamelessly.

"Why are you like this? Can you stop stirring up trouble? Princess Yao Yue is an exceptional fairy who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, from an immortal family imperial court. You should stop messing around, there's no need to touch Qi Lin!" Su Lan was a bit nervous now.

"I know how far to go. That girl's mouth is too big, if it wasn't because my strength was great enough, after being challenged day after day by others, wouldn't I have been killed?" Shi Hao said with discontent.

"Things are already in the past, just let it go." Chen Nuo advised.

"How can that be? She slandered my reputation, so I have to defend my innocence!" Shi Hao declared righteously.

Pu chi!

The two of them couldn't hold back anymore, both of them so angry they laughed.

"What reputation do you have? The young miss didn't even display anger or look further into it, while you aren't willing to let it go, just take a look at yourself! After extorting so many people of their phoenix blood, you still have the nerve to talk about defending anything?" The two ridiculed.

"Each matter is its own thing, that woman really did slander me, ruining my reputation. If anything really did happen between me and your young miss, then that's one thing. After speaking like that, then so be it, turn a blind eye and let bygones be bygones. However, there wasn't even enough time for anything to happen, yet she already shouted like that, I can't just let this go like this! Too wronged!" Shi Hao said, expression deadly earnest.

The two of them were stupefied. This fella… was just too shameful. From his words, it sounded like he didn't feel wronged from what happened, but rather that nothing had happened yet.


"If the young miss heard your words, she would directly deal with your family!"

The two of them were furious, loudly berating.

"Me and her aren't from the same family." Shi Hao said calmly.

"I've never met as unreasonable as person as you!" Su Lan was panting from anger, Chen Nuo didn't know what was good to say either.

However, when faced with the criticism, Shi Hao didn't seem to mind at all, instead changing his approach and saying in a meaningful and sincere manner, "Qilin did slander Wang Xi in the end. Your young miss didn't personally take action because it was inconvenient, but you two can't understand her intentions? Say, why do you think I want to take action? It is naturally because Wang Xi wishes for me to do this."

When the two of them heard this, they were both stunned.

"You should stop speaking nonsense, definitely putting on a glorious pretense, hiding your ulterior motives!" Su Lan wasn't convinced.

"This child is unteachable!" Shi Hao shook his head, saying, "Those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy can be called exceptional geniuses, so how can those few individuals easily go to war? At this time, it will depend on you all to charge and break through enemy lines, make it easier for your clan's young miss to take action, only then will our side seem more reasonable, that we had no choice!"

The two of them looked at each other in dismay. Was this really the case?

"Lead the way, bring me over so I can give that fairy a beating. You all will understand soon." Shi Hao said.

Su Lan and Chen Nuo were stupefied. In the end, they… agreed. Regardless, it was this fella who was taking the risk. If he really was captured, then he deserved it!

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