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Chapter 1108 - Strong Reinforcements

Immortal Battlefield, this was a place where true immortals had fought intensely. Even though a great era had now passed, there were still too many mysteries in that ancient land.

It was to the extent where there were even mysterious creatures roaming about!

After all these years, ever since that area was excavated and discovered, large amounts of cultivators would head there to explore the ancient land.

“There are immortal dao scriptures and strange creatures there. The battlefield is sometimes peaceful, sometimes extremely dangerous.” This was Wang Xi’s description. 

Those were remains that had been sealed up previously, a place with too many unsolved mysteries. Regardless of whether it was powerful or ordinary people who entered, all of them had a chance of obtaining opportunities of their own.

Of course, this was not without danger!

Shi Hao was quite interested, asking quite a bit about it. This was especially the case after he learned that there were strange creatures that grew there, making him want to understand the place in detail even more.

“Those creatures are quite strange, as if they don’t actually belong to these Nine Heavens Ten Earths.” Wang Xi said.

“Not belonging to our side, could it be guests from the other shore?” Shi Hao was alarmed.

“I believe… that place might very likely be like the Desolate Border, connected to another world!” Wang Xi said.

There were a few void cracks in that place. Even though there were those who tried to open them up, they didn’t see anything. However, there were still people who suspected that those areas were not simple.

“Interesting!” Shi Hao nodded.

“You should seize this chance to cultivate, we might have to leave after a period of time.” Wang Xi said. She gave the diamond band on Shi Hao’s head a look. Even though she invited back a ‘dao friend’, with that magical artifact restricting him, she still felt that this youngster could be considered a follower.

“Do you guys have any scriptures or cultivation manuals here?” Shi Hao asked, not acting like an ‘outsider’ at all.

He knew that after entering heavenly deity institution, true heavenly talents could obtain many cultivation secret manuals, among them no lack of immortal dao scriptures.

“There are immortal dao scriptures in the academy, but I still have not obtained the chance to read them.” Wang Xi said. Her sparkling white cheeks and exceptionally beautiful face had a life toppling style.

Without a doubt, her words carried quite the attraction, especially since she usually acted indifferent, yet now actually spoke like this.

Why did Shi Hao come? He came precisely to cultivate, so he was naturally moved.

“If one wishes to obtain the immortal dao scriptures, one needs battle accomplishments, needing to complete all types of missions the academy issues out. This can also be considered a type of test for us I presume.” Wang Xi explained a step further.

Shi Hao nodded. He also understood a step further that heading for the Immortal Battlefield was also a type of harsh test for these geniuses, to see which one of them had the best performance.

Wang Xi treated this event with great importance. She was one of the most powerful disciples in the academy, so she wouldn’t let such a great opportunity to display her talents go.

“When the time comes, let me take a look at the immortal dao scriptures too, I can help you get rid of a group of people!” Shi Hao didn’t cover anything up, saying this with a smile, eyes flickering with brilliance.

He didn’t mind unleashing a great slaughter at all, for example, the Wind Clan, if he was certain that it was they who incited Yuan Qing, he didn’t mind eliminating Feng Xingtian on that battlefield.

Apart from this, Yuan Qing’s descendant, there was no need to say anything else. This was definitely an assassination target.

When he thought up to this, Shi Hao’s mind began to become a bit heated. He was finally going to clash with heavenly deity institution’s exceptional geniuses, take a look at just how powerful these people were exactly.

Of course, after entering that ancient battlefield, he would definitely run into old opponents like Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, and Ning Chuan.

Meanwhile, those like Princess Yao Yue, Lu Tuo, these types of most powerful geniuses, they were definitely going to take action as well. These individuals will definitely display their brilliance in that place, fight an intense great battle.

“I have a few scriptures here borrowed from the academy. Even though they aren’t immortal dao scriptures, they are still quite precious, especially the insights of predecessors. You can use them for reference.” Wang Xi said.

She had a few secret texts, all of them originals that had to be returned after they were examined. She handed them over to Shi Hao.

Shi Hao accepted these inscribed bone pieces and jade strips, immediately understanding their value. It was because these were all personally carved by the scripture writer, containing the most original true meaning.

This wasn’t a rubbing of inscription, containing the purest essence, the leftover spiritual imprints.

Shi Hao looked through them one after another seriously, extremely engrossed. There was one scripture that spoke about the relationship between condensed magical imprints and the world, another speaking about how to nurture the primordial spirit. There was one that recorded all types of ancient wars.

Shi Hao continuously nodded his head. These were all the accumulation of those before him. When he read through them, it was as if he could sense their mental states while creating these.

“Yi, this book isn’t bad, talking about how to create a technique, extremely enlightening.” Shi Hao held a piece of damaged bone, reading it extremely seriously and thoroughly.

In this jade book, there were two types of texts, one was the original text belonging to Immortal Ancient, the other a type of bone text that belonged to the present world, added by later generations.

He read it from start to finish, feeling quite moved. It was because even a long time ago, there were those who sighed with regret, feeling a need to produce a new cultivation system and become even stronger, and only then could they defeat the enemy, prevent Immortal Ancient Great Era from being destroyed.

Shi Hao spent quite a while reading this. He sighed softly, saying, “One day, will I be able to create a new cultivation system too?”

“Wu, you also have this type of ambition?” Wang Xi was shocked. She then added, “The academy had previously requested us to try our best to try and establish different paths. Anyone who manages to obtain some success will receive tremendous assistance.”

“What kind of reward does the academy have?” Shi Hao asked.

“If one can truly create that type of path, the academy will open up its entire library to you, including many precious immortal dao scriptures you can flip through.” Wang Xi replied.

Of course, aside from this, they would do their best to offer all types of divine medicines, phoenix blood, and other things, attentively foster that individual.

Shi Hao was shocked, saying, “The academy longs for it this greatly?”

Wang Xi sighed, her beautiful face a bit serious. “Our current cultivation system has already been completely researched by those creatures, so we need innovation and change.”

Those creatures referred to the enemy, right? Shi Hao suddenly felt his mind becoming a bit heavy.

Even if he didn’t try to think about it, having himself calm down, that type of nervousness, that type of last days great battle atmosphere still constantly surrounded him.

Soon after, Shi Hao shifted his attention to those bone books Wang Xi brought back.

There was one book that recorded an ancient method that used unmatched true blood to cleanse the flesh and primordial spirit.

“Not bad, I can use it for reference.” He read this quite seriously, continuously nodding his head. It was because he still had some phoenix blood on him.

Based on what was recorded on the book, he needed to find all types of medicinal herbs. If they were used together, the effects would be increased greatly.

“Even though I haven’t collected that much phoenix blood, it might be enough if I use it together with those medicinal herbs.” Shi Hao said.

There was noise outside. There were people who came to issue challenges again.

As a result, as expected, Shi Hao welcomed the challenge, winning again, obtaining a bit of true phoenix blood. He was all smiles, expressing that he welcomed their challenge at any time.

In the following few days, there were some who were extremely angry, inviting those secluded disciples to emerge from their meditation and suppress Shi Hao.

When a male who cultivated two strands of immortal energy came out from seclusion and still lost to Shi Hao, even Wang Xi was shocked, feeling greatly surprised. It was because this fella still never used immortal energy to support himself. How astonishing was this? He was a bit too powerful compared to his peers.

Another few exchanges happened. Shi Hao’s battle accomplishments were quite abundant. Now, added together, he already had fourteen lumps of phoenix blood!

As a result, there were no longer people who wanted to challenge him for a while. Shi Hao continuously defeated expert, seizing so much true phoenix blood, making many people feel great headaches.

Of course, there were quite a few people whose eyes were burning, desiring the phoenix blood, trying to think of a method to seize it back.

Shi Hao was contemplating when he should go meet Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan, the little rabbit and the others. However, he felt like since he might kill Feng Xingtian and the others at any time, it wasn’t good to expose himself.

“I have six more portions of phoenix blood here, they’re all yours.” Wang Xi suddenly spoke inside the cave, giving him such a great gift.

The six crystals were all the size of a fist, sparkling and translucent, replete with moisture. There was sparkling phoenix blood sealed within.

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. This really was quite astonishing. The diamond band on his forehead made him feel a bit of resentment towards the Wang Family, always thinking about how he was going to collect interest.

He never expected Wang Xi to give him such precious ancient phoenix blood.

“You can forget about me becoming a member of the Wang Family, I can only at most take you as a wife.” This line came out from Shi Hao’s mouth as soon as he opened it.

Su Lan and Chen Nuo who had just entered to deliver reports stumbled. What happened? The two of them were frightened badly. Did this fella go mad?

Wang Xi’s expression first went rigid, and then no expression could be seen on her beautiful face. She gave Shi Hao a look, naturally knowing that this fella was purposely speaking randomly, putting on a naive display.

“You should just hurry and increase your cultivation. When the time comes, I hope you can enter the battlefield. You all can help me with some tasks, help me stop Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, Xuan Kun, and the others’ powerful subordinates.” Wang Xi said.

For the sake of obtaining immortal dao scriptures, for the sake of obtaining the academy’s most powerful assistance, she needed to put on a brilliant display, win on the ancient battlefield, requiring the assistance of a powerful expert like Shi Hao.

It as because she felt that Shi Hao should be unmatched before those with under three strands of immortal energy!

The reason she summoned those two over was for this sake.

Shi Hao was shocked. These were the medicinal herbs he needed to refine with the phoenix blood! It was clear that this time, Wang Xi was going to help him to the end.

It seemed like the Immortal Battlefield’s competition was no small matter, definitely a competition at the highest level between the most powerful individuals. Wang Xi treated this with extreme importance.

Ten days later, a stone room within the depths of this cave cracked, multicolored light surging, auspicious radiance released in thousands of streaks.

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