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Chapter 1107 - Collecting Phoenix Blood

Shi Hao turned around, entering Wang Xi's cave. He found a clean bluestone and sat down, starting to examine this spoil of war -- Purple Palace Elixir.

This thing had five-colored mists swirling about. Even though it wasn't immortal energy, it was definitely unordinary.

"What a pity, it's not immortal energy." He was a bit dissatisfied.

The crowd curled their lips. Purple Palace Elixir that really produced immortal energy, just how astonishing was something like this? It wouldn't be much inferior to long life medicines, appearing only a few times in history.

"I'll fight against you!" A Silver Pangolin appeared, turning into its original form.

"Less nonsense, bring out divine treasure first, or else I don't have time to play with you." Shi Hao spoke pompously, not giving them any face.

In the eyes of the official disciples, those who didn't cultivate immortal energy were 'inferior goods'. Even though Shi Hao won just now, in most of their eyes, it was because of luck.

That was why he spoke like this, making many people unhappy.

After all, this was just a 'servant' in their eyes, yet now, he was so rude and unbridled, talking arrogantly, climbing onto their heads. Many people couldn't accept this.

Wang Xi wouldn't think like this, because she knew how unordinary this youngster was, definitely not 'inferior goods'. It was because he had two strands of immortal energy!

Moreover, she carefully watched the battle just now, confident that Shi Hao didn't secretly use immortal energy to support himself, defeating his opponent without using immortal dao energy.

"I have a half sect master level magical artifact!" The Silver Pangolin said through clenched teeth.

When had a 'servant' in the academy ever dared to challenge official disciples like himself? It made him feel a type of humiliation.

"Be careful!" Those beside him warned. Even though they were unconvinced, many of them couldn't help but sigh. This person was extremely frightening, defeating someone with immortal energy without any himself, worthy of being called stunning!

"Forget about half sect master magical artifact, even if it was the real thing it wouldn't be enough. I only need divine medicines, phoenix blood, and the like. If you don't have, then please go away." Shi Hao said.

This type of tone, this type of stance, made the Pangolin and others' teeth roots itch.

"I have a bit of phoenix blood here. Fight me!" The Pangolin shouted. He produced a crystal ball the size of a fist, sealed within which was a sphere of dark red blood, sparkling and translucent.

There were only Lu Tuo, Feng Xingtian, Wang Xi and a few other people in the academy who had the qualifications to enter the blood pool, bathe in large amounts of phoenix blood. The others, unless they had astonishing displays, could only obtain a bit through merit.

"Come then!" Shi Hao laughed loudly, eyes shining. He had some of this phoenix blood on him too, the amount of he collected from suppressing a group of geniuses in Origin Ancient Mine.

He decided to continue collecting it, and then when the time came, to also bathe in phoenix blood, cleanse his flesh and undergo a great rebirth.

"Hand over your life!" The Silver Pangolin shouted, releasing a strand of immortal energy from his mouth. It quickly surrounded his body as he rushed forward.

"Is this some Steel Head Technique?" Shi Hao ridiculed, describing the Pangolin Clan's innate divine method as a common mortal world technique.

Space shattered. That Pangolin was too fast, not charging through mountain rock, but the void. Its body moved like a barbaric dragon, wild and powerful, immediately closing to distance to pierce through Shi Hao.

Shi Hao shifted to the side. In the end, the Pangolin rushed past, and at the same time, the silver-white tail swung over with a pa sound. Cracks extended in the void, releasing rumbling sounds. 

Moreover, a type of mysterious natural laws appeared, surrounding towards Shi Hao, about to imprison him here.


In that instant, Shi Hao's entire body shone, breaking free from the restrictions. Like a berserk vicious beast, every action he made seemed to carry dominating power, bare-handedly hacking towards the long tail.


A loud and clear sound rang through the air. His palm and the Pangolin's tail smashed together, sparks flying. There were symbols and natural law ripples shaking the void.

Everyone's expressions changed. The Pangolin's flesh was renowned for its domineering might, and now with the immortal energy supporting his body, forcing this person to face it head on, it still unexpectedly didn't do anything.

"This fella is a bit scary! Is he walking the extreme body cultivating path?"

Someone speculated, feeling great restraining fear. He could unexpectedly face the Pangolin's flesh that was supported by immortal energy head on, just too terrifying.

A roar sounded. Like a spinning top, the pangolin erupted with dazzling silver light, entire body moving, sweeping outwards.

The void was crushed. It turned into a slaughtering demonic god.

In this situation, even if Shi Hao used immortal energy to confront it, he would still be on the losing end. It was because the pangolin was fighting in its most powerful domain, body twisting about as it smashed over murderously.

The space around this place was like a painting that was brutally torn, and Shi Hao was trapped within. 


Something that left everyone shocked happened. Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, continuously striking that blast of silver light, as if he was striking steel. His body displayed illusory footwork, surrounding the Pangolin as he attacked.

"He can still fight head on?"

"No, his attacks are carefully selected, each strike only hitting the Pangolin's weakest point!"

Everyone was shocked. He actually saw through the Pangolin's method, able to understand the movements of the bone text paths in its body?

It was too precise. The strikes effectively collapsed the Pangolin's crazy attacks, causing the newly gathered power in its body to collapse, unable to quickly condense.

This was a bit too shocking. He didn't use exceptional precious techniques, using the simplest methods to attack the pangolin, leaving it in complete disbelief. His magical force was being restrained.

The most important thing was that he bare-handedly stopped immortal energy!

When everyone saw this scene, they gasped. This fella's combat awareness was too powerful, understanding everything about the pangolin, using near perfect combat technique to neutralize the other party.


Shi Hao took action continuously, sending the Pangolin flying. Terrifying fist imprints struck down on the scales again and again, blood now dripping out from its body.

The Pangolin released a miserable scream, protecting its body with the strand of immortal energy. It fell on the ground, collapsing into a pool of blood, receiving serious injuries.

"Thanks a bunch, I really did need this type of phoenix blood." Shi Hao landed gently on the ground, none of his previous craziness seen. He picked up the crystal with precious blood sealed within.

"Anyone else?" Shi Hao looked to the crowd, revealing a harmless smile. "I'm going to say it first, from now on, I'm only taking phoenix blood. I don't want any other heavenly treasures."

This person is definitely crazy! The crowd all wanted to rush over and beat him to the ground, then throw him into the rear mountains' netherworld well, suppress him for a hundred years.

It was because this fella was too arrogant, actually saying these types of things. Many people couldn't immediately shift opinions, still seeing him as Wang Xi's servant.

There were naturally people who didn't believe the supernatural, taking action again. In the end, Shi Hao obtained another lump of phoenix blood, feeling quite satisfied.

Even though they were unwilling, not many people dared take action again. They encountered a freak. Even though he didn't cultivate immortal energy, he still managed to suppress them.

Then, when Wang Xi spoke, releasing terrifying might, these people kept quiet out of fear, no longer daring to dally here, all of them leaving.

Of course, this matter wasn't finished. A great storm was brewing.

Wang Xi's name was well-known through the Nine Heavens. She cultivated three strands of immortal energy, had unmatched immortal beauty, no one dared to provoke her before her face. However, they truly hated that follower she summoned bad, or to be more precise, the dao friend she invited in.

When this matter spread, people came to challenge him continuously.

Earlier, even though those people weren't a match, it didn't mean that there were no experts in the academy, but rather that all of the true experts were in seclusion. Now, there were people who began to invite them out.

"There is no need to invite those with two strands of immortal energy, just have Ran Long, Mo Jiu and others take action. A single strand of immortal energy is also enough to suppress himi!"

The people they mentioned were all in seclusion, difficult to  get them to participate.

However, there were still some people who were invited over, declaring their challenge against Shi Hao, creating a huge commotion.

Shi Hao was quite decisive, not going to to fight anyone who didn't bring phoenix blood, angering everyone until their faces became ashen. For the sake of fighting him, they still had to go borrow phoenix blood.

Of course, they also made a request. If Shi Hao lost, he had to hand over phoenix blood or Purple Palace Elixir.

In the end… these people were defeated again and again, continuously losing.

In just a brief two days, Shi Hao acquired six more lumps of true blood, making the others feel endless pain, incredibly dejected. 

"Too hateful, we can't even defeat one of Wang Xi's servants?!" Someone shouted, expression unpleasant, face fallen.

They were all outstanding talents of their clans, known as the most powerful young experts, yet in the end, after entering heavenly deity institution, they were overwhelmed by Lu Tuo, Princess Yao Yue, Wang Xi, and others, but that was that.

Now, they couldn't even compare to Wang Xi's follower, truly a great mental blow, making many people feel a wave of defeat.

Shi Hao who had close to ten lumps of phoenix blood and a furnace of Purple Palace Elixir was extremely satisfied, now preparing to find a way to win some more heavenly treasures, and then enter seclusion cultivation.

Wang Xi was quite shocked. After this fella came, he did whatever he wanted, not uncomfortable at all. He cultivated in her cave this entire time, not acting politely at all.

This left Chen Nuo, Su Lan and the others all speechless, also feeling discontent. Even they normally cultivated in their own divine mountains, not easily entering this cave.

Meanwhile, this fella didn't show the slightest bit of propriety.

"Your strength is not bad, seize this chance to cultivate. After some time, join me in battle." Wang Xi said to Shi Hao.

Shi Hao was too preoccupied to ask what he was going to fight against, just half-heartedly saying a few things. However, he immediately snapped back.

"Immortal Battlefield?" He was extremely shocked.

"You are saying that Lu Tuo, Feng Xingtian and the other experts are also bringing people over?" Shi Hao's mind was moved. He was contemplating whether or not he should go there to get rid of some people!

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