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Chapter 1102 - Fairy Wang Xi

Wang Xi, beautiful to an unrealistic degree, her oval face sparkling white like fine jade, black eyebrows curved, eyes like black gemstones. Her nose was straight and tall, lips red, her head of beautiful hair glowing like satin.

Her figure was tall and straight. When she walked over, she was like a swaying divine lotus, skin sparkling and brilliant, entire being perfect. Even that long dress couldn't hide her curves.

The crowd's breathing became rough as they quietly watched her. When this type of world toppling beauty approached them, it was as if she was a fairy walking out from a painting.

Everyone appreciated beauty, let alone this type of unmatched woman, naturally drawing attention. The discussions in the surroundings all stopped, everyone watching quietly.

Shi Hao didn't wish to stir up trouble, so he was like the others, eyes brilliant, looking at her with burning eyes, doing his best to look like the others.

However, he wanted to remain calm, wishing to blend into the crowd, but he still failed. It was because that young and beautiful woman was coming straight for him.

As the Wang Family's pearl, as well as the woman with the greatest potential in the history of the clan, Wang Xi's spiritual awareness was terrifyingly sharp, extremely astonishing.

Even while quite far away, she felt that this youngster was unordinary, giving her a strange feeling. When she got closer, she immediately understood the reason.

This young man wore a golden band on his head!

It was releasing an almost undetectable ripple only her clan's geniuses could sense. It was because this was an imitation of their clan's supreme magical artifact.

Their clan's ancestral artifact diamond band shook the nine heavens, who didn't know about its existence?

The quality of the diamond band imitation the young man wore on his head was the highest kind, not something an ordinary person could use. Wang Xi could tell that this young man's origins were unordinary from a single look. Otherwise, her clansmen definitely wouldn't have easily given this type of item away.

"It carries a grain of Immortal Gold!" Wang Xi sighed with astonishment. From a certain perspective, the diamond band the young man wore carried astonishing value.

However, this magical artifact was only used to subdue and restrict him.

"Was it the clan's elders that told you to come here?" Wang Xi secretly transmitted sound, extremely gentle and pleasant to listen to, as if sounds of nature were sounding in his head.

She knew that her clansmen were looking for a suitable servant for her, previously saying that they were going to look for the best, that they would use this type of diamond band to restrict the person. This proved this person was extraordinary.

Shi Hao was speechless. He truly didn't want to be targeted by this person, especially after drawing a group of eyes. He just wanted to calmly enter heavenly deity institution. 

However now, the situation seemed to have changed a bit.

He didn't reply, only giving Wang Xi a look. Then, he looked elsewhere, not paying her any attention.

Wang Xi smiled, extremely calm, but also quite stunning, as if an immortal flower corolla was blossoming, immediately brightening heaven and earth.

Those bright eyes looked over, red lips bright, teeth pure white, immediately making many people distracted. Even though the smile wasn't that provocative, even a bit faint, it still made the hearts of cultivators nearby jump crazily.

Even females felt the urge to sigh. Wang Xi's beauty was too extraordinary, making them feel ashamed of their inferiority.

"Has some character." Wang Xi only spoke these few words. Her eyes were profound and unfathomable, revealing a hint of expression that was difficult to comprehend.

Shi Hao was shocked. His eyebrows jumped, looking at her. He could clearly sense a bit of provocation from the other party, as well as a bit of ridicule. This woman was quite different.

Wang Xi was indeed a bit surprised. She felt that since this male dared to ignore her like this, there was several possible reasons why he did this.

The first was to draw her attention, purposely acting artificially. The second was that he was unwilling to accept this, not wanting to be ordered about by her. Another possibility was that he really was calm, like this to begin with. This meant that the other person felt that he could deal with her with equal statuses.

Was it her clansmen who sent over a servant, or did a runaway captive just happen to run here? Or maybe he came here precisely for her, paying a tremendous price to purchase the diamond band, restraining himself on purpose to meet her?

Wang Xi came from a long life family, so she was naturally not a normal woman. There were many thoughts and speculations that appeared in a flash.

She revealed a faint smile. She decided not to worry about those situations, she was indifferent to them, instead feeling a bit amused. Regardless of whether this young man came here honestly or while wearing a fake mask, she didn't mind. Regardless, it was all to become a servant, to be ordered around by her.

If this person's purpose wasn't pure, it would instead be more interesting. She would then have quite the play to watch, see what kind of tricks he was going to play.

"You'll be the one." Wang Xi spoke. She revealed a smile, dazzling others until they couldn't open their eyes, brilliant light astonishing, leaving many cultivators shocked.

Immediately afterwards, killing intent surged. Many creatures stared at Shi Hao with unkind expressions at the same time, carrying jealousy and anger, as well as unacceptance.

Everyone knew that Wang Xi selected Shi Hao, going to bring him into heavenly deity institution.

They felt quite dejected. They came here for his type of qualification, especially being chosen by this type of world toppling beauty. In the eyes of many young experts, this was the best opportunity.

In the end, the results were unrelated to them, the quota taken up by that person.

In reality, Shi Hao didn't feel happy at all. After being forced to wear the diamond band by the Wang Family like this, he had long wished to settle this debt. However, it wasn't good for him to act out here, after all, the situation was complicated, he wasn't willing to stir up more trouble.

Of course, agreeing like this was impossible. He cultivated three strands of immortal energy, so why did he have to serve as the servant of another?

If it was the other way around, that would make more sense. In the three thousand provinces, he had previously declared similar 'great ambitions', even though it was done in a half-joking manner.

"Hey, Fairy Wang Xi is speaking to you." Someone reminded Shi Hao. It was a handsome and carefree young man who followed at Wang Xi's side.

It was clear that this was a follower Wang Xi accepted before.

Aside from him, there was a young lady with charming looks, exceptional strength.

"I do not wish to follow you." Shi Hao said, direct and plainspoken.

When this sentence was spoken, the handsome male immediately revealed a strange look. He actually refused!

This place became quiet, everyone becoming shocked, feeling as if they misheard. Someone was refusing Fairy Wang Xi's invitation? This almost felt a bit unreal.

One had to understand that it was unknown just how many creatures wanted to be in his situation, especially the young men, their eyes burning with passion, wishing for the chance to accompany an exceptional beauty at her side.

Yet this youth refused just like that, leaving them so shocked their eyeballs were going to pop out. They were stunned and confused.

Wang Xi revealed a ruminate look, but this type of expression disappeared with a flash. Her bright eyes moved about, looking again and again, thinking about why this person refused.

Was this a noble and virtuous deliberate display? Or was it to say, he really was refusing.

Regardless of which it was, she wouldn't allow the other party to refuse, having to keep him by her side and then slowly torment him, watch what kind of performance he would put up.

As a result, she smiled, inviting again, her smile extremely sweet.

Many people were stupefied. The Wang Family's fairy was so amiable, a smile stealing the hearts of many, truly rarely seen. Many people felt moved.

Shi Hao refused again.

This time, everyone felt that it was a bit strange, all of them dumbstruck. Was this fella doing this on purpose, trying to draw the fairy's attention?

A group of people grinded their teeth, feeling that this person deserved a beating!


In the distance, there were people who sneered. They were all official disciples of heavenly deity institution, their numbers not small. When they saw this scene, they all revealed expressions of disdain.

"This person is too egotistical, who does he think he is? Does he think that he can make a deeper impression like this, draw Fairy Wang Xi's interest? Too childish!"

"This loser doesn't even have the qualifications to enter the heavenly deity institution, far below us, yet he wants to play this kind of game, just overestimating his capabilities! One has to know that he doesn't even have the qualifications, yet he wants to draw Fairy Wang Xi's attention?"

Many of heavenly deity institution's disciples shook their heads, taking delight in this disaster, sneering at him.

However, contrary to expectations, Wang Xi moved her red lips again, extremely amiable, inviting Shi Hao again, making the people outside the mountain gates jealous. Meanwhile, the disciples in heavenly deity institution revealed strange looks, feeling that Shi Hao was out of luck.

"Is Wang Xi trying to deal with him, taking him as a servant first, and then properly torment him after he enters the academy?"

"This fella is in trouble, actually daring to treat Fairy Wang Xi like this, too vulgar!"

The cultivators inside the academy who cultivated immortal energy all laughed. Even they felt like Wang Xi was bright like a moon, impossible to chase, so they naturally showed Shi Hao contempt.

"I have the qualifications to become an official disciple myself, so I never decided to enter the academy through you all." This time, Shi Hao was even more direct.

When Wang Xi heard this, she revealed a look of surprise, indeed a bit shocked. "Is that so? Then I'll have a look."

She took action. With a wave of her sleeves, she approached Shi Hao, elegant and agile like an immortal. A strand of pure white mist appeared, surrounding Shi Hao, wishing to suppress him.

Shi Hao didn't move, allowing the mist to cover him. He secretly activated two strands of immortal energy to stop this.

Others couldn't see, but Wang Xi was shocked, deeply sensing that this person actually cultivated two strands of immortal energy, greatly exceeding her expectations!

This was the first time she was shocked. This person was a genius after all, having the qualifications to enter heavenly deity academy, a rarely seen expert.

This time, her smile became even more brilliant, extremely interested, secretly transmitting sound, seriously inviting him for a chat, wishing to discuss with him in a different place.

"There is no need!" Shi Hao didn't wish to let things worsen further.

"Your talents aren't bad, but it is quite pitiful, heavenly deity institution really isn't taking disciples any longer. There were a few people who, due to coming late, even had their qualifications stripped. It is to the extent where a young man named Huang who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, because of unexpected events, didn't come in time. There are people inside the academy who have proposed to no longer accept him." Wang Xi secretly transmitted.

This left Shi Hao shocked. He secretly clenched his fists, unexpectedly obtaining this piece of information, making him furious.

He still looked quite calm on the surface, not displaying anything.

Shi Hao's mind moved, thinking about many things. He wanted to walk away from this problem, no longer paying this so-called heavenly deity institution any more attention. If he had to lower his dignity to join, he would rather give up.

"Yi?" An uproar sounded in the distance. Many people raised their heads, even heavenly deity institution's students like this.

An individual moved through the sky, bringing a youth straight into heavenly deity institution, releasing a powerful aura!

"Yuan Qing!"

Shi Hao's eyes became cold. He actually saw Yuan Qing, the one who wanted to suppress him for ten years. This was a great enemy.

Soon after, someone said something softly, releasing a piece of new. Yuan Qing delivered a descendant who might very likely join heavenly deity institution.

A dark haze shrouded Shi Hao's heart. If he could show his expression, it would definitely be extremely ugly. Yuan Qing was actually allowed to send a descendant into heavenly deity institution! 

He immediately understood why someone had Yuan Qing take action, suppressing him for ten years, involving a few complex people and powers. Was this an exchange of interest?

It was clear that there were people inside the institution with unclear attitudes, or else why would Yuan Qing dare bring over a disciple?!

Rage surged within Shi Hao's mind. So what if he didn't enter this heavenly deity institution?!

"Yuan Qing, do you know your crimes?" Suddenly, a voice sounded from the depths of heavenly deity institution, ringing like thunder.

"Yuan Qing, you should leave first." However, another voice sounded.

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