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Chapter 1101 - Extremely Brilliant


Meng Yun attacked fiercely, forcing back the individuals who rushed forward again. One of them even coughed out large amounts of blood, injuries extremely serious.

Finally, a cough sounded from within the mountain gate, and then a few people appeared. There were extremely powerful cultivators among them who released astonishing auras.

"Meng Yun, why must you go so far?" One of them spoke.

Quite a few people came this time, splitting into many powers. There was a young man in one of the groups who had green hair scattering down his shoulders, sitting there, unmoving.

There were many people in his surroundings, standing at the two sides, making him look even more extraordinary and holy.

"Lu Tuo, he appeared!" Someone cried out in alarm, raising a commotion. Many people's eyes began to burn with passion.

Lu Tuo, this was a powerful individual. He didn't move, sitting on a dao platform, floating in the air. The academy's elites hovered in his surroundings, crowding around him.

This person was a legend, someone who had never been defeated. Even though he looked extremely handsome, when he spoke, it was like thunder, able to blast one who cultivated immortal energy to death on the spot, let alone his other true divine abilities. This person could not be fought head on!

He grasped a true ancient heavenly art, far above his peers. His valiance dominated the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Now, he personally made an appearance.

Meng Yun's expression changed, withdrawing immediately!

In front of Lu Tuo, even someone as powerful as Meng Yun who cultivated two strands of immortal energy couldn't display the slightest bit of fighting spirit, turning around to leave.

Meanwhile, at this time, the mountain gates opened. Many people appeared. Lu Tuo was not the only one, there were other well-known individuals who appeared as well.

"The core disciples have all come out, about to choose followers!" Someone cried out in alarm. A great disturbance was immediately raised here.

A group of people swarmed forward, rushing towards Lu Tuo and the others, wishing to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Shi Hao became a bit speechless. Just the competition for this type of quota was already so fierce, one could imagine just how intense the selection for true disciples back then was.

He released a light sigh, feeling that things weren't going to go smoothly this time. Heavenly deity institution actually refused disciples with such great potential, so how could someone who came as late as him not be refused?

Shi Hao frowned, starting to think to himself.

He felt that with his talent and strength, he could enter. Heavenly deity institution didn't have any reasons to refuse him. However, when he thought of how Yuan Qing wanted to suppress him for ten years, leaving him in Origin Ancient Mine, he felt extremely uncomfortable inside.

There was someone acting against him, moreover someone with great authority.

Shi Hao's eyes flickered, revealing coldness.

Another group of people arrived, stars surrounding a moon, a male walking at the center, many experts around him. He was extremely young, body releasing chaotic energy.

Feng Xingtian!

The most powerful cultivation genius that had emerged in Feng[1] Clan after many eras, known to be comparable to his ancestor, someone who wasn't weaker than a long life being in his youth!

His name was well known in the nine heavens, one of the most powerful geniuses!

Shi Hao restrained his aura. He could tell from a single look that this person was ridiculously powerful, possessing terrifying divine strength, definitely a formidable figure.

At the same time, Feng Xingtian sensed something, revealing a look of surprise, looking in this direction.

"Ya, hurry and look, Princess Yao Yue also came!"

A group of boys were excited, flocking in a direction, staring at a woman. All of their eyes began to burn with passion, as if they were looking at a piece of rare treasure.

Who was Princess Yao Yue?

Shi Hao didn't know, so he turned around, looking in that direction.

A woman walked over elegantly, arriving while treading on moonlight. Even though it was daytime, her body was surrounded by water like moonlight, incredibly pure and holy.

She wore light clothes, face beautiful, elegant and perfect, as if she was someone from a fantasy. When she blinked her starry eyes, it immediately made others infatuated.

Shi Hao was shocked. Forget about everything else, just the spiritual force of this woman was exceptionally shocking, able to look down on all of her peers. When her eyes opened and closed, the wisps of spiritual force could almost condense into tangible matter.

Of course, only with Heavenly Eyes could he see these things. There was no way the naked eye could see that type of powerful spiritual force.

Sure enough, that woman sensed something, detecting a powerful spiritual force that wasn't weaker than hers. She couldn't help but look back, searching about in this direction.

Shi Hao restrained his aura, silently watching. Heavenly deity institution was hiding great talents after all, an astonishing place, gathering the most powerful heroic talents of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

"Princess Yao Yue came from an ancient imperial court, also belonging to an ancient long life family!" Someone said softly, describing this woman's identity.

The others sighed. Her origins were too powerful. The family a long life being established, as well as an imperial court, that was definitely the greatest power, not many things comparable to this.

Princess Yao Yue clearly possessed great popularity in heavenly deity institution. Not only these outside cultivators, but also those true disciples' eyes were burning as they looked at her.

Then, the atmosphere became more and more intense, because core disciples appeared one after another, triggering great disturbances, this place unable to calm down.

"You came!"

Lu Tuo pointed at a woman who was beautiful and dignified, extremely outstanding, figure long and slender. When she walked, she was elegant and refined, her figure moving as she arrived.

This triggered cries of alarm, because that was an imperial lady who came from a well-known ancient country, her reputation great.

There were immediately people who began to make noise, triggering quite the commotion.

This imperial lady was first shocked, and then she walked over, natural and unrestrained to Lu Tuo's side, becoming his follower.

"Don't tell me she's going to become a concubine?" Someone released a strange cry.


This place became even noisier, many people gazing over together, staring in that direction.

Only, Lu Tuo released a cold snort, and then all of the noise disappeared, that area gradually becoming quiet.

It was because that cold snort was like thunder as it erupted in their minds, shaking up many people until their ears were in great pain, bodies staggering, almost collapsing on the spot.

"Yi, Princess Yao Yue is also choosing someone. She needs two servants, as well as an ancient beast to pull a carriage!"

When news got out, a group of people swarmed over, doing everything they could to sell themselves.

"Heavens, isn't that Bai[2] Hong, White Tiger Clan's outstanding talent, an area's young supreme being? It's actually willing to pull the carriage!"

"This is too absurd. Why would he make this type of decision?!"

This place became chaotic, many people staring forward in disbelief.

Bai Hong, a heroic young man, white clothes refined, bloodline noble, this was an extremely well know young expert. Back then, he was almost chosen to become a disciple of the academy, but ended up failing because of a few unexpected events.

Now, his smile was warm, fiercely leaping up, turning into his original form, displaying the White Tiger body, willing to become the divine beast that pulled Princess Yao Yue's carriage.

This was definitely explosive news, difficult for it to not be talked about, triggering a commotion.

"What is Bai Hong trying to accomplish? Ignoring his status, is he letting himself go, about to turn into a mount to pull a carriage?!"

Princess Yao Yue became the focal point of ten thousand eyes. An exceptional young talent was willing to do this, proving just how great her charisma was.

Only when Feng Xingtian, the one know to be comparable to the Wind Clan's ancestor walked over from the distance, about to choose a follower did everyone's attention slightly shift.

A few beautiful woman, as well as an some confident powerful young men moved towards him, hoping to be chosen.

Suddenly, a place not far off became silent, as if a clamoring street immediately became quiet, quite abrupt.

However, that place became noisy again soon after.

"Young miss Wang Xi has arrived, also about to select followers!"

The news erupted like thunder, making this place quake. The cultivators outside the mountain gate all looked in that direction, revealing hopeful expressions, wishing to be selected by her.

"Long life family Wang Clan's brilliant pearl, she cultivated three strands of immortal energy, powerful, incomparable, exceptional under the sky!"

When these cries of alarm sounded, Shi Hao knew who she was. The diamond band forced onto his head was placed by her clansmen in Origin Ancient Mine, precisely so that he could become this lady's servant.

"Truly extremely beautiful, an outstanding beauty!" Many people sighed with astonishment, feeling a bit infatuated.

When one cultivated to their cultivation realms, generally speaking, it was difficult for beauty to move their minds. This was, unless they were too bewitching, or if their spirits were moved.

It was clear that this young lady, regardless of whether it was her appearance, body, or spiritual quality, all made her a peerless beauty!

Princess Yao Yue's appearance alone triggered an uproar, drawing ten thousand eyes. When the Wang Clan's young miss emerged, it was the same, becoming the most dazzling center of attention.

She was indeed selecting servants, treating this matter seriously. Her eyes carried astonishing brilliance as she swept them over everyone's eyes one by one. However, she didn't immediately announce her decision.

Suddenly, she saw Shi Hao, immediately staring blankly. Divine light flashed through her divine eyes, and then she walked straight at him!

1. Feng means Wind

2. Bai means white

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