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Chapter 1100 - Abandoned Disciple

Shi Hao rubbed his nose, trying to hide his embarrassment.

The mountains were majestic, all formed from stars. After all this time, spiritual essence continuously released from them, turning this place into the most precious pure land.

Heavenly deity institution had too many  great peaks, rumored that every single true disciple had a large amount of spiritual earth to themself. This place was extremely vast. 

The people outside were long moved. They could see jade palaces, flowing waterfalls and flying springs, divine medicines that could run and move about, and rising immortal energy.

"Why aren't they coming out yet? We've waited for so long already." Someone complained.

Many of the individuals here were their clans' most powerful heroes, countries' imperial princesses. Not only were their dao profound, strength great, their statuses were also formidable.

There were naturally those like Shi Hao as well, believing that being the follower of another didn't match their status, feeling a bit conflicted inside.

Normally, these were all above others. Whenever they set out, they would all be like moons surrounded by stars, sheltered and pampered by their clansmen. Yet today, after coming here, they could only wait patiently for heavenly deity institution to come select people.

"Sigh, even I, the successor of a clan, can only hope to become someone else's follower. It truly is a bit hard to accept!" A young man in an embroidered robe said with a sigh, looking extremely noble.

"Lower your voices, if you aren't willing, then just leave. Speaking out like this is only making trouble." Someone advised.

"Think about those ancient imperial heavenly ladies. If they are chosen, they would end up as followers, maybe even maids. Would their statuses be even more wronged?"

There were some who were unresigned. They came here after listening to their elders' strict warnings, as a result feeling a bit frustrated.

However, most of the people here really did want to become the followers of heavenly deity institution's disciples. They wanted to use this chance to ascend to the skies, acquire the qualifications to cultivating the academy's most powerful inheritance.

Generally speaking, the academy's disciples were all extraordinary, almost all of them cultivating immortal energy.

Moreover, these people had outstanding statuses to begin with, all of these young supreme beings nurtured with their respective clans' greatest resources. Their future accomplishments were unimaginable.

That was why these outstanding talents, ancient country pearls and others, despite feeling a bit unwilling inside, still consoled themselves after coming here and carefully thought things through.

It was because those people, forget about their cultivation, just their statuses along were above those here.

"I hope the inheritor of a long life family will choose me!" A young man clenched his fists, looking quite young and tender, speaking in this type of hopeful manner.

There was immediately someone who laughed, saying, "Don't tell me you are hoping the pearl of a long life family will take interest in a brat like you?"

When others heard this, that young man's face immediately flushed red.

Long life family, those were families who had an immortal as their ancestor. Solely in terms of strength, even after endless years had passed, they were still terrifying and world shocking.

Even those ancient countries, holy lands, and powerful clans had to act politely towards them, treating them with great courtesy.

No one knew for sure what true long life beings left behind. If those things were used, it would definitely be earth-shattering, able to kill supreme beings, wipe out countries and overturn sects.

"Speaking of long life family, there are some pearls who really are stunning. I really hope I get chosen by them! Even if it's as a servant, I'll still be happy!"

A somewhat frivolous male with starstruck eyes spoke, his face carrying a smile. He had purple hair, eyes filled with radiance. His strength was quite extraordinary as well.

The others sneered, all of them shaking their heads. Even if they were chosen as a slave, so what? The young ladies of long life families lived in different worlds from them, the difference too great.

"It's better if you face reality, stop daydreaming so much." Someone reminded with a laugh, telling him not to shoot his mouth to avoid provoking disaster.

"Say, do you all think the Wang Family's pearl is extraordinary or is the Ning Family's pearl more formidable?" Someone raised this topic.

Even though they knew that discussing long life families like this wasn't too good, to the extent where it was even a bit dangerous, they still couldn't help but compare them.

"Are you trying to compare their appearances or cultivation?"


"Should be the Wang Family's young miss that is more stunning. I heard that she cultivated three strands of immortal energy. This type of natural talent is enough to overlook the Nine Heavens Ten Earths."

"It's not easy to say. Those long life family inheritors are all extremely mysterious, none of us understanding much about them."

Outside the mountain gate, more and more people appeared, this place incredibly noisy.

On the ground, all types of barbaric beasts roared. Feathers shone brilliantly in midair. Divine birds spread their wings, filling the sky.

It was unknown just how many geniuses came, all for the sake of becoming the follower of another. The competition could be said to be quite fierce.

Suddenly, there was a wave of disorder. The savage beasts on the earth all became uneasy, roaring towards the heavens, struggling about, howling and whimpering in this mountain region, wishing to escape.

In addition, the divine birds in the skies all began to beat their wings, becoming incredibly noisy. They looked toward a direction, all of them wishing to fly away.

A six-winged ancient beast flew over. It wasn't that large, only a few zhang in length, but it exuded a mountainous aura, suffocating everyone until it was hard for them to breathe.

This ancient beast had a horse body, Flood Dragon head, its body resembling a Qilin a bit, but definitely wasn't one. Purple light flickered about its entire body, scales glistening with deep radiance. Apart from this, it had scarlet-red vermilion wings, six of them in total.

It was incredibly heroic, like the mount of a supreme being, making all of the vicious beasts and divine birds feel fear and terror.

"Six Winged Ancient Beast, extraordinary after all, practically suppressing all other mounts." Someone said with a sigh.

"What a pity, its body hasn't evolved into a true Qilin, wings not evolving into perfect vermilion bird wings. Otherwise, it really would be a supreme being mount." Another person said quietly.

On that mount sat a male, hair red like blood, a fiery red expanse.

He was heroic and imposing, definitely not an ordinary person, but an outstanding individual. This was especially the case with the strand of immortal energy around his body, proving his extraordinariness.

"It's him, he came again!"

"He comes here once a month, but what a pity, hadn't been chosen all this time."

Shi Hao listened to their discussions, feeling extremely shocked. This person wished to enter heavenly deity institution, but was actually rejected.

"In the end, he only has himself to blame. Heavenly deity institution already selected him, yet when it was time to check in, he didn't hurry over, only coming after several tens of days, ultimately having his qualifications canceled by the academy."

When Shi Hao heard these words, he was immediately a bit stupefied. It was because he was even worse, only coming today, already many months passing.

The Six Winged Ancient Beast's scarlet-haired youngster transmitted sound, extremely willful and stubborn, wishing to enter heavenly deity institution, declaring a challenge here.

"Truly a pity. He comes here every month when the core disciples come out to find servants and followers. He wants to go into the institution and challenge others."

This person didn't wish to become a servant, but rather to challenge true academy disciples, wishing to be chosen and become a core disciple this way.

However, heavenly deity institution decided to make an example out of him, not taking him in all this time.

"Is there a need to reject him like this? This is a good seed, is he going to be abandoned just like that?" Even Shi Hao began to feel a bit of sympathy for this person.

Of course, he was worried for himself. If he rushed over like this, if he was chased out and not acknowledged, then that really would be a disaster.

There were some who said that heavenly deity institution did this on purpose, that they were trying to foster a different type of student. Even though he wasn't allowed in, the amount of resources he received wouldn't be that lacking.


The Six Winged Ancient Beast roared, shaking the world and splitting the space around it. The ancient beast was that powerful, so one could imagine the strength of its master.

"Who is making a racket?" A few people finally appeared from the mountain gate, coming here to take a look.

Several young individuals appeared within the mountain gate at once, one of them laughing coldly and saying, "Zhao Gang, you've come again. You didn't treasure the chance, now, it's already too late. You should just leave!"

It was clear that these were heavenly deity institution's students, these individuals cultivated immortal energy, stopping that Zhao Gang riding on the Six Winged Ancient Beast.

This battle was unavoidable. Zhao Gang was extremely strong, the Six Winged Ancient Beast extraordinary as well. However, before those individuals he still suffered greatly, because there were several individuals taking action together after all.

"Sigh, he was defeated again as expected. Why is Zhao Gang even doing this? Coming here to fight every month, but still unable to join the academy in the end." Someone said with a sigh.

The Six Winged Ancient Beast roared, fleeing after being wounded, bringing Zhao Gang away from this place.

The void trembled. A green-clothed woman appeared, in her hand a jade sword, the sword radiance like rainbows. Chi chi sounds rang out endlessly, fighting against those students alone.

Shi Hao was quite shocked. This girl cultivated two strands of immortal energy, strength exceptional. After an intense battle, those individuals were all defeated!

"Meng Yun, Meng Yun has recovered! Due to some reasons, she wasn't able to arrive in heavenly deity institution in time, also forced to remain outside. This has left her quite discontent, often coming here to challenge the students!" Someone said.

When Shi Hao heard this, his face became wooden, extremely ugly. He felt like he had encountered trouble.

Even this type of stunning girl was rejected, not being accepted by heavenly deity institution, this was just too severe right? If he wanted to enter, it would most likely be troublesome as well.

"Are there many people like this?" Shi Hao asked.

"Of course not, because there are only a few who came late because of various reasons, ultimately refused after exceeding the time limit for too long. There are only three or four who have become abandoned disciples." Someone said.

"Abandoned disciples?" Shi Hao was stunned, expression grave. Could it be that he was also one of these, destined for rejection?

"There are some who claim the academy is doing this on purpose to temper these people, not actually giving up on them." Another added.

"But this is just too mentally crushing, right? Being called abandoned disciples doesn't sound that good after all. Also, by missing out on the academy's various resources, it'll hinder their cultivation." There were others who sighed, not believing this type of saying at all.

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