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Chapter 1099 - Heavenly Deity Institution.

The ancient continent is vast and boundless. This place is known as Immeasurable Heaven, high up above, overlooking the stellar domain.

There were nine heavens in total, this being only one of them, a legendary place.

One couldn't see the horizon at all. Many stars were arranged side by side, but compared to this ancient land, they were like grains of sand.

It was clear that there were more than one heavenly sun.

Every region had their own, rising at dawn, falling in the evening.

"All formed from the corpses of ancient Golden Crows!" Shi Hao said with a sigh.

He knew that there were some ancient Golden Crows whose strength were powerful beyond compare, among them existences that exceeded the limits of the mortal world. Unfortunately, they had already died, their corpses now turned into suns.

Not long after Shi Hao left the warship, a large purple ship moved through the void, entering this ancient continent, catching up to the blue warship.

"Dao brother, please wait!"

This was also a slave ship. It hurried from Origin Star, speeding here to catch up to the blue warship.

"What is it?" The blue warship stopped, and the captain asked.

"We came from Origin Ancient Mine, an important slave from our clan escaped…" An elder from the Wang Family ran over. He was going to return to begin with, so he might as well use this chance to verify the suspicions in his heart.

Unfortunately, when he arrived on this continent, there was a group that had already left the blue warship. Even if he ascended the warship to search around, he was still destined for disappointment.

Shi Hao didn't know about these things. He borrowed an ancient transport formation on the ground to leave this place.

"Heavenly deity institution!"

He only had a single target. He had to hurry to that place and satisfy his aspirations.

Ever since he left the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, the journey couldn't be considered smooth, with many great delays. He had to hurry over with the shortest amount of time possible. There was no time left to squander away.

He had previously visited a part of the desolate border, ascended Undying Mountain, seeing that the creatures on that side had already started moving, also preparing for war!

Time was pressing. If he couldn't rise up quickly, ascending to the very peak, once the great war erupted, not even the most stunning talent was enough. One needed to reach higher cultivation realms.

"It is still too far away!"

Shi Hao was a bit stupefied. He really didn't expect this continent to be this vast, the so-called Immeasurable Heaven many times larger than the Three Thousand Dao Provinces.

The Nine Heavens were high above, larger than the Ten Earths, the heroic figures here bringing even greater glory to this place.

Just like how the three thousand provinces had the lower realm's eight regions, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, even though not as exaggerated, were still many times bigger.

Shi Hao felt a bit of a headache. He could only head to those giant cities and pay hefty prices to move through the transport formations. Otherwise, flying the entire journey wasn't too realistic.

Shi Hao borrowed transport formations one after another, walking through ancient cities again and again, continuously advancing in one direction.

After spending half a month and using up many rare treasures, he finally approached his destination after borrowing the power of a few giant transport formations, arriving in the region where the heavenly deity institution was.

Stellar Sea, a legendary place.

There were too many legends about this place.

It was rumored that during the great battle of the past, countless stars fell, all of them smashing downwards, producing endless stellar radiance. When one watched from the distance, it was as if divine rainbows connected the heavens, bright colors gorgeous, incomparably dazzling.

During that battle, a powerful being hacked apart the heavenly dome. Countless great stars fell, directly drowning out this place, this place covered in endless brilliance. When one watched from the distance, it was as if they were looking at a sea of stars.

Later on, this place became an expanse of abandoned earth. It was because too many stars fell, completely ruining this place.

If not for this place being vast enough and having countless great formations, it would have definitely been smashed through, completely destroyed.

Despite this being the case, this place was still greatly changed, the fields turning into mountain regions. It was because there were countless falling stars. Even though there were some that smashed into the earth, there were still large amounts on the ground surface.

A mountain range made from falling stars!

Moreover, this mountain range was unimaginably tall, towering into the clouds, full of a majestic and oppressive aura.

Of course, the reason there was this type of scene was because of great formations. Otherwise, how could there be so many stars left behind?

Eventually, there was another great being that came to refine this place, truly turning the fallen stars into a mountain range. Meanwhile, plants began to grow once again.

This region was thus named Stellar Sea.

Apart from stars, there were a few supreme treasure fragments buried here, and even unmatched experts' blood and bones, making this place even more divine and unordinary.

In addition, there were a few immortal caves that were buried underground by countless stars.

After so many years had passed, Stellar Sea already flourished with life. There were many areas where immortal dao energy surged, making it appear increasingly divine and auspicious.

Heavenly deity institution chose this place as its location. This was the most auspicious place.

It was rumored that beneath the mountain range where it resided, rested an immortal cave from the last great era, waiting to be excavated, about to appear. Normally, there was faint immortal energy all around the academy, truly mysterious and extraordinary.

This was clearly the most ideal cultivation land, enough for great ancient sects to fight for.

Only by making it the base for the heavenly deity institution did the other sects calm down, no longer struggling over it.

Stellar Sea was extremely large, this region comparable to ten provinces from the three thousand provinces!

When he arrived, he found from just asking around a bit that almost everyone knew where heavenly deity institution was. He didn't have to worry about losing his way at all.

It was because there were many people hurrying towards that place during this time, wishing to be chosen so they could enter the academy.

Along the way, Shi Hao encountered quite a few young talents. After asking them, he learned that they were heading to the same destination, wishing to enter heavenly deity institution.

This left him shocked. Didn't the selection already end? Why were there still so many people hurrying over?

When he entered Stellar Sea's depths, approaching heavenly deity institution, he encountered more and more people along the way. There were some who rode on white ancient divine elephants, others seated on Dragon Marked Sparrows… they were all disciples from great powers!

Finally, he arrived!

Up ahead, the great mountains were majestic, purple energy overflowing, auspicious light surging. He could tell that this was a rare pure land from a single look.

The mountains rose and fell, as if there were over ten thousand True Dragons lying dormant here!

"The mountain range here is all piled up from emperor stars, full of spiritual essence, covered densely in divine matter." Someone said.

Shi Hao was stunned as soon as he arrived by the mountain gates. There were just too many people here, right?

There were all types of divine birds in the sky, carrying a few princes and young misses, all of them talented individuals with a set amount of accomplishments on the path of cultivation.

It could be said that they were all experts, not a single one of them ordinary.

There were many barbaric beasts on the ground who pulled ancient war chariots, their bodies releasing astonishing energy. They also carried the outstanding talents from different clans, included among them the most powerful heirs of a region, imperial court princesses.

These individuals' statuses were extraordinary, backgrounds extremely great.

There were too many people, stretching out as far as the eye could see, endless. Regardless of whether it was the sky, ground, or mountain peaks, they were all crammed with creatures.

Shi Hao felt a bit dizzy. This was just too cruel right? There were so many here, but likely only one could enter!

Inside the mountain gate, it was incredibly pure and holy. Jade palaces rested on enormous mountains one after another, immortal light surging, auspicious energy lingering around, the scene incredibly astonishing.

Those mountains had holy medicines releasing their fragrance, flowing with brilliant colors.

Even divine medicines could be seen, moving around in the mountain region, leaving one stunned.

There were enormous lakes, raised within them ancient divine Flood Dragons, treated like fish in an aquarium. From time to time, water splashed outwards, electrical radiance curling about.

Shi Hao only gave this place some hurried glances, but already couldn't help but sigh. This really was done on quite the large scale!

The mountain gate was extremely vast, one couldn't see its end, only able to see the outermost scenes.

"Why did so many people come? Didn't the disciples' selection end a long time ago?" Shi Hao couldn't help but ask those around him.

There were immediately people around him that rolled their eyes, not paying him any attention.

Only a single person asked in confusion, "Could it be that you don't want to become a follower?"

These words alone left Shi Hao shocked.

Soon after, only after asking around carefully did he learn about the true situation. He was immediately stupefied.

Heavenly deity institution's disciple selection had long concluded. What the outstanding talents of various sects and exceptional talents came here for wasn't to become a disciple, but rather to become the core disciples' followers.

Every period of time, there would be some disciples in heavenly deity institution who would choose some servants, maids, followers, etc.

These people came from afar all for a chance of entering this heavenly deity institution, not minding that type of identity.

Shi Hao was shocked, really finding it a bit hard to understand. There were young supreme beings among those present, powerful clans' inheritors, ancient imperial court princesses and others.

With their identities, their extraordinary cultivations, did they have to go this far?

"It seems like you don't really understand. After entering the heavenly deity institution, becoming those core disciples' followers, if we are stunning enough, there is a chance to become true disciples!" Someone explained.

"For the sake of a chance, even a clan's pearl is willing to first serve as a maid, the young supreme being of a clan willing to serve as a servant?" Shi Hao asked.

"All things require a price, let alone entering the heavenly deity institution, a place where the most powerful inheritance in history can be obtained!" A beautiful girl said with a sigh.

"History's most powerful inheritance?" Shi Hao was astonished.

Those around him didn't pay him much attention anymore, because they discovered that he didn't know anything, just an ignorant person.

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