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Chapter 1098 - Stowaway

Shi Hao broke out. He had already stayed inside the dark mine for many days. Now that he saw a rising and falling mountain range, bright daylight, he felt as if he was dreaming.

The underground world was extremely new and odd, full of strange things. It was clearly an abandoned ancient mine, yet it concealed endless mysteries. There were historical remains of immortals and undecaying beings.

This place was suspected to have the corpse of an immortal king, as well as historical remains like the black palace. There were many things that were hidden, the mysteries impossible to guess at.

In reality, the more Shi Hao pondered over this, the more he felt that this place was extraordinary. Even something like the Nine Phoenix Furnace had been randomly buried here, so only heaven knew what was buried in the depths of this place.

Unfortunately, he regretfully did not find any Life Stones.

He came and left in a hurry, not seeing any of these wondrous stones. Perhaps he had encountered them along the way, but overlooked them.

This place was too dangerous. With that type of powerful undecaying corpse who had already developed intelligence there, almost trapping him in the black palace, he couldn't stay inside no matter what.

The air on the ground wasn't all that clean, to the extent where it could be called dirty, scorching hot. It was because there were no plants here, so when the ground was directly shone on, broiled by the blazing sunlight, the natural conditions naturally became quite nasty.

When Shi Hao came out, he used the Earth to Inches Divine Ability, entering the earth, quickly, leaving this place, not drawing any attention.

It was because huge changes had just taken place here, even heavenly deity institution's old elder retreating in shock, rushing out. The other large powers naturally didn't dare stay here.

Only, there were still people in the distance, moreover quite a lot of them, remaining here.

Of course, the most important people had temporarily withdrew, entering the stellar dome's warships, heading into the cosmos to temporarily stay away from the dangers.

Origin Ancient Mine had too many secrets, no one daring to act carelessly. Even if a true supreme being came, they might still feel some apprehension, not willing to enter recklessly.

This star was extremely large, its surface area vast. Shi Hao kept a low profile, not wishing to expose himself, secretly leaving this place.

Flying straight back to Immeasurable Heaven was too difficult. It was because right now, he had already entered outer space, this star quite far from that ancient land. If he really had to cross it himself, it was unknown just how many months and years it would be before he would make it.

Moreover, there were many damaged remains along the way, formation patterns endless. This stellar domain used to be an ancient battlefield, full of thistles and thorns, difficult to traverse.

"Can only wait!" Shi Hao clenched his fists. He already stayed here for such a long time, it wouldn't make too much of a difference to wait another day or two.

In the end, this visit to Origin Ancient Mine left him more scared than hurt. His greatest reward was that ancient heavenly art, this likely going to become the cornerstone he relied on to stand tall in the heavenly deity institution.

It was because from what he knew, the most powerful geniuses there all possessed ancient heavenly arts, all of them not good to provoke.

Of course, now that he obtained the long life medicinal liquid, undergoing a great rebirth, this was also a great gain. The current him, regardless of whether it was his flesh or spirit, both were greatly strengthened.

It was also precisely because of these that he could now be considered to have left on the same starting line as the others. Otherwise, the geniuses that were most famous already experienced the Phoenix Blood baptism, difficult for him to catch up to.

"Heavenly deity institution really is a good place, even having True Phoenix Blood, backing quite great. I'm almost a bit impatient to enter." Shi Hao said.

At the same time, he released a sigh. He unexpectedly discovered a true stalk of long life medicine in Origin Ancient Mine, yet couldn't capture it. That creature was just too fast.

This left him extremely regretful. Not many stalks could be found even if all Nine Heavens Ten Earths were searched through, while there was one right here. With this medicine, one could obtain long life, become undying.

"I couldn't even see clearly what kind of medicine it was, which one of the immortal medicines it was from the ancient records."

Of course, he also had other suspicions. That long life medicine might have very well formed after an immortal king died.

It was because there were these types of records in bone books. There were unmatched immortal kings who died, turning into undying medicines, existing eternally.

"Really is mysterious… undying immortal medicine, black ancient palace, Nine Phoenix Furnace, and other things, that place has too many mysteries hidden within."

Shi Hao hovered around this area for several days, surveying those great powers' camps. However, there were still no large warships that took off, nor did anyone leave.

He needed a chance, needed to borrow those people's warships to set sail.

He could only wait. This required quite the patience. Shi Hao felt as if time was dragging on, the wait tormenting. After all, he already made the decision to leave.

He didn't want to waste time here, because every bit of time was extremely important for him. Otherwise, the other party wouldn't have wanted to suppress him for ten years.

Based on his intuition, there was definitely a tremendous benefit in heavenly deity institution that maybe only a select few could obtain. Otherwise, his rivals wouldn't have gone so far to deal with him.

It could be said that suppressing him like this was a bit despicable, leaving him furious.

Only, he didn't know if the rumors he heard were real. Was this really done by the long life family Wind Clan?

He didn't even enter heavenly deity institution yet, but there already seemed to be some powerful opponents to watch out for, for example, that Lu Tuo and Wind Clan's Feng Xingtian. Meanwhile, the long life family's young lady might also be a close rival.

When he thought of the Wang Family, he couldn't help but rub the diamond band on his head. This thing was quite sturdy, still binding his head, no way of removing it.

With his current strength, this shiny metal magical artifact might not necessarily be able to restrict him.

However, removing it was a bit troublesome, he didn't have much confidence in succeeding. It was because he had previously tried using the Everlasting Immortal Sword to cut it open, but ultimately discovered that the diamond band was covered in bone texts, unexpectedly about to explode.

This thing was actually going to destroy everything indiscriminately!

Shi Hao didn't dare act recklessly, after all, this thing was too close to his primordial spirit, a single mistake might blast off his skull's crown, wounding the primordial spirit.

However, he had confidence in not being suppressed by it, able to disregard its existence. It was just removing it that was extremely troublesome.

The diamond band flickered with silver light, shining like a rainbow. While wearing it on his head, Shi Hao exuded a unique and enchanting style.

He lowered his hair, doing his best to hide this magical artifact, making it less conspicuous. However, when he did this, he was a bit like an ascetic monk.

"Forget it, I'll have the Wang Family remove it in the future. If it really comes down to it, I'll capture their young lady in heavenly deity institution!" Shi Hao muttered.

He was extremely discontent. He was forced to wear this thing, making him feel extremely uneasy, annoying him greatly.

After waiting for many days, Origin Star was finally met with some activity. A large blue ship descended from the distance. Many people immediately surrounded it, waiting for the warship to open.

Shi Hao was stirred up. He also rushed over, mixing with the crowd.

This was a slave ship that delivered eight to nine hundred thousand cultivators, these slaves going to be used to dig the ancient mine's surroundings. People from the large powers naturally went up to do business.

Shi Hao hid in the crowd. He watched as slaves were forced down group after group, and then he watched as cultivators walked down from the ship, stepping onto this star.

His eyes were deep, looking for an opportunity to sneak in.

The large ship stopped for two days. During this period, this place was full of activity and noise. There were people from some great powers who were going to borrow this ship to return. This was quite a common thing.

Normally, as long as it was ships that came here often, they would always show face, bring the people here back along the way.

Shi Hao seized the opportunity, muddling his way into the ancient ship.

There were many people, this place noisy and chaotic.

Shi Hao took advantage of the disorder to get onto the ship. Of course, those with lower statuses who wanted to enter had to pay high prices. Fortunately, he looted a group of geniuses from heavenly deity institution.

When he got on, he had no choice but to give out a few rare heavenly treasures, thus slipping through.

In these types of situations, these slave ships would always open one eye and close the other, because they had seen too many things. Disciples who made mistakes were often sent here by their families, and so they had to find a way to escape back.

That was why this process still went relatively smoothly for Shi Hao.

Of course, he changed his appearance with the Seventy-Two Transformations first to avoid encountering hidden dangers.

The large ship took off. Wuwu sounds could be heard as it moved through the horizon. It turned into a streak of blue light, quickly entering the dark starry sky.

"En? Something's not right, I seemed to have sensed a fluctuation from the diamond band just now. It entered the ancient ship!" A middle-aged man from the Wang Family appeared, raising his head towards the disappearing warship.

Then, an elder also rushed over while carrying suspicion, staring into the pitch-black night sky, feeling incredibly bewildered.

"There's no way right? That youngster should have died in Origin Ancient Mine. Don't tell me he can still appear?" The middle-aged man said. In his opinion, heavenly deity institution's geniuses had all suffered setbacks, and even two elders from the academy fled back, so how could Huang who had entered the ancient mine for many days still be alive?

"What a pity… if he was sent to the young miss' side, he would definitely become a powerful servant. After all, he already cultivated two strands of immortal energy, yet he died just like that. Too much of a waste…" An elder sighed, feeling regret.

The large ship moved through the starry sky, continuously moving through the cracks in space, speeding ahead.

Otherwise, if cultivators had to fly themselves, it was easy to get lost in the ice-cold dark cosmos. Aside from the tremendous distance, it was hard to even stay on the right path.

Finally, they approached a great ancient continent, returning to Immeasurable Heaven.

"This time, I am going to enter the heavenly deity institution, have to rise up!" Shi Hao said to himself, eyes resolute.

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