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Chapter 1097 - Terrifying Figure

Soon after, Shi Hao arrived at the place with formation banners again. There were fifteen people here, precisely the experts he had previously restrained.

From a certain perspective, Shi Hao offended heavenly deity institution's geniuses pretty badly, from start to now more than thirty people suppressed. 

"I want to know why Yuan Qing wanted to suppress me for ten years!"

He had interrogated these people before, now, he wanted to obtain verification from these people.

There wasn't anything unexpected that happened. These people told him virtually the same thing.

"Rumor has it that a long life family - Wind Clan, requested the suppression." Someone replied.

Of course, these were merely rumors that had only been passed around recently. No one knew if it was real or fake.

Shi Hao frowned. He didn't think he offended this clan before, not dealing with them before. He didn't know why this clan would tell Yuan Qing to suppress him for ten years.

"The clan should have disciples in heavenly deity institution, right?" He continued with another question.

"They do, Feng Xingtian, three strands of immortal energy, his cultivation shocking past and present in our age group, one of the most powerful geniuses of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!" One of them replied.

"Feng Xingtian!" Shi Hao remembered these three characters, storing it in his memory.

Then, he looked at these people, saying, "Everyone, please pay up the ransom!"

Without a doubt, another round of looting was going to begin. All types of rare goods these people had on them were stripped clean, and then he started to remove their corresponding memories.

Eventually, he became satisfied, swiftly hiding in the depths of the ancient mine.

Shi Hao began to think about how he was going to meet heavenly deity institution's elders again. Should he just rush out like this, or should he wait for them to enter?

While thinking this, an unforeseen event happened.

In the darkness, pairs of green eyes shone one after another, as if they belonged to starving wolves. They made one's soul tremble, feel truly terrified.

Shi Hao's fine hairs immediately stood on end, turning around to leave.

However, he discovered that there were even more pairs of green eyes near the entrance, and they were currently surrounding him and cutting him off. This situation was extremely bad.

Shi Hao's expression changed. He had no choice but to rush further in.


Beast roars sounded, shaking up heaven and earth. All of Origin Ancient Mine was shaking.

In the outside world, the faces of a group of people changed. They heard the mysterious beast roar sounds, feeling that things were turning ominous.

Heavenly deity institution's two elders' faces sank like water. The Nine Phoenix Furnace already flew back, but those disciples didn't return.

"What exactly happened? Their soul lamps are all still bright, not a single one of them dying. Why aren't they returning after going in?"

The two of them felt helpless, feeling a deep sense of fatigue. Unexpected things happened to so many geniuses, these losses too great, intolerable.

The last few days they already saw that those geniuses who entered the ancient mine could safely return, so they began to relax their guard. They never expected to lose more than ten people at once!

"There's no way, I will go inside to take a look!" An elder said.

It was because he heard beast roars. Something seemed to be wrong with Origin Ancient Mine, so if they waited any longer, something dangerous really might happen to the geniuses.

"Let me go!" The other spoke. Moreover, he grabbed the Nine Phoenix Furnace, quickly rushing towards Origin Ancient Mine.

The two of them couldn't advance together, needing one person to provide support. This was also to prevent both of them from vanishing inside.

This was originally supposed to be an experience, yet this type of thing happened in the end, making them feel headaches and self-blame, regretting their choice to come to Origin Ancient Mine.

That elder turned into a void image, speed too fast, hand supporting the fist-sized Nine Phoenix Furnace flowing with scarlet multicolored light. He quickly disappeared inside the ancient mine, thus vanishing.

On the surface, many sects were in an uproar. A great figure from heavenly deity institution entered the mine! This was no small matter. Will he be able to safely return?

It had to be said that the Nine Phoenix Furnace was extraordinary. In this type of great figure's hands, its divine might was matchless, destroying everything in the way, far surpassing that of when those students operated it.

"What is this?" As soon as he entered, he saw pair after pair of green eyes, currently staring in a direction as if they were pursuing something.

They were ancient beasts that had never been seen before. However, they were extremely powerful, originally corpses!

Heavenly deity institution's elder's expression became grave, feeling a bit of uneasiness. He held the Nine Phoenix Furnace in hand, quickly rushing outwards, because he sensed the auras of a few students.

Soon after, he saw a pile of people placed within a formation, none of them moving.

"What a relief, there is no danger to their lives!"

These students were in terrible states, eyes vacant, as if they forgot what had previously happened.

Soon after, this elder found another dozen or so individuals in a different formation. All of the disciples were found, unexpectedly not a single one dead. This was a pleasant surprise.

However, when he saw those ancient beasts, his mind became heavy again.

Those creatures carried a rotting aura, but they were extremely powerful, making one shiver inwardly.

"What are they chasing after?" Heavenly deity institution's elder revealed a suspicious expression. He wanted to follow along and take a look.


Even though this elder's age wasn't young, he was as agile as a rabbit, bold like a Great Peng spreading its wings, extremely fast.

However, when he chased inside, he shivered coldly soon afterwards. He saw a figure that made him tremble uncontrollably from just a distant look.

This was something that had never happened before. After he achieved the dao, his cultivation reaching the highest point of his life, he had never encountered this type of situation. His soul was actually convulsing, feeling an urge to bow down.

His strength was already so terrifying, not enough to dominate all sects under heaven, but he shouldn't be shivering from fear like this.

He couldn't lessen this innate feeling of fear even with the Nine Phoenix Furnace in hand.

Finally, he saw that figure. That person turned around, revealing its true appearance.

Heavenly deity institution's elder felt as if he was struck by thunder, his entire body going numb, white hairs standing on end, shocked to the extreme, entire body cold.

That was a person with a lifeless face, eyes incredibly empty without a bit of expression.

Heavenly deity institution's elder had met this person before!

"Is it really… him?" His voice was shaking, feeling a great horror inside.

This wasn't someone from the present era, but for him and some of the most powerful individuals, it wasn't too unfamiliar of a face.

It was because in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, within some ancient temples, this person's golden body statue was consecrated. He was an unmatched expert from the last great era!

If he wasn't powerful, how could he possibly have his figure worshipped in those ancient temples?!

When he was swept through by those vacant eyes, heavenly deity institution's elder felt a chill run from head to toe. In that instant, he felt like he was suffocating, his breathing about to stop.

This type of feeling was incredibly terrible, even his soul about to leave his body.

What kind of person was that? Even though he carried deathly energy, he still possessed such frightening power.

Heavenly deity institution's elder didn't even take the time to think further, directly running. Even with the Nine Phoenix Furnace in hand, he still didn't want to take any risks, not daring to stay behind.

That figure looked towards the direction he departed from, still standing lifelessly, extremely silent. Only after some time did he walk forward.

Shi Hao naturally sensed the great danger, feeling as if he was drawing close to death. He knew that there was a creature he definitely could not defeat currently approaching him.

In the end, Shi Hao hid within that black ancient palace, standing together with the Six Dao Reincarnations experts, waiting quietly with the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in hand.

He was truly left helpless, no way to proceed. He hid inside the black ancient palace.

Beast roars sounded from the distance. Those were ancient beasts, strength great, surrounding this place.

At the same time, Shi Hao sensed that wave of deathly energy. It simply felt as if a death god had arrived, one that would reap the lives of anyone it saw.

Shi Hao didn't move, waiting for him and those other creatures to leave.

He could feel that as long as he stepped out, that creature could kill him with a turn of his hand. If it truly wanted to kill Shi Hao, then things would be much more troublesome.

It was quite strange though. That humanoid creature scared away heavenly deity institution's elder with a single look, yet now, it was hesitating quite greatly, not pushing open the palace doors and entering.

He seemed to be thinking, a bit conflicted as to whether or not it should enter the black palace.

Shi Hao was quite nervous. Just who was this person? Why did he feel like it was some type of reborn eternal existence?

After a short period of time had passed, the pressure disappeared, the beast roars also gone. When Shi Hao pushed open the large black doors, he discovered that that individual had left.

"He feels restraining fear towards this ancient palace?" Shi Hao was quite shocked. 

Just what kind of people was it that left behind this black ancient palace? It actually made that person feel an instinctive fear, not willing to rashly enter.

Moreover, was that a corpse that developed intelligence? It can't be some unmatched immortal king, right?!

Shi Hao felt his back become cold. The feeling he felt just now was just too terrible, making him feel a sense of powerlessness, not daring to resist. He could only wait it out.

"Wu, I have to increase my strength, head to heavenly deity institution first!" He made this decision. When he left the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, he had seen Yuan Qing and the other individuals' strength, encountered danger in Origin Ancient Mine, deeply feeling that the heavenly deity level was only the beginning. There was still a greater path to take ahead!

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