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Chapter 1096 - Robbing Geniuses

He was just a single person, yet he defeated all of them. That tremendous blow just now felt as heavy as heaven and earth, solid and incomparable!

While everyone felt bitter, they were also incredibly shocked. There was still this kind of person among their peers?

Just a single ancient heavenly art crushed all of their conviction, making the faces of a group of heavenly talents grow drab. They felt unwillingness and helplessness, as well as a wave of powerlessness.

What kind of person was this?

Even though they knew that this might be an ancient heavenly art, to display it to this extent, it was quite unusual. At the very least, it should be hard to find at his age, right?

None of those present were ordinary, all of them geniuses who entered the heavenly deity institution. Most of them had already cultivated a strand of immortal energy.

Just how stunning of a lineup was this? However, they were completely defeated. This was too shocking. If news got out, it would definitely trigger an uproar.

This person was just too formidable. Even if the entire Nine Heavens Ten Earths were searched, he could still be considered a matchless hero!

"Likely comparable to Lu Tuo." A young lady felt extremely bitter. In her eyes, Lu Tuo was the strongest war god, impossible to defeat, others could only be comparable to him at the most. Even though she felt that it was a humiliation she still developed this thought.

"Lu Tuo has this strength because he also grasps an ancient heavenly art. For our present age group, it can already be considered a tremendous achievement." Another white-clothed youth said with a sigh, feeling a type of frustration and dejectedness.

He could be considered an expert too, not the best of his ancient land, but still considered one of the strongest. However today, he was directly crushed here.

"Comparable to the most powerful individuals!" The others also said with a quiet sigh.

Who was he? This was what many people were confused over, continuously looking at Shi Hao. He had such powerful cultivation, so why didn't he enter heavenly deity institution?

"Right, he's Huang! He was exiled here, not dying after entering the ancient mine!"

"It's him! He was captured by Yuan Qing and suppressed for ten years, sent to this place!"

A few people suddenly understood. This person was Huang, a youngster from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. Didn't that place represent decline and savageness?

By now, no one believed Shi Hao was still alive. After all, he had disappeared for quite some time, sent into the ancient mind, so how was he supposed to live? However now, all of their thoughts and notions were toppled.

These people, regardless of whether they were male or female, were all outstanding talents of their area, their respective ancient lands' most powerful youngsters, but they were defeated by a single person now.

Shi Hao looked at them, but didn't kill them. It was because once it was exposed, there would be endless consequences. After all, these creatures all had powerful clans behind them.

Of course, the main reason was because he wasn't someone addicted to killing. Moreover, with the Desolate Border becoming chaotic, a great battle impending, there was no need to bury those with the greatest potential here.

Even though he didn't kill them, that didn't mean Shi Hao would let them go. They were looted one after another, all of the rare treasures they carried becoming his.

"Yi, what is this, a small jar of divine blood?" Shi Hao was stunned. He found a jade container on a young man's body, stored within was bright red and sparkling blood. It jumped about like a flame, as if it was burning.

Phoenix blood!

It was clear that this person wasn't as heaven defying as Lu Tuo and the others, not having the opportunity to enter the pool and carry out a baptism, but he still obtained a small container.

"Excellent, thanks man!" Shi Hao laughed, expressing his thanks towards that person.

"No! You can't take that!" That person simply felt as if his heart was being torn, his lungs splitting, eyes turning red.

"When you took action against me, this jar of blood was already mine, even you yourself is mine." Shi Hao didn't seem to mind, casually saying.

Half of this group of a dozen or so were women. When they heard this, their expressions all paled. This fella wasn't even going to let people go?

Then, Shi Hao moved him to the side, not paying any more attention to him, boldly tossing this jar into his own bosom. That person's soul almost collapsed from pain, almost going unconscious on the spot.

"Beauty, do you have anything on you? Or do you want me to search you?" Shi Hao lifted a red-haired young lady, eyes brilliant as he sized her up.

"I don't have anything!" This red-haired woman was extremely straightforward, glaring with her beautiful pupils, not willing to give in.

"Then I'll look myself." Shi Hao said. He groped about up and down, causing her to release sharp screams. A pile of containers were removed by him.

"Not bad, several dozen half divine fruits!" Shi Hao was quite satisfied, moving onto a different target.

"Youngster, I'm warning you, don't touch me!" With so many of them here, there were naturally those with different personalities. One of the young men stared hatefully at Shi Hao, not willing to give in, still using this type of attitude to threaten him.

Towards these types of people, Shi Hao was quite straightforward, directly beating him up until his head swelled up like a pig's. Then, he looted him clean.

Just like that, regardless of whether they were men or women, he didn't let a single one of them go, cleaning up this group of young outstanding talents. There were some who didn't have a hard time, because they cooperated.

However, there were some geniuses with bloody noses and swollen faces, beaten until they were half dead, in sorry states, extremely miserable.

There were two violent and pretty girls included among these, given a beating. This really was viciously beating flowers, not only in name but in reality, making those two young ladies feel so much hatred they were grinding their teeth in anger.

"If you dare glare at me again, I'll slap your butts until they split into eight segments!" Shi Hao threatened.



The two young ladies were furious, their faces entirely red. This fella was too much of a scoundrel, not understanding how to treat the other sex gently at all, not showing restraint at all. Regardless of whether it was men or women, they were similarly beaten.

These two felt so much hatred the roots of their teeth were sore. They really wanted to pounce over and bite Shi Hao to death!

One had to bear in mind that neither of their backgrounds were small. Those who cultivated a strand of immortal energy were already considered rare geniuses, an ancient land only having a few. Meanwhile, both of them cultivated two strands of immortal energy, so they could be considered a part of the most powerful group of heavenly talents. Normally, no matter where they went, they would always be like moons surrounded by stars, surrounded by others, experiencing great attention.

Yet today, they were robbed, and this person didn't understand their beautiful appearances, directly giving them a beating first before looting them clean.

"Are you even a person?" One of the young ladies was incredibly angry.

Normally, those geniuses all surrounded them, yet today, they were beaten crazily, even threatened to be spanked, truly making one feel dizzy.


The threat already became reality, the bottom really struck.

It was because Shi Hao was discontent that they were hiding everything, so he directly took action. He then took a few precious items from them.

Eventually, all dozen or so individuals were dealt with miserably, their bodies stripped clean of goods!

"Huang, don't you feel you are acting a bit excessive? You are going to enter the heavenly deity institution in the end, so we will meet again soon, yet now… what exactly are you doing?!"

A few people couldn't hold back, loudly reminding like this, hoping that he would feel some restraining fear.

They believed that Shi Hao didn't dare kill them, or else that would be too crazy, stirring up tremendous waves.

Those who cultivated immortal energy all had tremendous powers backing them, so who dared act crazily against these individuals? If so many people who cultivated immortal energy were killed, then that would make too many people furious.

"I should leave as well." Shi Hao said. He stayed in this ancient mine for too long.

Even though this ancient mine was still full of mysteries, hiding great natural luck, he didn't want to stay here for a long time. It was because he couldn't obtain anything else, and this place was full of unknowns and danger.

"I am going to heavenly deity institution soon, but all of you recognize me, so how can I overcome the shame and go?" Shi Hao said.

"What do you want?" A young man asked, revealing a guarded expression.

Meanwhile, a young lady was even more so terrified until her expression changed, face turning pale.

"Relax, I am not a vicious and merciless person, I won't ask for your lives." Shi Hao said, revealing a harmless appearance.

These people all looked at him, deeply understanding that this fella wasn't good to provoke. As a result, none of them dared to recklessly cry out.

"Why don't we discuss among ourselves a bit, you all remove your memories of the ancient mine?" Shi Hao asked.

"I refuse! You better not bully us too far!" One of them shouted in anger.


Right at this moment, Shi Hao took action, directly brandishing a white bone club, striking the back of that person's head. It carried bone texts, a rather heavy blow.

This person rolled his eyes a few times, and then no longer moved, completely going unconscious.

Shi Hao didn't act politely. He removed a portion of his mind's imprints.

The others' expressions changed. Doing things like this was extremely dangerous. A single mistake could cause body and spirit to be erased.

"We choose to forget ourselves!" Someone cried out.

Soon after, this place became noisy from Shi Hao's actions.

Regardless of whether they really did cooperate or if he had to do it himself, in the end, this place was cleaned up. The group of people who tried to stir up trouble were knocked unconscious.

"I hope that when I enter the heavenly deity institution, we all already forget about each other!" Shi Hao said.

It was clear that this was impossible, because he wouldn't forget the plundering events that happened today, too hard to forget.

Meanwhile, none of these people were ordinary. Even though their short term memory became hazy, their encounter in Origin Ancient Mine erased, they might still slowly recover in the future.

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