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Chapter 1095 - Rebirth

This was an extremely monstrous scene. Shi Hao's entire body was splitting apart, as if a giant rock was smashed to pieces, but still didn't fall apart.

However, from the cracks, divine multicolored light continuously surged!

The transformation was extremely intense, not following a structured pattern, but instead displaying world overturning changes in the shortest amount of time. This was true rebirth.

If time was dragged on for too long, it wouldn't be rebirth, but slow cultivation.


The bones in Shi Hao's body fractured a step further, the sounds sharp and clear like firecrackers, ringing with weng weng sounds. Just the sound alone was like this, so one could imagine what the one currently experiencing this was feeling.

It could be said that this was like a torment from hell. Normal people would have definitely immediately fainted, the intense pain difficult to endure.

However, Shi Hao persevered on, clenching his teeth as he endured it. He wanted to see every single change clearly, truly experience the so-called rebirth. This was extremely beneficial for his cultivation.

When he was still a small cultivator in the past, he had experienced a transformation as well. However, as his cultivation increased, this became more and more difficult. Meanwhile, this rebirth process also became different.

Now, the method to release the body's potential completely changed. Shi Hao needed to search and find how he was going to open his potential further through this rebirth!


His inner organs split apart, to the extent where they were breaking apart, turning into five waves of innate spiritual essence, changing into the five elements.

This was the rebirth process, the pain he endured unimaginable!

Who could endure this, watch as their inner organs were smashed apart?

Shi Hao's entire body was covered in cold sweat, his body contorting slightly. However, at this moment, he looked at his inner organs that turned into five types of spiritual essence, feeling a bit moved.


However, he was also enlightened. If he wanted to create a method in the future, establish a different cultivation system to exceed those of the past, was what he was currently seeing a path?


The bones in his four limbs snapped, difficult for Shi Hao to endure. It was as if he was going to lose connection with this world, because this was the fundamental level at which he was fighting, now suffering serious injuries.


He released a roar. His back became perfectly straight, trying his best to raise his head high. It was as if a True Dragon was rising from behind him, his entire body shining. However, with a ka sound, that bone still broke.

Cold sweat poured down Shi Hao's body. Hundred bones were all broken, the inside of his body currently undergoing great changes.

All of his bones were fracturing, and then being reconstructed!

This was a process that was painful, yet worth looking forward to.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao's entire body became scorched black, his skin dried-up. That was because he was exchanging blood, swapping skins!

Black blood shot out from his pores, mixed within some crushed bone matter. This was just too hard to believe, this type of transformation too miserable.

During normal transformations, how could it be anywhere near this?

This was simply like forcibly hacking one down with a hatchet and then rebuilding a new body! For ordinary people, the damage was just too severe.

However, Shi Hao's body was extremely sturdy. Even though he was in great pain, he still endured it, and he truly saw his body transform, the benefits tremendous.

Blood was shining, the bright red droplets suffused with a layer of brilliant luster. This blood possessed spirituality, as if a single drop was a stalk of precious medicine!

After his inner organs shattered, spiritual essence gathered, the flesh condensing and then reconstructing!

As for the bones, after breaking, the bone marrow became resplendent, shining like a sun, breaking down and reforming, producing new bones!

This process was completely new, as well as a remoulding. A new him was being created, not just a rebirth in name, but in reality.

Of course, this wasn't everything. There was another type of even more dangerous change that was arriving. His skull was fracturing, the bones reconstructing, flickering with light.

As for his hair, it had long fell off and regrown. This was a miraculous scene.


Eventually, his head was in intense pain. Within the crown of his head, a small, fist-sized golden figure was struggling, roaring with pain. That was Shi Hao's primordial spirit.

It was also changing. The primordial spirit cracked apart, continuously releasing piece after piece of fragments, releasing brighter and brighter radiance.

During this process, it sometimes shattered like ceramic, other times like a divine egg. After the shell fell off, a more powerful creature emerged.

Then, his primordial spirit exterior split open, releasing divine light, displaying an even brighter gold color.

Not only did his flesh undergo rebirth, this was true for his primordial spirit as well, everything becoming more powerful!

The bones in his body released pi pa sounds, the flow of blood increasing, five organs changing, primordial spirit transforming. All of this was carried out extremely quickly, this precisely a process of rebirth.

While breathing, Shi Hao's innate spiritual essence surged. He sensed how powerful he was. He had now exceeded the past.

Previously, his flesh was already rarely seen in this world, but now, it became even more extraordinary. At the very least, in this cultivation realm, there weren't many people comparable to him since ancient times.

This was a reemergence!

When he experienced suffering and torment, that was nirvana. Now, he bathed in holy flames, already reborn.

A powerful Shi Hao appeared!

His skin was dripping with blood, or it could be said to be eliminating blood. When the old blood was exchanged, the bones reconstructed, everything moved rhythmically, as if his body had undergone a thousand revisions, making the spotless white bone matter even tougher.

Shi Hao could feel a comprehensive upgrade, his divine awareness extraordinary.

At this moment, his primordial spirit's rebirth also reached its end phase.

Suddenly, Shi Hao heard sounds of footsteps. Someone was approaching!

The place he chose was already extremely secluded, but there was still someone coming to disturb him, looking for him. This was definitely not a good thing.

"Yi, there is a person here, entire body covered in black blood, suffered serious injuries!" A young man said.

Another young lady frowned, eyes releasing divine light. Immediately afterwards, she revealed a serious expression, saying, "No, he is shedding his body and exchanging his bones, carrying out a rebirth."

"What?" When the others heard this, they were all greatly shaken.

This was a group of young talents, more than ten of them in total. There were men and women, all of them young. The most important thing was that they were all extremely powerful.

Every single one of them had immortal energy surrounding their bodies, exceptionally shocking. When this group of people walked together, it was enough to leave any great power shocked.

They represented the future, their potential boundless, achievements impossible to measure.

Everyone knew that if they were given time, they would definitely rise up, that a day would come when they would rule over the world. They would definitely become the most powerful figures in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Shi Hao knew from a single glance that they came from heavenly deity institution. Only in a place like that would a group of stunning geniuses like these be gathered.

In reality, it really was like this. These were students of heavenly deity institution.

Originally, they wanted to come in, each time not exceeding five people to prevent the losses being too severe.

Only, during these days, Shi Hao entered seclusion. When the five used the Nine Phoenix Furnace to come down, they avoided Shi Hao, not encountering danger. They were unsuccessful in their search and peacefully returned.

This naturally triggered an uproar. Other geniuses wanted to enter Origin Ancient Mine as well, so more and more came in.

In reality, in these past few days, everything was extremely calm. Shi Hao entered seclusion. After they came down, they searched for their missing comrades in the safe regions, but didn't find anything.

As for the ancient mine depths, they didn't dare approach, because a wave of mysterious aura made them shiver inwardly.

At that time, Shi Hao was also shaken up. The aura of the six great experts in the black palace was too terrifying, previously even making him cough out large mouthfuls of blood, sending his entire body flying.

"His rebirth is because of that medicinal liquid, not inferior to our academy's True Phoenix Blood Pool!" Someone cried out in alarm, finally learning of this place's secrets.

However, that pool was now about to dry, almost nothing left over. That naked youngster had already used it up to refine himself.

"He underwent rebirth here, obtaining such great natural luck. What a pity, we missed out on this!" Someone said angrily, feeling great regret.

"Go and ask him, see if he has seen our comrades. I feel like this person is quite strange. While he is transforming, we should capture him first!" This person said coldly.

If the rebirth process was stopped halfway, it was extremely easy for there to be great problems. At worst, one might die or go crazy, at best suffering serious injuries.

Chi! An expanse of light was released. A few people took action on the spot, wishing to capture Shi Hao.

They made the same mistake, just like the people before, feeling that with the Nine Phoenix Furnace, they could suppress anything, that those at their level couldn't resist at all.

However, they were completely wrong!

Shi Hao's rebirth was close to its end, now currently entering completion. He directly stood up, moreover taking action with the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in hand!


Shi Hao's body moved, displaying the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art, continuously producing imprints. Six methods appeared at the same time, light illuminating Origin Ancient Mine, resonating intensely.

"Not good, this fella is too overbearing, displaying some secret method. Hurry and suppress him!"

"Yi, why is the Nine Phoenix Furnace losing effect?"

This place became noisy, becoming completely chaotic.

Shi Hao used the heavenly art to support six types of precious techniques. In that instant, it was as if all of eternity was illuminated, brilliance released in ten thousand streaks. Immortal light was hazy, chaotic energy surging.

It was too powerful!

Even though these people were all unordinary, they were all blasted flying, every one of them suffering serious injuries, blood flowing out of their mouths.

"Six Dao Reincarnations… this ancient heavenly art reappeared in this world?!" A beautiful woman wiped away the blood from the corners of her mouth, saying this with shock and difficulty.

"It really is… Six Dao Reincarnations! Has Supreme Hall revived again, descending into this world?!" Another person said with a trembling voice.

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