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Chapter 1094 - Nirvana

Shi Hao's body moved with his will in a carefree manner. In this black and spacious ancient palace, he unfolded his body, moving about like a barbaric dragon, instantly displaying six types of stances.

The six great hand seals were quickly completed!

In that instant, wind, rain, and lightning appeared, the stars in outer space looking as if they were going to all descend. Apart from this, there were all types of ancient creatures as well, mountains, rivers, and all things emerged. Everything was indistinct.

This was the initial stage of the heavenly art, an irregular phenomenon that appeared after he displayed the hand seals!

Shi Hao had a strong intuition that this heavenly art was formidable, exceeding his imagination, that there were still mysteries to unearth, that there was immeasurable power that would slowly be released.

However, presently, this was already enough. He was in the Holy Sacrifice Realm, so now that he reached this step, operating the six great hand seals was already enough!

Everything went smoothly, the dao achieved. Now, he only needed to strengthen his own cultivation realm, and then the heavenly art and corresponding characteristics and power would emerge.

After pushing open the black palace's doors, Shi Hao turned around to give the six great experts one last look, and then he walked out.

The scripture had already been remembered. He didn't know if it was complete or not, but the scripture chanted here had already been engraved in his mind. He hoped that this was a completely intact heavenly art.

A ten zhang tall scarlet scorpion was currently crawling along, around it a deathly aura. That scorpion tail flickered with cold light, intimidating to the extreme.

When that scorpion tail brandished about, the surrounding space distorted and caved in.

Origin Ancient Mine, there were too many mysteries here.

This heavenly scorpion was definitely at a peerless level. Shi Hao entered a state of silence. This place was too dangerous, any random creature this extraordinary.

Just what kind of place did he end up in? Just how many mysteries were buried since the ancient times?

Ao hou...

A beast roar sounded. The earth quaked and mountains shook. The inside of the ancient mine felt suffocating, the ground almost collapsing!

An ancient lion a hundred zhang tall walked out from the spacious passage, walking towards another direction. Its entire body was sticky with grimy blood, its mane thick and intimidating.

No one knew just how long this lion had existed for. If it didn't come from the archaic era, then it would be from the last great era, yet its flesh was still extremely tyrannical.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. He had seen this ancient lion before, but back then, there wasn't any grimy blood on its body. It obviously fought with another creature just now.

His heart jumped. Origin Ancient Mine wasn't quiet. There were battles underground, this place not deathly still. This made it hard for Shi Hao to calm down, feeling a bit uneasy.

This place was different from what he had imagined. There shouldn't be some type of immeasurable existence that was born here, right?

Every single one of these corpses were giants before their death, no lack of world shaking experts. Just how did they all die? Were their remains brought inside by someone, or did they die here?

Shi Hao silently thought to himself. Could it be that there really was an immortal king slumbering in Origin Ancient Mine, waiting for resurrection in All Life Earth, and now, there were signs appearing?

It was clear that this place was extremely different and strange. Even a supreme treasure like the Nine Phoenix Furnace was unearthed here, buried casually in the earth. It was a bit unimaginable.


Suddenly, Shi Hao heard a bugle horn sound. It was heavy, oppressive, and cold, making one feel extremely uncomfortable.

Then, he saw a few ancient corpses, every one of them wearing black gold armors, ice-cold and silent. They were hurrying towards a certain area.

The void was blurry. It caved in, presenting a strange passage that led to an unknown place. These ancient corpses entered one after another.

"Is this a reconstruction of past scenes?"

Shi Hao was a bit stupefied, not believing that this was something really happening right now.

He opened his Heavenly Eyes. As a result, the void produced lightning, and then with a hong sound, it hacked down towards him. Was it trying to prevent him from interfering?

Origin Ancient Mine, this place looked quiet and peaceful, the ancient cave only starting to devour the heavens' spiritual essence after a period of time. Who would have thought that it was actually so uncalm underground, that all types of strange things were happening?

Only, the very depths had gray mists pervading the air. There were ancient figures seated there, impossible to see through, extremely mysterious!

He felt as if there were paramount figures sitting there, no one able to approach them.

It was almost as if he was facing the three footed two eared cauldron that came from the future again. It felt a bit familiar, a bit strange.

"Could it be that the cauldron's owner, or someone related to it is seated inside?" Shi Hao was confused, only feeling that it was extremely strange.

In the end, he didn't go inside. The difference in strength was too great. Even with the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in hand, he still didn't dare act too recklessly, or else he would most likely bring a huge killing disaster onto himself.

When he first entered Origin Ancient Mine, he already discovered that the ancient mine possessed a mysterious power that could deal with the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram.

"I won't try to force things." Shi Hao said. He found a peaceful place and began to cultivate, entering seclusion again.

It was because he already knew that there were many people paying close attention outside. Aside from the various great powers, even two great elders from heavenly deity institution arrived. If he went up now, it was a bit inappropriate.

Instead of this, it was better to comprehend the dao here.

First, he consolidated the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art. The six great hand seals were brought to the point of perfection, and after they were matched with the scripture, they were developed to the extreme.

Then, he thought quietly to himself. He used the heavenly art to support many precious techniques.

Several days later, Shi hao calmed his mind down, no longer cultivating. He instead produced the pool of precious liquid. There were long life medicine remains inside, like leaves and roots.

This pond of precious liquid was priceless!

At the very least, it was almost impossible to find in this world. It wasn't much different from slightly diluted True Dragon Blood, Phoenix Blood, and other things, a rare treasure.

When Shi Hao first learned that he most powerful geniuses of heavenly deity institution entered the Phoenix Blood Pond, he sighed, believing that he missed out on a tremendous opportunity. Now, he had a chance to remedy that.

This place was peaceful, the lightning dim, ancient cave profound.

He suddenly discovered some indistinct engravings in a corner, as if they were scenes that recorded ancient history.

Inside the first scene, there was someone who selected a location, and then extracted Immortal Gold.

This was an exceptional ancient mine, that person quickly making gains. One had to understand that Immortal Gold was something that made even true immortals, long life beings and others' eyes burn with greed and desire, difficult to find in the world. They could be used to forge unmatched weapons.

Then, in the second scene, a few strange matters were recorded. There were experts who died mysteriously in this mine one after another.

Those people weren't sick or injured, but in the end, they died mysteriously just like that. There seemed to be some struggle before their deaths, as if they were resisting someone, but there were still no injuries to be seen on them.

On the third scene, everyone was still mining, but later on, they seemed to have dug something up, triggering great panic. Even the most powerful individuals from various clans began to take steps backwards.

Unfortunately, the scenes ended here. It was unknown what they ended up digging up.

The engravings that followed were even more frightening. The most powerful beings of heaven and earth, even long life beings, died strangely, falling while experiencing great fear.

The last engraving was of someone filling in Origin Ancient Mine, sealing it up, no longer daring to approach it, abandoning it eternally.

Shi Hao was shocked!

"It was always rumored that this Origin Ancient Mine was even more distant than Immortal Ancient. This might actually be true!" Shi Hao frowned.

Based on the engravings' recordings, this ancient mind was filled in during the last great era. At that time, they excavated something frightening, something that should have even more ancient origins.

"Really is frightening!"

Shi Hao rubbed his temples, feeling a bit of a headache. He looked at this dusky ancient mine, feeling a bit shaken up. Even the great figures of Immortal Ancient were staying far away from this place, this alone was enough to wake one up.

Shi Hao thought for a long time. In the end, he threw everything out of his mind, focusing on how to improve his own strength, transform himself.

This medicinal liquid had wondrous effects. This was something that was extremely obvious!

After Shi Hao entered this ancient mine, he then entered the black palace. He had coughed out blood several times, long inflicted with inner injuries. They were brought about by unmatched power, injuries normal spiritual herbs and other things couldn't heal. He needed time to recover.

However, now, the hidden injuries quickly disappeared.

He operated bone texts with full force, using the True Primordial Record, refining his body with the medicinal pool and mending his primordial spirit.

In that instant, white mists surged. That was the immortal dao energy stored within the long life medicine. It quickly surrounded Shi Hao, making his figure indistinct.


The clothes on his body exploded, turning to ashes.

Then, brilliant light erupted, auspicious radiance surging endlessly, making Shi Hao's skin sparkling and brilliant, flowing with precious light.

"Still not enough, need to stir up my blood and qi, only like this can I truly transform!"

Shi Hao said to himself. He used his magical force, exhausting his dao, stirring up all of his body's blood, almost completely burning himself dry. His body was pushed to the brink of transformation.

A few days later, the pool of long life liquid began to steam, turning into vapor, filling this place.

Then, countless golden vortices appeared on Shi Hao's skin, frantically devouring the surrounding immortal dao energy, swallowing the mist.

This furnace of medicinal liquid's essence was completely absorbed and refined.

At the same time, Shi Hao's entire body was covered in cracks, bones broken, inner organs dim. It was as if he collapsed on the spot, his entire body about to fade away, no longer exist.

If one desired to be reborn, they must first undergo nirvana.

To transform, one had to start from the very source, and only then could they be reborn.


It was as if a streak of lightning hacked across the sky, an expanse of light illuminating everything. In the duskiness, Shi Hao's cracked skin trembled. Divine light surged outwards through the gaps between the cracks.

He knew that he was currently transforming, achieving rebirth.

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