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Chapter 1090 - Heavenly Art


A heavy sound rang out from the distance. A large black spider that was a zhang in length, looking like it was cast from dark gold, crawled over from the side.

"Huang, hurry and come back, let us free!"

This was a scene that was enough to make one fall apart. That spider was a corpse, yet its flesh didn't decay, and now it had a vague consciousness, crawling aimlessly about here.

There were a total of fifteen captives from heavenly deity institution, every single one of their expressions deathly white. If they died like this, they would really feel too wronged.

"Relax, if you don't provoke it, there won't be any dangers!" Shi Hao warned.


The enormous black spider's eight legs were bright, looking like spears. They drew out a string of sparks on the ground, as if metal was grinding against each other.

One of the spider legs almost touched a young lady's face, leaving her so horrified her face lost all color. This wouldn't only be a disfiguring of her face, but might very well remove her entire head.

Shi Hao frowned. He turned around, using the Willow Deity technique to wrap around them, and then throwing them together. He then arranged a formation to protect them.

That large black spider opened a golden eye, as if it developed life force. It rushed at Shi Hao, speed crazy fast.

Shi Hao turned around. He didn't fear it, because there were many corpses in the ancient mine that were even more frightening.


The large spider leapt up. Like a black barbaric ox, it charged over in a fast and furious manner, immediately smashing into the ground. Sparks flew everywhere, the surface trembling with weng weng sounds.

Only, Shi Hao left behind an afterimage, long entering the darkness. This place was deep and cold, a quiet place inside of this ancient mine.

This was precisely the region that previously released scripture sound, making Shi Hao's heart beat quickly.

When he came here, he had that type of feeling again. He was shocked, as if there was a sharp blade placed against his throat, that if it just exerted a slight bit of force, would slash through his throat.

This type of feeling was as if he was on the verge of death, only lacking that final push!

As a result, his entire body became uncomfortable. After arriving here, there was a suffocating type of feeling, as if his entire soul was about to dry up and die.

Behind him, that large black spider immediately stopped moving. Even though it had died a long time ago, only having a primitive instinct, it was still incredibly frightened.

It stopped moving, not daring to forcefully press forward, to the extent where it began to tremble, body trembling slightly, in the end even going weak, crouching on the ground.

Shi Hao turned around. What he saw left him stunned, extremely shocked.

He finally knew how formidable the area ahead was, that it would definitely be extremely dangerous. How could a place that made this kind of vicious archaic vicious spider this scared be a good place?

However, Shi Hao couldn't turn back now. He had to advance, had to obtain the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly Art.

That spider was trembling and shuddering, ultimately withdrawing step by step, carefully leaving this dark area.

When Shi Hao saw this scene, he became speechless.

Along the way, this ancient mine was incomparably deep, blowing over waves of frost. He held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in hand, wearing Lightning Emperor's armor, preparing himself for the worst.

This was for self-protection, he was going to stake it all!

He didn't forget how much regret and desire Qi Daolin carried back in Supreme Being Dao Rite, wishing to obtain the Six Dao Reincarnations yet unable to attain it. He stole from all different clans, wanting to create a similar method, but in the end, he was laughed at by the world, obtaining a notorious reputation.

This was Supreme Hall's inheritance, and for some reason, it was hidden here. Shi Hao had too many things he was puzzled over, he had to obtain it no matter what.

"Could it be that endless years ago, there was this type of heavenly art even in the last great era?" Shi Hao said softly.

It was because he had previously heard that Supreme Hall's inheritance was incredibly ancient, having some relationship with Immortal Ancient.

In the darkness, Shi Hao sensed a bone-penetrating pain. He didn't know where this place was, but while walking through it, he felt as if there were endless invisible swords cutting at him!

In that instant, blood seeped out from his skin, many places dark red.

The ancient mine became darker and darker, as if he was walking on the road to the underworld.

After a long time had passed, Shi Hao never stopped moving, yet he didn't reach the end. Moreover, that killing intent he encountered became even stronger.

As time went on, the Lightning Emperor battle armor shone, displaying protective effects. Otherwise, his body might have broken apart.

Suddenly, a pair of green eyes shone, looking towards him.

Precisely on this path, there was a hundred zhang tall ancient lion, sitting there in a dignified manner, overlooking him, eyes terrifyingly green. It was as if a single roar could shatter the sky.

This was still a corpse, only, its intelligence was a bit greater, as if it could understand Shi Hao and the others' words.

This type of frightening ancient lion remains, just how long ago was it left behind? From the looks of it, it already had some spiritual wisdom, its eyes that burned like ghost flame, too terrifying.


Right at this moment, it released a roar that shook the entire ancient mine, making heaven and earth split apart!

In that instant, Shi Hao coughed out large amounts of blood. The Lightning Emperor's armor shone, Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram displaying all types of creatures. It rushed out, confronting that ancient lion.

Outside the ancient mine, everyone's minds and bodies were trembling. There was actually a beast roar that sounded from the depths of the ancient mine, moreover shaking the mountains and earth outside, causing them to fissure. Those outside didn't understand what caused this, feeling incredibly shocked.

"Heavens, what happened? Could it be that the so-called ancient mine is a nest, that something terrifying will rush out sooner or later?"

"What exactly is there here?" Even heavenly deity institution's two elders' expressions changed. Their cultivations exceeded sect master level, both terrifying individuals, but right now, their hearts were pounding.

No one understood better than them how extraordinary this place was, how many mysteries that ancient mine contained. This was an ancient mine from an era that might be even more distant than Immortal Ancient, so it naturally carried unfathomable mysteries.

Meanwhile now, someone wished to break this equilibrium, wishing to bring the mystery back to light. What was going to happen?

"Origin Ancient Mine has too many things buried inside, perhaps… it can't be brought to light again!" They said softly, revealing a look of worry.

The Nine Phoenix Furnace was even randomly buried inside, so one could imagine just how frightening this place was. What exactly was there in the depths of this place?

In the outside world, emotions rose and fell, everyone worried, none of them able to calm down.

Inside the ancient mine, Shi Hao's mouth and nose were scarlet red, bleeding from all seven apertures. He unexpectedly suffered from this type of lion roar, forget about him, even more powerful creatures would have exploded from the power.

Fortunately, he wore the Lightning Emperor armor and held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, allowing him to make it past this disaster.

That hundred zhang tall ancient lion stared at Shi Hao, staring at the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram in his hands. In the end, it disappeared into the darkness, thus vanishing.

"Formidable. It cannot engage in deep thought, only capable of a short period of consciousness. However, if it was released into the outside world, it would definitely be a great disaster!"

Shi Hao wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, continuing forward. He picked up a few lion hairs from the ground, discovering that they were even sturdier than steel. When he exerted a bit of force on them, they shone, releasing keng qiang sounds.

If someone else saw this, they would definitely gasp. How frightening was Shi Hao's body? Yet it actually produced this type of scene.

He advanced again, making it through this important checkpoint. He  got closer and closer to the place where the scriptures sounded from. His body felt more and more uncomfortable, as if there were blades hacking at him.

What kind of place was this? Shi Hao was a bit lost. The further he went, the wider the road became, as if he truly entered the underworld. This place was an enormous black abyss.

In the distance, there were a few creatures that passed, all of them with green eyes, strength powerful.

Shi Hao was a bit shocked. What kind of creatures were those? There was one like a dragon, another that was similar to the Vermilion Bird. Of course, they were all just corpses without life aura, but they still didn't disappear.

Fortunately, this path was more scary than dangerous. Not only did Shi Hao wear the armor, his left hand held the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, right hand carrying the Defying Dragon Scale, his preparations ample.

Now that he walked along this ancient cave, advancing forward, would he be able to return? Shi Hao asked himself. However, he had to continue forward.

A few natural laws hacked down like sharp blades. Sparks flew about Shi Hao's body, greatly shaken up. This proved that he was experiencing a nightmarish flurry of attacks.

This was the result after both the Lightning Emperor battle armor and Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram's protection. If he didn't have them, who knew just how terrible it would be.

Finally, he arrived!

Shi Hao was stupefied. He originally thought that he would see a resplendent place that was packed with rows of ancient scriptures, but the result was completely different.

It wasn't some mine cave, nor was it some pure land, but instead a massive building. It was incredibly suffocating, everything pitch-black.

A pitch-black ancient building, what did this mean?

Shi Hao walked closer, feeling that this was inconceivable. He quietly watched this scene.

What era was this built in? What kind of things would there be in this ancient mine?

Were there really heaven shocking secrets inside? Shi Hao was confused, attaching great importance to this place. After thinking for a bit, he felt that he might have overthought things.

Soon after, he focused his mind, walking forward to enter.

Shi Hao pushed open the large doors in his way, stepping into the black-colored palace. He immediately felt as if he was in a palace of death, a terrifying aura crazily battering at him.

At the same time, Shi Hao flew outwards, smashing into a stone wall, making all of the bones in his body about to break.

Just what kind of place was this exactly? What kind of creatures built this? Why would it be like this?

Shi Hao climbed to his feet with difficulty. He looked forward, mouth and nose dripping with blood.

An invisible energy crept close, the pressure incredibly chaotic. It was as if a star smashed over.

Shi Hao was terrified. What kind of terrifying crisis was this? If not for the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram protecting him, he would have most likely died right there.

He clenched his teeth with difficulty, walking forward, finally entering, stepping into this black ancient palace. This place was hazy and indistinct.

However, this place was also incredibly desolate, making one's heart rate speed up, feel great fear. It really was a place for tempering the true self, the killing energy too great.

Shi Hao's body rocked back and forth, the pressure he faced here just too great, body almost breaking apart!

He walked inside, shifting his footsteps with difficulty. The pressure was unimaginably great, body about to explode, as if he was being forced to kneel here, fall into eternal rest.

Shi Hao saw six figures standing there, every single one of them exerting a type of special stance, as if they were cultivating, but also as if they were forming imprints.

What kind of person was this?

Every one of them was incredibly terrifying. This place, as well as the road up to here surged with world shocking energy that made one suffocate, and all of this was brought about by these individuals.

"Six figures, Six Dao Reincarnations?" Shi Hao spoke. It was becoming harder and harder to stand still here, his body on the verge of collapse.

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