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Chapter 1086 - Nine Phoenix Furnace

The group of people were stupefied. The words this little girl used were just too crude! She looked like she was carved from jade, delicate and cute like a porcelain doll, but the destructive power was so great.

When everyone heard this, a group of people's faces fell, eyes revealing anger.

However, the little rabbit didn't hold back at all, saying, "You, and you, and you all, are you all reincarnated bulls or something? Comparing eye size with me? Your bull eyes are about to split open already!"

In addition, she carried that little White Qilin, looking like she was ready to chuck it out at any time.

The pitiful little Qilin beast unexpectedly released a meow sound, climbing up her shoulder, and then grabbed a lock of hair, unwilling to let go no matter what, fearing that it would be thrown out like a rock again.

In the rear, dark lines appeared on the faces of two elders' foreheads. This was the Qilin youth that was treated with exceptional importance in the heavenly deity institution, yet there was this type of unreliable master!

"I think what she says makes perfect sense. If you all aren't willing to accept things, then you can enter Origin Ancient Mine and take a look around. Do you all dare?" Cao Yusheng said.

Now that the two of them stirred things up, there was great tension. The faces of a few people from the other ancient lands sank, especially that of the one who spoke sarcastically, becoming even more unhappy.

There were immediately those who nodded their heads, stating that they will look around inside the ancient mine. However, they were still sneering, looking down on those from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces.

Different places, different cultivators, standing against each other.

On Origin Star, there were many great powers. When they saw this scene, they all revealed strange looks. The disciples from heavenly deity institution didn't get along with each other, about to contend against each other here?

"Why is there a need for such noise? Senior brother Lu Tuo has already said that there is no value in discussing the dead, even if that Huang was still alive, so what? Even if he can break free and head to the heavenly deity institution, he'll still be suppressed!" A girl said.

She wore purple clothes, figure wonderful, appearance pretty. There was a small white jade horn between her brows, adding a unique sense of beauty to her appearance.

This was the Moon Rhinoceros Clan's female cultivator, someone who clearly cultivated a strand of immortal energy, possessing great strength. The senior brother Lu Tuo she was talking about was precisely the one from heavenly deity institution whose voice was like divine thunder, the green-haired individual who made everyone's blood boil. He was normally surrounded by primal chaos, always seated in cultivation.

"Even someone like that is worth comparing to senior brother Lu Tuo? It is just a lower realm cultivator in the end, they won't understand how frightening a true long life bloodline is!" Someone said, lips curled in disdain.

"What do these people understand? Are there any immortal blood descendants in the so-called Three Thousand Dao Provinces? There isn't even a single one. Won't understand how scary a true immortal dao influential family is!"

A few people spoke, as if returning fire against the little rabbit and others' words just now.

"Alright, cease the noise. You all can compete, but no enmity and killing between you all is allowed, just an exchange of pointers up to here." One of the two elders spoke. They were the heavenly deity institution's elders, magical force heaven reaching, not a single person daring to go against their will.

The disputes ended, but the great geniuses still bore opposition, just not voicing it any longer.

To argue for a dead person, was this worth it? The nearby great powers' people didn't really understand why there was this kind of conflict.

"Seniors, are these people really going to be brought into the ancient mine? That isn't some good place, too many exceptional heroes buried inside. It is too dangerous!" There were people from some great powers who asked, speaking up.

According to what they knew, those geniuses were extremely precious, couldn't be lost. Coming here for training was too dangerous. If they died, it would be just too great of a loss.

"It is voluntary. Whoever wishes to explore, we will not stop them, but instead offer assistance." An elder explained.

Soon after, this place became full of noise, staring to clamor. It was because everyone obtained an astonishing piece of information.

Moreover, there were a few other things that were revealed. The elders from the heavenly deity institution brought over a Nine Phoenix Furnace, Immeasurable Heaven's number one supreme magical artifact!

Everyone erupted into commotion, simply unable to believe it. For the sake of entering Origin Ancient Mine, the heavenly deity institution actually displayed such a great move, bringing over this primal chaos supreme treasure.

One had to bear in mind that this was not an artifact refined through the force of the mortal world.

This thing's origins were extremely mysterious, rumored to possibly not belong to this great era. Its materials were extremely special, appearance extremely gorgeous, dark red like ruby, on its surface engraved nine phoenixes.

At this moment, an elder produced this precious furnace, triggering a huge commotion. Everyone looked over.

It only looked three feet in height, elegant and beautiful. There was a luster within the scarlet color. With a slight move, phoenix cries shook the sky.

"It really is that thing?!" Everyone truly felt their minds tremble, bodies moving.

This treasure belonged to a long life family, but it now temporarily became the supreme treasure of the heavenly deity institution, personally brought over by the top figures of the academy.

"It is rumored that this is a precious artifact refined from the true bones of a phoenix!"

"That's incorrect. Someone has said that this Nine Phoenix Furnace's material is a bit better than phoenix true bone."

A few people began to discuss among themselves, eyes burning passionately as they stared at the small furnace. It obviously wasn't out of greed or thoughts of seizing it, but instead purely envy and fear.

This type of legendary thing, how many eras would it be before even one appeared? How could normal people see such a thing? They all only knew about it from bone records.

Only, upon closer inspection, this small furnace had been pierced through. There was a small hole, extremely fine, but also extremely critical, passing through the entire furnace body.

This truly was incredibly regretful!

It was rumored that this wasn't something manpower could accomplish, but that endless years ago, it was pierced through by an unmatched individual in the Desolate Border in the unending battle!

As a result, the artifact's spirit no longer appeared, unknown if it passed away or if it was slumbering.

However, this didn't affect its position as the number one supreme treasure of Immeasurable Heaven, currently nothing else here comparable to it.

"Back then, someone carried this magical artifact into the ancient mine, and thus had the luck of returning alive. Today, we will use this artifact to support you." An elder said.

Whoever wished to enter Origin Ancient Mine could move together, operate this magical artifact together to protect themselves.

"Elders, do you not fear that the magical artifact would be lost inside?" Individuals from great powers reminded. Even though the magical artifact was exceptional, the ancient mine wasn't an ordinary place, too many things buried within, to the extent where there might even be immortal remains.

"Don't worry, this ancient mine wouldn't trouble the Nine Phoenix Furnace." An elder said with a smile.

Everyone became shocked, not understanding what he meant.

"Do you all know where the Nine Phoenix Furnace originated from?"

Everyone shook their heads. This involved ancient secrets, so how could ordinary people know about this? They only heard that it belonged to some long life family, but even that was likely obtained through coincidence.

"It was excavated from Origin Ancient Mine to begin with, buried here."

The words of this elder from heavenly deity institution were earth-shattering, ringing like thunder by everyone's ears. This was just too astonishing.

Even Immeasurable Heaven's number one supreme treasure was dug up from Origin Ancient Mine, what exactly was buried inside? This really was too shocking, making everyone shiver uncontrollably!

"This furnace won't become damaged, able to fly out on its own. Only, everyone's protection cannot be guaranteed. Do you all dare give it a try?" An elder asked.

In that instant, this place became quiet.

Even though there were some people who were noisy before, stating they were going to enter the ancient mine, they now felt a bit of hesitation when it truly came time to make the decision.

"Hey, where did all of your bravery go? Too scared to go inside now? Could it be that you all really are scared that Huang will beat you all up until your parents can't even recognize you?" The little rabbit seized the opportunity, puffing her cheeks and looking at them all furiously.

"Fine, I will go!"

"I will also take a look!"

With some people signing up, voices sounded in succession one after another. In the end, more than ten people signed up, wishing to enter Origin Ancient Mine.

However, heavenly deity institution's two elders didn't agree to this many people entering together. If something unexpected happened, the losses would be too great.

"One instance cannot exceed five people!"

Then, the first batch of individuals were selected. That Moon Rhinoceros Clan purple clothed woman, as well as four others proceeded together, going to enter the ancient mine.

This triggered everyone's discussions. The great powers nearby all came, paying close attention to this.

Heavenly deity institution's elder handed the Nine Phoenix Furnace to them in a serious manner, warning them to be careful, that they shouldn't take risks that were too great.

The five of them nodded. Even though there were dangers this time, it also signified an opportunity. Risk and reward would always be proportionate to each other.

The Moon Rhinoceros Clan purple-clothed girl held the precious furnace, the other four operating it together. They were all activating bone texts, wishing to borrow the divine furnace's power.

Soon afterwards, phoenix cries tore through the clouds, nine phoenixes flying out from the furnace walls. Scarlet multicolored light filled the skies, shining with incomparable brilliance.

These nine phoenixes surrounded those individuals, protecting them within. There was primal chaos mist that spread outwards; this was the power of the Nine Phoenix Furnace.

They watched as this group walked step by step towards the ancient mine, directly approaching, and then jumping in!

"They entered the ancient mine!"

A cry of alarm sounded from the rear, watching helplessly as they entered.

Everyone was waiting expectantly, watching to see if any miracles could be forged.

There was no noise. That ancient cave was extremely quiet. When the five individuals entered, it was as if they completely merged with the darkness, never to be seen again.

It was as if they jumped into a monster's mouth and were devoured.

Waiting always left people feeling uneasy, but there was nothing they could do. They could only remain silent, wait for news outside.

Inside the cave, scarlet multicolored light flickered about. The Nine Phoenix Furnace was trembling slightly, the nine phoenixes releasing radiance, forming a domain.

This was precisely the reason why these five geniuses were able to survive. It was because they were just like Shi Hao, encountering similar troubles.

Not long after, they saw an old daoist whose white hair reached the floor. Even though he was a corpse, the aura he released would make heavenly deities collapse, unable to endure it.

Without this Immeasurable Heaven number one supreme treasure to protect them, their body and spirit would inevitably be destroyed, powerless to resist.

"Stopped this pressure, this supreme treasure truly deserves its reputation!"

"This means that we can advance without any obstruction, able to enter the ancient cave's innermost depths, perhaps fully explore its greatest mysteries."

The five of them were happy, all of them wishing to use this precious furnace to help them go on an adventure, obtain Life Stones and other types of natural luck.

"Not good, this Nine Phoenix Furnace is shaking, resonating with this place. There won't be some type of accident that happens, right?" These individuals were alarmed, because the precious furnace's vibrations were growing stronger.

Their faces became pale. If there was something wrong with this place, not a single one of them could think about surviving. They would undoubtedly die.

Finally, this ancient furnace calmed down again, no longer trembling, only releasing a gentle scarlet multicolored radiance, protecting the five individuals as they advanced. 

"Say, do you all think that Huang from the three thousand provinces still has a chance of being alive?" One of them said.

"Just someone like him, yet he wants to live?" The Moon Rhinoceros Clan's purple-clothed young lady sneered.

"He's nothing more than someone from the lower realm, what kind of prospects could he have even if he did survive? Just some divine individual, fierce person from that small place of theirs. After coming to the Nine Heavens above, he's nothing special at all, definitely turning into blood and bones, impossible to remain alive!" Another person said.

"I really hope we can find a piece of his clothes or some broken bones to bring back and show those people, especially that Lunar Jade Rabbit, let her learn reality. The so-called Huang is nothing more than this!" Another person said coldly, clearly greatly offended by that Lunar Jade Rabbit's previous taunting.

They carried the Nine Phoenix Furnace, continuing forward, avoiding many dangers. In the end, they sensed something, suddenly stopping their steps.

Unknowingly when, a figure appeared, full of vitality, flesh perfect, currently emerging from a precious pool, eyes incomparably sharp, staring at them.

Shi Hao heard their conversation just now, so he naturally didn't carry any good intentions or smiles, appearing incredibly cold.

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