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Chapter 1085 - Cultivating a Monster

In reality, this great dao flower had already bloomed before, the dao fruit he obtained from the Ascension Platform.

Only, after coming here, everything became different. After receiving the long life medicinal liquid's nourishment, it blossomed and withered, falling and then rising again, continuously undergoing change, ultimately producing these results!

When the flower bloomed for the final time, that was when this creature appeared. 

It was human shaped. The moment it opened its eyes, energy surged, endless divine radiance was released. It was as if Li Fire burned the heavenly dome, as if the nine great heavens were going to be struck down.

This type of scene was extremely astonishing. Right at that moment, there were terrifying rays of light that swept out even from the Origin Ancient Mine entrance, the light rays illuminating the dark world.

The people outside were shocked. What was going on?

Everyone was deeply moved as they watched this scene from the distance, feeling that it was inconceivable.

At the same time, they all sighed. The people who entered during this time likely all died. Whenever something unexpected happens in the ancient mine, there would definitely be great danger, no one able to escape.

"What a pity, an exceptional talent who cultivated two strands of immortal energy withered away just like that, not having the slightest chance of coming out alive!" The Wang Family's people sighed, finding this truly hard to take.

At the same time, they felt like they were too rash this time, losing such a powerful heroic talent, a great waste! If they restrained their greed and ambitions, sending him to the young miss' side to serve her, then that would be an extremely powerful helping hand.

After who knew how much time had passed, only then did Shi Hao widen his eyes in the ancient mine. He sensed some type of reaction, raising his head towards the great dao flower in the void. A creature sat on top, eyes deep, shining brilliantly like a golden lamp, a blazing sun, so brilliant even his eyes felt a bit of pain. It was currently looking at him.

This type of feeling was extremely strange. He felt like that was himself, but why was there a distant feeling?

Shi Hao looked at it, always feeling that it was a bit strange, and also quite sinister. That creature was extremely indistinct, surrounded by primal chaos. The strand of immortal energy it sat on turned into a great dao flower petal, steady, firm, quiet, looking even more solemn than him, as if it was an ancient monk who achieved the dao.

Shi Hao was a bit speechless. What kind of situation was this? What kind of monster did he end up cultivating?

He opened his Heavenly Eyes, able to see that the creature in the primal chaos mist was extremely similar to him, yet the size of a fist. It sat there, appearance dignified.

The two of them had some type of relationship, but when Shi Hao used bone texts, activated his divine awareness, trying to control it, there was clearly a bit of hindrance.

That flower moved as he willed it to, great dao energy pervading the air, able to communicate with heaven and earth, affecting the natural laws of heaven and earth. It could fight for him, extremely powerful!

This great dao flower was astonishingly powerful, exceeding normal people's imaginations.

Only, the creature seated on the dao flower seemed to be somewhat distant, not accepting his control. It was as if there was a chasm separating them.

Shi Hao frowned. This was something he cultivated, so why wasn't it affected by his control?

Upon closer inspection, he discovered that there were time fragments fluttering about the creature's surroundings, specks of multicolored lights surging, moving about in the chaotic energy.

Even though this scene wasn't that clear, Shi Hao had Heavenly Eyes, so he could sense them. Moreover, this was something he cultivated, so he was naturally sensitive to it.

He became more and more confused, his brows tightly locked together. This type of feeling was too strange, he seemed to be looking at one of his past selves, extremely close, yet extremely far.

Correct, it was this type of feeling that Shi Hao was clearly sensing!

He looked at those creatures. Even though they were quite close, as time went on, the fragments scattered away, fading, resonating with the world, disappearing into the distance.

"He lives in the past?!"

When Shi Hao spoke these words, he frightened himself, face becoming a bit pale. How strange was this?

He couldn't comprehend, couldn't understand!

However, he had this type of feeling. It was absurd, ridiculous, not realistic at all.

He cultivated a monster that didn't belong to the present, didn't belong to the future, as if it lived in the past, yet was still this close to him.

The reason why he couldn't control that creature was because there was time separating them, many fragments of time that turned into a rain of light, surrounding that place.

Shi Hao immediately became distracted. What exactly was the reason that led to this result? He couldn't really see through it, unable to figure it out.

Was this the result of cultivating in seclusion for most of a month? What kind of dao fruit was this?!

Shi Hao tried several times, each time discovering time fragments fluttering about within the primal chaos. The aura of time became more and more thick, this type of feeling really too strange. He really couldn't move that creature.

However, he had a type of feeling that this creature was extremely important to him, that it would display great use in the future!

Then, he thought of the other two strands of immortal energy. If they were condensed into great dao flowers as well, would there be dao fruits as well, producing different creatures?

When Shi Hao thought of this, he thought it over silently for a long time. What exactly was going on today?

He didn't recall this type of situation recorded in any of the bone books he had read before. Cultivating a great dao flower was one thing, but how could it be like plants, the flower bearing fruit?

To be more precise, the flower didn't fall, but there was fruit -- that unknown creature.

Shi Hao got up. He gave this precious pond a look, examining this sparkling liquid. Was it this pool of water that brought about all of this?

He shook his head, confident that this wasn't the case. Even though this pool had the remains of long life medicine, turning it into Long Life Liquid, able to nourish the spirit, mend the body, refine one's body and spirit, it couldn't affect his dao fruit. This was still an external matter in the end.

It could be said that it could only help stir on a transformation, but it couldn't decide his path or direction, because this was the path that he forged himself.

"Then this means that my path, my dao, was like this to begin with. The first strand of immortal energy should have formed a great foundational core, forming a creature? Unrelated to the past."

Shi Hao was was full of expectation. If he really could use this dao fruit in the future, what kind of effects would it have then?

"Wu, if the second strand of immortal energy also formed a great dao flower, producing a fruit, a creature appearing from it, would it be related to the present?"

Shi Hao guessed randomly, his mind unable to calm down.

He stood up, walking around here. After cultivating in seclusion for the majority of a month, he wanted to stretch his body out a bit, take a look at the surrounding situation.

However, he didn't go too far. This ancient mine was too dangerous. This was a rare calm place without terrifying creatures wandering about, a place where he could enter seclusion cultivation.

"This is a rare opportunity, there is still a larger half of this precious liquid left. I should continue cultivating in seclusion. If I could make the second great dao flower appear, then that would be great. I can then confirm my theory!"

Then, Shi Hao entered seclusion again. He wanted to catch up to the others who entered heavenly deity institution, couldn't fall behind.

It was because he knew that heavenly deity institution had all types of great opportunities, for example, the Phoenix Blood Pool that allowed one to undergo rebirth and other things, every single one of them supreme divine matter in the outside world, things that couldn't be begged for.

He was already behind. Now that he saw an immortal medicine pool, he naturally couldn't miss out on this opportunity, making the most use out of it possible.


Inside the ice cold starry sky, within the darkness, an enormous bone ship flew over, tearing through the silent starry domain.

It was brilliant white, as if it was carved from jade. It moved past many great formation remains in this region, directly rushing towards Origin Star.

Soon after, it descended onto the earth.

"Heavenly deity institution's people came? Didn't they leave not too long ago? Why did another group come?!"

When the great powers here heard about this, they revealed looks of surprise. No one dared to look down on this newly established school, all of them feeling great reverence.

It was because this was something established by a group of hidden great powers from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, impossible to surmise.

On the warship, youngsters walked out one by one, all of them belonging to different clans. However, they all formed human appearances, every single one of them extraordinary in appearance.

These people, regardless of whether they were ugly or pretty, all had different temperaments, self-confidence, power, and other things. They were of all different types, representing their own extraordinariness.

The men were mostly heroic in appearance, promising brilliant youth.

The women's dresses fluttered about like pure and aloof immortals, a single glance telling others that they weren't ordinary cultivators. Even without mentioning their appearances, just their temperaments alone were too outstanding.

"The heavenly deity institution's heroic talents have come, these are all their inheritors, originating from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, all the outstanding talents of their ancient lands!"

Someone cried out in alarm, snapping back to reality.

In that instant, Origin Star couldn't calm down. The powers of all sides, regardless of whether they were strong or weak, were all startled, a huge commotion stirred up.

These were the cornerstones of the future, the individuals that were destined to become the most powerful under the sky, the future's people treating them as their sovereigns. They actually appeared here.

What did they come here to do?

One had to understand that this wasn't some good place, not a good place for training. Origin Ancient Mine devoured everything, even the most powerful not necessarily able to come out alive upon entering.

If they wanted to investigate the ancient mine, coming out alive completely depended on luck, unrelated to cultivation and aptitude!

"If I may ask seniors, what did you all come here to do?"

Finally, someone cautiously asked, looking towards the two individuals that got off the ship last.

Those were two elders. Even though they looked ordinary, like the most normal elders, everyone knew that they were definitely exceptionally powerful individuals, in charge of protecting this group of geniuses.

"There are some younger generation that wish to come here to sharpen themselves." One of them spoke, words clear and concise.

Everyone became stupefied. They looked at these geniuses, and then at the two experts. Could it be that they were going to enter the ancient mine? This was like seeking death!

"Senior, I wish to ask for guidance. Did this person really enter the ancient mine, and then never came out?"

At this time, Cao Yusheng spoke, producing Shi Hao's portrait, letting everyone look at it.

The group of people frowned. However, those from the Wang Family were immediately startled. There was someone asking around again, that young man not ordinary after all.

The Wang Family didn't feel fear, because they were a long life family, not worried about being blamed. A person nodded, and slowly spoke about everything.

"Could it be that he really died inside?" Dragon Girl sighed, shaking her head.

"Hah, even now, you Three Thousand Dao Provinces' people are unwilling to give up. How could that type of person possibly return alive after entering? He turned into blood and bone a long time ago."

"The so-called Huang, so-called Three Thousand Dao Province's genius, will only be able to travel unhindered in your Three Thousand Dao Provinces. What does he count as after entering the Nine Heavens? Probably died a long time ago." Someone took joy in this disaster, purposely denouncing him in secret.

"What is that person called? Huang? He still wants to stir up something in Origin Ancient Mine? Overestimating his capabilities!" Someone sneered, clearly an ancient realm's outstanding talent. "He can only stir up a bit of trouble in the lower realm!"

His so-called lower realm, naturally pointed at the Ten Earths below the Nine Heavens.

"Is this something you all are saying?" The Lunar Jade Rabbit was indignant. Her head of long silver hair shone, her large ruby-like eyes glaring out, saying angrily, "Weren't you all bragging about how strong you are? Who dares enter Origin Ancient Mine? I dare to bet that we'll definitely run into Huang. When the time comes, I guarantee that he'll beat you guys until your moms and dads won't even recognize you!"

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