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Chapter 1076 - Ascension Stage

These people were all felt dissatisfied, quite a few of them swearing, to the extent where they were even raining curses. It was because just because of a small mistake in the past, they now got locked up for so many years.

"This 'tempering' sounds nice and all, saying able to comprehend the dao here or whatever, but does he not know that time is more precious than anything? Who is willing to waste time here?!"

These people were discontent, feeling great resentment.

"Is there no shortcut?" Shi Hao asked. He indeed didn't wish to waste much time here, needing to break out as soon as possible.

The people here were all extremely angry, so they naturally spoke about their experiences.

In their perspective, this was a strange territory whose end couldn't be reached, no exit to be found.

"Perhaps only the Ascension Stage imitation at the center of this place is worth a try. It is rumored that if one comprehends the dao there, there is a chance of leaving."

Someone said after a long time.

It was because from what they heard, someone seemed to have disappeared from that place in the past, successfully leaving. 

"Did you all not try?" Shi Hao asked.

"That blasted place has nothing, only a broken stone platform, what is there to even comprehend?"

"Apart from rock, there is only more rock. Don't tell me they want us to comprehend some wordless heavenly book?"

Those people were extremely angry. Most of them had previously went there, but they returned without any return, unable to break free from this imprisonment at all.

The so-called Ascension Stage was an ancient platform only talents who were going to become immortals could ascend.

As for the stone platform imitation here, heaven knew how it was imitated, how it was created. Regardless, this was its name.

Shi Hao arrived, and many people followed him, wishing to see if he had a way of breaking through.

It was because in all these years, the people who came here had pretty much lost hope. They really wanted someone to stand out and truly break this equilibrium, bring them out of this place.

This place was extremely barren, only having a single stone platform. It was extremely tall like a stone mountain, but one could see that it was piled up by piece after piece of enormous rocks. 

However, as time flowed past, the enormous rocks seemed to have merged together, forming a simple and ancient stone platform.

Many people had previously sat on it, and even after exhausting themselves mentally and physically, comprehending the dao here, they still ended up empty-handed.

Shi Hao frowned. He walked around the stone platform, releasing his divine consciousness, opening up his inner heart, carefully sensing what was different about this place.

The result was that he ended up empty-handed!

Then, he released immortal energy. When it was only one strand, everything was quiet. When he released two, it was still completely without any fluctuations. When the third strand appeared, lightning immediately rumbled here, irregular scenes appearing!

The others were shocked. They never expected this newly arrived individual to actually produce some type of reaction here, producing this type of activity.

Shi Hao understood. Sure enough, it was related to immortal energy. No wonder it was called Ascension Stage. 

The events developed just like this. He already realized the importance of immortal energy on the road of cultivation, because it was needed even to pass this type of barrier.

One could imagine what kind of brilliance the three strands of immortal energy would display in the future, when they would be needed.

Shi Hao flew onto the stone platform, sitting down, comprehending here. He silently cultivated, hoping to break out of this place and truly leave.

Lightning rumbled in his surroundings, electrical arcs moving around the stone platform.

Apart from this, golden lotuses appeared one after another, all of them taking root in the void, releasing a clear fragrance, growing in the surroundings, appearing more and more holy and divine.

Soon after, he entered a type of miraculous state, his body and mind clear. The three strands of immortal energy around him merged with the stone platform, resonating with each other.

In the distance, those people sighed with amazement, finally knowing why only Shi Hao could comprehend the dao here.

"Truly astonishing, that is someone who has cultivated three strands of immortal energy! This Ascension Stage was prepared for this type of person, sigh!"

They didn't feel wronged in their failure. No wonder they were trapped for so many years. Just how many people could cultivate three strands of immortal energy?

Shi Hao didn't pay attention to the clamoring outside, completely immersed in his cultivation. He didn't move, silently comprehending. This stone platform released light, releasing waves of scripture sounds.

He couldn't hear clearly, but he could sense that this was a type of support, a mysterious type of power that tempered his three strands of immortal energy, making it more 'durable'.

It was to the extent where this type of power would allow for the three strands of immortal energy to slowly strengthen further in the future.

What left Shi Hao shocked was that ever since he cultivated the three strands of immortal energy, strengthening them to their limit, they rarely showed any more changes. He never expected to see them display some activity here.

Roughly a month later, one strand of immortal energy around Shi Hao's body unexpectedly condensed into a great dao flower, blooming above his head. It was incomparably mysterious, deep and mysterious, full of great power.


A great dao flower petal emerged, pure white immortal mist flowing down strand after strand. The flower petal split open, immortal mists surrounded Shi Hao, making him more and more unfathomable.

"This fella really is formidable!"

In the distance, those people all widened their eyes, revealing shock.

Then, the great dao flower petal formed from the strand of immortal energy continuously burst, and then scattered apart, as if it was being tempered, the aura becoming more and more astonishing.

In the end, the flower petal stabilized, suspending itself above his head, as if a great dao fruit was formed!

That stone platform grew dim, as if it suffered damage, as if it had a mysterious attribute energy sucked away.

"This Ascension Stage is a wheatstone, one used to help this young man grind out a great dao flower petal! Really is amazing!"

"In the Holy Sacrifice Realm, yet already produced one great dao flower petal, this is definitely an incomparable genius!"

Some of them sighed with amazement, continuously nodding, feeling admiration and jealousy.

Shi Hao opened his eyes. He looked at the cultivators around him, saying with a smile, "Does everyone wish to leave?"

When they heard this, they all became stupefied. Then, they loudly cried out. Which one of them didn't want to leave? After being trapped in this damn place for so long, they were all about to go crazy already.

"Please come up to the Ascension Stage!" Shi Hao said.

After he spoke these words, the crowd was first startled, and then they rushed onto this stone platform, all of them incredibly excited.

"Little big bro, you really are quite capable. Hurry and bring us out of here!"

"We've been trapped here for a few decades already, I'm about to go mad! Little big bro, please take action, help us escape!"

The group of people were moved and excited, urging him here.

Shi Hao moved. He sat here, continuously forming imprints above him. That great dao flower petal was also moving, releasing astonishing secret force.

Then, the stone platform shone, making rumbling noises, releasing endless symbols with Shi Hao's movements!


A silver passage was produced in the void, stretching out from the Ascension Stage to the outside world.

"Ah, a road of life has appeared, hurry and go!"

"Heavens! I finally broke free!"

A few people cried out loudly, tears about to flow out. After being trapped for all those years, being able to see the sun again truly filled their hearts with joy.

Shi Hao also walked out from the silver passage. He turned around and gave this place a final look, vaguely seeing that enormous palace and the white eyebrowed elder by the bronze great entrance.

He paid his respects in that direction, sincerely expressing his gratitude.

That elder said this was a type of tempering, not considered a great punishment, and sure enough, this turned out to be the case, granting him tremendous benefits.

Shi Hao felt that even if he entered the heavenly deity institution late, missing out on a few things, just this harvest alone had already made everything worth it.

Not becoming a heavenly deity, still in the Holy Sacrifice Realm, yet already produced a great dao flower, this was extremely rare. This would definitely display great uses in the future.

"What would it be like if I saw a true Ascension Stage?" Shi Hao looked forward to this greatly.

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths, especially Immeasurable Heaven, had long life families, true immortal descendents. These families most likely had unmatched secret treasures similar to the Ascension Stage.

Why did Shi Hao come here? It was precisely to strengthen himself through these mysterious opportunities. He was full of expectation. 

"It is rumored that Immeasurable Heaven has true immortal families, I hope I can see some supreme sacred items!" He said to himself.

The silver passage closed. Those people followed Shi Hao out.

"Little big bro, we are from the Chen Family. If there is anything in the future, come look for me!"

"Dao brother, I came from the Scarlet Dragon Clan. If you run into any trouble in Immeasurable Heaven, you can come to my clan."

After breaking out, these people introduced themselves, agreeing to meet again in the future.

"Please wait a moment, have any of you heard about the heavenly deity institution?" Before separating, Shi Hao asked.

"We have not." Someone shook his head in confusion.

"I think I've heard of it. It was something from a few years ago, heard that one might be built in Immeasurable Heaven."

These people's reactions were all different.

Shi Hao immediately recalled that the heavenly deity institution wasn't something that had been here for awhile, but something recently selected to be established here. Asking these people wouldn't help much, they've been trapped for many years already.

"Dao friend has cultivated three strands of immortal energy, are you going to enter that heavenly deity institution? It seems like after being trapped for many years, a lot of things happened. After returning, we'll have to take a look as well!"

These individuals were all geniuses, or else why would they have the qualifications to be trapped there? There were naturally those who cultivated immortal energy who indeed could set out for the heavenly deity institution.

"Dao friend, we will meet again at the heavenly deity institution. We will definitely go there. When the time comes, when you become the local boss, we'll bring you to see those true immortal descendants, true fairies."

"Haha, correct, get a fairy as your wife, that is but an exceptional beauty with True Immortal blood flowing through her body! We know who those people are, so we can guide you there later. It'll just have to depend on if you catch any of their eyes!"

The group of people laughed loudly, separating here.

Suddenly, someone in the distance spoke. When those eyes opened, it was as if two streaks of lightning shot over.

It was clear that this ancient land had experts guarding it. It was because this was still a comparatively mysterious region. All places with altars connected to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths had extremely powerful individuals overseeing them.

It was especially the case now when great chaos was about to rise. To prevent enemies from secretly coming over, they had to have powerful individuals defending them.

"Who are you?"

Shi Hao looked into the distance. There was a person seated on an enormous rock. He didn't sense any good intentions from this person.

"Weren't you the one that was lost in Emperor City's ancient battlefield, not appearing even after those three searched many days for you? You actually appeared after several months in Immeasurable Heaven, not simple after all." That person said.

Shi Hao immediately understood. The three individuals he was talking about were those three great experts who lead those geniuses into the heavenly deity institution. Meanwhile, after this person learned of the various situations, he didn't act very friendly towards Shi Hao.

This person was someone from Immeasurable Heaven, someone who was already familiar with Shi Hao's existence.

Shi Hao didn't say anything. This person most likely acted like this for the geniuses of Immeasurable Heaven who were defeated.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" That person asked.

"You are my senior on the road of cultivation, I am listening respectfully to senior's great dao voice." Shi Hao said, doing his best to calm himself down.

"Haha…" This person laughed loudly, but his expression quickly turned cold. "You can even come to Immeasurable Heaven on your own, can be considered extraordinary in that regard, extremely lucky. How about this? If you head to Origin Ancient Mine and excavate a few pieces of Life Stone for me, I won't make things difficult for you."

Not far out, the geniuses who had broken free didn't completely leave. When those people heard this, their expressions immediately changed.

What kind of place was Origin Ancient Mine? That place was called a demonic mine, evil mine, not a place that could be approached. Even though it contained great opportunities, able to prolong life, it was incomparably dangerous inside, within it buried too many powerful beings.

There were some that claimed it to be the tomb of an Immortal King!

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