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Chapter 1075 - To Cross

Jia De was sent out just like that, imprisoned. Even the most exceptional experts of the outside world were restricted here.

Emperor City was massive, stellar remains everywhere.

Shi Hao was brought before an altar made of five types of divine stone. It was extremely massive, as if a great mountain towered here.

They arrived inside Emperor City just like that, without any delays, yet he was going to be sent out again. Shi Hao felt a bit lightheaded, everything feeling a bit unreal.

One had to bear in mind that in the past, only those who had signed the Archaic Contract of Alliance could enter. The fact that he could enter today really was quite fortunate.

He really didn't want to immediately leave like this, wishing to explore this mysterious city that had shocked past and present a bit. Only, he couldn't really act independently, unable to stay here for too long.

Where was Ye Qingxian? Shi Hao really wished to meet her. This exceptional beauty had previously saved him, and people had claimed that she came from the forbidden region depths before.

When he thought about how she mentioned the Archaic Contract of Alliance, bringing the old Celestial and War Clan's ancient ancestor, one could well imagine that she definitely had a close relationship with this place.

Shi Hao spoke up, asking the person at his side, even more so asking the elder who held the wolf teeth club for guidance, wishing to meet with Ye Qingxian.

However, he was refused, to the extent where he didn't even get an explanation. Those individuals' attitudes were extremely firm and clear!

Shi Hao was shocked. This Ye Qingxian seemed to be quite unordinary, not even willing to give out information on the experts in the city, what exactly was the reason?

When he thought back to that exceptional snow-white clothed woman whose smile could topple cities, Shi Hao released a light sigh. He came to where she was, yet couldn't even meet.

In the end, he was going to leave, only able to shake his head because of this.

Shi Hao stood outside the altar, this five-colored transport formation truly vast, possessing a feeling of boundless years, eternal time. It was as if it could travel through endless eras, continuously undergo reincarnation in this universe.

He carefully looked at it. This altar was quite similar to the broken altar he had seen the first time at the bottom of Immortal Ancient Remains' Black Abyss, even the materials the same.

Only, one was half destroyed, while the other was still intact.

It was clear that this was something left behind from the last great era.

When he thought of this, Shi Hao's eyes became brilliant, looking at it even more carefully. Even this Emperor City was a massive structure from the last great era.

"What an ancient city, what a mysterious place!"

Shi Hao said with a sigh. Outside of this city was a passage that faced a world of utmost terror.

"Desolate Border!"

Shi Hao spat out these two words. However, he then felt as if something wasn't quite right. The scenes he saw on the black ancient ship's altar clearly had another city that the seven great kings defended, fighting continuously against endless creatures.

This wasn't that place, so where was the Desolate Border?

The battlefield he saw was much more intense than this place, that place was lifeless like this place, dusky all year round, ninety percent of the land dark and hazy.

"Senior, who exactly are those people?" Before leaving, Shi Hao asked the wolf fang club elder, focusing on the world he was talking about. What kind of place was that, what kind of relationship did it have with Shi Hao? He had a feeling that this elder knew.

Unfortunately, this elder didn't give him a reply. The altar activated, starting the transport.

A light flashed, and the Shi Hao felt as if he stepped onto a tunnel of time, as if a hundred eras underwent reincarnation, and then rushed towards the eternal limit.

This was an ultra transport formation, incredibly valiant, able to send one to the limits of the universe, cross ancient lands.

The three thousand provinces were left far behind him, he left the higher realms!

This was an enormous magical formation, the power tremendous, sending Shi Hao out, a passage that tore through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

For normal people, this was an unimaginable thing.

Shi Hao moved through auspicious light, advancing through chaotic mists. He crossed unimaginable space, freeing himself from the three thousand provinces, truly leaving this place.

"Emperor City is so large, I only saw a corner, only a few experts. Really wonder what other types of figures are hidden there, as well as the other unique parts of it."

Shi Hao knew that he only saw a corner of that place, not understanding much about that place at all.

Before he could think too much, the fragments of time moved about, stars flew one after another, flickering along the way.

He moved through realms, even time and space becoming unstable.

Finally, a tremendous sound rang out. White mists surged, multicolored brilliance surging. Shi Hao rushed out.

He looked around with flickering eyes. He was currently standing on a dao platform, this enormous platform polished from beast bone, its appearance ancient, but spotlessly white like jade.

"I arrived in Immeasurable Heaven?!" Shi Hao sighed with admiration. He crossed realms, the distance unimaginable, yet he arrived in an instant.

If there really was as road that stretched across this distance, not even extremely powerful cultivators could cross it even if they flew a hundred eras. That distance was simply an eternity.

He traveled from the Ten Earths' Three Thousand Dao Provinces to the Nine Heavens' Immeasurable Heaven, this was truly an extreme journey.

"I've arrived a few months late, unknown if I can still enter the heavenly deity institution." Shi Hao said.

He walked out from this bone dao platform. Spiritual essence immediately surged like waves, quickly rushing forth.

"Much richer than the three thousand provinces!" This was the first observation Shi Hao made.

Generally speaking, the density of spiritual essence signified how suitable a place was for cultivation. Many terrifying experts would appear from these types of places.

This was definitely a powerful world!

The dao earth's prosperity and decline affected whether the cultivation world would flourish or undergo recession.

"So vast."

Shi Hao frowned. Even though the spiritual essence here was rich, white mists surging, it was too quiet and still, no mountains, valleys or plants to be seen.

Everything was covered in white mist, stretching all the way into the distance.

"Since I was transported by them to Immeasurable Heaven, there should be some place to stop over for a bit. Could it be that they transported me directly to the heavenly deity institution's entrance?" Shi Hao speculated.

It was because on the way, he had previously asked how to enter the heavenly deity institution to cultivate after traveling through the transport formation.


Soon after, Shi Hao sensed that something was off. The other side was extremely calm, as if it was created by piece after piece of enormous divine stone.

He opened his Heavenly Eyes, symbols condensing within his pupils, producing two streaks of light that scanned over the surrounding scenery.

Soon after, Shi Hao became stupefied. This was inside a palace, the spotlessly white enormous formation platform was precisely inside a palace hall.

Only, this palace was just too large, occupying over ten thousand li, suspending in the void just like that. This was an enormous palace.

Shi Hao was left speechless. He thought that he was on a boundless great earth, who would have expected that he was only inside of a building?

Shi Hao carefully thought to himself, flying inside, raising hazy white mist on the surface. It was as if he was crossing an immortal realm.

Soon after, he arrived at the exit. There was a pair of enormous bronze doors that was slightly open, not tightly shut.

Shi Hao stood there, about to push it open.

It had to be mentioned that this door was just too large, just the height alone reaching over a thousand li, a bit excessive, not like a copper door at all, but instead a precipice.

Shi Hao pushed it. Rumbling sounds rang out, and then the large bronze door opened.

He quickly moved through it, but he was stopped soon after by a wave of powerful energy, his path obstructed.

Outside the enormous bronze doors, white mists curled about. There was even primal chaos that spread throughout this place. There was bluestone, as well as praying mats. An elder opened his eyes at this moment.

In that instant, it was as if two streaks of lightning shot through the sky, tearing apart the clouds and mists.

That elder sat on a praying mat, hair about to completely fall off, but his long eyebrows were snow-white, half a foot long, appearance dignified, making one feel reverence.

This was definitely a powerful individual, moreover an unimaginable exceptional expert. That gaze was too penetrating, as if they could peer through one's soul, making their divine spirit tremble.

Shi Hao's scalp felt numb. From Emperor City to Immeasurable Heaven's building, he met powerful individuals one after another, not a single one he could contend against.

He sighed. He had to rise up as soon as possible, quickly strengthen himself. Otherwise, this world was too dangerous.

"Greetings to senior." Shi Hao took the initiative to greet the other party.

"A bit interesting, three strands of immortal energy, aptitude heaven defying! Only, I wonder if the night blooming cactus will only show itself once, just like those individuals of the past, or if you can truly continue down this path." The elder spoke.

Shi Hao was shocked. He had to strengthen himself. This person was too formidable, even able to clearly sense his body's condition.

"Since you were sent here, I don't care about how illustrious your status was, nor will I ask about what you have done before, only giving you some corresponding tempering." The white eyebrowed elder said.

"Senior, doing this… what are your intentions?" Shi Hao felt as if something wasn't quite right. The tempering the elder spoke of gave him a bone-chilling feeling.

"All those who were sent here are cultivators who have done wrongs, those who must receive a set amount of punishment." The white eyebrowed elder said.

Emperor City's transport formation was incomparably massive. After selecting a destination, it would send someone to the designated location after being activated.

It was clear that a few people in Emperor City had discussed amongst themselves, deciding to send him here.

"I've done something wrong?" Shi Hao asked himself, feeling quite unsatisfied. It was clearly Jia De who troubled him, so he didn't wish to become a scapegoat.

"It should be, or else why were you transported here?" The white eyebrowed elder said.

Shi Hao's expression fell. He was duped. It was clearly Jia De who provoked him, wishing to search his sea of consciousness, so why did he end up getting punished too?

"There isn't a need to be too worried however. All those who are sent into this ancient palace will only receive some slight punishment, it isn't some great crime wicked beyond redemption."

Shi Hao released a breath. The worst situation hadn't happened, at the very least, no one else followed him.

The elder waved his hand, and then Shi Hao was directly sent out from the enormous building, ending up in the distance.

"What kind of punishment is this?" Shi Hao was a bit stunned.

A spacious azure lake stretched out below him.

"Leave this part of heaven and earth alone, and the punishment will be considered complete." The elder's voice sounded.

It was clear that this was a strange space.

However, this place was like a world, hard to predict what was inside.

Shi Hao continuously flew, rushing towards the ends of the great earth. He encountered some similar people, every single one of them sickly and dispirited, not wishing to move, clearly injured.

He jumped in fright. He learned that these were all geniuses! Those who weren't outstanding individuals weren't even sent into this place of exile!

Some of their clothing was ragged and tattered. After asking them, he learned that they had already entered for over a hundred years, but still weren't able to rush out and break free from this place.

The ones that remained here the shortest had even been here for several years.

"Motherfucker!" Shi Hao couldn't help but swear. He didn't think he committed any wrongs, yet he was still beaten up like this, sent here.

Where did he have the time to waste? Several years, hundred years, none of them could be tolerated. He had to immediately leave this place.

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