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Chapter 1074 - Inside Emperor City

This city was extremely large, similar to the outer city, all made of packed stars. There was a sun and moon in the sky as well, with many great stars swirling about, floating outside the city.

Vast and boundless, the number one city in this world!

At the very least, it was the largest city Shi Hao had seen thus far. It towered into the heavens.

However, he wasn't currently in the mood to appreciate this type of magnificence. After being focused on by that Jia De, there was a flame burning within him, a type of anger, even more a type of dejectedness.

The other party was purely oppressing others through strength, humiliating him for no reason.

The Lightning Emperor armor he wore was still shining, but it was all black light, entirely like ink. Even Shi Hao's heart seemed to have been infected, feeling an icy coldness.

This time, entering the city still exhausted quite some effort. It was simply impossible to enter alone. Jia De and the one at Shi Hao's side both activated a piece of bone at the same time, and someone in the city activated a piece as well. They merged together, forming a formation stage that accepted them inside.

The enormous city was vast, a great desolate aura spread outwards.

Only now did Shi Hao realize that he had entered the most important place in Emperor City!

This wasn't the outer city, but rather a place only those who had signed the Archaic Contract of Alliance could enter. The people inside… actually let him in. 

In reality, the outside world always wondered how many experts were left inside the city, if those ancient existences were still alive. It was because none of them understood why this place was deadly still, the outside world unable to sense anything.

Yet today, Shi Hao actually had the fortune of stepping inside, entering like this!

The city truly was too large. Even though he entered, Shi Hao still felt like an ant that entered the palace of a Celestial Emperor, unable to see the full magnificence of the city.

Only when he opened his Heavenly Eyes could he pry into a corner of this place.

In the void, stellar streams stretched across the sky one after another, all of them flowing into the city. There were emperor stars moving about as well, scattering down terrifying multicolored light. 

Despite this being the case, it was still difficult for it to illuminate the entire city, many areas covered in darkness, with large areas of shadows. 

This place was still quiet. Shi Hao searched about in the duskiness, hoping to see the experts in Emperor City, what exactly they were like.

What about the archaic Six Great Celestials' last one? He should have came here. Where was he now?

What about Ye Qingxian? Where was she? This woman left Shi Hao with too great of an impression.

Only, this place was exceptionally quiet, as if it was a ghost town, not a trace of life to be felt.

Shi Hao followed them forward, feeling greatly shocked. There were great stars on the ground. These weren't previously refined, but rather stars that truly stretched several thousand li, tens of thousands of li.

They were hacked down from outer space, smashing open deep craters on the ground one after another. However, neither side was destroyed, because there were formation patterns here.

The great stars didn't shatter, the ground didn't collapse.

Shi Hao was stunned. As he walked across the great earth with great stars covering the surface like this, he felt a type of bleakness, as well a a type of primitiveness, and a formless majestic aura.

Soon after, Shi Hao saw a few buildings. They all floated in the air, accompanied by fragmented stars and destroyed stellar rivers.

Those buildings were extremely large, clearly things of endless time ago, and no one lived in them.

How many people were left in the city?

This was Shi Hao's question. He finally entered, arriving at the most important place. However, he didn't see the unmatched experts he had imagined.

There was only one or two people at his side, one of them someone who had even previously acted against him. Where were the others?

"They came!" Suddenly someone spoke from the side.

In this dusky region, on top of an enormous rock sat an elder.

When one looked into the distance, there were others, some seated on great stars, some sitting on limestones, every single one of them as if they had faded away, not releasing a bit of sound.

These people's clothing and personal adornment were ancient, the races different. They didn't speak to each other, the distance between themselves quite far, each occupying their own area.

There were thick layers of dust on a few of their bodies, unknown just how many tens of thousands of years it has been since they moved. They had become one with the floor and rocks.

There was even a giant that was covered in dust. On its head was a vicious bird nest, becoming a vicious bird's resting place.

While watching these scenes, Shi Hao felt as if he had opened up an ancient painting, revealing the traces of time contained within. There was as great historical aura that rushed outwards.

"Lightning Emperor armor, it has returned once again, but now closer to darkness." The elder he first saw opened his eyes, speaking like this.

His voice was extremely strange, a type of ancient language. In reality, Shi Hao couldn't understand it, but his divine will was also transmitting sound, which was why he could understand the meaning.

This was not a cultivator from the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, but from a different place.

At this moment, Shi Hao understood that this Emperor City was too important. The other ancient lands in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths all send over people to guard this place.

"Jia De, your cultivation has issues. At your cultivation realm, one shouldn't allow external matters to move your heart. Be careful not to fall into depravity."

The elder spoke, his white hair falling over his shoulders, age looking quite great. His upper body was bare, physique quite sturdy. At his side was a Wolf Tooth Club.

"How could I possibly fall into depravity? I am currently in my golden age, just now, I merely wished to search this child's primordial spirit and see what was going on." Jia De replied.

"Youngster, where did you go exactly?" The elder spoke, asking Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn't wish to speak, because he would be involving that cauldron. However, he didn't wish to hide the matters of the other world either.

He said with a frown, "I indeed unexpectedly entered another place, in there saw many stone engravings, recorded on it a mysterious world, that there is an Undying Mountain there…"

He slowly spoke, speaking about what he saw, but claimed to have seen it all from stone engravings, telling these people.

"Why didn't you talk about this before?!" Jia De shouted, his face falling, gaze becoming colder.

"You were against me, was there a need to tell you?" Shi Hao said.

"You… definitely didn't talk about everything, there are definitely things you are hiding. Just wait, I'm going to find out exactly what you experienced!" The gray-robed Jia De said, wishing to rush forward again. He reached out his palm and fingers, releasing a terrifying aura.

"In front of so many people's faces, before a few unmatched experts' eyes, you still act like this, humiliating me?" Shi Hao shouted.

"Just a trifling Holy Sacrifice cultivator like you even dares speak about being humiliated? Searching your sea of consciousness and learning about everything is for the sake of the great war's preparations! Otherwise, someone like you don't even have the qualifications to have me take action!" Jia De berated.

Shi Hao was furious. This was forcefully oppressing others, the other party stronger than him. Even his words were so domineering, not hiding the hostility.

"Jia De, you've crossed the line, are you trying to make the Lightning Emperor's battle armor completely fall into darkness? Are you going to make this genius turn to the enemy's side?" The elder spoke.

"Lightning Emperor battle clothes, it'll be fine if we just refine it together. A trifling Holy Sacrifice Realm cultivator isn't deserving of my respect. So what if I bind him up and search his sea of consciousness?" Jia De spoke.

At this moment, on a few giant rocks, great stars that rested on the ground in disarray, a few cultivators opened their eyes. They were like prehistoric barbaric dragons, making one's heart tremble.

"Unbridled, you've fallen into depravity after all." That elder stood up.

Right at this moment, he took action, unexpectedly brandishing his palm, slapping towards Jia De

Jia De's expression changed. He was extremely powerful, being able to enter Emperor City meant that he was the most powerful individual of an area. He quickly evaded, shifting his position.

However, with a pa sound, he was still struck, not escaping this strike.

The elder's palm slapped down on his face, the sound loud and crisp, extremely powerful, not even someone as powerful as Jia De able to escape. His entire body flew outwards while drawing large amounts of blood.

No one expected this elder to be so straightforward, directly covering the other party's mouth, sending an extremely powerful individual flying, strength heavy.

Shi Hao's mind jumped. What kind of power was this, to send a powerful individual flying like this? However, his emotions were exceptionally free from worry, possessing a resentful type of feeling.

"You…" Jia De was furious. He stabilized his figure in the void, glaring angrily.

Someone as powerful as him, how many years had it been since he experienced something like this, actually being slapped by a palm like this, this could already be considered a type of humiliation.

"Just a trifling cultivator, is it worth you taking action like this?!" He was furious, roaring here, making more individuals open their eyes.

"Even you can feel anger right? Just now, when you bullied and oppressed a small cultivator, this was also what he felt." The elder said.

"How could he compare to me?!" Jia De roared angrily.

"Then how can you compare to me?" The elder raised his hand, sending another strike down on his face with a pa sound, sending him flying out, smashing into a star with a hong sound.

"Your comprehension has turned evil recently, a great problem arising in your mental state. Are you still not going to wake up? Otherwise, there is a danger of falling!" The elder shouted.

"Nonsense, this isn't a matter with the mind, I am unharmed. Exploring a small cultivator's primordial spirit, I was definitely not wrong!" He roared angrily in unwillingness.

"You have to understand that his future accomplishments won't be any lower than yours, while your actions might very well be directed at an Undying Bloodline!" After speaking this time, the elder didn't brandish his palm, but rather directly raised the wolf tooth club.

Even though Jia De took action, frantically trying to resist, it was completely useless, unable to stop the elder's weapon.

The wolf teeth club smashed down, scattering his precious techniques, erasing the bone texts. It was as if a prehistoric immortal mountain smashed down, suppressing enemies in all directions.


The wolf fang great club smashed down on Jia De's body, making him release a miserable cry. Half of his body was smashed apart, immediately flying out an endless distance before landing on the ground, blood everywhere.

A powerful expert like this couldn't even take a single hit from this elder, almost killed by a single strike!

Shi Hao was stupefied. This series of events happened extremely suddenly, too fast, leaving even him shocked.

One had to bear in mind that this Jia De was an extremely powerful expert. He defended this place, identity unordinary. If he returned to the outside world, he would definitely be able to look down on the great figures under the sky.

Yet here, he was unexpectedly suppressed, difficult for him to resist.

"You should go into seclusion and carefully think things through." The elder spoke. He pointed outwards, surrounding Jia De in a sphere of light, sending him into the distant darkness.

Shi Hao bowed, expressing his gratitude.

The elder sighed, calling a few people over to help Shi Hao cleanse the armor, carrying a refinement.

It was clear that this armor had a history, because many people carried great emotions when they saw it. All of them felt regret and dejectedness.

"There was an unmatched genius who left while wearing this armor. He never came back, likely forever falling into darkness…" The elder sighed.

"Alright, you'll be sent to Immeasurable Heaven, I wish for your success, that when you come to Emperor City in the future, you'll be able to suppress all enemies!"

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