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Chapter 1073 - Humiliation

"What do you have that is worth me humiliating?" His face carried indifference as he added this, looking at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao didn't say anything. Now that they reached this point, what could be said? This person clearly lacked good intentions.

At the same time, he sighed inwardly. There was actually this type of person waiting for him.

One had to bear in mind that those who could appear here were definitely not ordinary experts, yet there were some that were against him. Needless to say, the situation now looked grim.

In reality, Shi Hao already set his resolution that he might directly die here. However, he was still unwilling!

"Are you viewing me as an enemy? Looking at me with that type of gaze!" This gray-robed individual said coldly, his young face now covered in even more frost, staring at Shi Hao's eyes.

"The great chaos is about to arise, you and I are both people of this heaven and earth, not life and death enemies. Your actions here, however, bring me disgrace. I will not compromise!" Shi Hao said.

Having his primordial spirit imprints searched like this would mean that he wouldn't have any secrets to speak of, let alone any dignity left.

"Where did a trifling Holy Sacrifice Realm cultivator get so much nonsense to say? Even if a true heavenly deity appeared before me, they would still have to listen obediently. So what if I search your little primordial spirit?!" After speaking, the gray-robed individual spoke, directly reaching out a finger to take action, pointing towards the space between Shi Hao's brows.

At this moment, Shi Hao's muscles and bones about to split apart, his divine senses on the verge of collapse, unable to resist.

All he could do was to do everything he could to resist, even if he had to die horribly as a result. It was because this was going too far, impossible to reason with!

If a true enemy treated him like this, he would have nothing to say. However, this was clearly someone on the same side.

Of course, he already viewed this expert as an enemy. Even if he had some important use in the great chaos that was to come, even if this person was one of Emperor City's guardians, he still wouldn't acknowledge it!

In his eyes, in his heart, from this moment on, this person was an enemy, nothing else!


Shi Hao endured the great pain, doing everything he could to resist. The battle armor related to the Lightning Emperor appeared, and the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram was held in his hand, resisting the boundless pressure, not wishing to have his soul searched.

In addition, Shi Hao's other hand produced the Defying Dragon Scale. Even though it was difficult, he still hacked outwards towards this person!

Unexpectedly, this time, it wasn't the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram or the Defying Dragon Scale that revived, but rather the armor related to the Lightning Emperor. It releasing kengqiang sounds, divine light shooting out endlessly.

At this moment, the armor shook, as if fish scales were moving about, releasing dazzling light and zheng zheng sounds.

It was originally covered in rush, but now, it was sparkling and brilliant, changing from dim to resplendent, undergoing astonishing changes.

Of course, the armor was tattered, the surface full of holes. This was impossible to cover up.

"En? Lightning Emperor's armor?" This gray-robed individual's expression changed. That finger was about to reach Shi Hao's forehead, but it came to a rigid stop.

This armor shone like jade, like a raging flame. It became more and more extraordinary, erupting with shocking light and energy under the great pressure.

"I loathe being restricted by others, but these battle clothes are indeed unordinary, possessing endless glory and legends. However, using it to deal with me is a mistake, I won't pull back!"

The gray-robed individual's expression became cold. Even though he was surprised and shocked, a wave of anger appeared on his face that lacked color, insisting on taking action against Shi Hao, searching his divine consciousness.

The palm and fingers landed, releasing a tremendous pressure, simply about to shatter the sun and moon, mountains and rivers.

This armor surged with auspicious multicolored light, stopping that finger!

Shi Hao's eyes were as sharp as blades, the anger within him heaven overflowing. The other person truly was absolutely unrestrained, behaving unscrupulously. He was clearly the victim who was on the defensive, yet incurred the anger of the other party, as if Shi Hao should resign himself to insults and maltreatment from birth, just the slightest resistance a great sin.

The battle clothes released ka ka sounds, because the so-called armor metal pieces were trembling, releasing resplendent divine multicolored light, stopping that hand.

However, it was still a damaged armor in the end, many holes on its surface. These were fatal flaws.

The gray-robed individual's finger moved down, entering through a hole, about to acquire Shi Hao's memories, incredibly ruthless.

However, an unexpected event happened again. It was precisely because of the holes' existence on the armor that made this armor unordinary. Mysterious fluctuations appeared on the hole, forming terrifying vortices that attacked fiercely.

Moreover, at this moment, the armor's color changed, gradually shifting from being brilliant to dark black, deep and terrifying, shockingly cold. There was an extraordinary aura that was released as well.

Even though that finger descended, it never broke through the space between Shi Hao's brows, stopped by the black armor, obstructed by a powerful aura.

Intense fluctuations rippled outwards, sweeping in all directions from this place. It was as if stars smashed into the sea, waves surging angrily, reaching into the Nine Heavens above and the Tenth Earth below.

"Lightning Emperor's battle clothes turned black once, forced to this extent!"

In the distance, someone spoke, voice clearly carrying anger, even more a type of helplessness, as well as a type of killing intent.


Someone arrived, a fist smashing outwards, speed just too fast. No figure could be seen, as if time was dominated, suddenly slaughtering from the past until now, appearing here.


Finally, the gray-robed individual who took action against Shi Hao felt some hesitation. He pulled back to resist the fist that suddenly arrived. Sparks flew between the two, symbols rushing into the heavens.

If not for the Lightning Emperor's battle armor, he would have definitely been blasted apart by the shockwaves, turned into powder.

Despite this being the case, he could feel the raging battle clothes, as well as the destructive battle shockwaves. It really was too terrifying.


Two fists clashed. It was as if a sun exploded, light immediately covering this dusky world, making it even brighter than daylight.

On the ground, all types of dried bones flew into the air before exploding, turning into snow-white powder, flying about like sand, fluttering like snow.

At the same time, formation patterns appeared on the ground streak after streak, restricting the great earth, suppressing the void, making everything close up, preventing it from collapsing.

The one who came swung his sleeve, helping Shi Hao neutralize the dangerous situation, fearing that he would be blasted apart by the battle's waves.

"He has the revived Lightning Emperor battle armor, you don't have to worry about anything for now, he won't die." The gray-robed male said, the expression on his face extremely complicated.

"You still have the face to say Lightning Emperor battle armor, did you not see? It is pitch-black like ink! Before, in Emperor City, it was about to fall into darkness!" The one who came berated.

In this Emperor City, the Lightning Emperor battle armor seemed to have been stimulated, its aura surging, divine might raging, protecting Shi Hao, but at the same time released a type of dark aura that wanted to corrode him. 


In the end, he couldn't help but release a great roar, starting to take action, attacking that gray-robed individual.

It was because he felt resentment inside, but also because these battle clothes were shaking, as if there was a will that wanted to merge with him, become one with him. They both carried resentment, now attacking murderously.

"You still dare take action against me!" That gray-robed individual's eyes became cold, raising his hand and slapping out.

"Do you wish to make the Lightning Emperor battle armor forever fall into darkness?" The other person stopped him, loudly berating. 

"Do you see this? Just a small cultivator without the qualification to enter Emperor City, yet he dares take action against me, how can he be let off without punishment?" The gray-robed male spoke.

Even though his fist was stopped, his body shone, forming bone texts that rushed at Shi Hao.


When these ripples collided, the energy fluctuated like a wave, moreover releasing intense rumbling sound.

Shi Hao fought until his body was covered in blood. The Lightning Emperor battle armor was now pitch-black like ink, almost corroding his eyes until they became two back holes, becoming incomparably terrifying.

However, even after this type of powerful attack, Shi Hao didn't die, stopping the other party's bone texts.

"Stop!" The other person shouted, frantically attacking the gray-robed male, saying, "Back then, it was precisely because tremendous injustice happened in Emperor City that led to the damaged Lightning Emperor battle armor's will being wronged, carrying out a resistance and almost falling into darkness. Now, if it is just because you obstinately cling to your way, ultimately forcing the precious armor to turn into darkness divine armor, bringing this genius with it and leaving, will you be able to shoulder the responsibility in the future?!


While shouting angrily, this person and the gray-robed male clashed again, the exchange incredibly intense.

Even though Shi Hao was corroded by darkness, he wasn't hurting too much. He could hear and see everything clearly. Great waves stirred within him. There was a similar unfair situation before?

It must be much more serious than right now, forcibly wronging a few people, triggering Lightning Emperor's battle armor to turn black and leave. 

"Just a small cultivator, after he's captured, we can refine this armor together later and solve all the problems." The gray robed male said.

"Jia De, stop obstinately clinging to your way. If a problem arises, you won't be able to take responsibility!" The other person shouted.

Right now, Shi Hao instead became like an outsider. He didn't say anything, standing not too far out and watching them fight.

"Why wouldn't I be able to bear the burden? Isn't it just a Holy Sacrifice Realm cultivator? What does he count as? I wouldn't acknowledge him even if he was a Great Emperor!" The gray-robed male Jia De said.

"Jia De, there is something wrong with your dao heart, actually letting a few outside matters and miscellaneous matters cause you to forget yourself, you are showing signs of falling into depravity!" The other person shouted.

The gray-robed male Jia De laughed coldly when he heard this, his movements becoming even faster.

"Jia De, you came from Immeasurable Heaven. Just because you saw those few younger generation suppressed by this young man, you felt unsatisfied, now dealing with him?" That person continued to shout.

"What are you randomly spouting? I was just doing my duty. After all, he disappeared for several months, so I have no choice but to search him!" The gray-robed male said coldly.


A great vibration spread. They continuously clashed, bone texts interweaving, divine light surging. This place became incomparably brilliant, not dimming the entire time.

"For you two to attack like this, do you have no sense of shame? Fighting those on our own side before even the enemy comes?!" Right at this time, someone released a short shout from the distance.

It was clear that the status of the one who shouted was extremely high, unordinary, in the end making the gray-robed male feel some restraining fear. Their battle slowed, and then stopped.

"Return to the city!" That person released an ice-cold shout, the voice a bit aged, but still incredibly dignified.

Jia De didn't say anything, then gave Shi Hao a look before turning around towards the central city of Emperor City, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


The other person patted Shi Hao's shoulder, bringing him along.

This place was extremely vast, who knew how many tens of thousands of li. If it was an ordinary expert that was here, it would simply be like traveling through the cosmos, difficult to reach its limits.

In reality, this wasn't much different from crossing the cosmos. Along the way, he saw star remains one after another, broken up in pieces, appearing on the ground.

They arrived, approaching the enormous city!

This was the central city, as well as Emperor City's true core area.

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