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Chapter 1055 - Emperor Bone Ocean Region

Shi Hao and the witch went on their way, heading towards the ultimate city of the forbidden region.

It was rumored that there was an emperor city there that was majestic and grand, suppressing the Desolate Border, ensuring the peace of the three thousand provinces!

Meanwhile, this information was not circulated that much through the three thousand provinces, Shi Hao and the witch only hearing about all types of legends after entering the forbidden region's depths. 


Before a vast body of water, a strange sound could be heard. All types of creatures trembled with fear, and the vicious beasts along the way even more so all knelt down onto the floor. 

This was the forbidden region depths. There was unexpectedly a sea here, the jade ripples boundless. 

A sea snail appeared in the sea, this was the creature that was crying out, releasing ripples that rose and fell, ocean waves striking the skies. 

"What kind of sea snail is this?" Shi Hao felt quite shocked after seeing this scene from the distance. Even he felt his body trembling slightly, a bit unable to control himself as well. 

Then, they became even more shocked. The heavenly dome split apart, the great earth caving in. All types of divine beasts and vicious birds cried out, rustling sounds falling, stirring up an endless storm. 

This type of scene was a bit inconceivable, impossible for him to understand!

"That is a bugle born, once blown, heaven and earth will split apart, able to destroy the sun and moon." The witch said. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he frowned. After opening his Heavenly Eyes, he saw that the scene was only an imprint and not something that was truly happening. This made him release a breath of air.

"In the battle of the last great era when the bugle horn sounded, it was precisely this scene. At that time, it truly was mountains collapsing and oceans roaring, stellar streams trembling." The witch said. This was what she had seen before from bone books. 

Moreover, there were more than one or two of these Sea Snail Bugle Horns, so one could imagine just what kind of scene that was, the sound reaching into the heavens, the cosmos shaking in response. 

Meanwhile, that wasn't even the true great battle, just the beginning. 

When the battle truly began, just how terrifying were those undying individuals? It was simply unimaginable. No wonder a perfect world was blasted into Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. 

"The great battle is truly going to arrive. The imprint left behind by the bugle horn is sounding on its own, meaning that day isn't far off. This world might repeat Immortal Ancient's disaster." 


Sword energy suddenly appeared streak after streak from the ocean, every single streak cutting open the great earth. The streaks of light were incredibly thick, the radiance everlasting. 

This wasn't some imprint, but a true attack!

Shi Hao and the witch dodged, immediately moving back a great distance from a single retreat, avoiding this angry sea. The sword radiance brushed past their bodies as it shot past, shaving off large amounts of mountain peaks. 

As for up above, there were endless streaks of sword energy, the chaotic sword attacks shattering the sky, meteors smashing down from outer space. 

What kind of place was this? 

The two of them looked at each other in dismay, still feeling lingering fear. If they retreated a step late, they would have definitely been blasted into ashes. 

"There might be some ruined fragment of an immortal artifact buried in the ocean that activates from time to time, triggering this result." They speculated. 

After all, they saw the bugle horn's imprint, from this knowing that there was definitely a battlefield that had taken place here with ruined weapons left behind. As such, it wasn't all that strange for there to be this type of scene. 

This sea was impossible to cross. Later on when they passed through a city, they learned from those creatures that the place was indeed an ancient battlefield. 

There were all types of strange things in the ocean, few people able to safely make it through. Even those as powerful as sect masters would undoubtedly die after entering, unable to stop the heaven reaching sword. 

In the restricted area depths, there weren't many cities, but every single one of them was unique and shocking, with countless experts within them. 

This sea was also who knew how many tens of thousands of li large. Shi Hao and the witch took a detour around, not reaching the end even after moving along the coast for half a month, from time to time running into dangerous situations. 

More than ten days passed by in a flash. Along the way, Shi Hao and the witch encountered danger several times, but they made it through, not falling. 

In reality, forget about them, even the descendants of the most powerful experts residing in the forbidden region depths rarely made a long and difficult journey like this. It was because the more they understood, the more clear they were on how dangerous this place was. 

They finally made it through that sea. They moved quickly, advancing forward with only one goal in mind, the so-called forbidden region emperor city. 

Only by reaching that place could they enter the heavenly deity institution and cultivate a step further, make themselves rise up and become even stronger. 

"The three great supreme beings have their own special paths to take, do you think they already arrived?"

"They definitely have ancient transport formations that are linked up to that city. I believe they've already entered a while ago."

Shi Hao and the witch had their suspicions. 

Along the way, they did everything outside, running day and night, yet they still didn't find that city. 

The two of them even began to doubt if they went the wrong way, deviating from the right path. 

Only when they encountered an ancient city and asked the creatures there did they understand that they were still on the path, the direction not wrong, just that they still hadn't reached that emperor city. 

"Do you think we'll arrive first?" Shi Hao asked. 

"That's hard to say, I was in front of you even without using that much energy, if others also happened to have entered strange transport formations, they might already have reached the destination." The witch said.

Shi Hao nodded. Sometimes, luck was also a part of strength. 

They already traveled this far, so they had to continue forward and press ahead. Soon after, they saw an expanse of scarlet redness that sealed off the great earth, one's eyes unable to see the limit. 

What was this? Another sea?

Shi Hao and the witch were stupefied, a grand scene stretching out as far as they could see. Scarlet waves were surging, roiling heat blew against their faces, leaving them shocked.

The plants and trees had long disappeared from this place, mountain peaks and others even more so gone from existence. This was as blazing hot ancient land. 

That was magma!

However, it was comparable to an ocean, too vast without end. It was a scarlet red expanse, magma surging, red like blood. 

"What kind of place did we arrive in?" They were completely shocked. This magma was just too vast right? Condensing into a lake was one thing, but this was an ocean!

This time, they didn't make their way around, because there was a damaged tablet on the side that recorded this place wasn't too dangerous, instead might having opportunities. 

The two of them moved above the magma, quickly advancing. 

An enormous beast turned over, producing an expanse of fiery red radiance, striking towards Shi Hao.

A fish!

That was an enormous scarlet fish that carried golden light. It moved in the magma, its size enormous like a small mountain.

"We're rich!"

Shi Hao wasn't shocked, but instead feeling overjoyed. It was because he recognized that this was Yang Fish, containing rich divine essence, an extremely rare creature. 

Unfortunately, this creature had long become a heavenly deity for many years, its divine senses sharp. When it saw a great hand reach towards it, it immediately shrunk, and then entered the magma sea depths, quickly disappearing. 

Shi Hao frowned. His large hand reached into the magma, fiercely moving about, yet unable to grab anything.

"A bit strange, there is a damaged formation at the ocean floor that is stopping my divine senses."

"That stone tablet has said that there isn't any great danger, but that also implies that there are still some dangers, just that it is not excessively challenging. Of course, if it was an unmatched existence that left behind that message, pretend I never said anything." The witch said. 

The two of them gave each other a look, feeling like the situation wasn't too good, that they acted a bit carelessly. It was because if a sect master level figure or even greater said there were no dangers, it still wasn't necessarily a road for normal people.

"We already came inside, so we can't look forward and back like this. We should just advance as fast as we can. Even if there are dangers, we should still be able to avert the disaster if we work together, at worst we'll just run." The witch was quite serious, but then she said this while laughing. 

Shi Hao nodded, moving quickly with her. 

Several days later, a terrifying large claw reached out, grabbing towards them. It was a deathly white, an enormous claw, directly crushing space as it reached out. 

The two of them were shaken up, activating precious techniques and doing everything they could to move outwards, and then they quickly fled.

It was because they sensed that the skeleton was too domineering, even if a sect master figure had arrived. It they fought against it head on, they would likely be slapped down. 

Meanwhile, this was just a skeleton. There was only a weak light flickering inside of its skull, proving that it didn't have a pure consciousness, only a hazy bit of soul light. 

The reason it was powerful was because the skeleton itself was a hundred thousands zhang in size. It towered in the sea of magma, a bit bewildered, only wishing to capture Shi Hao and the witch.


Heaven and earth were shattered, the skeleton's power too great. 


The witch took action, activating that stone bead, finally stopping that deathly white hand that was reaching out, blocking that white skeleton. 

"This is definitely a terrifying creature that was killed in battle during the Immortal Ancient Great Era. Just the skeleton alone is enough to kill heavenly deities, how powerful was it back then when it did have flesh?" The witch was shocked. 

Fortunately, the Soul Suppressing Bead was unordinary, the hundred thousand zhang tall snow-white skeleton stared at the bead in a daze, and then slowly laid down into the sea of lava, slowly sinking, thus disappearing. 

"This skeleton hadn't decayed after all this time, truly astonishing!" Even Shi Hao could only sigh in praise like this.

Soon afterwards, they saw a shoal rock with some ancient words carved on top, warning later generations. 

"Emperor Bone Ocean Region."

Shi Hao frowned. There was danger up ahead. According to what was written on this shoal rock, there were some matchless existences buried there in the past, their skeletons resting beneath. 

"Emperors, perhaps already became immortals, or are maybe still striving in the mortal world. All those who dared use the word Emperor for their name are definitely the most powerful individuals of a clan." The witch said. This was something she previously read from Sky Severing Sect's scripture storage pavilion. 

This 'Emperor' wasn't the Emperor of the human world dynasties, but rather the Emperor of the cultivation path. 

"The region where emperor bones are buried, could it be that there are some great emperor's remains there?" 

The two of them stopped, not daring to recklessly enter that place.

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, hoping to notice something. However, he only saw the scarlet magma sea surge, a few skeletons seemingly laying in disarray on the ocean floor. They were even more intimidating, even more terrifying. 

One of them was in a seated position, not that tall, but it was brilliant like a great sun, shining at the bottom of the magma sea. It sensed Shi Hao and the witch's aura. 

Secret force began to move about on its own on the skeleton's body.


In addition, the surplus of blood energy above its skull rushed out. 


The witch cried out in alarm. This extra blood energy turned into scarlet multicolored light, piercing through the heavenly dome, causing several stars to fall out from above. 

This left both of them shocked and shaken up!

The Emperor of a clan, was this their power? They didn't even approach, yet they already saw this type of scene from the distance. One had to understand that they had already been dead for countless years, the bones left behind still possessing such matchless might!

"These great emperors were killed in battle!" The witch said with a certain tone. 

Shi Hao was speechless. The events back then were truly too cruel. 

The most powerful expert from past to present, only someone like that could be called a Great Emperor. Some had long achieved long life, some still striving to make it across, regardless, all creatures who dared call themselves Great Emperors were all world shocking existences.

Meanwhile, in this place, there were actually people like this buried, with more than a single set of skeletal remains here. 

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