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Chapter 1051 - Enemy

This was a group of men, every single one of them unordinary, not people who grew stronger through seclusion and cultivation, but rather powerful individuals who crawled out from the battlefields and piles of corpses. 

When these types of people reached the Heavenly Deity Realm, the results were extremely terrifying. They possessed experience far greater than that of ordinary people, their fighting strength more terrifying. 

It was because they were terrifying experts sharpened through death.

Normal heavenly deities were already high above others, representing great power, while this group of individuals were like wolves, death gods among heavenly deities, even more horrifying.

However, Shi Hao wasn't an ordinary person either. He had experienced too much, the number of enemies he had faced even more so innumerable, the number of heavenly deities he killed himself not a small amount. 

He didn't hesitate. Over a hundred willow branches rushed out from behind him, every single one of them sparkling, releasing golden light, quickly rushing outwards. In addition, his right hand held the Everlasting Immortal Sword, hacking outwards.

If they were truly going to fight, then his battlefield experience wasn't inferior to anyone. The number of heavenly deities he killed wouldn't be much less than the ones before him.

"Ao…" Those people rushed over, not stopping because of his actions, instead displaying even more might. They stirred on their mounts, releasing a heavy blow. 

A middle-aged man with disheveled hair rode on a blood-horned beast, his eyes flickering with scarlet radiance, in his hand a great blood-colored halberd that hacked downwards. He was the leader of this group.

There were a few others at his side, their mounts all like small mountains, every single one of them flickering with crimson radiance, carrying unruliness and a type of bloodiness. They all displayed secret methods to kill the youth before them.


Over a hundred willow branches danced about, releasing brilliant golden light, stopping the group of people. Astonishing fluctuations erupted. Power at the heavenly deity level definitely wasn't just hot air.

Battles at this level were enough to make the entire great earth cave in and completely collapse, destroying this expanse of mountain range and even the ancient forests further out. 

However, there were many historical remains here, ancient formations left behind, not that easy to destroy. 

Sure enough, mysterious formations erupted from the great erath, immediately fixing the mountain ridges and others in place, protecting this place. 

Shi Hao was shocked. It wasn't this great era's bone texts, but rather mysterious dao symbols that belonged to the last great era. 


In the interweaving lightning, under the clash of precious techniques, the over a hundred golden branches wrapped around those secret treasures attacking him, stopping them in midair. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was like a vicious tiger, his entire body erupting with golden patterns, illuminating this piece of the void. He rushed over while holding the Everlasting Immortal Sword, facing the leader alone.


Sparks flew in all directions. That blood-colored great halberd was struck by the sword core until there were knicks everywhere, as if it was going to break. It bounced out, producing a cut between that heavenly deity's fingers, causing blood to flow out.

Both sides were shocked. 

Shi Hao looked at that great halberd, greatly surprised that it didn't break. One had to understand that the weapon in his hand was unstoppable, forged from many types of Immortal Gold. 

Soon after, he understood. The other party's weapon was special, containing sect master level symbols, previously refined by a great figure. It was a half sect master level weapon.


That leader was even more shocked than Shi Hao, but he didn't waste time. His battle experience was abundant. The instant the great halberd was blasted up, he brandished his arm, the scarlet halberd blade hacking down diagonally. The bone texts appeared layer after layer, drowning Shi Hao underneath. 

Shi Hao moved the sword, operating Reincarnation symbols. This was his own supreme being precious technique, now displayed through this sword.


The Everlasting Immortal Sword clashed with the blood-colored great halberd, leaving behind several cuts on its surface again. When bone texts spread out, it attacked all directions, surrounding that leader. 

However, that great halberd really wasn't ordinary. Sect master symbols rushed out, weakening the reincarnation force. 

However, despite this being the case, that male's hair became white, aging considerably. His vital energy immediately declined, falling from the peak state of his life. 


Shi Hao raised the sword again, slashing outwards, Reincarnation symbols surging. 


This male opened his mouth, activating a talisman that was grayish-dark, not looking that special. However, when the sword core descended, it exploded, bursting like a black sun, destroying this place, throwing everything into chaos.

Shi Hao's qi and blood surged. Apart from Ning Chuan and a few others, this was the first time he was pushed back this greatly when facing heavenly deity level strength. He wasn't able to immediately cut down the other party.


A sword cry sounded. Shi Hao went against the power of this explosion, the sword core shooting straight out, aimed at the space between the other party's brows. 


The halberd stopped it, blocking in front. It finally couldn't hold on, half of it removed by the sword.

Then, Shi Hao rose up, the long sword sweeping outwards. Bone texts surged, radiance dazzling like comets flying through the sky, too glorious, blinding to the point where people couldn't open their eyes. 

On the side, the others shouted, taking action together. However, over a hundred golden branches shone resplendently, forming a web, surrounding this place, imprisoning this area, the others unable to approach.


This person threw out the broken halberd, colliding with the sword core. In addition, he spat out a streak of blinding light, the innate spiritual essence he condensed from his cultivation. 

The sword core was stopped, blocked by a wave of formless power. 

That person withdrew in the air. Even though he was a battle-hardened veteran, he still wouldn't rashly throw his own life away. Since he was able to live, he naturally wanted to retreat.


However, Shi Hao pressed forward ferociously, not willing to let him go. He hacked apart that streak of light, forcefully breaking through, and then he ferociously brandished the sword core. 


The sound of blood flying through the air could be heard. An arrow of blood shout out from that leader's mouth, body in flames. He wanted to protect his primordial spirit.


Unfortunately, a streak of sword energy swept across. His head flew, and then the void exploded, his primordial spirit unable to escape.

Those on the side were all stunned, never expecting this youngster to be this formidable. They had secret treasures that allowed them to sense his age, cultivation realm, and other things. 

This youngster was only around twenty years of age, shouldn't have reached the Heavenly Deity Realm, yet possessed such terrifying combat strength, killing their leader. 

These changes happened too quickly, the results exceeding everyone's expectations.

In reality, Shi Hao was quite shocked as well. After experiencing Holy Sacrifice, his strength became comparable to that of a heavenly deity. Together with the fact that he had experienced lightning tribulation, had three strands of immortal energy, and other things, his power should be far greater than this cultivation realm.

It was just like the foreign cultivator Lin Tian, able to kill the heavenly deities of hundreds of provinces, few people able to take even ten blows from him. Shi Hao naturally also had this strength. 

Only, he never expected this person to be this strong, continuously blocking his vicious attacks. 

"Quite strong!" He said seriously. He had only just entered the forbidden region depths, yet he already encountered an army with such astonishing murderous energy and domineeringness. It left him shocked.

However, in the ears of others, it sounded like mockery. This was just a youngster around twenty years of age, yet he killed their leader so quickly, it truly left them speechless.


One of them roared. They activated a brightly-colored stone together, quickly arranging formations, wishing to kill Shi Hao here. One had to bear in mind that this was a group of heavenly deities, the formation they arranged together no small matter. 

Only, how could Shi Hao just sit and wait for death? In that instant, Kun Peng wings appeared, rising to the extreme. Then, he used his own various types of precious techniques, unleashing a bloody massacre here.

"Who exactly are you all? Why have you decided to kill me after learning that I came from the three thousand provinces?"

"There is no grudge between us, I only wish to find that ancient city, never provoking you all, so why do you harm me?"

Shi Hao continuously asked questions. He didn't know how he offended these people.

However, these people didn't speak a word, only attacking.


One person was hacked in half, blood flying everywhere, his mount killed along with him.


The other person's head flew up, falling several dozen zhang out.

Shi Hao unleashed a great slaughter here. Since others wanted to deal with him, wanting to kill him, he naturally wouldn't show mercy. 

These people were vicious and ruthless, but they were also killed one after another until they became scared, starting to run. 

However, Shi Hao was determined to keep them here. He split into six or seven spiritual bodies to chase after them, suppressing them.

In the end, not a single person escaped, all of them intercepted. 

"Why?" Shi Hao asked.

However, unusual things happened to all of these people. Their eyes became blood-red, as if they were going mad. They roared frantically, shouting that they didn't fear death.

Shi Hao saw that these people's eyes were too strange, a bit similar to the eyes he saw in the hazy mist within that Immortal Ancient dream. 

Shi Hao's rage immediately surged. The fall and sadness of his friends he experienced not long ago caused the killing intent he felt inside to erupt. 

He forcefully endured his rage, catching one of them, wishing to explore his primordial spirit. As a result, that person directly died, his primordial spirit igniting, thus exploding, almost injuring him.

Shi Hao didn't show mercy. The long sword moved out. Even though these people were crazy, their eyes red as they attacked frantically, they were still killed one after another, not a single one able to escape. 

"Close, I'm not far from them!" Shi Hao gritted his teeth, feeling that he wasn't that far from his enemies. 

He couldn't forget the scene of Immortal Ancient's heroes falling. Whenever he thought of it, his heart would always ache with pain.

"Am I close to the Desolate Border? The infiltration of the enemy has succeeded?"

Shi Hao said to himself. Moreover, at this time, he broke out into a cold shiver. 

Could it be that the Desolate Border had been broken, those people passing through?

He thought back to the battle that happened not too long ago. He had previously fought a bloody battle against that eyeball, barely killing it. That eyeball had said that their great army was definitely going to cross over, and it was going to happen soon. 

Shi Hao was stunned by his own thoughts. Was the Desolate Border broken? Could it be that the flames of war, the chaos was going to start here?

If that was the case, then that would definitely be a huge disaster. Troubled times were coming. 

Shi Hao felt his body break out in a cold shiver. He still hadn't made his preparations yet, not reaching the peak. If he encountered those creatures just like that, would he be just like phoenix girl and the others, carrying unwillingness as they were killed before they matured?

He was unwilling to accept this. The dream back to Immortal Ancient was still fresh in his memory. He wanted to get revenge for those friends, and not be killed as well.

Shi Hao remained silent for a moment, deep in thought. He didn't turn around to run, instead turning into a strand of smoke, speeding alone. He was going to take a look to see what exactly was in the forbidden region's depths, what exactly had happened. 

Several days later, Shi Hao had walked who knew just how many tens of thousands of li. He traveled through countless mountains and rivers, finally entering a strange land.

Even from far away, he could see an enormous castle from the horizon. It was grand and majestic, imposing and vast, as if an imperial capital rested there.

"I've arrived, finally found it!" Shi Hao's expression was grave. He wanted to see what there was there, what kind of unforeseen events happened. 

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