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Chapter 1050 - Dangerous Forbidden Region

Wind blew over, purple bamboo swaying about. 

These were ruins, the earth scorched black, as if it had experienced thunder and flames, soaked in blood. 

Shi Hao stood here without moving, his expression blank, but tears flowing down, still not having dried up. 

"I actually cried." He said softly, rubbing the tears from his face, the tears still a bit warm. 

The people he met from that era all disappeared. The bamboo forest was there, but the jade sea had long dried up. Was this the Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest from the past? Now, there was only an expanse of ordinary purple bamboo. 

They weren't tall, nor were they thick, completely different from the Immortal Ancient dream Shi Hao experienced. 

Was it a dream? 

But… it felt so real. Shi Hao felt his heart aching, the scenes still playing before his eyes. Those friends he became well acquainted with collapsed into pools of blood one after another. 

This bloody scene was like a dream, yet why did he feel such pain? He saw with his own eyes as those friends he had talked with for several months collapsed, this type of feeling depressing and difficult to bear. 

Shi Hao couldn't hold back his urge to roar. Then, he quickly wiped off the tears from his face! 

The road ahead still had to be taken, his head now suddenly raised again. Some things have already been said in that world, in that great era, in that dream, what could he do now? Only become stronger, transcend! 

Shi Hao calmly thought to himself here, and then he walked a around this place, paying his final respects to this place. 


He used the Heavenly Eyes, seeing a piece of ruined steel. Even after all this time, it still didn't completely corrode, and there was still a sparkling white radiance flickering about. 

Shi Hao's pupils rapidly contracted, his eyes turning into two torches, blazing and penetrating. 

Radiant Immortal Gold! 

Now, only a piece was left that was less than three inches long, the bit of Immortal Gold that was mixed in not having corroded, still having a bit of white light swirling about it. 

Shi Hao's breathing was hurried. He caressed this broken sword, feeling a muffled pressure. He felt a wave of melancholy inside, truly wishing to spit out and scatter the clouds in the nine heavens. 

That wasn't just a dream, it was real. This place really was Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest, there was a gathering of young supreme beings here in that world, and he had previously 'witnessed' it. 

Shi Hao's Heavenly Eyes were intimidating. He also obtained a few more discoveries, unearthing a few ruined bones. In that instant, his hot blood immediately surged, his body shaking greatly.

It was a strange bone that flickered with five-colored luster. Even though it had already grown dim, it still carried a familiar aura. It belonged to that phoenix girl!

He had previously exchanged pointers and chatted with her, that type of feeling couldn't be mistaken. 

This was undoubtedly a bloody tragedy. Shi Hao was trembling slightly, everything was real!

He dug out two graves here, burying the ruined sword, burying the phoenix bone, and then silently offered his prayers. He then suddenly turned around, walking out with large steps.

"Dream back to Immortal Ancient…" Shi Hao said softly. He wanted to laugh, yet tears flowed out. Those friends, even though they were separated by endless years, were all buried here. 

Frustration, disappointment, sadness, grief, along the way, Shi Hao remained silent. Even if he was tens of thousands of li away from that place, his heart still felt extremely uncomfortable.

Why did he have this type of experience? They were clearly separated by a great era, endless years between them, yet he still got to know a group of friends. However, it was extremely cruel, he could only watch as they died, their blood dying the great earth red. 

This was something that would continue to gnaw at his mind. Shi Hao's chest rose and fell greatly. He confirmed that not much time had passed in the outside world, yet he stayed in that world for a long time. 

"Have to leave, the road ahead is still long. I want to see what kind of background those enemies have, what is so special about them!" Shi Hao said. 

A dream back to Immortal Ancient, he saw the miserableness of the great war, yet was unable to truly fight against the enemy. It was because that gray mist descended from outer space, down from the cosmos, blocking out everything.

"I actually became friends with a group of people, yet could only watch them die!"

Several days passed. Shi Hao was already far away from that place, yet his heart couldn't calm down. Whenever he thought back to it, he would always feel a burning pain, his eyes turning sore. 

However, he wasn't an indecisive person, soon after adjusting his mood. Even if a group of friends had 'just' died, he still quickly recovered his mental state. 

Immersing oneself too heavily in this matter wouldn't bring any benefits, it couldn't change anything. What he had to do was quickly rise up and become stronger!

One day, he would encounter that group of enemies. When that time truly came, it would be his turn to take action and fight. 

When that time came, it would also be the time for him to get revenge for his friends.


That day, when Shi Hao hurried ahead, above a rotting stone mountain, a tattered beast skin shone, releasing endless golden needles. They were too fast, exceeding his imagination. 


In the surroundings, a group of large mountains were blasted full of holes before collapsing.

Shi Hao broke out in cold sweat, because those so-called golden needles were all beast skin hair, more formidable than any secret treasure. They were just too terrifying. 

What kind of weapon was this?

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This all happened too abruptly. If he was just a step late just now, he would have been pierced. He was positive that not even a group of heavenly deities could block this attack, they would instead be blasted into sieves. 

It was to the extent where he felt that not even sect masters could face it head on.

Meanwhile, the source of the danger was just a piece of beast skin on a tattered rock. It was dull and lightless, as if it had been ravaged by wind and rain, the fur about to completely fall off. Just now, he just happened to be here when it erupted. 

Shi Hao was stunned. That beast skin was too ordinary looking, as if a common beast left it behind, not having anything unique about it.

A great gust of wind blew over, moving that beast skin, causing it to fly out. Was this how it was blown here? What a coincidence!

This left him stunned. When it was flying through the air, there was beast fur that came off, turning into golden needles. They tore through everything in an unstoppable manner, making one's mind tremble. 

The great earth, mountain peaks, void, heavenly dome, were all cracking apart from its fur. It was just this terrifying. 

Shi Hao was stupefied, quickly moving out of the way, not being injured by the beast fur that descended, let alone wishing to touch that beast skin. The power of this thing was too great. 

Right now, he finally understood that there were too many things that couldn't be understood in the vast uninhabited region depths. For example, this piece of tattered beast skin alone had world shaking power!

Just what kind of creature did this come off of? If it was used like a weapon, it would truly be terrifying. 

Soon after, he realized that this was most likely a piece of skin that came off an unmatched figure. If he thought about it carefully, a great battle had previously happened here during Immortal Ancient Great Era, so it might even be an ancient artifact from the past. 

This proved even further that it was precious and powerful. 

Shi Hao wanted to subdue that beast skin, but after several attempts, he discovered that he couldn't obtain it at all. That crazy wind swept it into the mountain forest depths.

In fact, Shi Hao even began to suspect that the crazy wind was actually the result of the beast skin's divine might. 

As Shi Hao approached, he became convinced that it wasn't mountain wind, but rather the beast skin itself that produced the great wind, moving itself in flight. 

After understanding these circumstances, he decisively withdrew, not following it, his body breaking out in cold sweat. How dangerous! If he truly ended up facing it, he would undoubtedly die.

He now understood a bit why those old sect masters died in this region. Just following these sinister items would already be enough to cause their deaths. 

This beast skin was too powerful, its power impossible to surmise. Just how powerful was the body of the creature that it came from? Perhaps an Immortal King, right?

Shi Hao carried a mind full of worries as he continued forward. When he passed by a hilly region, he stopped. This place was quite unique. Then, his fine hairs all stood on end, he frantically sped along. 

It was because those hills could move, all of them ancient tombs dripping with dark red blood.

Moreover, these ancient tombs surged over, drowning Shi Hao beneath, wishing to suppress and devour him. 

It was strange after all. The string of events made him feel the dangers of this forbidden region more and more.

When he turned around again, he discovered that here were several thousand skeletal remains laying across the ground. It was because after the ancient tomb moved, the skeletal remains that were revealed all belonged to the three thousand provinces' young talents. 

So many people died here, unable to survive. 

Shi Hao felt more and more that this boundless restricted region had too many dangers. He had to stay vigilant at all times, the slightest carelessness would result in eternal damnation. 

Ever since he set out from Sheng Province until now, a month had already passed, yet he still never saw the so-called ancient city.

A lightning struck a divine tree!

Shi Hao was shocked. Along the way, he saw a divine tree that, even though it was struck by lightning, entirely scorched black, it still towered without falling.

Moreover, there was vague light flickering about on the tree trunk. This was already a heavenly treasure, exceptional material for refining lightning dao precious artifacts.

However, when Shi Hao approached, his mind was suddenly startled. He quickly ran, not daring to approach. Soon after, he tried to activate a magical artifact to make contact with that ancient tree.


The void within a range of a hundred li exploded. As for the great earth, there was even less of a need to talk about it, completely collapsing. That area became an enormous black abyss, even the heavenly dome falling to ruin.

"What kind of blasted tree is this, what kind of lightning does it contain?" Shi Hao was stupefied. At the same time, he felt a chill run down from head to toe. That was power that could kill sect masters!

Shi Hao carried cold intent, quickly leaving, continuing on his way. 

Two months later, he encountered a group of troops, every single one of them dressed in metal clothes, their appearances lofty and silent. They were clearly veteran experts.

These people rode vicious beasts, mounted vicious birds, all of them powerful, possessing a wave of valiant aura. The weakest were at the True Deity Realm, among them no lack of heavenly deities. 

"Who are you?" Someone from the other side shouted. 

"I am a seeker of the dao, also an explorer headed to the forbidden region's ancient city." Shi Hao replied.

He was also quite curious where these people came from. Could it be that he wasn't far from that ancient city.

"You came searching for the ancient city? Entered the great wilderness alone, heading here from the three thousand provinces?" Someone asked in shock.

"Yes, I am a seeker of the dao, this path is part of my personal refinement through flames." Shi Hao replied with a smile. 

"Wu, the ancient city you speak of is not far, we come precisely from there, in charge of investigating the surrounding situation." One of them said. Then, these mounts moved forward.


Suddenly, the one in the lead took action, directly activating a secret treasure to suppress Shi Hao. 

At the same time, dazzling radiance rushed into the heavens, illuminating this heaven and earth. Someone issued a signal to request assistance.


Since the other party wished to kill him, Shi Hao naturally wouldn't act polite. When he raised his hand, sword radiance flew out like rainbows, shooting in all directions. As a result, several of them lost their lives in that instant.

However, like death knights not fearing death, the ones who survived rushed over to attack again. 

"What kind of background do you all really have?" Shi Hao asked. At the same time, he sensed a strange aura. 


Shi Hao didn't hesitate, killing the remaining people. At this time, he encountered a group of black-clothed individuals riding on blood-colored ancient beasts, pouring over like a flood. 

Every single person here was unexpectedly at the Heavenly Deity Realm!

"Kill him!" Someone pointed at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao didn't understand. Wasn't this place not that far from the ancient city? Why did these people take action to deal with him? Their strength was great, aura cold, clearly crawled out from a mountain of corpses, a sea of blood. 

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