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Chapter 1049 - A Dream Back to That Era

These people before him looked close, but were actually extremely far. Now that they had been with each other for several months, it was difficult for them to abandon each other. 

Shi Hao felt a wave of uncomfortable feeling, a type of sore feeling.

He felt like they were going to separate, depart from each other, moreover an eternal parting. He would never be able to meet these people in this life, this world again. 

What was going on? He didn't know why. This was a wondrous immortal dwelling right? Were these people real, or did he dream of returning to Immortal Ancient, an accidental encounter?

"Goodbye. Perhaps someday in the future, one of us would still be able to reunite with you in this roiling world of mortals. Even though this thought is rather ridiculous, there is always a trace of hope in the endless years, so who can say for sure." The young man with the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword said. He looked seriously at Shi Hao, and then he turned around, walking towards the depths of the island, his figure gradually becoming indistinct. 

"We are also young supreme beings, not weaker than anyone. What a pity, we cannot truly reappear. We will scatter with the wind, watching your battles and brilliance from this world's dust!" Another person walked over, giving Shi Hao his farewells. 

"Live properly, work hard, don't let yourself fall in battle early!" The phoenix girl walked over as well, carrying a smile as well as reluctance, her eyes carrying a bit of tears. 

"I feel so terrible. We really have to go, cannot meet again." The young lady who carried the little White Qilin said softly, extremely emotional. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. The ones before his eyes were all living people. After associating with them for several months, they already developed close relationships, sharing feelings. Were they really never going to meet again?

What exactly was going on? He was a bit stunned, not understanding the situation.

"Please tell me, why is this?" Shi Hao grabbed the phoenix girl's arm and chased after her, grabbing the young man who carried the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword, and then looked at that young lady. 

"Look, they're here." The young man who carried the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword on his back pointed into the distant sky. There was a giant sinister eye that was larger than a mountain peak, opening in the void. In that direction, enormous bony outgrowths grew, hacking down from the heavens. There was gray mist there, surging over from the cosmos…

In that instant, this peaceful and auspicious pure land was corrupted, becoming a deathly gray. Immediately afterwards, shouts of war shook the skies.

A blood-colored scale descended, piercing through heaven and earth. With a pu sound, several young supreme beings were struck through, making them roar with anger. Magical force surged, yet they couldn't resist a single strike. 


A black vine grass descended from the void, crushing mountains and rivers. Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest split apart, the jade sea rising. Several young supreme beings did everything they could to resist, but they were still destroyed.

Shi Hao was quite close to some of them, exchanging pointers with them in these past few months, comparing and verifying with each other. They already shared deep feelings, yet they died just like that in the end.


Shi Hao released a great roar, frantically attacking the skies. He was taking action, wishing to stop everything, wishing to redeem something.

"Hurry and take action, hurry and stop it!" Shi Hao roared with anger. He looked towards the great figures in the immortal manor, turning his head there.

However, immediately afterwards, his heart went cold. Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King had long used the Reincarnation Disk to fight intensely against a mysterious expert, as if a reincarnation of the world was taking place there, scenes overlaying on top of each other one after the other. 

In addition, Without End great one was also taking action, the great bell sound long and drawn-out, breaking the river of time, interfering with the flow of time, making that place blurry. 

Wherever the bell waves passed, all living things were killed!

However, there were still terrifying enemies that rushed over, not just one or two. They fought against him, blasting that great bell, making it tremble violently, continuously release ringing sounds. 

What was going on? Why did this type of battle suddenly happen?

Shi Hao was confused, and he discovered that the attacks he released were useless, unable to change anything. He was like an outsider traveling between all different types of scenes. 

The scene was incredibly realistic, angry roars ringing until his ears were in pain. The tragic massacre made his blood surge, his mouth roaring endlessly. 

However, he was completely helpless, as if he was incompatible with this world, as if he was peeled away from that world. 


Not far out, the young lady who carried the little White Qilin was surrounded by a strand of gray mist. A scarlet pair of eyes lit up inside, attacking her viciously. Bloody light splashed outwards.

Shi Hao's eyes were completely red. Even though this young lady was a bit mischievous and lively, she was extremely good and honest. She suffered a disaster just like that?

He took action furiously, attacking viciously, but it didn't do anything, as if he was unrelated. 

"You… do you see? This is our conclusion. Goodbye, we might never meet again." When the gray mists scattered, that young lady's eyes lost spirit, her arms powerless. The little White Qilin she held whimpered, falling onto the ground. 

"Why, tell me!" Shi Hao's eyes were completely red, hot tears falling, staring at her, looking at all of these people he was now familiar with. 

"All so you could see our situation, Immortal Ancient's cruelty. You have to prepare yourself. In the future, you will definitely fight them." The young lady spat out bits of blood from her mouth, speaking with difficulty. 

"You all, you all…" Shi Hao's eyes went red, battle intent surging. He stared at the battlefield; it was just too bitter and miserable. The pure and holy immortal residence was dyed red in blood so quickly.

"We are unwilling to leave things like this too…" Someone sighed softly. This came from the mouth of a young supreme being, one of the few individuals with three strands of immortal energy. However, he still died in the end, killed here. 

"Haha, hahaha…" The young man who carried the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword laughed loudly, his eyes carrying tears. The divine sword was already in his hand, intensely fighting, completely distressed as he said, "Immortal Ancient Great Era is going to end, we really can't accept this! We haven't even grown up yet, unable to fight the intense battle with our seniors."

"You can see this for yourself. Are you still unconvinced?" The phoenix girl was downcast. She looked at Shi Hao, the five-colored battle clothes on her body shining. Three strands of immortal energy swirled about, doing everything she could to attack and resist the intruders. 

"I have seen it. Is it because of the seniors' power that created this miracle, allowing me to see this scene through endless time?" Shi Hao gazed towards Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King, Without End great one, understanding a bit.

"Correct!" The phoenix girl nodded. 

"One of them touched upon reincarnation, while the other severed the flow of time. For things to end like this, they truly would find it hard to accept. No matter what, they had to leave later generations with some clues." That young lady released the little White Qilin, weakly speaking a few final sentences, and then ultimately falling, no longer releasing any life aura. 

This was an immortal dwelling in Immortal Ancient, as well as an extremely well-known battlefield. 

Back then, Without End and Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King used their power to pierce through endless years, blasting through the heavens to peer into the future, reflecting Immortal Ancient's past. 

"The past was reflected, but I can converse with you all…" Shi Hao felt broken-hearted, still not understanding. He looked at these people who were dying one after another, all of them he had only just gotten to know.

"A few great figures with magical force that transcended past and present, cultivations impossible to appraise, built a small space, taking action in the past, dragging you in to personally see things."

"What?!" Shi Hao was shocked. 

This type of methods was impossible to imagine. Taking action from the past, dragging a present world person to Immortal Ancient Great Era?

"Whether it is real or fake, it can't change anything. You are only a witness who just happened to step foot in these remains. Perhaps you saw many imprints, perhaps you truly arrived in our world, or maybe you are talking to us from endless time away. These were all things made possible through those great figures' methods."

The phoenix girl said, carrying a mournful expression. It was because her companions were becoming fewer and fewer, almost all falling. 

Shi Hao was stunned. What kind of methods were these? Had he stepped foot into a soul realm, speaking with remnant souls, or was he pulled into Immortal Ancient Great Era's final days through magical force, witnessing scenes after scenes as a bystander. 

He couldn't tell if this was true or false, because when he previously exchanged pointers with the people here, he could feel that they were quite real, with not even his Heavenly Eyes seeing anything unusual. 

Once one's cultivation reached a certain point, could they truly affect the future?

Shi Hao didn't know. He was shaken up inwardly.

At the same time, he also felt endless pain, watching as those he had gotten close to in these past few months fell one after another. He felt great pain inside.

Even though he knew that they had long gone out of existence, falling during Immortal Ancient's final days, he still couldn't help but feel grief. It was because he had previously interacted with them, chatted and shared experiences. 

Many of them had already become his friends. This place was originally extremely peaceful, auspicious, the atmosphere joyous, but in the blink of an eye, there was this type of goodbyes, everything coming to an end.

As he watched those people fall into pools of blood one after another, killed in battle, Shi Hao wanted to roar in grief, wished to go crazy. He tightly clenched his fists, eyes entirely red, carrying tears.

He couldn't change anything, could only watch. 

Was this to allow him to understand the cruelty of the world a step earlier? How the future was going to be, how his present world friends were going to end up? Were they going to be killed in battle one after another?

Even though they weren't people from the same world, Shi Hao still felt sore, heart aching. Watching these people die felt as if he was watching his friends in this era be killed in battle. 

Correct, even though he had only met them for a few months, even though this was all created by those great figures through sky-connecting magical force and cultivation, twisting the heaven and earth's regulations, it still was that realistic.

"We are parting here, Immortal Ancient, goodbye, my friends!" Shi Hao watched as they fell down one after another, blood dying the battlefield, hot tears pouring down from his eyes.

Even though they were separated by endless years, he still felt as if lost a part of his soul in that great era, accompanying them, buried along with them all. 

"I was brought here to be with you all, taking care of each other, a part of my mind will remain here. This dream back to Immortal Ancient will stay and watch over Immortal Ancient." Shi Hao muttered, hot tears rolling down his cheeks. 

"Us great ones are not as strong as we wished we were." Someone said softly, feeling incredibly downcast. In the distance, the great bell grew dim, the reassembled Reincarnation Disk also splitting apart.

"Did you only bring me alone here?" Shi Hao asked. 

The phoenix girl was pierced by a blood feather, falling onto her back, weakly saying, "There are others. The great ones are searching for hope, unknown how many people returned to this world as a dream…"

"However, the great ones are about to fade away. We can never meet again." The young man holding the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword was disappointed. His body began to break apart. He gave Shi Hao a look, and then he completely withered way, blood splashing more than ten feet into the air.

"When one's cultivation is powerful enough, it can affect the future? Then if I am strong enough, will I be able to create reincarnation to affect the past?" Shi Hao raised his head into the sky and roared. 

He watched as the phoenix girl fell, watched as the young man holding the Radiant Immortal Gold Sword turned into a pool of blood and bone, watched as the sky turned a blood color, watched as the distant great bell became broken. He watched as the people he became close to in this world died. A great roar of despair sounded from his mouth. 

"Not belonging to the present, not belonging to the past, a dream back to Immortal Ancient. Immortal Ancient friends, I hope the day comes when we can meet again!" He howled in sadness. 

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