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Chapter 1039 - Defeat

Qilin Ridge, a place well known in the higher realms, a place with many legendary ancient lands. 

It was rumored that a Qilin had previously roamed about this place, the traces of one of the vicious ten appearing!

"After experiencing a great era, many places vanished like smoke into thin air, There were a few matters, and a few creatures, that still occasionally reappeared, these occasions always stirring up great disturbances. 

According to normal reasoning, a true vicious ten Qilin shouldn't have appeared in the mortal world, as it was buried under endless time before the archaic times. 

However, in the later worlds, there was someone who claimed to have personally seen a Qilin scale fall, entirely snow-white, flickering about this mountain ridge.

The five-colored war chariot shone, rushing out from the void, arriving in this mountain ridge.

"Is this Ning Chuan's place of seclusion?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Correct, I heard that Six Crown King is currently cultivating inside." Fairy Xiao Yue nodded, telling him about the concrete circumstances. 

The group of people walked out from the war chariot. It didn't look that large, but it had spacial natural laws, able to hold over ten thousand people without problems. 

The Tongbi Divine Ape was resentful. This was its master's war chariot, yet in the end, not only was it captured, it was even treated as a driver, bringing all these people over to watch the battle. 

Lin Tian and Ning Chuan's decisive battle was going to take place right here!

"We came early." Huo Ling'er said. She was currently in the Heavenly Deity Realm, so her divine senses were naturally powerful. She also sensed that an intense battle had previously taken place inside Qilin Ridge. 

"This is also Ning Chuan's place of birth." Someone said.

"What did you say?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

Qilin Ridge, the White Qilin, together with the precious technique Ning Chuan had previously displayed, as if there were a hundred White Qilins rising, sweeping through the masses, Shi Hao immediately associated many things together.

"Oh, to be more precise, it's the same province, the distance not too far." Fairy Xiao Yue added.

Shi Hao heard about more details. The clan Ning Chuan resided in was extremely rich and powerful, the circumstances similar to what Shi Hao heard previously. 

When Ning Chuan was born, irregular scenes shocked the heavens, shaking up many ancient sects. He had a heaven diagram on his back, dragon pattern on his head. However, now, it seemed like those should be Qilin patterns. 

That night, divine light illuminated the heavens, making it as bright as daytime!

Many great provinces saw what happened that day, causing countless people to become shocked. 

This was also precisely the reason why Ning Chuan was treated with importance by many ancient sects, placing their great hopes and expectations on him a long time ago. 

Later on, Phantom Drake Dao Gate, Fire Cloud Cavern, Luofu True Valley, and other great sects came one after another, wishing to take him as a disciple. 

This was the reason why Ning Chuan was proficient in so many extreme arts!

Shi Hao thought to himself, but didn't say anything. However, the quietness was quickly shattered, because everyone discovered that there was no decisive battle, that they might have came early. 

"They came!"

A while later, someone cried out in alarm.

In the horizon, a purple-golden warship made its way out from the void, carrying a domineering aura. Purple light overflowed, scattering the clouds in the sky, quickly approaching.

On the warship stood five youngsters, every single one of them calm and steady, the three men and two women all supreme beings among men. All of them looked extraordinary.

One of them had shining purple-golden hair, another with a golden vertical eye on the forehead, one with dragon horns, another with icy skin jade bones, an outstanding beauty. 

These three men and two women, every single one of them were extraordinary, all giants among men!

"That's Lin Tian!" Someone cried out softly in alarm, immediately recognizing one of them. It was because recently, Lin Tian had swept through several hundred provinces, defeating everyone. Many people saw him already. 

Quite a few people looked ahead, staring at those five individuals. 

What left everyone shocked was that only Lin Tian moved, the other four all calm, standing on the boat, overlooking Qilin Ridge, not showing any intentions of taking action.

Lin Tian's hair scattered about, eyes releasing divine light. He immediately stared at the other party, fuming with rage. Wasn't that his five-colored war chariot? In the end, it was driven here by someone, truly absurd!

Who was he? He was well known even in the world beyond, and when he came to the three thousand provinces, he even more so swept through the masses. Who dared to stop him?

Yet before him, someone seized his war chariot, boldly driving it here. Was this to watch his great battle against another?

"Who touched my chariot? Break your own arm and come confess your guilt." Lin Tian's temper was quite heavy as he shouted.

In the five-colored war chariot's surroundings, the group of people shivered inwardly, some almost collapsing from shock. It was because a great dao flower bloomed above Lin Tian's head, immortal mists heavy, incredibly intimidating. 

"Master!" The Tongbi Divine Ape cried out, extremely stirred up. However, it couldn't run, because Shi Hao was standing right at its side.

Lin Tian's face immediately fell. Seized his war chariot, used his battle pet, someone actually dared to provoke him like this, it was intolerable.

"You, bring over the war chariot and confess your crime! If my mood isn't too bad, I might leave you with your life!" Lin Tian pointed. Even though he could tell that Shi Hao was definitely not ordinary, he still acted domineeringly. 

The atmosphere here immediately became nervous, everyone shocked. Even Lin Tian's companions were shocked. This was the first time they saw Lin Tian this angry, losing himself like this. 

"Are you talking in your sleep?" Shi Hao asked, playing the situation down, not caring too much.


Lin Tian leapt up, in his hands a black pike. He immediately rushed over, moving just too quickly, turning into a streak of black lightning, brandishing his weapon at Shi Hao. 

Everyone was shocked. No one expected a battle to erupt so abruptly between the two, immediately starting. 


Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, welcoming this person, striking against that black pike's shaft. Sparks flew in all directions, the sound ear-splitting. The two looked at each other seriously, both revealing surprise.

"You cultivated immortal energy!" Lin Tian's pupils contracted, revealing this type of expression for the first time, feeling a bit uneasy, but also a bit excited. This was a formidable opponent. 

"Likewise!" Shi Hao replied, his pupils shining, staring at this foreign guest. He naturally could tell that this individual was unordinary. 

"I don't care who you are or how powerful you are, since you dare touch my war chariot, then you have to pay the price!" Lin Tian's eyes were forceful, displaying the scenes of blood flowing like rivers.

This was someone with heavy murderous energy, his methods forceful, immediately attacking viciously to suppress and kill Shi Hao. 


The black pike clashed with Shi Hao's fist again, making one worried that his bones would immediately fracture.

"How domineering. Your battle pet came to humiliate the three thousand provinces' cultivators, ended up being captured by me. So you're someone who can't tell who is in the right and wrong?" Shi Hao ridiculed.


Black electricity erupted between the two. Wherever the pike passed through, the space around it would collapse. Only Shi Hao could stop it. 


They traded another strike. The two separated, but this place exploded, the void rumbling, releasing wisps of chaotic energy.

The main reason was because the collision this time was too powerful.

"Actually able to stop my attacks!" Lin Tian was shocked inside. 


They traded another blow. Lin Tian's qi and blood roiled, revealing a look of shock. This opponent was too powerful, able to fight against him without even entering the Heavenly Deity Realm. 

However, Shi Hao was dissatisfied, frowning. He was in the Holy Sacrifice Realm, clearly equal to heavenly deities, yet now, he couldn't immediately kill his opponent.

In reality, Lin Tian was even more shocked than him. 

"We both cultivated immortal energy, but I am the one who successfully produced a great dao flower bud above my head, so why can't I take him down?" Lin Tian was shocked.

If they both didn't cultivate immortal energy, Shi Hao at the Holy Sacrifice Realm should be enough to face heavenly deities, but now, there was this kind of issue. Both of their immortal dao energies were clearly displayed, none of them able to land a good blow on the other. 

"Something's not right, creatures that cultivated immortal energy are different in the Heavenly Deity Realm and Holy Sacrifice Realm, able to suppress those with lower cultivation levels!" Shi Hao shivered inwardly, now understanding the situation. 

Once one formed an Immortal Dao Flower Bud above the head, no matter how formidable those with inferior cultivation were, they still couldn't win. 


Shi Hao was now really angry. He operated endless divine force, attacking forward.

Lin Tian felt as if the space between his thumb and index finger was bleeding. This opponent was too difficult to deal with.

Holy Sacrifice, for others, was comparable to heavenly deities, but once one had immortal energy, it was different. The great dao flower bud produced in the Heavenly Deity Realm would increase one's strength.

"He has three stands of immortal energy, only like this can he withstand me with my great dao flower petals while in the Holy Sacrifice Realm!" Lin Tian's mind was greatly shaken. 

Lin Tian's palm was injured, carrying blood. He tightened his grip out of fear of it being exposed.


A bell sound rang through Qilin Ridge, then, an imposing great mountain exploded, an individual rushing out, white clothes purer than snow, bearing exceptional, aloof and otherworldly. 

"Foreign guests, where are you all?" Ning Chuan appeared, staring forward, blood energy flourishing.

"Lin Tian, finish this agreement and fight against Ning Chuan first." A voice sounded from the purple-golden warship. 

"Fine, you who dares touch my chariot, just wait here for now. When I take down Ning Chuan, I'll then deal with you!" Lin Tian berated, and then turned around, rushing towards Qilin Ridge.


Lin Tian excelled at combat. With the black pike in hand, he fiercely stabbed out. Ear-splitting wu wu sounds rang through the air, as if gods and devils were howling, louder than the war cries of a great army.


A heaven diagram appeared. Ning Chuan also wished to end this battle earlier instead of being glared at by others.

A great battle erupted, neither side willing to give an inch!

The two fought until the sun and moon lost light, the clouds becoming dark, cultivators on all sides shaking.

"My precious techniques, my divine abilities are not something everyone can see. Let's enter the void battlefield and stay away from these people, determine who is stronger!" Lin Tian said. The black pike thrusted over, shattering space. 

On the other side, the heaven diagram Ning Chuan produced also appeared in the void, exceptionally terrifying. Great stars spun about one after another, all of them the most stunning precious techniques. 


What was shocking was that the black pike thrusted outwards, causing those great stars to explode one by one, the scene terrifying.

With a shua sound, both of them disappeared. Qilin Ridge became lonely and quiet again. 

After a long time had passed, the void exploded, the two appearing again. In the end, everyone discovered that Lin Tian's entire body was covered in blood, his injuries not light.

Ning Chuan had traces of blood on him as well, but it was unknown if it was his own. 

Lin Tian's expression fell, not saying anything, rushing forward. When he passed Shi Hao, he even more so thrusted out, seizing the opportunity to land an attack on Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao displayed Willow Deity's method and Lightning Emperor Imprint. 

Lin Tian wanted to quickly eliminate Shi Hao, but discovered that he instead fell into a predicament. That youngster didn't fear him at all.

What a pity it was that he couldn't overlook the matters of the war chariot, still wishing to seize it back. As a result, he had to fight another intense battle, adding injuries on top of his injuries.


Shi Hao used his palm as a blade, removing a part of that black pike, moreover shaking Lin Tian up until he coughed out blood, complexion pale. 


Then, Shi Hao even more so grabbed one of his arms. He was going to capture this person alive!

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