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Chapter 1038 - Lin Tian

On this black colored peak, everyone was shaken up. Was Huang finally going to meet his match?

Everyone already waited for a long time, all of them waiting for him, Exiled Immortal, or Ten Crown King to attack, because the foreign guests had swept through several hundred to over a thousand provinces, making everyone feel a wave of gloominess. 

Three strands of immortal energy should be enough to win, right?!

Many people were looking forward to it, hoping to witness that battle.

"My master is a heavenly deity, while you aren't yet, far from being his opponent. If you let me go, with your talents, you might have a chance of entering the heavenly deity institution!"

The Tongbi Divine Ape said, eyes flickering. It really wanted to leave, not willing to become a captive.

Shi Hao laughed and said, "Whether I have the qualifications or not, do I need you to tell me?"

"You have to know that restraining me like this is the same as provoking my master. He has heaven warping divine talents, unmatched in your three thousand provinces. If you really are going to clash with him, the consequences will be severe." The Tongbi Divine Ape said. 

"Unmatched in the three thousand provinces, who gave him that type of title?" Shi Hao sneered, not concerned at all. He then stared at it, saying, "It's best if you close your mouth and stop trying to test my patience. If you properly play your role as the driver, I'll leave you with your life, but if you keep being so noisy, I'll eat your monkey brain in a bit."

He spoke rather carefreely, but there was a type of powerful intimidation.

Even though the Tongbi Divine Ape was arrogant and wild, it really didn't wish to die. He could sense that this person was extremely powerful and terrifying, not someone it could go against. 

"I… am only warning you with good intentions. The Nine Heavens Ten Earths are more vast than your imaginations, far greater than the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, experts numerous, to the extent where there are long life individuals' descendants!" It muttered.

Even though it didn't dare go against him, it switched to a more tactful method of telling Shi Hao that the outside world was great and terrifying, hoping for him to feel some apprehension and then let it free.

In reality, these words indeed triggered great waves, the people here shaken up, many of them shivering inwardly. 

Between the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, were there long life individuals and their descendants? This was too shocking, making their thoughts run wild. 

Shi Hao was no exception. He wanted to leave the three thousand provinces and see for himself more and more, wishing to enter that heavenly deity institution and ascend into the nine great heavens, overlook the various ancient lands. 

"I'm looking forward to it. If those ancient lands have long life individuals, I am willing to pay them a visit, even more willing to exchange pointers with their descendants. Only, I wonder if they came this time or not?" Shi Hao looked at it. 

"You have to understand that this time, it is not only my master Lin Tian who came, there are several similar youngsters who hadn't even taken action yet!" The Tongbi Divine Ape said. 

"En, I got it, you should just obediently drive the carriage!" Shi Hao nodded and said. 

The Tongbi Divine Ape was in despair. There really was no getting through with this guy. He didn't fear the experts of the outside lands at all. 

Things ended like this. On the black broken mountain, the crowd looked at Shi Hao with incredible respect. What was a powerful individual? This was it! Not fearing the so-called Nine Heavens Ten Earths' heroic talents. 

Everyone could feel that Huang longed for this, wishing to fight against the most powerful in this world at his level regardless of where they came from, what kind of status they had.

There was a small wine shop, a tea house, and bejeweled buildings, and even more cultivators. Right now, the ones with the greatest cultivation, Fairy Xiao Yue and the others all walked over, discussing things with Shi Hao, touching cups with him. 

"Brother Shi, you have to be careful! I heard that Lin Tian really is extremely strong. After all, he has cultivated to the heavenly deity level, immortal energy already transformed into a great dao flower that suspends above his head, inherently in an invincible position!" Someone said. 

"Don't worry." Shi Hao nodded. He smiled as he touched cups with the others, discussing various events in Immortal Ancient Remains.

From their mouths, Shi hao learned that Immortal Ancient Remains was now linked up to the outside world. Quite a few great figures now entered, wishing to search for opportunities. 

However, few people left from within because of the curse's limitations, unable to travel far from the ancient land.

"Presently, there are only those nine great sect masters who could move about, freed from the curse's influence." Fairy Xiao Yue said with a smile, her lips red teeth bright, beautiful hair soft, eyes intelligent. She discussed this piece of information with Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao nodded. This information was quite good. The nine great sect masters had their curse power neutralized under his help, so the more powerful they were, the more advantageous it was for him. 

When he was trapped back then, these nine people had previously helped him, taking action with the Willow Deity, fighting against the outside world's experts.

"Brother Shi, are you really going to wait for those people to come? You have to know that they aren't relying on their seniors, and there's more than one of them! Facing them like this puts you in a bit of a disadvantageous position." Someone said quietly. 

In the higher realms, there were quite a few sects that bore enmity against Shi Hao, for example, Underworld Earth, Heavenly Country, Fire Cloud Cavern, Immortal Palace, and others. They were all giant powers. However, there were many ancient sects that didn't have any conflict with him. 

Those great sects were far from this place, none of their disciples on this broken mountain, which was why this place lacked animosity. The people here paid close attention to him, not showing any hostility. 

"Let's just wait. Those with that type of cultivation won't act together with others. They would feel it beneath themselves to surround and attack the three thousand provinces' experts." Shi Hao said. 

In reality, he also had confidence, not fearing any of this. 

Only by becoming strong enough oneself would one be able to do this. Even if those individuals who cultivated immortal energy all surrounded him, he could still fight against them. He didn't fear being attacked from all sides!

He also had confidence that with how arrogant those people were, they wouldn't join up.

The Divine Striking Stone interrupted, saying, "Hmph, when we were inside Immortal Ancient, it's not like we didn't encounter that type of attack from all sides. Aren't we still fine and well? We'll just beat up all that stand in our way!"

Everyone became speechless. 

Soon after, the atmosphere on the black broken mountain gradually became more lively. Everyone touched cups, drinking and chatting merrily, making this quite the bustling place.

Everyone was waiting, waiting to see the battle between Shi Hao and the foreign experts. 

However, everyone waited left and right, but still didn't see anyone arriving from the distance. Not a single one of the foreign exceptional geniuses appeared. 

"Where is your master? Why isn't he here yet? I'm waiting to fight against him!" Shi Hao said, looking at that divine ape. 

At this time, the Tongbi Divine Ape was extremely quiet, already understanding that this was someone who was powerful to a ridiculous degree. He liked to eat heavenly deities the most. Arguing with him definitely wouldn't end well for it. 

"My master is at Black Crag, you can look for him yourself." The Tongbi Divine Ape's eyes rolled around and around, speaking like this.

Huo Ling'er spoke up, saying softly to Shi Hao, "This fella's eyes are rolling all over the place, clearly not honest at all. Don't take the risk."

Even though Shi Hao was fearless, he wasn't willing to move because of its word. "Listen up, there's no rush to fight against him. I will wait for him right here. He can come challenge me if he wants!"

The Tongbi Divine Ape immediately became sullen, saying, "Then you'll have to wait at least a day."

"Why?" Shi Hao asked. 

"My master has already made prior arrangements with someone. There is an extremely important confrontation taking place today." The Divine Ape replied. 

When everyone heard this, they all stared blankly. The foreign guests were all quite arrogant, so for them to attach that much importance to a battle, it was definitely not ordinary. Who was that person that he was going to fight against?


On a black precipice, a youngster held a black-colored pike in his hands, aiming it south. His hair fluttered behind him, eyes becoming more and more resplendent. 

He was adjusting his own vital energy, wishing to reach his optimal state. 

This was Lin Tian. There was a battle taking place here today. Rarely did he attach such importance to a fight. He was adjusting his body.

Ever since arriving in the three thousand provinces, their group had always been rather carefree, rarely acting like this. This was the first time he treated a matter so seriously. 

"We ought to leave now, there's not that much time left." Someone reminded from the distance. 

It came from the group of four young men and women, all of them with immortal energy around them. The men were outstanding and promising, the women incredibly beautiful, clearly giants among men, exceptional and refined. 

These four people were deep and immeasurable, their cultivations only above Lin Tian's, not below.

"I'm waiting for a war chariot." Lin Tian said, his hair scattered about, every strand sparkling and shining. His eyes were incredibly deep, the pike in his hands like a black dragon. 

"It ought to have returned by now. Don't tell me the monkey encountered some issues?" A female asked, her appearance incredibly enchanting. Her eyes were blue, sparkling and translucent like the ocean.

Lin Tian frowned. He produced a five-colored copper piece, activating divine force while holding it, making it shine.

"Something's wrong, it lost connection with the Five-Colored Divine Copper War Chariot, refined by someone." Lin Tian said, his eyes clear as he looked towards Green Province.

"Really something, defeating that monkey, not simple. You have to understand that heavenly deities who didn't cultivate immortal energy generally speaking aren't that monkey's opponent." A purple-haired male spoke.

"Should we take a look?" Another said.

"There's not much time left. We should head on our way, talk about this after we return."

"No, this won't do, I am going to find the war chariot. How can I let it fall into the hands of another? I want to see which heavenly deity in these three thousand provinces dare try to take my things!" Lin Tian's voice was ice cold. 

"Alright, then we'll pay that place a visit along the way and settle this." That blue-eyed beautiful woman nodded. 

They rushed into the sky, entering a purple warship. It tore through the void, heading out.

These people's backgrounds were unordinary, all of them possessing powerful transportation magical artifacts. 

Green Province, on the black broken mountain, Shi Hao stared at the divine ape. "You are saying that Lin Tian is going to fight against Ning Chuan?"

"Correct. They only made arrangements recently. He is going to fight a great battle." The monkey nodded. It didn't understand the people of the three thousand provinces, only knowing that its master attached great importance to this matter.

"Six Crown King, he is going to fight a great decisive battle against Six Crown King!" Everyone erupted into commotion, and then they began to discuss among themselves. The broken mountain could no longer remain calm. 

Shi Hao immediately stood up and said, "What a disappointment. Could it be that he didn't even consider fighting against me first?"

Huo Ling'er laughed, pulling on Shi Hao's hand, not letting him participate, saying, "Let them fight intensely, it'll be fine if we just watch."

Shi Hao smiled and said, "I wasn't going to interfere. Was indeed going to watch the battle."

He didn't feel the slightest mental burden. He had fought a great battle previously in Immortal Ancient against Ning Chuan, shaking up all sides. If these two were going to confront each other, then he was quite willing to watch from the sidelines. 

"Everyone, are there any who wish to watch  the battle? Let's head there together!" Shi Hao said with a smile.

"Of course!" Many people nodded, all of them excited.

"Go!" Shi Hao entered the Five-Colored Divine Copper forged war chariot, having the monkey drive it. Everyone else was invited, their numbers great. 

This was a precious vehicle, a sect master level magical artifact, so it could naturally adjust its size, accommodate these people.

When Shi Hao learned where the place of decisive battle was, the entire ancient war chariot shone, speeding forward. In the end, it even more so tore apart the void, departing.

Soon after, on the black cliff, a purple-golden warship appeared. Five young experts walked out.

Lin Tian frowned, his expression ugly. His war chariot wasn't here, driven out from this place. 

"There really was someone who dared use my war chariot!" He stood there, face cold as he looked into the distance. 

"There's not much time left. You have to fight against Ning Chuan first." The purple haired youth reminded.

"Fine, after defeating Ning Chuan, I'll then deal with this person who dares touch my war chariot!" Lin Tian nodded.

The purple-golden warship set sail, heading in the same direction as Shi Hao and the others!

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