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Chapter 1037 - Huge Disparity

This divine ape was extremely robust, entire body golden, arms reaching past its knees. There was a pair of special black horns on its head, making it look even more ferocious. 


The Tongbi Divine Ape was quite hot tempered. After speaking, it took action, a claw reaching forward, carrying bone-scraping strong winds, tearing apart the void. 

Its fingernails were golden too, half a foot long, curved like iron hooks, incredibly sharp.

Shi Hao sat there, not getting up at all. Huo Ling'er was worried, because the other party was a foreign expert, ridiculously powerful. She was scared that Shi Hao might be biting off more than he could chew, so she prepared to take action. After all, she was already a heavenly deity. 

However, Shi Hao stopped her, having her sit at his side at ease. His expression was calm without joy or worry.

The Tongbi Divine Ape's eyes were cold. The other party actually dared to act so boldly, not attaching any importance to it, making its killing intent surge. That golden claw became more resplendent, already releasing hundreds of layers of bone texts!

Ever since arriving in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, who dared look down on them? Its master Lin Tian was unmatched under the sky, not a single heavenly deity able to endure past ten moves, oftentimes defeated in a single strike!

Recently, it took action in Lin Tian's place, participating in many distinguished meetings, crushing the geniuses of province after province until they couldn't raise their heads, its ego long inflated. 

No matter where it went nowadays, it would be treated with respect. Even though he was Lin Tian's battle servant, other still respected and feared it. Now that it met this type of person, it was naturally discontent. 

Its claws already reached forward, less than three feet from Shi Hao, the black void cracks about to reach Shi Hao's body, about to tear him apart. 

The Tongbi Divine Ape laughed coldly. This person treated it with such arrogance and disrespect, it didn't mind killing him here, teaching everyone a bloody lesson. 

"Stupid creature, die!" It released a cold smile, golden claw rushing out towards Shi Hao's face, wishing to create five bloody holes in his skull. 

Everyone was shocked. This was too fast! That place was already drowned in golden light. 

Everyone shivered. They all knew that Huang was powerful, but he hadn't taken action even now, would he even make it in time? Everyone trembled inwardly. If even Huang was injured, there really weren't many in the higher realms who could deal with the foreign guests.

Right at this moment, the golden light suddenly grew dim, the divine ape blasted back. Sparkling and translucent water drops splashed out, accompanied by traces of blood. It was extremely strange. 

Everyone became stupefied. After carefully looking at what had happened, everyone felt shock, and then relief. 

The divine ape was furious, because its fingernails were broken, carrying blood as they fell on the floor. Its fingers felt like they were being stabbed by needles, dark red blood overflowing. 

"You dare look down on me like this?!" It roared in anger, eyes like small golden suns. It was because Shi Hao didn't get up, nor did he use any weapons, only raising a finger, sending his drink splashing out on its golden fingernails, this action directly causing them to break and fall off. 

He was just looking down on it too much! At the same time, its mind shivered as well. This was definitely a terrifying opponent, one who was greater than all of the geniuses it had met in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces. 

"So what if I look down on you? You are nothing more than someone's battle pet. Running here to tyrannically abuse others, not placing the three thousand provinces in your eyes, yet you want me to treat you with respect?" Shi Hao spoke extremely calmly.

Everyone here was startled and stirred up. Worthy of being Huang, a single cup of wine enough to stop this divine ape, shaving off its golden fingernails. His reputation was well deserved as expected. 


The Tongbi Divine Ape's rage shot through the roof. It was always treated with respect, yet now, someone looked down on it, making its face fall. It released its clan's sect suppressing extreme art -- Tongbi Fist[1]!

Its right arm swelled, immediately becoming longer, as well as incomparably thick, its fist even more so shone like a golden sun, erupting with power as it blasted towards Shi Hao. 

The results were quite pitiful. Its enormous fist was stopped by a wine glass, stopped right on it, unable to move an inch, in incredible pain. 

Forget about the others, even Huo Ling'er at Shi Hao's side widened her beautiful eyes. She now truly sensed how tyrannical the one at her side was. 

One had to bear in mind that the wine glass was nothing more than jade, not some weapon at all, yet Shi Hao stopped an exceptionally powerful heavenly deity with it, stopping its fist in place.


The Tongbi Divine Ape cried out loudly. It quickly backed up, because the more force it used, the more pain its fist was in, its finger bones long broken.

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw that its palm was badly mangled, finger bones warped and deformed.

Only now did everyone understand how terrifying Huang was. Many people only heard about him before, not having a chance to see for themselves. Now, they personally saw this, leaving them especially shocked. 

One had to understand that this was a foreign guest, someone who easily defeated the three thousand provinces' geniuses, sweeping through them, difficult for him to meet his match. 

However, in Huang's eyes, it wasn't like dealing with a foreign expert at all, more like dealing with a normal monkey, too easy, making everyone's minds tremble.

"Worthy of being Huang, possessing an unmatched boldness, rarely encountering opponents among his peers in the three thousand provinces." Fairy Xiao Yue's white clothes were pure and aloof, appearance beautiful. She released a light sigh, her beautiful eyes flickering with extraordinary splendor. 

She had previously seen Shi Hao in Immortal Ancient Remains, and she had heard of him sweeping through all opponents, killing heavenly deities, advancing valiantly, truly having an unmatched style. 

However, none of that was comparable to what she saw today. Now, she witnessed it all, deeply understanding how stunning this person was.

It was because if it were her, even if she fought with everything she had, she wasn't confident in defeating this Tongbi Divine Ape, yet Shi Hao suppressed it with just a raise of his hand. The difference was too great. 

The others also felt like this, stirred up and nervous. They couldn't help but sigh. They all spoke of Huang's power, but only by personally witnessing it would they understand his strength.

"You, wait, I am going to invite master!" The Tongbi Divine Ape immediately understood. The difference between itself and this person was too great, not his opponent at all.

"I had you go out to invite him before, yet you took action against me. What kind of place do you think this is, coming and going as you please?" Shi Hao spoke coldly as he sat there. 

"What are you implying? I came from beyond this place, my visit was to examine your strength, see if you all have the qualifications of entering the heavenly deity institution. Don't tell me that you wish to treat me unfavorably?" The monkey berated.

"Even you can be considered an examiner? The man himself didn't come, sending a monkey over to act viciously, looking down on Green Province's experts, this is a humiliation for the cultivators of the higher realms. Don't tell me that you still think you are in the right?" In the distance, Fairy Xiao Yue shot right back. 

The others also all spoke up, glaring angrily at it. 

"Do you all not wish to enter the heavenly deity institution anymore? Actually dare to treat me like this!" The Tongbi Divine Ape said. 

"So noisy!" Shi Hao said. This time, he took action. His right arm reached out, palm and fingers shining grabbing towards the monkey.

"You dare?!" The Tongbi Divine Ape cried out, at the same time quickly backing up towards the Five-Colored Divine Copper War Chariot, wishing to quickly escape. 

Unfortunately, Shi hao cultivated three strands of immortal energy, in the same level possessing world shaking power. He could kill any heavenly deity level expert under the sky. 

It naturally couldn't run, the entire war chariot grabbed by that hand. The five fingers closed, wrapping that five-colored war chariot in his palm, and then refining it.

"Ah… No!" The Tongbi Divine Ape screamed, frantically operating the war chariot. Five-colored divine light surged, sun, moon, mountains, and rivers appearing on the copper chariot, the scene great. 

The large hand in the void shook. The five-colored war chariot released the booming sound of gods and the void figures of devils, roaring there. 

However, with a stroke of the large hand, these irregular scenes all disappeared. Then, the monkey fell from the vehicle, laying on the ground, unable to move at all. 

The Tongbi Divine Ape was horrified. This war chariot's background was great, a terrifying secret treasure, a sealed sect master level magical artifact. It belonged to Lin Tian, something it was just borrowing. 

This war chariot possessed great power, yet it was stopped. Symbols and immortal energy interweaved, and then the war chariot was subdued.

The Tongbi Divine Ape broke out in cold sweat. This person was too domineering! Not even its master could operate it that comfortably himself. It was just too frightening. 

"The Three Thousand Dao Provinces even has someone like you?!" It was shocked and terrified, feeling the other party's terror. Its scalp went numb, finally understanding that it really was insignificant in the other party's eyes. 

It didn't move at all, laying there, all of the bones in its body seemingly broken. It was because the other party's large hand almost refined it to death even through the war chariot. 

At this moment, everyone sucked in a cold breath of air, their scalps also feeling numb. Huang was worthy of being number one in Immortal Ancient, able to sweep through all enemies. 

This type of battle accomplishment, these types of methods were too far above everyone else. It was high above, his back difficult to see!

It could even be said that through past and present, even the most powerful heavenly deities might not be his opponent, not many people that could be found like this.

Perhaps only if one traced back to the last great era would they find powerful individuals like him. 

"Wu, there's also the foreign guests. They might be able to serve as Huang's opponent." Someone thought this. 

Fairy Xiao Yue's bright eyes flickered, finding it hard to calm down. She was greatly moved. Even though she saw Shi Hao before in Immortal Ancient, knowing about his glorious battle accomplishments, right now, she still couldn't help but sigh with amazement. This person was too strong, sooner or later rushing into the heavens, the three thousand provinces unable to stop his steps. He was definitely going to head into a larger world. 

The others were thinking similar thoughts, feeling respect, but also fear. The insufferably arrogant Tongbi Divine Ape was nothing more than a child in Huang's hands, too inferior. 

"Treating me like this, aren't you scared of offending my master? He will personally come to suppress you!" The Tongbi Divine Ape said. 

"I said before for him to come himself. What is a random monkey like you randomly joining in for?" Shi Hao calmly replied.

However, in everyone's ears, it sounded like a completely different matter. Everyone felt a wave of power and aggressiveness. Huang… was going to take action! 

He was going to face the foreign guests, moreover in an extremely powerful manner. 

Shi Hao stared at the Tongbi Divine Ape and said, "How should I handle you? I heard that monkey brains were a great mending medicine, able to nourish the primordial spirit, strengthen the soul, not bad at all." 

When this sentence sounded, the Tongbi Divine Ape's fine hairs immediately stood on end, its golden pupils rapidly contracting. It was as bit scared. Who was this person? To actually want to eat it!

The others also revealed strange looks. The rumors were true after all. Huang was an unmatched youth, as well as a foodie!

"You… better stop thinking crazy thoughts!" The monkey cried out. 

"En, I have a friend who is a Zhuyan, if I try to eat you, I can't help but think about it. Forget it, I'll leave you with your life. Hurry up and drive." Shi Hao said, throwing the five-colored divine copper chariot out, about to use the Tongbi Divine Ape as his driver. 

"I don't have any divine beasts to pull the chariot, so you'll have to put in some effort." He added. 

"You!" The Tongbi Divine Ape felt both alarm and anger, truly finding it difficult to accept this conclusion.

"You what you, still aren't hurrying up and driving? This chariot isn't bad, you better behave yourself well in the future." Shi Hao activated a restriction, and then he flung the Tongbi Divine Ape towards the chariot. 

"Are you not scared of my master looking for trouble, killing you?" The Tongbi Divine Ape shouted. 

"Haven't the foreign guests been constantly challenging the three thousand provinces' talents? I am waiting for him, better if he appears sooner. I want to go to the heavenly deity institution a bit earlier to see just how strong the geniuses of those other ancient realms are." Shi Hao said. 

Everyone sighed. Only Huang dared to say something like this, not worried at all if he could enter the academy or not, entering that place was as easy as just strolling in. 

"My master is coming. Stay here if you have the guts!" The divine ape shouted. 

1. A real martial art, related to Tongbeiquan, which means through back fist

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