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Chapter 1036 - Tongbi Divine Ape

An expanse of auspicious multicolored light scattered down, as if thousands of rainbows moved through the skies. A war chariot released shocking radiance, carrying dark light as it rushed over. 

In the places it rushed past, the void split, smoke and clouds pervading the air, flowing multicolored light exploding, the scene shocking and astonishing. 

Everyone was shocked. This war chariot was formidable, speed too fast, tearing open the void just by moving normally. One could see how powerful it was. 

In that instant, it arrived. This was a war chariot formed from Five-Colored Divine Copper, clearly a rare secret treasure. Normal people couldn't refine it at all. 

It was too fast, rushing into Green City and arriving on top of the broken mountain. 

In the surroundings, the void split apart. Large black cracks appeared one after another, the scene terrifying. 

This type of power was too great, as if an extremely great figure had descended, making many geniuses tremble inwardly. Even Fairy Xiao Yue's expression changed greatly.

The only thing was that this black broken mountain affected space, interfering with flying matter. When the Five-Colored Divine Copper War Chariot rushed over, it swayed, brilliant light erupting. 

However, this chariot really was extraordinary. After being affected. it quickly descended, landing with a peng sound. Nothing unexpected happened, only making the earth and stone here fly about, smoke and dust rising into the air.

This was a powerful and astonishing war chariot, on it engraved a diagram of gods and devils, suns and moons devoured, hands grabbing at the stars, as well as images of ten thousand beasts worshiping an altar, flying birds making a pilgrimage. 

It was clear and easy to see that this war chariot was formidable!

There weren't any vicious beasts pulling on the vehicle, but despite this being the case, it still looked powerful and imposing. It could move by borrowing symbols, similarly possessing extreme speed.

Everyone stared at this , wishing to see what kind of great figure it was exactly who arrived. However, they were all extremely nervous, because the people coming were definitely powerful. 

A rough sound could be heard from within the chariot, cryptic and difficult to understand.

In that instant, many people unexpectedly didn't understand what was said. 

"What does it mean? What kind of language is this?" Many people revealed looks of shock, in deep confusion. 

"Truly is the foreign guests, this is the language they use!" Fairy Xiao Yue's expression changed greatly. She clearly learned about quite a few things during these days. 

The expressions of the other experts also became serious. Sure enough, their gathering attracted these mysterious experts. The foreign experts truly descended.

It was because they had long heard that whenever a province held a distinguished meeting, they would definitely pay a visit to see if there were any true experts. 

In reality, however, the young heroes of all different provinces suffered crushing defeats in these past few days, being humiliated. No one could withstand the foreign guests' might, the best battle accomplishment was nothing more than ten moves. 

It could be said that during this month or two, the higher realms' experts lost much of their face, this kind of defeat making all sects lose face.

"#¥%..." A voice sounded again from the vehicle, the people here still unable to understand what they were saying. 

"This was as type of ancient language that needed to be carefully thought about to understand, similar to the archaic language.

"Heng, the Three Thousand Dao Provinces really have declined, even forgetting the mother tongue of the past!"

Finally, words that everyone could understand sounded from the war chariot, carrying dissatisfaction, arrogance, and a type of contempt. 

"Seniors, what type of instructions do you all have?" Someone responded, extremely cautious as he stood in front of the war chariot, treading carefully. 

"I'm not that old!" This type of voice sounded from the war chariot. A cold snort sounded, a bit impatient.

Then, he spoke again, saying, "This is Green Province's distinguished meeting? It doesn't seem like all that either, not having any experts to speak of at all."

This place immediately became quiet. The one who came was extremely arrogant, not attaching much importance to the people here, not even getting off the vehicle.

No one said anything, quietly waiting to see what exactly he was going to do. 

Many people already got up, but Shi Hao didn't pay this any attention, still sitting there, enjoying the fine wine together with Huo Ling'er. She helped him pour wine, and sipped on some herself.

As for Little Wolf, it directly carried a small wine jug, trying its best to display a quiet and calm appearance as it drank.

"Too lacking. You all wish to enter the heavenly deity institution even with this type of aptitude? No chance at all!" That hoarse voice sounded from the war chariot. That person seemed to be shaking his head. 

The group of people revealed ugly expressions. Being evaluated like this, anyone would start to feel discontent. 

"Dao brother, what kind of conditions do we have to meet in order to have a chance of entering the academy established by the Nine Heavens Ten Earths alliance?" Someone gathered their courage and asked. 

"Naturally by defeating me!" The individual in the war chariot said. 

When everyone heard this, they frowned. The difficulty was too great. This person was the foreign heavenly deity named Lin Tian? Many people already heard that it was always him who was taking action, defeating many heavenly deity level experts in the three thousand provinces.

Even now, he crushed all those in his path, never suffering a defeat.

"Brother Lin, this… is too difficult. Your dao laws are profound, the higher realms truly not having many who can fight against you." Fairy Xiao Yue said. 

Right at this time, the curtain of the bronze war chariot was lifted, revealing the expert within.

Everyone was immediately stupefied.

That wasn't the heroic youth everyone imagined at all, but rather a creature with a protruding mouth.

It was a divine ape with golden fur and a protruding mouth. He sat there, eyes like golden lamps, flickering with light, extremely domineering. 

This monkey wore dao robes, its appearance rather amusing, but there was a powerful aura that pervaded outwards, gaze incomparably cold. No one dared look down on him, everyone's minds pounding. This  was an extremely powerful heavenly deity. 

"May I ask for dao friend's name?" Someone spoke quietly. There didn't seem to be any monkeys among the foreign guests.

"I am the Tongbi[1] Divine Ape bloodline's Yuan Tian." It said in an ice-cold tone. 

This left everyone shocked. Could it be that this wasn't a foreign guest?

"If I may ask, what kind of relationship do you have with the foreign guests, if you recognize heavenly deity Lin Tian?" Someone asked. 

"I naturally came from beyond this land, accepting Lin Tian as my lord." It replied. 

When this sentence sounded, everyone's expressions changed. A servant from beyond this land even dared to drive the chariot over in such a bold manner, look down on the crowd. It was difficult for them to accept. 

"Dao Brother Yuan, what is the purpose for this visit?" Someone asked, his voice falling. 

"I heard there was a distinguished meeting here, so I naturally came to see if there really were any heroes worthy of joining the heavenly deity institution." It spoke quite directly.

At this moment, Fairy Xiao Yue, Prince Lu and the others all revealed displeased expressions. It was quite hard to take. They were extremely powerful, ranked in the top hundred of Immortal Ancient Remains' great battle, yet were now looked down on like this by the foreign guests. 

Lin Tian and the others didn't come, actually only sending out a monkey, a servant!

"Too much!" Someone said through clenched teeth.

This was a type of humiliation. The main person didn't come, unexpectedly sending the Tongbi Divine Ape he raised to consider the people here. It really was looking down on them too much. 

"What, you can't accept this?" That golden Tongbi Divine Ape's face sank, coldly sweeping his eyes over everyone. "My master personally took action, challenging several hundred provinces, yet not a single person could endure ten moves, normally not exceeding three, too disappointing. Why should he personally come to take action?"

These words were too unpleasant to hear. The main person felt that it was beneath him to appear, only sending out a servant monkey out to see if these people were powerful enough. 

Everyone was furious, but they sighed. From a certain perspective, the three thousand provinces truly were weak to the extreme, the events that took place during the past few months too bitter!

"What? Is there anyone that can't accept this? You all can challenge me as you please. Only by passing me will you have the qualifications of challenging my master to a battle. Otherwise, you all can forget about entering the heavenly deity institution." It spoke extremely harshly. 

The expressions of the people here were all unkind, many people angry. By what qualifications did a monkey have to strut around this place?

There were some who were unwilling to accept this, walking forward.

"Let me have a try!" Someone said. 

"Sure, those who have enough confidence, feel free to come at me!" The Tongbi Divine Ape walked out from the war chariot, standing in a vacant area.

A male with bull horns on his head rushed outwards, in his hand a bugle horn. With a light wave, wuwu sounds shook the heavens, tearing open the void. This was a heavenly deity. 


That Tongbi Divine Ape possessed extraordinary strength. Its fists beat his chest, releasing a muffled sound, and then he roared towards the moon, its voice like thunder. 

Its voice immediately directly covered the bugle horn. Then, it jumped out, turning into a golden streak of lightning, rushing towards that person, smashing into him with a peng sound, confronting each other intensely.


The bugle horn broke. That person flew out, heart almost fished out by that Tongbi Divine Ape, blood dripping everywhere, a large bloody hole appearing.

"Can't even take a single blow." The Tongbi Divine Ape said with a sneer. 

That person's expression fell ashen, staggering backwards. 

The others felt as if this happened to themselves, all of them depressed and indignant. A monkey Lin Tian raised was already so powerful, stopping them here, it truly made their moods terrible, feeling incredibly gloomy.

The Tongbi Divine Ape laughed coldly and said, "Weren't you all geniuses? Not a single one of you are a bit special? All of you are so weak!"

These words didn't give the people here any face, making them furious. 

The Tongbi Divine Ape said, "Oh? There are quite a few of you who entered that so-called Immortal Ancient Remains, considered geniuses? However, many of you haven't even entered Heavenly Deity Realm, too weak! How about this, I'll give you all a chance. Since it is the selection for the heavenly deity institution, then potential is definitely important. I'll suppress my own cultivation to the same realm as you all. Who wishes to challenge me then?"

"Let me!"

As expected, there were some who couldn't take it, unable to sit still. His rankings in Immortal Ancient Remains couldn't be considered low. 

"Chi!" he spat out a five-colored divine ring that released five element divine light, striking towards that monkey, splitting the skies. 

In the True Deity Realm, having this type of cultivation could be considered excellent. 

However, this monkey was incredibly terrifying, immediately avoiding the five-colored divine disk, and then bare handedly attacking viciously.

In that instant, precious techniques erupted between them, bone texts interweaving. After exchanging more than ten moves, that monkey's claw reached out. With a pu sound, almost half of that person's body was ripped off. 

"You've lost!"

The Tongbi Divine Ape spoke with a sneer. It tore off an arm, throwing it onto the ground.

Everyone was furious. In that instant, many of them looked towards Fairy Xiao Yue, and then at Shi Hao, waiting for them to speak.

"Brother Shi, what do you think?" Fairy Xiao Yue was conflicted, considering giving it a try, but definitely not having any confidence in winning.

The Tongbi Divine Ape stared at Fairy Xiao Yue, and then looked at Shi Hao, revealing a mouthful of snow-white teeth, saying, "Are you all still unconvinced?"

"Just a monkey, why are you running around and causing a disturbance here?" Shi Hao spoke. Since many people were asking for help, all of them looking at him, he couldn't just do nothing. 

It was because he disapproved of this monkey. He was too arrogant, actually looking down on everyone here.

"Who are you?" The Tongbi Divine Ape felt that things didn't seem too right, unexpectedly unable to see through this youngster. 

"Go call your owner over." Shi Hao felt that it was beneath him to speak to it.

"You want to see my master, but did I give you permission? You have to pass me first!" The Tongbi Divine Ape challenged, cold laughter continuously sounding. 

1. One of the four great divine monkeys, made an appearance in Journey to the West. The literal definition is 'through arm'.

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