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Chapter 1035 - Gathering 

Green City, a place with wide stone paved streets and pedestrians bustling with activity, a place rich with worldly affairs. 

"Candied fruit skewers, large and sweet!"

"Flood Dragon meat buns, the bun thin filling great, sweet juices rich and tasty!"


They heard shouts from peddlers as soon as they entered. It was extremely lively with many people, the pedestrians moving in an unending flow. 

The candied fruit skewers were indeed quite red, but that wasn't a normal type of fruit, but rather one created from strung up rare spiritual medicines. 

As for the Flood Dragon meat bun, that was definitely not a store an ordinary person could set up. The Flood Dragon was a vicious beast, few people dared to hunt them year round. 

From a certain perspective, this spoke of how unordinary Green City was. Even though it was full of worldly affairs, there were quite a few experts, many cultivators here, some of them precisely refining their mind in mortal society. 

Today, the city was rather restless, many experts arriving, all of them discussing how vast the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths were, what it was like inside the ancient lands beyond the three thousand provinces. 

There were people from outside this place, for the three thousand provinces' sects, this left them with quite the shock. 

If not for the foreign guests sweeping through the three thousand provinces' heavenly deities, they really wouldn't have believed what they said, let alone believing the Nine Heavens Ten Earths' existence.

The three thousand provinces could not calm down now. Forget about many exceptional talents even a few older generation figures wished to cross the void and visit the world beyond, understand the truth.

However, leaving the three thousand provinces, forget about ascending to the Nine Heavens, just traveling to the other nine lands in the Ten Earths was extremely difficult. 

It was because the ancient transport formation was damaged, requiring a large amount of heavenly materials to start up, the price to do so too great.

Moreover, even if they could bring out the heavenly treasures, those ancient lands might not necessarily acknowledge the three thousand provinces, strictly investigating those who crossed over.

"Sigh, even our three thousand provinces can only be considered one of the Ten Earths, then what kind of ancient worlds are those Nine Heavens?" Someone said with a sigh. 

Shi Hao and the others entered the city, hearing many voices of discussion. He couldn't help but raise his head. This city was unordinary after all, a city of cultivators with few mortals.

At the center of the enormous city, there was a scorched black stone mountain. 

It was extremely large and tall, imposing and majestic. Even though it was already broken, only a small part remaining, it was still incredibly massive, its aura imposing. 

This mountain was a landmark of Green Province, its origins extremely unordinary.

"This was originally a mountain deity that exceeded sect masters. Rumor has it that it wished to cross tribulation and produce immortal light, but a streak of lightning hacked out its original body, destroying its primordial spirit, only leaving behind a piece of its mountain body."

Shi Hao and Huo Ling'er heard people discussing this as soon as they approached. 

In reality, since this was an important place in Green Province, there were many cultivators that were attracted to this famous location. This was especially the case for those outside this province who were passing by, feeling that they had to admire it and give this place a look.

The natives didn't hesitate to introduce this place, and there were a few stores, who for the sake of selling spiritual medicines, weapons, and other things were even more enthusiastically explaining. 

There were many stores around the scorched black stone mountain, this place was incredibly lively, people coming and going, shoulders brushing against each other. There were just too many creatures. 

Shi Hao and Huo Ling'er ascended the mountain. People around them all displayed envious expression, but at the same time carrying reverence. 

This broken mountain was entirely scorched black. Even though it was already damaged, it was still majestic, several thousand zhang tall. There was a small path that led directly to the top of this mountain. 

This was a wondrous place. Even though the mountain body was damaged, there were strange natural laws that prevented flight, only allowing for normal walking. 

Moreover, those whose cultivation levels didn't reach the True Deity Realm couldn't even walk through this place, unable to go up. 

It was rumored that this mountain deity used to be extremely powerful, touching upon the highest realm. While prying into the mysteries of the world, it unexpectedly incurred the wrath of heaven. However, its damaged body was still unordinary. 

There were wisps of immortal energy moving about. Walking on the mountain was extremely beneficial to cultivators, but it wasn't something a normal person could climb. 

"This place isn't bad!" Shi Hao nodded. He felt as if the three strands of immortal energy within him truly were resonating a bit with this place. 

There were a small wine shop and a tea house above the mountain, both of them outdoors. There were also a few praying mats that experts sat on top of. 

Apart from this, there were a few nice buildings, but there weren't many. They were suspended in the void, appearing splendid and magnificent, as if they didn't belong to the mortal world, carrying clouds and mist.

There were many people here, none of them weak, because those who weren't true deities couldn't ascend this mountain. 

It was clear that quite a few people had gathered here. From just a glance, Shi Hao saw a few exceptional talents, all of them experts. 

After him and Huo Ling'er came up, they didn't walk towards the crowd, instead finding a small wine shop by the edge of this place, sitting down and listening in on the discussions. 

Many people were talking about the foreign guests, because until now, not a single one of them were defeated, while the three thousand provinces' cultivators couldn't even raise their heads.

"To be more precise, it was a single person from the foreign guests who took action, while who knows how many experts of my three thousand provinces were defeated. It truly is humiliating!" Someone said with a sigh.

A single person crushed the cultivators all over the three thousand provinces, no one able to match them. This really was quite frightening. 

"What do you all think? How are the Nine Heavens Ten Earths divided? Could it be that the so-called Ten Earths are truly that inferior to the Nine Heavens? Otherwise, how could any random person they sent out easily dominate the three thousand provinces?"

"That person should be a rarely seen young expert from beyond this land, and it's not like there's no one in our three thousand provinces who can't defeat him, just that they haven't taken action yet. For example, the Exiled Immortal, Huang, Ten Crown King, Ning Chuan, which one of them are ordinary? They are all ridiculously powerful!"

"Wu, speaking of Huang, he really is quite something, stirring up such chaos in Celestial Clan, tormenting their dao protector to death, truly shocking."

A few people were discussing this, speaking about recent matters.

As for further away, there were even more people. They were divided into several regions. 

It was clear that on the bejeweled buildings above, those people were even more powerful, every single one of them with unordinary statuses. 

"Fairy Xiao Yue, I heard that your battle accomplishments in Immortal Ancient Remains are brilliant, enough to rank near the front, almost obtaining a jade book?" A young man spoke. 

On the bejeweled building above, a white clothed woman was seated on the praying mat, quiet and calm as she said, "Still failed at the final step."

Quite a few people were shocked. This was definitely a powerful individual. It was rumored that only the first few dozen people had the luck of encountering a jade book, yet in the end, only around ten people obtained them. 

Shi Hao looked towards the bejeweled building above. That woman looked a bit familiar, as if he had met her before in Immortal Ancient, but she should be around the hundredth individual to rush into that place of natural luck.

"Fairy Xiao Yue truly is exceptional, traveling unhindered through Immortal Ancient, undefeated the entire path, daring to compete against those kings." Someone spoke in praise. 

"Brother Li is cracking jokes. There were some who rushed into that place of natural luck before me, yet they all narrowly missed out." Fairy Xiao Yue said. 

On the mountain, many people had looks of admiration. The individuals in the bejeweled building above were all powerful as expected, exceeding their expectations. 

"Do you recognize them?" Huo Ling'er said softly, asking Shi Hao at her side.

"I don't." Shi Hao shook his head. 

On the side, a few people heard their conversation, one of them couldn't help but sneer, saying, "Not everyone can recognize those heavenly talents."

Huo Ling'er curled her lips. Someone said this straight to her, ignoring Shi Hao, so she naturally wasn't pleased. However, she didn't say much either. 

"Yi, which sect's disciple is this fairy from?" It was clear that this person didn't expect Huo Ling'er to be this beautiful and outstanding. When he looked over, his eyes immediately lit up.

"We are just small cultivators, you wouldn't know of it even if we told it." Huo Ling'er curled her lips. 

There were also female cultivators there. When they saw how fine Huo Ling'er was, her figure wonderful, they all revealed hostility.

A woman muttered with a soft voice, "Seems like you understand yourself well."

Huo Ling'er didn't want to provoke matters, so she ignored this. However, Shi Hao didn't feel much misgivings. He was unstoppable in Immortal Ancient a month or two ago, not even hesitating to kill heavenly deities, let alone others.

"Is it bad to not recognize those people? Only by recognizing those geniuses can one be considered extraordinary?" Shi Hao said with a cold laugh. 

"Normal people truly don't have the qualifications to recognize those above. They are all well-known figures that slaughtered out a brilliant reputation in Immortal Ancient!" Someone mocked. 

"We also entered Immortal Ancient, but could only watch those people from afar. Fairy Xiao Yue and the others are just too powerful, those with weaker strength can't get close at all, no way of watching their battles." Someone else said. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he sneered, saying, "You all even entered Immortal Ancient? My apologies for not recognizing."

"Then that means the two of you hadn't even entered Immortal Ancient?" Someone asked, expression unkind. "Could it be that you all didn't know that the gathering this time consists purely of experts who entered Immortal Ancient?"

"This fairy looks quite unordinary, she can stay. Someone like you with such impetuous speech, it's best if you head down the mountain." One of them shot out a look of disdain, saying this to Shi Hao. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he immediately laughed, shook his head, and then sipped at his cup of tea. 

"You still aren't going down the mountain?!" Someone berated. 

It was clear that the disturbance here drew the attention of others, even the people in the bejeweled building above looked down.

"You are…" Fairy Xiao Yue cried out in alarm, widening her beautiful pupils, immediately standing up, staring blankly at Shi Hao. 

Soon after, the others in the bejeweled building also noticed the situation, and then a few others were shocked, all of them getting up.


"He actually came!"

The most powerful people in the bejeweled building above were all stupefied, and then they cupped their fists towards Shi Hao with respect and courtesy. 

Who was this person? The people below were all shocked.

Fairy Xiao Yue and the others came down from the bejeweled building, every single one of them carrying expressions of shock, greeting Shi Hao. They were truly too shocked, actually meeting Huang here!

"Brother Shi and I have met!"

"You all are too polite." Shi Hao replied. 

"What? He is Huang? The one who came first in Immortal Ancient, domineering might unmatched Huang?" The others were all shocked.

The ones that were previously ridiculing Shi Hao in particular went pale. The reason why this male and female pair didn't recognize those here was because they were too powerful.

Not everyone could recognize Huang. When they were in Immortal Ancient, not everyone had the qualifications to witness him fighting, only some fortunate enough to. 

"This person is precisely Huang, the one who was unmatched in Immortal Ancient!"

"Not long ago, he had even tormented Celestial Clan's dao protector to death!" 

This place couldn't calm down, erupting with commotion. 

Fairy Xiao Yue and the others all rushed over, full of courtesy towards Shi Hao. They raised their wine glasses and proposed a toast, stirring up quite the activity. 

Shi Hao didn't make things difficult for them either, smiling as he touched glasses. There were some who were indeed quite strong, ranking close to the hundred in the front.

"Everyone, I wish to understand a bit about the foreign guests, how strong they are." Finally, Shi Hao asked like this.

"Brother Shi, they are all extremely powerful, just a single person taking action, the others not attacking, yet they suppressed our higher realms' experts until we couldn't raise our heads." Someone said. 

"Brother Shi, they specially named you out to fight." Fairy Xiao Yue said. 

"What is with this, random people even wishing to fight against me?" Shi Hao said.

This place immediately became quiet, everyone becoming speechless, mouths open. This was just too valiant, not even putting those powerful foreign guests in his eyes.

Perhaps only Huang dared to speak like this, right? Who else dared to do such a thing?

"Brother Shi, those people might come here today." Fairy Xiao Yue said. They held this gathering today, so after the news traveled out, it might draw those people over.

It was because whenever there were distinguished meetings, if the foreign guests weren't too far, they would definitely participate.

Now, they heard that those people were precisely in this province. 

"Is that so?" Shi Hao nodded.

Suddenly, auspicious multicolored light shone from the distance, the sky torn apart, directly rushing towards Green City!

Could it be, those people really were coming? Everyone was startled, rising to their feet and looking into the horizon. 

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